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The Dog and The Baker
OC & Remus L. & Sirius B. - Words: 2,375 - Rated: T - English - Friendship & Romance - Chapters: 2 - Reviews: 2 - Updated: 21-04-2017 - Published: 18-03-2017 - by PlanetGalactic (FFN)

The year is 1993, the weather was gloomy a sure sign that trouble was brewing ahead, Sirius Black had escaped Azkaban and countless wizarding newspapers had been reporting on the shocking news, it created fear even for those who would not be effected, many people where paranoid that this man could appear anywhere, attack anyone. But they didn't know the real story, nor would they ever know...

It was a windy evening when Remus and his weakened friend appeared in front of a small, secluded, warmly lit cottage, smoke that billowed from the chimney told them that it was occupied, but that didn't stop them from knocking on the door. From behind them, Buck-beak awaited calmly, watching the two wait eagerly for the occupants to open the door; when they did warm light flooded out into the darkening sky, warmth blowing into the pairs faces. The woman was in her thirties, her hair was a deep purple that feel down her shoulders in soft crinkles, stopping just over the middle of her stomach, her brown eyes looked to the two before widening as she realised the situation.

"Remus! are you crazy!" she almost yelled stepping back into the house and aiming her wand to the convicted wizard.

Remus stepped in holding up his hands "Druella please just listen to me, he is not guilty".

The woman now known as Druella looked to the man behind Remus, her eyes almost brimming with tears

"you have exactly one minute to explain yourself" she uttered, her voice shaky at the possible danger she was in.

Remus nodded and Sirius stepped inside glancing out into the night in hopes that no dementors had spotted him, the area however was clear, Remus nodded to him to shut the door and Druella back up, her hand clenching more onto her wand, her tears almost overflowing in her eyes and threatening to spill onto her long flowing purple night robes.

Remus looked back to her softly "he never betrayed them Dru, it was Peter, he betrayed them and framed Sirius as an act of cowardice" he explained "please believe me, if he where a criminal do you think i would really betray my friends to help him?" he asked.

Druella cast her look between him and Sirius, her breath short and quick as her heart pumped heavily in her chest, she slowly lowered her wand still keeping it in hand just in case, she walked into the kitchen

"sit down and ill make tea, i need to hear everything" she mumbled.

Sirius and Remus both walked further in, Sirius walked around and closed the curtains making sure no one peaked in and caught them, he took a seat by Remus and watched her enter the room, looking over the changed woman he once knew when they where young.

Remus leaned forward resting his elbows on his knees "Peter was the one to betray the James and Lilly" he began once she took a seat "Sirius wanted revenge for what Pettigrew had done and went after him, though he never did anything, Peter framed him for murder and that when he was sent to Azkaban".

Druella looked to Sirius then back to Remus who shifted.

When he escaped we went after Peter who had disguised himself as a rat and was in the possession of Harry's friend, we got him but i changed before we could do anything, Peter escaped" he sigh.

Druella nodded "and Harry? did he see you?" she asked now looking to Sirius who nodded.

"I had to leave, the dementors would be back if they knew i escaped, that's why Remus suggested here" Sirius explained.

The room then fell silent and Druella tucked her wand in her robe pocket, realisation soon gracing her "all those years i had thought you murdered them" she ran her hand through her hair "i thought.."

Sirius smiled a little "i know i should have sent you a letter explaining everything, who i was with and the war but i didn't want you involved" he mumbled standing up "with you being so far away i didn't want to worry you".

Druella stood up too and wrapped her arms around him burying her head in his shoulder, he wasted no time in hugging back

"im sorry Dru" he muttered.

Remus smiled and got up walking into the kitchen to take the now screaming kettle from the hot stove, he poured the water into the cups Druella had laid out and looked back. Druella pulled away and wiped her now teary eyes

"i would slap you both for not telling me sooner but i dont have the heart this evening" she sobbed earning a chuckle from the two.

Remus walked back in and handed tea too the two of them.

"We were wondering if i could hide here for a while" Sirius admitted.

"Just until we can arrange something else" Remus broke in walking back into the kitchen to fetch his drink.

Druella nodded "of course! " she sniffed a large smile spreading on her lips.

Remus walked back in "excellent" he smiled taking a seat again "i will return tomorrow with some fresh clothes".

Druella sipped her drink and nodded "there is not much i can offer, it is a small cottage but i can do my best" she smiled "make yourself at home" she looked to Sirius who smiled and took a seat.

Remus then looked to the door "there is one problem however" he mumbled "the bird".

Druella raised a brow and walked over to the door opening it slightly, her eyes instantly greeted with those of buck-beak's she stepped back wide eyed "he is most definitely not coming in here" she exclaimed looking over the big bird "i can hide Sirius but i can't hide a giant bird!".

Remus chuckled "we found an abandoned stable not to far from here, we will keep him there" he explained.

Druella nodded and shut the door smiling "you both never cease to surprise me" she chuckled walking over and sitting next to the two.

They both smiled and all stared at there drinks, letting their guard down for a while.

Once she took her seat they all sat in silence, relaxing in the warmth of the inviting cottage.

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