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One of a Kind - Book 2
Fred W. & George W. & OC & Remus L. - Words: 373,564 - Rated: T - English - Adventure & Fantasy - Chapters: 82 - Reviews: 235 - Updated: 16-05-2018 - Published: 21-03-2017 - by Cae-Leigh Anne (FFN)


A Dreamer is a creature that is vastly different yet similar at the same to your ordinary witches and wizards, the same again with a Wandless.

According to the books, a Wandless is someone who can use magic and cast spells without the use of a wand, they have no limitations to their magic and can use it however they please. Wandless also possess the ability to have their own special type of magic and it is usually where their name comes from.

According to the books, a Dreamer is someone who can use magic and cast spells without the use of a wand but they have limitations to their magic. Dreamers can only cast one class of spells, whether it be Charms, Transfiguration or Defensive spells.

While Dreamers can usually wield wands they get gifted with speciality wands, using containing two types of wood.

Dreamers also have the ability to see the future, not on command or even choose which part of the future they wish to see. No, the future comes to them in their dreams, hence their name of Dreamers.

Books clearly stated the difference between the two, it had been that way since they were first written about but these guidelines are changing with one particular Dreamer.

The books also never made mention of any Dreamer in the past having children despite a number of them falling in love and wanting them.

Again, one Dreamer changed it all.

One Dreamer can only exist at a time. Octavia Black, nee Carrow, is the current Dreamer and she is breaking all the rules.

Not only is she being able to cast a larger number of Defensive spells when her wandless class of magic is Charms based compared to ones in the past, she had also started having her dreams at a much younger age compared to previous Dreamers, not only could she see the future she was also able to see the past and she has a daughter.

Willa Black was the first of her kind, the first being born with a Dreamer as a parent.

Despite the people around her having theories as to why she was different and how she was different, no one knew for sure as to what could be linked back to her Dreamer mother.

So Octavia did the only thing she could think of, give Willa the childhood she never had, let her be a child and have fun with her friends and worry about the future when Willa began at Hogwarts and was able to be given a wand and see how that changes her magic because, for Octavia, that was when she was able to slowly begin learning how to control what she originally feared and hated about herself.


A/N: Thank you to everyone who has decided to check out my story. Now this is the second in the series with the first being the Dreamer. I do recommend reading that one first but I can't force anyone to do anything, if you do read this story without reading the other first there will be some differences that you won't understand, the first being the term Dreamer and the type of magic they have that I've created which has only been briefly explained in this chapter. There are also some aspects of the books that I have changed because of the introduction of Octavia.

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