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Harry Does Different
Harry P. - Words: 196,769 - Rated: T - English - Fantasy & Parody - Chapters: 190 - Reviews: 1986 - Updated: 17-02-2019 - Published: 23-03-2017 - by joemjackson (FFN)

[a/n] Sakura Lisel, Hands Off MY Wolfie, BJH all requested a sequel to #36. I feel bad, Sue so sweet.

Harry Does Different ZzzzZn

Splinched 2

**KnockKnock** Professor McGonagall responded to the tapping on her office door, expression already frosty "Enter." She didn't look up for two full minutes, continuing to scratch away on her paperwork, then "I trust it is safe to assume you know why you're here, Potter."

"I'm guessing it's not to award me points for carrying Susan Bones to hospital after she splinched herself." Harry snarked.

The Head of Gryffindor blinked "Miss Bones has nothing to do with this!"

"No?" asked Harry "It was her psycho-witch friend who attacked me."

Her eyebrows shot up her forehead "Be that as it may. Young wizards, Mr. Potter, do not beat up on young witches. I cannot believe even your relatives did not teach you appropriate behavior between the genders."

"Vernon had that talk with me last year." Harry gave a disgusted snort "And I quote Boy, don't you dare bring any freak brat you make with any freak whore into my home. I worked out the making mostly by listening around the dorm. Stupid rules didn't stop Bellatrix from killing Sirius."

That sent Minerva's brain whirring behind her stony exterior "There is a fundamental difference between a schoolgirl like Miss Abbott and criminals like the LeStranges. Two weeks detention and fifty points from Gryffindor. Last, you will PUBLICLY apologize to Miss Abbott."

"Lines with a Blood Quill, Professor?" sneered Harry "Keep your head down, Potter?"

She slapped her desk in annoyance and snapped "Stop with the extraneous topics! The library has adequate resources of the subject of proper cross-gender conduct. I expect a thousand words on the subject."

"Don't hold your breath." Harry cut in.

Her fist clenched and she declared harshly "That will be another fifty points, and you WILL apologize to Miss Abbott, or I will remove you from Quidditch captaincy."

"Here, take it. I thought you liked the Cup in here. Oh well, maybe Flitwick will get it. Can't see myself rooting for Sprout or Snivilus." He yanked the golden badge off his robe, tossed it on her desk and headed for the door.

McGonagall fired a locking charm at the door and "You have not been dismissed. That apology for Miss Abbott… breakfast tomorrow…..get out of my sight…now!"


"Prior to breakfast this morning, a public apology is due for last night's unprovoked violence. Harry Potter and Hannah Abbott, you have the floor." Headmaster Dumbledore then relinquished the podium and gestured broadly with both arms.

They did shake hands, Harry looked expectant "Well Abbott? Unprovoked violence? Got something to say to me?"

"Professor Sprout told me you were ordered to apologize to me." The blonde Hufflepuff hissed, the while attempting to squeeze the boy's hand.

Having known pain, he just smirked at her "A crucio from Voldemort is worse than anything you could dish out Abbott. Why don't we give it another try? Let's see how five years of Quidditch does." The pressure he could apply went far beyond what the svelte girl could manage.

"Professor! Make him stop!" she squealed as the pain increased. She futilely slapped at his hand, dancing and pulling on their linkage. "Come on Harry! Pleeeeeeezzze!"

Dumbledore ordered "Release Miss Abbott at once."

"Sure Professor." The Gryffindor replied, not showing a hint of strain….right up to the moment as everyone in earshot heard the sickening crunch. He shoved her away, pushing on the fractured hand and sneered "Don't touch me again you junior Death Eater."

Hannah screeched as pain lanced through her whole arm. She was on her knees, whimpering as her Head rushed around to comfort her "There there Madam Pomfrey can fix that with a flick. And Potter, I will have you know Miss Abbott is the finest of Hufflepuffs."

"Ehh…that's what you said about Pettigrew. Some Gryff he turned out to be." Harry glared at his Head "All this because I wouldn't date some stupid bitch who wore Potter Stinks badges. Right Bones? Well, fuck you and your overgrown tits."

Susan blushed redder than her hair. Though shy, she enjoyed the attention her figure drew…..but, not like that. She growled "No one humiliates me like that."

"Wait'll my auntie hears of this!" Harry sneered, passably mocking Draco.

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