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Chapter 1:

"El…El…Hello? Ellie? Earth to Ellie, come in Ellie! Yo, Eleanor!"

"Huh? Oh, hey," I reply to my best friend Cassie (her full name is Cassiopeia, after the constellation, something purebloods seem to do quite often, although I have no clue as to why) after I am jogged out of my fog. "Hey! I told you not to call me that!" I complain as I slap her, once I realize she has used my full name. That's right folks, I am a sixteen year old girl stuck with the name Eleanor. For years I was convinced my parents simply hated me and that's why they gave me a moniker associated with seventy year old grandmothers, but my mother claims it was homage to the great Eleanor Roosevelt. My mum is a world history scholar and has always found American history to be fascinating, so she decided she would name her daughter after one of the most admired women in the country's history.

I appreciate the sentiment, and I even respect the unconventional, bright, tough as nails woman I was named for, but why did her name have to be Eleanor? Why couldn't the woman who said "women are like teabags. We don't know our true strength until we are in hot water," have been named something cool, like Harley, or beautiful, like Anastasia? Why did it have to be the most boring, conservative, old fashioned name ever? Let's face it; it doesn't matter how mind-blowingly gorgeous a woman is, as soon as a man asks her name and she replies Eleanor, part of her sexy mystique is immediately crushed. And I certainly don't have the aforementioned mind blowing looks to compensate for my antiquated name. I think I'd be better off being named after a constellation.

Anyway, you remember what I said about Lily Evans? How she is so beautiful, intelligent, funny and perfect? Well, I am…decidedly not. I'm not a hideous troll by any means, but I am certainly not a supermodel, nor do I have all the boys in school ogling me as a certain annoying redhead does.

I am diminutive at a mere 5' 2" and I still have a little bit of baby fat clinging to my UK 10 frame. My hair is a pleasing shade of dark honey blonde that tends to lighten in the summer, but it takes after my father's hair in texture, which was unfortunately super thick and poofy. I have to put three calming charms on it each morning just so it will stay down. It's also the reason it is exceedingly long, down to the small of my back, to weigh it down. This means it gets caught in everything. I can't even begin to tell you how many times I've left potions class only to find the tips of my hair covered in smoking purple goo, or having actually set it on fire.

The other issue, physically, is that I inherited my mother's eyesight, which is atrocious. I've been saddled with glasses since I was four years old and without them I am as blind as a bat. I actually don't mind my glasses now that I have found a decent pair of retro black framed ones that have some personality to them, but still, glasses in any form rarely serve to increase ones attractiveness to a boy. Partially hidden behind my glasses are a pair of unremarkable dark chocolate brown eyes.

Physically speaking, I'd have to say that my best traits are my full, sculpted red lips and my rather…generous…assets, if you catch my drift. Not that either of them have done me a bit of good when it comes to getting his attention. Plenty of the boys in Hogwarts notice my assets, (really it's difficult not to, so I can't truly blame them, although I still call them out on it when they start obviously staring) but the object of my affection has never once been caught looking at me anywhere other than in the eye on the rare occasion we get assigned to work together. Even when I wore a v-neck dress to the Holiday Ball that showcased said assets rather nicely without being too revealing, he failed so much as to bat an eye. Of course, that's because his beautiful eyes were focused on Lily all night long!

"Oh this is ridiculous!" Cassie spits as she physically shakes me to regain my attention again. I smile my lopsided grin at her and shrug as she huffs in exasperation at me. Truth be told, she is used to this type of behavior from me. I have a long standing habit of daydreaming and going deep into my own little world at random times throughout the day. The worst was during a session of Defense Against the Dark Arts last year when I took a little mental vacation in the middle of a practical lesson on shield spells. I ended up getting blasted with a stinging hex and having to spend the rest of the day with a red streaked, swelled up face.

"What has you so distracted today?" my brown haired friend asks as she follows my gaze across the hall. "Seriously? You're glaring at Lily, again? El, you have to let this go!" she insists as she forces me to look into her light blue eyes. "She hasn't done a damn thing to you. She isn't even dating him for Merlin's sake!" she shouts, causing our surrounding Ravenclaws to stare at us questioningly.

"I know that," I hiss at her defensively. "But that doesn't change the fact that he's head over heels in love with her."

"Ugh!" she growls. "I don't know why you're so hung up on him anyway. He's not even cute! I think you should just cut your losses and go after someone new. If you're into the whole bad boy Slytherin thing, I heard from Alicia that David thinks you're really, uh, cute," she reveals with a hopeful smile.

"First of all, David is only interested in me for two reasons, and they are both located just below my neck. Every time I walk by him it's like his head is too heavy for him to hold it up he's staring so hard at that part of my anatomy. Secondly, I am not into 'the bad boy Slytherin thing' as you put it; I am into the person. Finally, I don't care what you say. I think that Severus is attractive, plus he's smart, witty, and amazingly talented…and I'm not going to give up on him. I just have to find some way to get him to notice me!" I insist.

"Whatever," Cassie replies with a roll of her eyes.

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