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Harry Potter and my sisters death eater
Draco M. & Harry P. & Hermione G. & Ron W. - Words: 9,948 - Rated: M - English - Fantasy & Romance - Chapters: 19 - Reviews: 2 - Updated: 23-04-2017 - Published: 10-04-2017 - Complete - by smelly143 (FFN)

Everyone thinks Draco Malfoy is a bad boy, right? Little does anyone know a certain Gryfindor girl caught his eye in the second year at Hogwarts. It was no other then Harry Potters little sister Ellie.

Ellie was completely different to Harry, this always questioned other students to why she was in Gryfindor. People thought maybe it was because of Harry or maybe their parents. But no, Ellie was a Gryfindor because she was clever student but in ways maybe not as she fell completely in love with a certain Slytherin boy.

This is what I ment by she was different to Harry. He hated Malfoy with the passion but Ellie completely loved him with the passion. So to save her from Harry hating her she kept it a secret. For years she dated Malfoy and only met him under the cover of the dark Hogwarts corridors or in classroom broom cupboards.

During the daytimes when they used to cross each other going into lessons, nobody knew that when they brushed past each other it wasn't because the corridors were packed by people and first years pushing their way past. They did it on purpose so they could capture there hands together; interlock them and pass a smile to each other.

For years they did this and Harry didn't notice once but made Ellie feel bad when the Yull ball came around she wanted to go with Draco but simply couldn't as Harry would of found out. So instead she went with Seamus Finnagan in her brothers year. She literally had to pretend she had a crush on him and that made her sick.

Looking across the hall she saw him, Draco, looking back at her with a sad expression. In his eyes she looked incredible with her peacock dress and when I say peacock dress it's literally made of the feathers of that bird. He stared at her and she looked back at him with a smile. Draco saw Seamus with her, holding her waist and leaning on her. Made Malfoy sick to the stomach to see that thing touching his girlfriend.

He stormed out of the hall, Ellie turned around to see he was gone, she panicked and looked around for him while trying to keep talking to Seamus. She couldn't focus on anything, Seamus knew her mind was somewhere else as he could see her confused look.

"Ellie, what's wrong? you seem like your in a world of your own", Seamus grabbed her hand.

She pulled her hand from his and stumbled back a bit, he looked at her like she was taken over by a ghost. Just then Harry came over along with Ron, this disturbed Ginny who was dancing with Neville.

"What's going on?", Harry exclaimed.

Seamus looked at Harry, in his very Irish accent came across. "I dun't know arry' She seems like she has lost somethin'".

Ellie was still looking around for him, she couldn't find him, maybe it was something she had done! or something she should of done. Instead of asking them she ran out of the hall, pushing past couples and Drumstrang guys. Her breath was heavy, the shoes she was wearing wasn't exactly made for running. The weight of her dress as well slowed her down.

"Oh Draco..", she thought. "Where are you?".

She started scrowing the corridors for him, until she then came across a dark corridor leading down to the dungeons where the Slytherin common room was. She had never been to this section of Hogwarts before. Draco didn't like her coming down here as he said Gryfindors wouldn't survive in these kind of conditions.

However she podded forwards; holding her dress off the ground. Her shoes clopping away on the stone floor, before she reached the door to the common room she heard a slight sniffle. Turning on her heals she followed the sobs.

There Ellie had came to a corner, there stood a door that was open, it lead to a open room but it didn't look like a broom cupboard or a classroom. She pushed it open slightly while cautiously peeping inside.

Draco was sat on the stone floor looking out of the window, knees up to his chest, head on the window as rain dripped down them like the tears rolling down his cheeks. Ellie shut the door behind her and just stood there, she didn't know what she had done, she was confused by the whole situation.

Slowly she started to walk over to him, he noticed she was there. He looked at her with an angry look, she knew she had done something wrong now.

"How could you have done that to me?!", he spat the words. Ellie stepped back a little, surprised at his words.

"What do you mean? I haven't done anything", she protested her innocent.

"You know exactly what I am talking about!", she had no clue what he was going on about. She stood there with her head down, she felt tears prick her eyes.

She found a stool in the room and placed it in front of him, sitting down on it. Her dress flared around her. She couldn't bare to look at him like this: this was not the Draco she loves.

"You can't even look at me, can you?", he stared at her. Noticing tears had reached her eyes, he didn't like shouting at her but he saw no choice to do so. She couldn't speak. Her hands were in her lap and her head was down.

"You! Have made a mockery out of me tonight, don't you see that?", he made hand gestures to show his anger towards her.

"I don't know what your talking about!", she shouted back. "I don't understand what I have done to offend you!".

His eyes grew wide, he hit the window as he stood up. She jumped at the noise and felt more tears coming. He was in rage now. She knew that.

"You!", he pointed at her. "And that fuckin' Irish half breed".

Oh she knew what he was on about now, on about tonight with the Yull ball and how she went with Seamus because she couldn't go with him. But that wasn't her fault, they swore to each other nobody would find out about them.

"That doesn't mean anything! Your taking this the wrong way", she carried on defending herself.

"I saw him with his filthy hands on you..", his voice dropped. "How do you think that made me feel?".

She never noticed to be fair, she never felt no hands touching her and if it was, it was Ginny on the dance floor.

"I swear Draco, i didnt know!.. Is that why you walked out? Because of Seamus?", she looked at him waiting for an answer.

He crept towards her, she looked at him in the eyes. He was upset about this, he felt threaten by it. Someone else with her; another man.

He grabbed her face pulling hers into his own, grabbing at her curls, breaths touching. He loved her and he couldn't help the jealously act but that's the way he was. He was a Slytherin; he has a high temper and it takes him to realise the damage he has done.

"I wanted to go with you tonight.. You don't see how difficult it is for me. Guys always chasing me when they think I'm single but I'm not!.. I'm taken by you", she grabbed his suit and pulled him in closer to her.

He embraced her for a hug. He didn't see it before but the secret of them is effecting her. Maybe they should come clean about it all to everyone.

To be honest, when they first started dating was back in Draco' second year, when the chamber of secrets was opened and Harry thought it was Draco that opened it. That's why they kept it quiet from everyone including Harry.

He stroked her hair and ran his fingers through it, she was so sweet at times like this. That's what makes him love her the way he does.

"I'm sorry Ellie, I just don't like it when your with other guys.. can you blame me?", he giggled a little. "Look at you! Your bloody stunning".

That rose a smile to her face and maybe maybe a blush too.

"You think it's about time we came out about us? I don't want anyone after me.. I only want you", she leaned into his hands.

He leaned forward kissing her soft lips, "I only want you too, Potter". They both giggled together and then launched for each other for a kissing match.

They both giggled as tables was pushing out of the way and stools fell over. The kisses became more meanful and deepen. Her head was in the clouds and so was his, he loved her with his stone cold heart which was made warm by him.

When they first got together it was different, the first date was by the beach in between the rocky sides of the castle. That was in secret too. They both was so nervous. The first kiss was by the sunset, something out of a dream Ellie thought it was. Ever since then they have been together.

Having to much with each other they forget the door was unlocked.

The door knob turned, in peaked.. Harry.


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