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Wake up to 25
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He noticed her in the mirror, the blonde woman in the black night dress, her blue eyes were looking at his reflect in the mirror, and he instinctively covered his bare body, and she giggled softly raising her eyebrow, and made her way toward him

"Good morning, Harry" she said, looking straight into his eyes, and getting closer to kiss him, before he ran away to the other side of the bathroom, and she looked at his scared face, and looked at him questioningly "What's wrong?" she asked, raising her eyebrow at him, not amused anymore

"Who are you?" he asked, looking at her, and breathing harshly, and then he looked around and then the next question jumped to his lip "Where am I?" and then he looked at himself, his grown up body "How old am I?"

"What do you mean by who are you and where am I?" the blonde woman asked, worried "Are you under the imperius charm?" she now raised her wand straight to his chest

"What?" he asked, and looked at her wand tip, raising his hands in defeat and getting further from her

"What was your cousin's name?" she asked, her eyes aimed into his dangerously

"What? Dudley, why?" he said it fast, but slowed down when the woman lowered her wand, and sighed in relief but still looked at him confused

"For a moment I thought that the order of the phoenix members put you under an imperius charm" said the woman

"Who are you?" he asked again, and now carefully

"I'm Astoria, Harry, your wife, Astoria Potter" she said, he was even more afraid of her now

"My wife? I'm married?" he asked, in low voice close to whispering

"Merlin! Harry, what's happening to you?" she asked and raised her eyebrow, and looking at him suspecting "were you hit with an Obliviator in yesterday's battle?" she asked

Harry who didn't know what does that mean answered carefully "Yes"

She sighed, and then she put her finger at his chin "Harry, I'm Astoria, your wife, we married two years ago, remember? This is our house, we live here, you left Hogwarts 9 years ago, after you killed Dumbledore for the dark lord, you're 25 years old now, and you are the minister of magic, do you remember now?" Astoria asked

Harry was astonished, he was scared and surprised and shocked and he didn't know what to do, he worked for Voldemort? And he killed the headmaster? That's wrong, something is wrong, the only thing he thought that he wouldn't want to be discovered

"Oh yes, I remember now" he said and Astoria sighed relieved "I need to go to the ministry, I have a lot to do" he said and turned to left

"But you didn't eat breakfast, honey" she said and hugged him from behind

"I'm not hungry" he said, and entered the bedroom, he wore his robes, and he noticed that he has a tattoo on his left arm, a snake slithering out of a skull mouth

He was leaving the mansion, when his wife stopped him

"What are you doing?" she asked

"I'm going to the ministry" he said, and realized that he doesn't know where the ministry is, but he'll deal with that later

"How? are you going to use the visitors entrance?" she said, chuckling

"Umm, no" he said, not sure what to do

"Kreacher!" called Astoria, and a loud pop popped from the spot where the house elf appeared bowing to his mistress and master

"Good morning master Harry and mistress Astoria, what does mistress Potter wants Kreacher to do for her?"

"Set up the floo network for Harry" said Astoria, while sitting down on the couch in the sitting room, in front of the fireplace where Kreacher were setting up the network

"Kreacher set up the floo network for Master Harry" he said, bowing very deep that his nose touched the floor

"Thank you, Kreacher" said Harry, but Kreacher almost fell, and Astoria almost choked with the water she was drinking

Harry felt that he shouldn't have thanked the elf, he turned to Astoria who was eying him carefully, and he stood there watching her watching him

"Aren't you going?" Astoria asked

"Yes" he said, and he looked from her to the fireplace, he gulped, and made his way to the fireplace where he stood between green flames, nothing happened, he looked confused at the flames

"You should say your destination out loud" she told him, raising her eyebrow "The minister office" she added

"Oh, right" he flushed embarrassed, said his destination out loud, and five minutes later he was making his way out of the fire place in the minister office, his office

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