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Harry Potter and the Lost Girl
Harry P. & I. Karkaroff & OC & Severus S. - Words: 26,553 - Rated: T - English - Drama - Chapters: 7 - Reviews: 17 - Updated: 01-07-2018 - Published: 15-04-2017 - by Konekochu (FFN)

Harry Potter and the Lost Girl.
Written in the year of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

A retelling of Sorts.

By Konekochu ~ Sandra Andrews

Dedicated to Alan Rickman


Light rain had started to fall with the low rumblings of thunder in the distance could be heard, but not in this house as laughter and the soothing voice of a woman looking over at her her two young children. Reading them a bed time story to end the fun night of trick or treating around the neighborhood, a risk they took and were happy that they made it back home. A little boy only about a year old sat on his father's lap being tickled every now and then.

"I'm going to get that giggle button." the messy haired father said as he tickled the little black haired baby boy. The Mother looked over looking over at him jokingly stern as she was interrupted in her reading of The Tale of the Three Brothers. The little red headed toddler beside her around two years old laughed at them.

"Read Mama, read." the toddler girl said as she bounced in her seat tapping the open page of the book. The mother turned to the girl and looked upon her lovingly and stroking her hair. Mirror images of the other, mother and father both had their little "mini me's" The only thing in appearance the boy inherited from the mother was her eyes, an amazing piecing green. The daughter looked exactly like her mother the only thing she seem to have gotten from her father was personality quirks, like her knack for finding trouble and playing pranks.

"Okay, dear..." The mother responded. The mood sadly took a darker turn as the sound of crunching leaves could be heard of someone coming up the walkway towards their little house. The father turned his head to look out the front living room window hoping it was just a family friend paying them a surprise Halloween visit but no, it was not. It was as they feared and hoped to avoid. Lord Voldermort.

The father quickly handed the baby over to the mother and told them to run for safety as he would hold him off. The mother dropped the book and took the baby boy and grabbed the toddler girl by the hand and ran to the back upstairs bedroom, the baby boy's room. As she ran she could hear Voldemort coming in and her husband's shouts as Voldemort murdered him. Hoping to apperate with the children from there, but it was too late. She could hear Voldemort making his way upstairs. She put the boy down in the cot and the girl ran into the closet and closed the door quickly.

"Harry, Alexa be strong my children, Mama loves you." Was the last thing she said to her two young children as she locked and moved furniture in front of the door. The little girl looked nervously on through the slats in the closet door confused and scared by what was going on around her. The mother's last effort before Voldemort blasted his way into the room was sending a doe patronus with a message for help. She dropped her wand as Voldemort made his way past the rubble of the door and the furniture that had been blocking it raising his wand to her.

"Step aside, I want to kill the boy, not you." Voldemort said to the unarmed mother who was standing in front of the cot guarding where baby sat, but she refused to move. Voldemort then warned her several times more, but she refused to stop protecting her son. When she did not move again, he remorsefully murdered her, he tried to spare her. A flashing green light and the screams of her mother filled the room. The mother's body fell to the floor in front of the cot as toddler cried shaking in the closet. Voldemort turned his wand to the boy, ignoring for the moment the cries he heard from the closet. Another flash of green light bouncing off the baby and back at Voldemort. Voldemort's now lifeless body fell back against the wall as a cloud of black smoke was forced out Voldemort's body, it passed through the baby Harry and then left the room throught the window shattering it in it's wake. Unknowing to the boy and Voldemort that they will be linked for years to come. Harry then started to cry as he noticed his Mother wasn't getting back up from the floor and was reaching down trying to touch her.

"Mama?" the little girl's shaking voice asked from the closet as she opened the door. She walked slowly up to her mother laying in from of her brother's cot and shook her gently asking again "Mama?"

Just then she heard more footsteps, scared she darted under the cot as another man entered the room. He was wearing black robes and had long black hair. He fell back against the wall as he saw the devastation of the room and the woman dead on the floor. He made his way over to her crying her name.

"Lily, oh Lily..." he cried sorrowfully as he fell to the floor next to her and bringing her body into arms holding her close hugging her and crying. The girl hoping desperately it was her daddy who came up slowly emerged from under the crib knocking some rubble alerting the man to her presence her turned his head quickly to her emerging from under the cot surprised and then up into the cot noticing that she and the boy were still alive. Voices in the distance was starting to heard, the commotion of the attack drawing attention of the village. He looked the children one last time noticing how much they looked like their parents and gently put the mother back down and quickly and quietly made his way out of the house before others came looking for survivors. In his haste and devastation he didn't notice the toddler following after him out of the house, before she could call out to him another man grabbed crabbed her covering her mouth and apperated away. Hearing the crack of the dissaperation the long dark cloaked man spun around but kept going as he could hear a loud rumbling motorcycle approaching and so he vanished into the stormy night. He didn't realize that would be the last time he or anyone from Order of the Phoenix for that matter would ever see of the toddler girl Alexa dead or alive.

The Order of the Phoenix search high and low for the toddler but no matter where they tried they couldn't even find a trace of her. It was then Dumbledore decided with a heavy heart that Alexa be kept a secret from Harry as no one knew if she was alive or dead. The one thing the Dursley's didn't mind lying about as they like to pretend Harry's family didn't exist any way, less to talk about for them. No one who knew of and remembered her expected that one day she would walk in the great hall of Hogwarts with her schoolmates at the beginning of the Triwizard Tournament. The events that would follow in her return, and how she and Harry will react to meeting each other for the first time since that night.

End Notes:

This story has been floating in my head for a really long time, I really hope you all like the idea of Harry having more family and what she will bring to the tale. As you know the story starts during the 4th Harry Potter book The Goblet of Fire so everything up until this point remains unchanged. Wish I could tell you all more but I may spoil the rest of the story for you. We are in this for the long haul. :)

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