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Heir Black and the Philosopher's Stone
Harry P. & Hermione G. & Arcturus B. & Mrs. Granger - Words: 98,397 - Rated: T - English - Adventure & Friendship - Chapters: 28 - Reviews: 77 - Updated: 25-09-2017 - Published: 18-04-2017 - Complete - by Somadrake (FFN)

Author's Note: I'm a bit blocked in my other stories and I decided to write something different. And I thought why not Harry Potter. As quick mention the story will at times feel like I got it straight from the book at the start. But, after the fist book I'll begin detracting from the story a bit sense the main character of this is Hermione Granger with a different life. Dumbledore's manipulations will take time to be fully noticed at the moment I plan on leaving little hints in the story after we get out of Pre-Hogwarts. For now, I have no idea about how the pairings will go. All I will say is that Hermione is not paired with Harry or any male's for now. I hope all of you who read this enjoy the story.


Family and Blood Purity. Ideals espoused in the wizarding world like the gospel. Hermione Granger is brought up in the mundane but fully understands her heritage before she's sent to Hogwarts. There she will find family, friends and danger. Hermione must find a way to survive her first year and keep her family safe. She'll do all she can to save him. Manipulative Dumbledore. Grey Hermione.


June 1980

Heath Granger started his day the same way he normally did. He woke up stretched, did his morning duties before grabbing a cup of coffee. As usual he'd then proceed to grab the newspaper. But, today something waylaid his route. On the porch in front of him was a baby in a basket. The baby couldn't have been more than a few months old. It even had a tuft of brown hair sticking out. He hesitated before lifting the basket up and carrying the baby inside into the family room. The sight of the child had put him off his normally cool demeanor.

He was angry. Angry that a young child had been left on his doorstep to suffer the harshness of the environment. Anything could've happened to the little tyke before he got to it. A gurgling sound took his attention. He stared a bit in slight awe as it lifted up it's little hands in a fist and let a loud piercing wail. Jumping a bit at the loudness of the sound Heath, hesitated before lifting the child up. The child's crying didn't quiet no matter what he did.

"Heath?" He jumped a bit before staring wide-eyed at his wife, Ariana, who stood in the doorway of the entrance to the family room. Her blonde hair was mussed and her brown eyes looked bleary as she stared at the child in mild surprise. "Is that a baby?" She was already moving towards him. He quickly held the child towards his wife as if she was a live grenade. His wife shook her head at him before taking the baby. "I didn't know we were supposed to babysitting any children." She yawned before expertly soothing the upset infant.

Heath became visibly relieved at the sight of the calmed baby before he responding. "We're not. I found the child own the porch." He pointed to the basket and she looked.

"Did you read the letter?"

"Letter…" He trailed off looking at the basket. And there was indeed a letter along with an envelope. He immediately grabbed for the letter ignoring the envelope with a slight bulge. The first thing his eyes took in was the elegant calligraphic script it was written. He mildly thought that it was a shame that most people didn't feel the need to write in such an enchanting way anymore. It made him more curious and he began to read. Out loud of course because he really didn't feel like regurgitating what was in the letter to his wife.

I sincerely apologize for leaving my child on your doorstep. Due to extenuating circumstances concerning the current war in the wizarding world I have decided to leave her in your care. I know you are squibs and more than equip to deal with a magical child and can assume guardianship over her without too much trouble with the ministry. Fear not, about the danger you might think you'd be for caring for a magical child in this time. I've set wards around the property that keep all three of you safe and will keep safe any subsequent children you have. I've also taken steps to ensure her education will be paid for when she gets her letter. And trust me she will. As a father, it is my duty to keep her safe. I wish I could be there for her but the once this war is over I will return. If I can't I am either jailed or dead. Neither of which I'd wish, her mother would be in the same situation as me so leaving her here was my best choice.

I apologize for any trouble you might have rearing a magical child. Next to the letter there is an envelope containing my own letter to my little girl along with important tools she'll need to survive. I wish for you to give it to her on her eleventh birthday (September 19). I thank you for taking on raising her and you shall be rewarded for your troubles.

Her Father,


P.S her name is Hermione Lyra you can give her your last name. She'll be safer that way.

"Well we were discussing children just the other day." Heath drawled a bit annoyed at having a child foisted upon him. Still…he stared at the little girl before allowing a small grin to pull on his lips. He could raise a child. They both could. After all, how hard could it be?

It was just a week later when he realized that it was bloody difficult.

December 1980

Arianna gleefully announced her pregnancy. Heath jumped for joy and twirled his wife around in his arms. Hermione the ever curious little one wanted to know what was going on. The little toddler clapped when she was told of her position as an older sister. She didn't really understand but her parents were happy so, so was she. She gave a huge toothless grin before babbling about one thing or another. Once again, Heath was struck with the knowledge that Hermione was theirs and no one else's.

August 1982

It's been a year since the Daily Prophet came in announcing the defeat of the Dark Lord. Both Heath and Arianna had felt a turmoil of emotions as they read the headlines. Apparently, a baby was heralded as the Boy-Who-Lived. The defeater of the Dark Lord. It was rarely ever that Heath felt true disgust towards the sheeple that many of wizarding Britain was. That day Arianna ranted about how they were lauding the poor boy who had lost everything to a madman as their savior. To Heath it was obvious that his parents had did some kind of special protection over their son that saved him.

He was curious also about how they knew he had died. After all, there was no body found. Although, he had been living for a while in mundane Britain and was more used to using logic unlike the others in wizarding Britain. It worried him briefly about what kind of world his little Hermione would be going into. When she arrived so long ago he was hesitant about taking her in solely because of the hidden meanings that were inside the letter. The girl's parents were most likely His Death Eaters.

And yet, the little girl wormed her way into both of their hearts. Now being able to walk about on her short legs, she had taken to following them about the house. Asking questions in the way toddlers do he supposed, with a little lisp to most words and a misunderstanding of sentence conjugation. Still, the little darling he could tell was a bright child. She was also fairly powerful. Her accidental magic, sometimes felt more purposeful than anything. If she wanted something she'd summon it to her or conjure it. Both parents would remark that their siblings had not been this powerful.

According to Arianna's father whom she still got into contact with despite leaving for the mundane world, she had the traits of a powerful witch. Heath's own parents were too disgusted with his very existence for him to bother with. Although, the Dagworth-Grangers never were known for their kindness. Neither were Arianna's parents or the Greengrass family she was a part of. Granted she was from a branch part of that house while he was 'main family.'

Her family bequeathed them numerous books on raising a magical child. Heath was sure they were thinking her to be their child. Looking at the curly browned haired little witch he wasn't so sure she wasn't. This brought along the worry of when her father would come for her. This L person. They both feared he would return take Hermione and leave. Yet, it's been about a year since his defeat and it has yet to happen. Maybe just maybe he didn't plan to take her yet.

September 19 1987

It was her eighth birthday. It was also the day her parents sat her down and told her that she was adopted. When she learned this, Hermione felt betrayed by them both. They lied to her. It made her question everything she had learned. Oh, she knew she was a witch. Her parents had that talk with her when she had stuck her finger inside the electrical outlet and the electricity crackled around her not hurting her. At six, it was just another strange thing she was able to do but it was fun too.

The bad thing about it was that it scared Jadyn and Crayston her two year younger siblings. Both twins. Her Daddy found her and sighed at the sight while she was making electricity crackle between her fingers gleefully. Her Mom took the two twins and Daddy sat and told her about magic. He even told her she might have elemental magic. She then of course asked if her little brother and sister had magic two since they did similar things she did when she was younger. He divulged they did have magic and urged her to try and control hers some more.

Still, finding she was a witch wasn't as shocking at finding out she was adopted. The people who had raised her weren't her real family. She questioned whether or not they even loved her like they said. Her fa-no Heath handed her a letter he proceeded to tell her was from her birth father. She read through it with a sense of expectations. Her eyes settled on the ward information, the fact that her father wished to protect her and then on the envelope. She set the letter down swallowing. "Hermione?" It was her mo-Arianna talking. Her voice caused her to stand abruptly before running up to her room.

That night she never left her room and later on spent months avoiding her family.

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