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Hunter: The Witch
Harry P. - Words: 115,727 - Rated: M - English - Adventure - Chapters: 17 - Reviews: 156 - Updated: 04-03-2018 - Published: 21-04-2017 - by Lunarwolf11021 (FFN)

Dislcaimer: I do not own Harry Potter!

This is inspired by Miranda Flairgold and her incomplete (though I wish it wasn't) trilogy. I dearly hope you'll like this story!

Chapter One

The moment kept replying in Jasmine's mind every time she shut her eyes. Sirius pushing her out of the way when a spell she hadn't even notice was shot towards her. Tripping a bit as she swung around only to see Sirius attempting to keep his feet not even an inch from the fluttery curtain of the veil. Jasmine could only watch as a spell slammed into his chest and sent him falling into the veil. The smile that had been on Sirius' face sliding off it slowly as he realized what had happened and then, he was gone. Jasmine covered her mouth as a sob tore its way out of her throat and she curled in on herself. The shudder that ran through her as the memory swirled through her mind and clawing at her heart. She closed her eyes while struggling to keep herself from screaming and sobbing.

Hedwig hooted from the cage in the corner as Jasmine lay on her rickety bed. It was only when she heard a low call from the window that Jasmine managed to focus on something other than the soul searing grief racking through her body. Slowly, Jasmine managed to force herself into a sitting position and turned towards the window. To her surprise, a dark shape peered at her from the window with bright golden eyes. Jasmine held out a hand and the dark shape jumped into the air revealing it's huge wing span. It landed on her outstretched arm and Jasmine was surprised to find that it didn't weigh much more than her pillow did. She was surprised when it dropped a thick parcel onto her lap before taking off towards the window where it settled down.

Carefully, Jasmine opened the parcel and found a letter inside along with a few pamphlets. A rather odd looking rune covered pyramid sat inside. It gave off an inner glow that made her eyes ache. Picking out the letter, Jasmine set the parcel down and grabbed her trusty flash light. Even if it was over four years old, it still worked just like it had back when she got it during a small trip into the mundane world. She opened the letter and began to read what it said:

Dear Ms. Potter,

My name is Zane Mulnic headmaster of High Alter magical academy on Drago island. It has recently come to the attention of my facility that you're a magical of the Evans family who is due to turn sixteen in a matter of weeks. As a result, I have decided to offer you a place among my students. You probably wouldn't have heard of us as our school is very selective of who our students are and the fact that the UK magical community disliked us. Due to this, I am willing to send a representative to your residents or another place of your choosing in order to answer any questions you have. I have sent along some pamphlets and a rather curious magical object that will allow you to get an understanding of the school until you're able to meet our representative. Until you've met the representative, I ask that you do not make any decisions in regards to my offer. Please write your reply and give it to the messenger, Avira.


Zane Mulnic.

Jasmine stared at the letter for a few moments as multiple emotions ran through her. Shock was the most prominent which, after feeling only grief and anger for the last few weeks, caused her a bit of relief. Confusion as to why they would send her a message like this along with the whole sixteen and being an Evans thing. Leaning back against the wall, Jasmine could only ask herself, "What am I going to do?"

The offer was tempting in the same way that being a witch was. She wanted, no needed, to get away from England. She needed to get away from the bad memories it caused her. She needed to get away from the bullshit the wizarding world was piling on top of her. She needed to get away from Dumbledore and figure out her own path rather than what he seemed to think was good for her. Jasmine needed to get away from the memories of Sirius and grieve properly rather than just stew in this stupid house where her relatives hated her. It would be an escape away from Voldemort, the Ministry, and so many other things.

The other school would give Jasmine a lot of opportunities that she couldn't get in England. She wouldn't be compared to her parents almost constantly. It would allow her time to figure out how to deal with Voldemort without worrying about him finding her. Jasmine might actually be able to completely start over and perhaps gain some new friends along the way. Jasmine knew that she'd focused a bit too much on Hermione and Ron, but she wouldn't make the same mistake this time.

Jasmine shook her head and reminded herself that she didn't even know anything about this school yet. She needed to reply to that letter and study the pamphlets. She also needed to figure out what to do about the meeting. She couldn't meet with any representative in the house due to her relatives and the watchers Dumbledore has set up. She couldn't use the Leaky Cauldron either as Dumbledore would probably look there first.

After thinking about it for awhile, Jasmine decided to see if the goblins would mind her using one of their meeting rooms. They would charge her, but it would be worth it. Besides, she could get their help in finding a good place to stay for the rest of the summer where Dumbledore wouldn't find her. Even if she didn't go to High Alter, she wouldn't be staying at the Dursley's any longer. She could probably use the rest of the summer to find another school in a far away country as well. With that in mind, Jasmine got up from her bed and walked over to the desk. Grabbing one of the pens she kept, she wrote down her reply on a spare piece of parchment before handing it off to the messenger. It took off with a low cry and disappeared into the night. Glancing at Hedwig, Jasmine frowned at the locks on her cage. Perhaps, it was time to get her lock picking skills back up to snuff.

Zane Mulnic stared out of his office window with a frown on his face. He ran a tired hand through his curly grey streaked blue hair as his tawny eyes looked to the sky. A smile appeared on his youthful face and he opened the window allowing the shadowy falcon to sweep into the room. Landing on the back of a chair that sat in front of the great red wood desk, the falcon turned it's fierce golden eyes onto to Zane. With a low chuckle, Zane took the rolled up parchment from the falcon and watched as it took off. It shimmered and expanded until a dark skinned man with whiskey colored eyes stood in front of Zane. The man stood taller than Zane, but most like the man always did. He wore only a pair of simple dark brown pants and a light brown vest. Moving around to his leather office chair, Zane asked, "What did you see, Avira?"

"She is far too small even when you consider how tall the female Evans clan members usually turn out," Avira rumbled darkly as he sat down, "She is far too skinny to be healthy and she is grieving without any help,"

"Her magic?" Zane asked him curiously.

Avira lost his perpetual scowl and smiled a light as he spoke, "It flows freely like the wind and feels like a warm caress. The smell of it reminded me of the mountains and the jungle where I spent much of my childhood."

"Do I detect a hint of longing?" Zane teased earning a scowl from Avira.

Avira grunted softly and leaned back against the chair, "Zane."

Zane rolled his eyes before saying, "I am glad that they didn't manage to ruin her magic. I'm still pissed at them for doing it to Lily," Avira scowled at the reminder and Zane shook his head with a mournful sigh, "Regardless, I suppose we need to see what she said."

Zane opened the letter as Avira leaned forward slightly. Zane read aloud:

Dear Headmaster of High Arch,

I am very interested in what you have to offer and would like to meet this representative of yours. As my residence is unsuitable for a meeting like this, I have decided to contact the goblins. I will send a message once I secure a meeting room and a date.

Until then,

Jasmine Potter.

Zane grinned brightly, "Smart girl! I'll have to send a message to the clans and ensure they know what's going on. Even if she declines our offer, she will need to meet them."

"Do you think she will?" Avira asked as his usual scowl deepened a little.

"I believe that Ms. Potter will be full of surprises," Zane answered making Avira's eyes narrow.

Zane knew that the man disliked it when he gave answers like that, but didn't really care at the moment. Avira grunted lightly, "Will you require me to deliver the message and wait for a reply?"

"Only deliver the message," Zane replied while grabbing some writing supplies.

He wrote a short letter as Avira returned to being a falcon. Handing it to man turned falcon, Zane stood to watch him go off. As he stood in front of the window and watching the sky once more, Zane could only grin. Ms. Potter would be quite an interesting student and he couldn't wait to see the chaos she would cause. The time she spent here would be most interesting for all involved.

Two days after she sent her reply to the headmaster of High Arch, Jasmine found herself eagerly waiting for Vernon to fall asleep. She had already picked the lock on Hedwig's cage and sent a letter to the goblins last night. In reply, they sent her a letter containing the date and time she could meet with the representative High Arch was supposed to send. They also sent the name of an inn that she could stay at for a reasonable price and wouldn't give her away to Dumbledore. Jasmine checked her pocket's once more in a fit of nervousness.

Hedwig's cage was in her pocket and Jasmine felt her heart ache a little as she felt it. Sirius had helped her enchant it in order to make carrying it around easier and offer Hedwig more comfort when the owl used it. Pushing away the reminder, Jasmine felt for her lock picks and sighed softly. The twins had been quite insistent that she learn how to pick locks after they rescued her in second year. The memory still made her smile fondly and laugh softly...

"Listen up Jazz," Fred pulled her into the twins room with a grin.

"We want to give you some help," George said from his seat on one of the bed.

"Those relatives of yours are quite fond of locks," Fred continued as he dragged her over to the other bed and sat down while pulling her with him.

"That shouldn't be where they are," George pulled out a small bundle and unfolded it revealing some odd looking things.

"So, my dear brother and I," Fred grinned at her as he waved a hand towards George, "Have decided,"

"After much thought and consideration of your rather troublesome," George smirked at her.

"And horrid relatives, you will be learning a time honored," Fred reached out and George handed him some of the odd looking tools.

"And very cherished activity that can be used for almost anything," George handed her a few tools as well.

Jasmine looked at the odd tools and noted that they looked kind of like those lock picks she'd seen Dudley with, "Okay?"

"You'll be learning the fine art of Lock-picking," The two chorused and Jasmine looked at them in surprise.

Jasmine shook her head lightly and focused on listening to Vernon. The twins would be some of the few that Jasmine was going to trust with her plans, but only once she had decided what to do. Upon hearing Vernon begin to snore, Jasmine took out her lock picks after making sure her wand was in it's holster. Funny enough, the walrus that was Vernon didn't pay any attention to it as he'd assumed her wand was inside her trunk. Inwardly laughing, Jasmine focused on picking the rather numerous locks on the door.

As soon as it opened, Jasmine began what she hoped would be her last trip through the house.

Two hours after she'd left her former residence, Jasmine was finally flopping onto the bed inside the room she'd booked for a few days. The inn she was staying in was at the far end of Knockturn Alley where no one would expect her to be. Jasmine ran a hand through her shoulder length messy black hair as she sighed in relief. It had been difficult getting past the order members that Dumbledore had watching the house, but she'd managed by using the first floor bathroom window and her invisibility cloak. After that, it was a simple matter of getting to the next neighborhood and summoning the night bus. She was glad that she'd had Hedwig head to Hermione for awhile as the bushy haired girl would look after her.

Jasmine decided to get some sleep before writing the Headmaster of High Arch and sending it off through the post office. Before she could manage that, Jasmine heard something tapping against the glass window. Sitting up, Jasmine looked and found a similar bird to the one she'd received last time. Opening the window, she let it in and took the letter from it. She opened it up:

Dear Ms. Potter,

I hadn't thought to inform you that owls would take a very long time to reach the facility unless warded correctly. Please give the appointment date to Lore and he'll make sure it's gets to me.


Zane Mulnic.

Jasmine was reminded of Luna for some odd reason before shaking it off. Grabbing her trunk, Jasmine opened it up and pulled out supplies before writing down her reply. With that done, she handed it off to the shadowy messenger and watched the bird take off. Closing up her trunk, Jasmine laid down on the bed and decided to get some sleep once more.

In the three days before her meeting at Gringotts, Jasmine read through the pamphlets and had to admit that the school appealed to her in a way that even Hogwarts hadn't. It offered a lot more classes, a long list of clubs, and multiple activities that Hogwarts didn't. The pyramid had been odd, but showed her images of the school and offered some rather interesting history. She learned that the island of Drago was in the middle of the Atlantic ocean and boasted all types of environments all year round due to specific wards covering good portions of the island. She also learned that High Arch shared the island with the Hunters of Windseeker though she didn't really understand the term. Jasmine found one of the most appealing parts about High Arch was no longer having to listen to her country of origin. Considering how the ministry was, Jasmine wasn't going to risk them getting control over her. They'd probably try to marry her off once Voldemort was dead.

The day after she went through everything High Arch sent along, Jasmine got books on the subjects that interested her from a few second hand book stores. Some of the books were dark according to the shop owner, but Jasmine didn't really care as the classes sounded interesting. She did pick up a few things from other second hand stores. They were mostly obscure books on elemental magic, some books on occlumency, and an obscenely comfortable fur-lined leather jacket. Once she returned to the Prancing Veela, the inn keeper mentioned some people coming by looking for her making Jasmine pale slightly. He assured Jasmine that they hadn't gotten any information from him, but suggested that she stay inside tomorrow.

The next day was spent reading through her new books while keeping away from the windows. Jasmine knew that Dumbledore would be looking for her, but hadn't thought he'd find the inn anytime soon. The inn keeper delivered food up and informed her that a few more people had come by looking for her, but had left soon after. Jasmine would need to talk with the goblins about this.

An hour after noon, Jasmine found herself breathing a sigh of relief as her goblin escort left her in the rather plain looking meeting room. Jasmine sank down into one of the cushy chairs and checked the battered watch she'd nicked from Dudley a few days before. She managed to arrive five minutes before the meeting began and hoped that the High Arch representative arrived soon. Dumbledore had the ally crawling with his people looking for her and Jasmine had barely managed to make it to the bank without being seen. Jasmine would have used her cloak, but she knew that the goblins would likely find it offensive. Considering the fact that they were letting Jasmine use one of their meeting rooms for non-bank related business, she didn't want to offend them for any reason.

Jasmine's wish came true moment later when the door swung open and a presence filled the air. It didn't feel threatening at all, but warm like sinking into a nice bubble bath. It certainly felt dark, but not evil which caused Jasmine to relax. She watched as a cloaked figure strolled into the room with seemingly lazy, yet powerful strides. The first thing she noticed was the black cloak they wore and the symbol etched it the breast of it. The symbol was of a wolf-like creature with a pen and a sword crossed over it's head while a book sat between its paws. The second thing she noticed was how the cloaked figure seemed to be taller than the regular human though not as tall as Hagrid. Jasmine put them at six almost seven feet tall. The door closed behind the figure as they reached the table and Jasmine asked, "You are the High Arch representative?"

"Yes," The cloaked figure's voice was like a rumble of thunder with a silky edge to it, "Do you mind if I activate the goblin privacy wards? High Arch doesn't need the world to know any of the information we will speak about,"

Jasmine was startled by the question, but nodded, "Of course, I wasn't aware that High Arch was so big on secrecy considering how many beings you have going to the school."

The cloaked figure, that she was beginning to think was male, let out a soft chuckle as he reached towards the center of the table. For the first time since she'd entered the room, Jasmine noticed the pale brown stone sunk into the warm wood of the table. The cloaked figure pressed their fingers to the stone and a wave of magic exploded outward. Once it had vanished, the cloaked figure told her, "High Arch has many secrets that no government or country knows about. Our students learn how to keep our secrets quickly and efficiently through the use of Occlumency. Our students are also required to sign a secrecy contract for the duration of their time in the school. It will protect High Arch's secrets until such a time as you're able to," They reached up and grabbed the hood of the cloak, "Now, I will introduce myself and hopefully we can get everything settled quickly," With a twist of their hand, the cloak vanished in a puff of smoke revealing the form hidden underneath, "My name is Gabriel Lykos."

Gabriel Lykos had dark eyes that seemed to have an inner purple glow. He had silvery russet colored hair that fell to his shoulders in a silky wave. He had pale mocha colored skin. On his left cheek, a pair of ragged claw marks ran from right next to his nose to just below one slightly pointed ear. He wore a dark grey almost black dress shirt that was missing two of it's top buttons. On each ear, he wore what looked like a diamond dragon that curled around the outside and gripped his ear with it's wings as it's claws clutched a piece of obsidian. He smiled revealing a pair of pearly white fangs prompting Jasmine to whisper, "You're a vampire."

"Correct," He smirked slightly, "Is that a problem?"

The shock wore off quickly and Jasmine forced herself to stay calm. If Lykos was going to hurt her, he already would have. Besides, the school wouldn't send someone to meet with Jasmine if they wanted to kill her. Not to mention, she'd be going to school with vampires if the pamphlets told the truth. With that in mind, Jasmine shook her head, "No, I've never really met any vampires before. My adoptive uncle of sorts is a werewolf."

Lykos nodded lightly before saying, "I suppose it would be best to begin as we do not need the goblins getting pissy. What are your questions?"

Jasmine immediatly reached into her pocket to pull out the folded up list she'd made over the last few days. Looking over her questions, Jasmine asked, "What exactly do the classes for elemental magic, creature magic, and blood-magic entail."

"Those interest you?" Lykos asked with a raised eyebrow as he finally sat down.

"Alongside rune magic, mind magic, and weapon creation, but the last three are somewhat self-explanatory," Jasmine said earning a soft laugh causing her to snap, "Is something funny?"

She paled slightly and covered her mouth as Lykos let out a roar of laughter. When he finally stopped laughing, Lykos said, "You will fit in well among both the clan and our students though I suggest tempering that fire of your as most will not tolerate disrespect," Jasmine swallowed softly and nodded, "As for why I laughed, it's just odd that someone from this country is actually interested in those. For all that they profess their capabilities, the English have forgotten what those magics can really do simply because they decided they were dark."

"What exactly are they?" Jasmine filed away his reaction for later.

"Elemental magic is just as it says," Lykos explained after a few moments, "Magic of the elements. It is one of the more interesting classes though the teacher is a bit much. Creature magic is a rather interesting magic as it deals with the inherent power of both magical and mundane creatures. The class is one of the hardest, but most fulfilling. If you can succeed, you will not only be able to understand the creatures you meet with, but also use portions of the magic available only to them. If one studies hard enough, they could in-turn become one with the spirit of the creatures closest to them and use their forms. Of course, it takes a lot of skill and time to even do that once," Lykos smiled slightly as he lifted up his hand and claws extended from his nails as his hand shimmered briefly before turning into a black paw, "I teach the upper levels of that class," Jasmine quickly filed that information away for later, "Blood magic is one of the more painful and deadly magics available at the school. However, it is one of the more fulfilling ones. It involves cutting runes into your skin and filling them with magic in order to bind them to you," Jasmine paled slightly, "The power you gain from this is rewarding and the arrays are hidden unless in use. Once you're finished the ritual, the cuts you made will heal, so you won't be at risk to die of bloodloss,"

"Sounds painful," Jasmine swallowed slightly as she ran over the description of the class in her mind.

What it would give her would be worth the pain, it wasn't like she was unfamiliar with pain though this time it would be inflicted by her. A frown edged itself onto her face. Jasmine would need every advantage she could get over Voldemort and this was one way to do that. He had over fifty years on her and everyone in the country would be looking towards her to defeat him. A large part of Jasmine just wanted to slink off and never come back. The rest of her protested that idea. The friends she had here would be in danger and Jasmine wasn't willing to lose anyone else without doing her best to stop it. If she did blood magic, it would be to improve both her chances of survival and that of the people she cared for. Jasmine stopped that thought and mentally snickered. She could already hear Hermione scolding her about not getting all the information about High Arch before deciding to go there.

Lykos cleared his throat and Jasmine blushed slightly. She really needed to stop getting lost in her thoughts or it would kill her one day. Lykos leaned back against his chair while dismissing the black paw and claws, "Any other questions?"

"What does being a student there entail?" Jasmine moved onto the next question, "What are the requirements and the like?"

"High Arch requires all of our students to take one weapons class, one non-magical defense class, one hand-to-hand class, and one healing class. As the school is open to all sentient beings, the teachers will not interfere if fighting occurs even if a student dies as a result," Jasmine grimaced slightly though given the various species attending there was bound to be a lot of trouble, "The students are responsible to come forward if they're in trouble, but it is advised to attempt to solve their problems first. The teachers only wish for the students to become the best which also means that they need to look after themselves. The students are responsible to ensure that they look after their own needs as the teachers will not get involved unless necessary," Jasmine could work with that, "You'll be required to take a few tests during your first week there in order to find which classes you have the aptitude to take. It will also allow us to see just what you're physically capable of as well as help us ensure that you're healthy enough for the classes," It made sense since classes like Blood magic could kill you, "All students are required to go through a thorough medical exam by the healers to ensure your health. If problems are found, we will do our best to help you," Jasmine grimaced at the thought though she knew something like this was inevitable and they might be able to help with her eyesight, "Other than that, you are expected to obey the rules both written and unwritten. They will be explained to you by the upper year student assigned as your mentor,"

"Mentor?" Jasmine blinked slightly, "Why?"

"Your mentor will help you settle in during your first year or so," Lykos patiently explained with a slight smile, "They will help you balance your schedule for the first six months. After that, they will step back and watch you for the next six. This is to ensure that you don't accidentally kill yourself, we've had quite a few students die in their first year a century ago because they couldn't look after themselves correctly," Lykos shook his head, "What a waste,"

Jasmine nodded as she commented, "Aside from the mentoring aspect, it seems like a Darwinian society."

"An apt description and one of the more polite ones," Lykos replied while eyeing her, "Any more questions?"

"What exactly is Windseeker?" Jasmine felt a shiver go down her spine at the name.

Lykos smirked darkly, "One of the reasons Zane contacted you is because of them. On the western side of the island, you'll find a city known as Windseeker. It is known for it's Hunter clans and filled to the brim with things from all over. You," He pointed at Jasmine, "Are a member of a Hunter clan that resides there. Of course, the branch you belong to was considered extinct as many of those born to it were damaged in one way or another to the point that they couldn't be called Hunters. You're the first to be born here with those abilities intact in nearly a century."

"What is a hunter exactly?" Why did it feel like he didn't mean the guys that killed deer?

Lykos rolled his eyes and muttered something that sounded suspiciously like 'Idiotic mortal Englishmen and their stupid laws'. He turned away from her and reached into the cloak revealing a satchel that she hadn't noticed before. He pulled a book out of it and handed it to her, "This is have a more in depth explanation as Hunters are very complex beings, you'll find few outside of the Hunter clans able to explain it well," Jasmine took the book from him while looking over the blank cover with a frown on her face, "Hunters are being much like vampires, werewolves, Veela, and the like that have abilities that exceed those of regular mortals. They far outclass regular witches and wizards with the amount of power they have inside of them simply by being hunters. They are born and bred to fight. While some may find their abilities leaning more towards the academic or healing side of things, they will always be natural born fighters."

"And how do you know that I belong to one of those clans?" Jasmine asked as her frown and confusion deepened while feeling pleased for some odd reason, "Evans is a common name after all,"

"True, but you can tell by the eyes," Lykos' smirk grew into crooked grin, "All magicals of the Evans line have green eyes. The Hunters of that line have jewel tones," Lykos leaned back in his seat, "Let's focus on your abilities, you've always been faster than the those around you? You're a natural at finding hiding places whenever you need to? You've outclasses your fellow students when you do the practical parts of any lesson?" He looked at her with a raised eyebrow as he practically purred, "You're a natural flyer?"

Jasmine's eyes widen and she couldn't stop herself from gaping at him. No matter what, she'd always outpaced her classmates in primary school when it came to running. No one had been able to find her when she had places to hid save for the few times when she'd been horribly exhausted. While she sometimes had trouble with book work due to how boring it was, she'd always been able to cast whatever spell she was working on once she understood it. Whenever she was in the air, it felt like she belonged there and no one that she flew with had ever been able to keep up when she went all out. Jasmine breathed out sharply, "How did you-"

"Hunters are like that," Lykos sat up and peered at her, "You have a choice to make. Will you go to High Arch or not?"

Jasmine wanted to go to High Arch and meet these Hunters. Before she gave him her answer, Jasmine needed to know, "What does my sixteenth birthday have to do with anything?"

Lykos let out a soft chuckle which made the hairs on the back of her neck rise. He looked at her with a smirk on his face and said, "If you are not on Drago and meet with the Hunters by your sixteenth birthday, you will die."

"What?!" Jasmine burst out, "How?!"

"Hunters have wings which come in on their sixteenth birthday," He informed her with a tone coated in dark amusement, "You need to take a potion to ease the process while a group of elder Hunters watch over you. If you don't, you'll die from either the pain it creates or your wings coming in wrong. The potion will ensure that you won't die from the pain or your wings coming in wrong. The elder Hunters will ensure they come in correctly. While it is minor, the blood loss is also a problem,"

Jasmine stared at him while attempting to understand what had just come out of his mouth. Hunters had wings and she would apparently be gaining them on her birthday. If she didn't have help, they would kill her. Wings were going to kill her. She could almost hear the Daily profit now: Chosen One dies due to wings. Jasmine set the book down and groaned softly, "Why can't my life not be full of bullshit?"

Lykos chuckled softly, "Life is better this way. Normal things are boring."

Jasmine didn't comment as she ran a hand through her messy black hair. She wanted to go to High Arch and would have to meet with the Hunter clans. She could do that besides being a Hunter would help her kill Voldemort. Maybe she could kill Bellatrix too while she was at it alongside the Malfoy Sr. and the rest of Voldemort's band of Death Eaters. With a low sigh, Jasmine informed him, "I'll take up the offer to go to High Arch."

"Excellent," Lykos reached into his bag to pull out a pen and paper.

He wrote down a quick message before pulling out a stamp. He folded the paper a few times before pressing the stamp against it. With a muffled pop and a burst of smoke, the message disappeared and Lykos put his utensils away. Jasmine picked the book back up and asked, "What now?"

"Now," Lykos grinned at her, "We leave this room and go speak to the tellers about what's going to happen from now on. After that, we'll get the supplies you need alongside a few things I believe will be helpful. From there, we'll be traveling to a place where you'll be staying until Zane can get you a visit with the Clans. I will be returning to school once I get you settled,"

Jasmine nodded before informing him, "Dumbledore and the people working for him are looking for me. The moment we leave the bank, they'll most likely see me."

"Which is why you'll be wearing this," Lykos pulled out a pearly white bracelet covered in runes, "It will conceal everything about you. Keep this in your pocket until we leave, I really don't want the goblins to get pissy. They'll paint their pretty marble floor with your blood if you wear that in here,"

Jasmine stared at him for a few moments while wondering if he's a bit insane. Given what Remus said about vampires, it is likely he was. Shaking her head, Jasmine took the bracelet and put it in her pocket. Lykos stood up from the table and pulled back on his cloak as Jasmine asked, "Why are you wearing that?"

"The cloak keeps idiotic wizards with a penchant for being bigoted from seeing me," Lykos answered with a low chuckled, "They would freak if they saw a vampire walking around the bank," He gave her a fanged grin, "Now, let's get started. I'd like to be done and back at High Arch by tomorrow evening at the least,"

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