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The Girl Who Saw - Not Alone
Harry P. & OC - Words: 134,534 - Rated: M - English - None - Chapters: 39 - Reviews: 20 - Updated: 16-02-2019 - Published: 27-04-2017 - by 1stOfficerFan (FFN)


Okay, so obviously all rights to Harry Potter (books and movies) and the plot belong to their rightful owners [thanks, J.K. ;-) ]

Anything that rings a bell, anything you recognize – it's from the books! And yes, there are some very obvious passages that I copied straight out of the novels.

This is for fun only! I do not make any profit. No copying, please. Thx.


So, I feel that I should warn you: there is a load of OCs. If anyone doesn't like that, don't read it! The story will be written from my OC's POV with some passages from Harry's POV thrown in.

I follow the general plot and occurrences of the books, HOWEVER due to my OCs and their interaction with J.K.'s characters, there are some changes.

Harry's first two years, I sort of... hurry through. The real fun starts in Harry's 3rd year (I'm sure you can guess why...)

I really hope you'll like it. Feel free to leave reviews, pls. (Btw., I can handle criticism.)

So now the longer summary: (paradox alert!)

What if Harry had family... sort of? What if he had a sibling-type person that until he attended Hogwarts he didn't know about? What if she hadn't been allowed to contact him until he learned about the wizarding world? And how will she approach him once they meet?

Her name was Marina Black. Ten years ago her mother had died alongside James and Lily Potter, murdered by a coward people were still afraid of. She'd been all of three years old but she remembered the horror of that Halloween night. She remembered her father's anguish over losing his best friend. And she also remembered little Harry. Ten long years she'd been forbidden to see him "for his own good". Ten years he'd stayed in the dark. How is she ever going to make it right? Raised by a witch and a wizard, she knows more than him. Can she answer his questions? And will she ever get someone to tell her what happened to her father?

Together with their friends, can her honorary little brother and she put a stop to the darkness before it rises again?

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