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The Replacement
Harry P. & OC & Tom R. Jr. & Voldemort - Words: 17,184 - Rated: T - English - Adventure & Romance - Chapters: 7 - Reviews: 60 - Updated: 14-02-2018 - Published: 21-05-2017 - by Esm3rald (FFN)

Here you go, chapter 1. Hope you like it and thank you to everyone who read, reviewed and put my story in the alerts and/or favourites.

Chapter 1

Hope woke up that morning knowing immediately that something felt different. First of all, her sight seemed particularly blurry that morning, not matter how many times she blinked. She thought at first it was because she had just woken up but her sight didn't improve.

For the little she could see with her eyes in that state the room around her was completely unfamiliar.

It was small, with only a dresser with a mirror, a desk and the bed she was lying on with a nightstand on her right. The strangest things in the room were a big trunk at the foot of the bed and an empty cage on the desk. There were also rolled parchments and quill and ink, and two glass vials with a green and an orange liquid inside and labels that she couldn't read from that distance. It was all extremely strange.

She also noticed a pair of round glasses on the nightstand near a black stick that looked suspiciously like a wand and decided to try them just in case. With her great surprise her sight improved. She was able to read the labels now. It said 'Manegro Potion' for the green one and 'Oculus Potion'* for the orange one.

That was extremely weird since she had never used glasses before in her life.

Hope felt like she had the answer on the tip of her tongue about what was going on but she couldn't figure it out.

She got up from the bed and noticed the height difference. It was like the distance between the top of her head and the floor had increased. Like she was taller somehow. Did she gain a few inches overnight?

From the corner of her eyes she saw her reflection in the mirror. Except that the girl in the mirror didn't look like her at all.

She came closer to the mirror and observed intently the reflection in front of her. The girl in the mirror was taller, with messy, pixie black hair that made her look like a boy, round glasses that covered half her face and that distorted her green eyes somewhat. She was wearing clothes (a t-shirt and a pair of sweats) that were at least five times her size. The strangest thing in her appearance was the lightning bolt scar on her forehead barely hidden by her fringe.

When she noticed that particular detail, she widened her eyes and touched the scar with a hesitant finger. She was expecting a prank and the scar to smudge once touched because it had been painted on her skin but it didn't disappear. It stayed there on her forehead, red and ugly.

"Okay, what the hell is going on?" She wondered aloud to herself.

She turned around and went to inspect the trunk next. It was a trunk like any other, though rather old-styled. What stood out though was the initials engraved in gold on the front. HJP.

"No, no, this is not possible. I mean, it must be a prank right. Sure, an elaborate one but a prank all the same, right?"

She tried to ignore the voice in her head that told her that nobody, no matter how good a prankster they were, could completely change her appearance and gave her three more inches in height.

She decided to open the trunk instead. Inside there were clothes that looked a lot like the ones she had on – calling them clothes was an exaggeration, they looked more like rags. There was also a black robe that opened on the front with red on the inside layer and the Gryffindor logo on the left breast. It was full of books, the titles extremely familiar to her like 'The Standard Book of Spells', 'The Monster Book of Monsters', 'The Dark Forces: A Guide to Self-Protection', 'Magical Drafts and Potions' and many others, and of course a blank diary with the letters TMR engraved on the back. She also found what looked like a flying broomstick – the Firebolt Sirius gifted to Harry in third year if she wasn't mistaken, an old, blank parchment that could only be the Marauders Map, a cauldron, a bag full of golden coins that she was rather sure were galleons, and a black and golden card, probably a credit card, though there was nothing written on it except for the serial number on the front.

Hope took a deep breath to calm herself down at this last discovery and got up from the floor before checking her appearance once again. She took off her glasses and came really close to the mirror to see herself better. Like she thought, she looked like Alexandra Daddario but with green eyes and short hair. She raised her shirt to look at her chest and stomach and widened her eyes. She had not only grown in height during the night, even her breasts had grown three times their size while her waist seemed to have become narrower and flatter. She took off her sweats next and looked at her legs. They were long and toned and once she turned around to check her behind she mouthed 'wow' with her mouth. Her arse looked really good and definitely nothing like it had looked last night. Her body had somehow acquired a perfect hourglass shape during the night, go figure.

"Okay, let's breath and think. I look like Alexandra Daddario but with green eyes and a lightning bolt scar on my forehead. This room looks like Harry's bedroom at the Dursleys. That trunk has the initials HJP on the front and it's full of Hogwarts stuff. There is a wand on the nightstand plus two potions. And of course there's an empty cage on the desk that must be Hedwig's. What does that mean?" She asked rhetorically because by now she had figured out what it meant. The problem was, how was it possible? How did she end up there?

She sat on the bed with a light thump in surprise and said to herself sarcastically, "Seems wishes do come true after all."

As soon as she uttered those words she was inundated with flashes after flashes of memories. Soon she could remember the dreadful life at number 4 Privet Drive that she was sure she had never lived, and then the arrival of the Hogwarts letter, Hagrid, and her three amazing and sometimes terrifying and unpleasant years at Hogwarts, everything she had learned included.

It seemed that she was really in the Harry Potter world, just like she had wished for last night. It was the beginning of the summer before fourth year and she was still at the Dursleys. She had roughly two months until the Weasleys would show up to bring her with them at the Quidditch World Cup.

She needed to figure out what she was going to do now. Since she had no idea how she ended up there, she also had no idea how to go back to her world so she would enjoy the opportunity while it lasted. Therefore she decided to go ahead with the 'plans' she had made the night before.

There were already the potions that she had thought about to grow her hair and fix her eyesight so she would start with those two. Then she would make a list of everything she would need to do to get a makeover.

She took the potion for her hair first and swallowed it all in one go, trying not to taste it. Soon, a tingle started on her skull and soon she noticed her hair growing until, in a few minutes, they reached her mid-back. Of course they were an absolute mess so one of the first things to do would be going to a hairdresser and fix them up. Then she needed to buy products for her hair so that they would remain tidy.

She took the second potion and soon she noticed that she couldn't see with the glasses on. She took them off and smiled, already noticing the difference in her appearance.

She needed underwear, new clothes, make-up, hair products and a visit to the hairdresser, fix her nails and a good shave (the state of her legs was embarrassing). Some things she would get in the muggle world but there were some things that would be better if she buy them in the Magical World (she also needed books to study). Once she had changed her appearance enough not be recognized, she would go to Diagon Alley and buy everything she would need there too. For now she had shopping to do in the muggle world.

Fortunately since she had said to the Dursleys that Sirius Black, the 'psychopathic mass-murderer that escaped from prison' was her godfather, they avoided her like the plague so she was basically free to go wherever she wanted as long as she was out of the way. That meant that she could stay out all day, everyday, if she wanted and they wouldn't say anything. She didn't even need to make breakfast, let alone do her usual chores.

Thanks to this unexpected opportunity she had used the first two weeks of summer to study and finish her homework for the new school year. The great thing about having new memories was that she could remember the fact that, beside the spells she had learned at Hogwarts with a wand, she had memories of practicing her wandless magic before Hogwarts – though at the time she didn't know what it was – and during the summers at the Dursleys and she knew that every time she had used wandless magic, no letter from the Ministry had showed up. That meant that she could use some form of magic even in the muggle world, even if it was limited. She could mostly do simple spells like 'lumos' or 'alohomora' without a wand and she could also move objects with her mind like Tom Riddle. There were some other things she could do but nothing too complex. It was very draining, doing magic without a wand.

Hope shook her head and decided that thoughts of studying could wait for the moment.

She went to the bathroom to take a shower after noticing that it was still very early out and then got dressed before leaving the house with the bottomless bag she found in the trunk and the black and golden credit card. She decided that the first stop for the day would be the beauty parlor a few blocks away from Privet Drive that offered waxing and threading treatments too. She spent a few hours there, removing all hair from her body – yes, all pubic hair included –, doing facials and getting both manicure and pedicure. Then she went to the hairdresser to cut and style her hair. She kept her hair long till past her shoulders and curled at the tips.

After a quick lunch, she decided to go to Victoria's Secret to buy some underwear.

After a good fifteen minutes walking she found herself in the shopping street nearest Privet Drive. There was also a big mall at the end of the street that she decided to check out tomorrow. First she would check all the clothing stores in the street though.

She spent three hours and a fortune in the lingerie store but it was worth it. In the end she got out with at least twenty-five lace bras (a lot of them shelf bras) and just as many thongs and g-strings, plus stockings with garter belts. After all the first rule of feeling sexy was to wear sexy lingerie.

She checked the time and noticed she still had several hours until it would get dark so she decided on checking out some clothing stores. She ended up buying a lot of shorts, mini skirts, skinny jeans, short dresses, long and short sleeved tight shirts and pullovers (often with v-neck or even plunging necklines). Then it was the turn of the shoes. She bought a lot of high-heeled shoes, both for the summer and the winter, knee-high boots, and some flats. Finally she bought some makeup and returned home.

She spent the next three days going around the other shops, buying other things that she thought she would need or that she simply liked. On the fourth day she called the Night Bus and went to Diagon Alley. She made sure to keep her scar hidden at all time and was sure by the end of the day no one had recognized her.

In the magical district she bought every day clothes – mostly short dresses with a tight waist and scoop and v necklines, and with special features like adapting to a person's body for the best effect and more resistant to tearing and stretching – to wear under the robes. She had found out in fact that, unlike in the Harry Potter movies, all the Hogwarts students needed to wear was robes (similar to the ones in the movies) that could be kept open or close. In her memories the Harry Potter version of herself had kept the robes closed at all times because she was ashamed of her hand-me-down clothes. That was the reason why nobody had noticed the change in her body – the robes while closed plus the huge clothes that once belonged to Dudley underneath, covered absolutely everything, her breasts included, which would have been very hard to do in normal clothes given the size).

Then she bought some more underwear (there were some special features in the underwear too that she had been very interested in, like bras that turned invisible when in contact with skin, push-up bras that added a size to your original one, and thongs that worked as vibrators when you programmed them with your wand to activate with a specific word), some shoes like dragon hide boots (knee high, mid calf and ankle high), a lot of make up that were much better than the muggle ones because they lasted longer, they adapted to a person skin, offering always the best effect, and they didn't smudge, not with water or with anything else, and nail polish that changed color depending on what you're wearing.

Next were the hair products like the Sleekeazy's Hair Potion that Hermione had used in the books for the Yule ball and others to style her hair in perfect curls, naturally wavy or straight. Then she bought a shaving body lotion that removed all hair from the body. All you needed to do was put it on your skin (though you needed to be careful on avoiding your hair or you would end up bald) and then wash it away after a few minutes in the shower. The body hair would take months to grow back and it would also serve to weaken them; in fact after only five or six times of using it, the hair in the body would stop growing altogether (at least that's what was written in the label).

She also decided to buy a new trunk since she knew that everything she bought would never fit in her old one. Sure, she had the bottomless bag but she was going to use that for the books during classes at Hogwarts and she had no intention of bringing her whole wardrobe with her at all times, and anyway it was hell finding things inside the bag.

To complete the picture she decided to buy a few bags and some jewelry. After all, no wardrobe was complete without accessories.

The penultimate stop was the apothecary, to buy the ingredients for the contraceptive potion she had found in a potion book. It was luckily easy to make and it didn't need spells during the preparation so she could easily prepare it at the Dursleys. It had to be taken once a day and the 'protection' lasted 24 hours. It protected from both conception and diseases and it was 100% effective.

The last stop was the bookshop where she bought a lot of books to keep herself busy and study ahead during the summer. She was especially interested in learning Occlumency since she was afraid that either Snape or Dumbledore would look into her mind and realize that she wasn't the real Girl-Who-Lived but only a replacement.

After another long day of shopping she returned home, breathing a sigh of relief that the Dursleys were already upstairs and asleep.

The next days passed slowly. She spent most of the time in her room studying, practicing new spells (even though she couldn't execute them she could still study the wand movements and such), learning the recipes of a lot of potions by heart, brushing up on magical theory and learning new things in general, and of course continuing practicing on her wandless magic.

She didn't spend all the time studying though. Not wanting to lose her body shape, she spent two hours everyday running and doing physical exercises.

At first it had been strange, looking in the mirror and seeing her reflection – not to mention the fact that she was somehow in the Harry Potter world as a female version of him of course. Sure, she was really hot now but it was still strange because the person that she looked like now wasn't her. In time she got used to it though and, truth to be told, she was very happy with her new appearance.

The days passed and then a month – and with that her birthday – and then two and then it was the night before the Weasleys would come take her away from number 4. She put everything carefully in her new trunk, made sure she had given Hegwig enough to eat and drink and left the cage open in case it wanted to go out during the night and then she went to sleep, a smile on her face and very excited for tomorrow.

*I changed the effects of the Oculus Potion in this story. No enchanced senses but it's able to repair sight completely (even if you were born with bad sight like Harry), except for when someone is completely blind. It can't give you your sight back.

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