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The Replacement
Harry P. & OC & Tom R. Jr. & Voldemort - Words: 17,184 - Rated: T - English - Adventure & Romance - Chapters: 7 - Reviews: 60 - Updated: 14-02-2018 - Published: 21-05-2017 - by Esm3rald (FFN)

New chapter! That was fast, right? Unfortunately it's not very long but I hope you like it anyway. Next one will longer, I'm sure. That's also the chapter where Hope meets Bill and Charlie so it should be fun! Thanks once again to everyone who read, review and put my story in the alerts and/or favourites. I'm happy you guys like my story!

BTW, the parts in Italics are taken directly from ch.4 of 'Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire'.

Chapter 2

Hope got downstairs the next morning, leaving her trunk and Hedwig's empty cage in her room. She had told Hedwig to go directly to the Weasleys since she knew bringing her with her through Floo Network wouldn't be an advisable choice. It was bad enough that she had to travel that way, she didn't want to subject Hedwig to the same fate.

There she found Petunia Dursley making breakfast. Petunia turned around with her usual glare painted on her face when it came to her and she was certainly about to say something scathingly in her shrilly voice when she stopped with her mouth open at the sight of her.

"What are you wearing girl? And where are your glasses? And what happened to your hair?" Her face expressed perfectly the envy she was certainly feeling at seeing her like that.

Hope smirked at her. "I used the money my parents left me to buy some decent things for myself since I was getting tired of wearing your son's rags."

"How dare you, after we took you in, gave you food and clothes…" And she started on a rant about her supposed generosity and Hope's freakishness.

"Yeah, yeah. I've heard it all before. Now, I'm sure you don't want to be here when the Weasleys arrived so I advise you to take your family and leave for the day."

"Why would I leave my home and listen to you?" Petunia said with a glare.

"Because I'm sure you remember what happened to Dudley the last time he came face to face with a wizard, don't you? You wouldn't want something to happen to your son again, wouldn't you?"

Petunia blanched at the thought and immediately left the kitchen, calling "Vernon! Duddykins!"

After breakfast that consisted of grapefruits thanks to Dudley's new forced diet, they left the house and Hope breathed a sigh of relief.

She went upstairs to get ready since she had a few hours till 5 o'clock when the Weasleys would arrive.

After a long shower, she decided on what to wear. She picked something casual but sexy – a pair of shorts that showed off her legs and a black bardot crop top that left her mid-drift bare and was tight on her chest. She wore the special push-up bra that she bought in Diagon Alley underneath and smirked at the results. The bra definitely did what it promised. Her already large breasts looked even bigger now thanks to her new bra.

She tied her hair in a ponytail and completed the ensemble with a pair of flats and a few accessories: long silver earrings, a silver bracelet on her left wrist, a silver and onyx ring on the middle finger of her right hand and a long pendant necklace that fell in between her breasts over the top.

She avoided wearing make-up for the day because she didn't want to appear like she was trying too much.

She was definitely curious about what the Weasleys' reaction to seeing her would be, but she was especially curious about meeting Bill and Charlie.

The hours until the Weasleys' arrival passed slowly. She ate lunch that consisted of sandwiches and a pack of crips and kept herself busy reading and watching TV in the living room now that the Dursleys were out.

Finally it was 5 o'clock but the Weasleys were still nowhere to be seen. Ten past five, a quarter past five, half-past five and then she heard it…noises coming from behind the Dursleys' electric fireplace, banging and scratching and then voices.

"Ouch! Fred, no — go back, go back, there's been some kind of mistake — tell George not to — OUCH! George, no, there's no room, go back quickly and tell Ron —"

"Maybe Hope can hear us, Dad — maybe she'll be able to let us out —"

Hope heard a noise like someone was hitting the wall on the other side with their bare hands. "Hope? Hope, can you hear us?"

"Yes, Mr. Weasley, I can hear you. Can you hear me? The fireplace has been blocked up. You won't be able to get through there."

"Damn!" said Mr. Weasley's voice. "What on earth did they want to block up the fireplace for?"

"They've got an electric fire," Hope explained.

"Really?" said Mr. Weasley's voice excitedly. "Eclectic, you say? With a plug? Gracious, I must see that. . . . Let's think . . . ouch, Ron!"

Ron's voice now joined the others'.

"What are we doing here? Has something gone wrong?"

"Oh no, Ron," came Fred's voice, very sarcastically. "No, this is exactly where we wanted to end up."

"Yeah, we're having the time of our lives here," said George, whose voice sounded muffled, as though he was squashed against the wall.

"Boys, boys . . ." said Mr. Weasley vaguely. "I'm trying to think what to do. . . . Yes . . . only way . . . Stand back, Hope."

Hope immediately stood back, already knowing what he was going to do.


The electric fire shot across the room as the boarded-up fireplace burst outward, expelling Mr. Weasley, Fred, George, and Ron in a cloud of rubble and loose chippings.

"That's better," panted Mr. Weasley, brushing dust from his long green robes and straightening his glasses.

Hope looked at the absolute mess around her and felt almost sorry at having asked Petunia to leave the house. She would have paid a fortune just to see the look on her face at the state of the living room now.

"Hello, Mr. Weasley, nice to see you again!" She said before turning the attention towards Ron, Fred and George.

The three boys were busy trying to clean the soot and dirt from their clothes and still hadn't looked up at her. She called to them and said "It's good to see you guys!"

Matching looks of surprise and awe appeared on their freckled faces after they had taken a good look at her.

Ron's eyes were so wide, she was afraid they were going to hop off their sockets while Fred and George's lower lips could have touched the floor. Even Mr. Weasley appeared slightly taken aback by her appearance but he mostly smiled at his sons' faces.

"Hope? Is that you?" Fred and George asked in unison.

"Blimey, Hope, what happened to you?" This was Ron. "You look…" He seemed incapable of finding the right words so he finished with, "You look like a girl."

Hope snorted in amusement. "Thanks Ron."

At this Fred and George glared at their little brother.

"What our idiot little brother meant to say…" First one twin said (she wasn't sure but she thought it was Fred).

Then the other continued, "is that you look really nice, Hope. Really, really nice."

"Beautiful in fact."

"Very beautiful. Hot."




And they would probably have continued listing all the words in the vocabulary for 'attractive' if Mr. Weasley hadn't stopped them. "Yes, boys, I think Hope got the picture."

Hope smiled a little in amusement, her cheeks slightly red in embarrassment.

"But seriously mate, what happened to you?" Ron asked. "You're almost unrecognizable."

Hope shrugged. "I figured that since I am, in fact, a girl, it was time for me to look like one. So, I bought a potion to grow my hair, one to get rid of my glasses and went shopping for new clothes."

"That's it? Are you sure you haven't taken some other potion or something? You are taller too."

"Yeah, I grew a few inches during the summer. And no, no potion, just me."

"Wow." Ron said, still looking dazed.

"Well, you definitely grew in other areas as well." Fred commented with a Cheshire grin, both his and George's eyes firmly riveted to her breasts. Even Ron, even though he was red in the face, couldn't seem to stop looking now that Fred had pointed it out.

Hope blushed at his brazenness but she was kind of expecting that. It was kind of what she wanted after all, for men to look at her that way. She knew that a sure way for men to look was to have large breasts; they simply couldn't seem to help themselves. In her old life she had a friend that was very well endowed and she couldn't avoid the glances that men threw at her, no matter what she was wearing, a simple pullover or a low-necked shirt. Hope had always being envious of her for that.

Now she knew what it felt like and though she was a little uncomfortable, it still felt really good. It was nice, feeling desirable.

"So Hope, got your trunk ready?" Mr. Weasley said, to break the staring context.

"Hem, yeah. It's in my room." She answered, gesturing with a hand vaguely behind her.

"We'll get it." Fred and George immediately offered, winking at her. They walked on either side of her, brushing her shoulders and definitely checking her arse before leaving the room.

She laughed slightly at their antiques but didn't comment on it. Mr. Weasley pretended not to have seen the scene in front of him. Instead, he started to inspect the room around him, fascinated with everything he was seeing. He started asking questions about this or that that Hope tried to answer to the best of her abilities until Fred and George re-entered the room, carrying her trunk between them.

"Say Hope, is your cousin around?" Fred asked, a peculiar gleam in his blue eyes.

"Nope, sorry. He, my aunt and uncle went out." Hope said with a shrug.

"Oh." George said, shoulders sagging in disappointment.

"That's too bad." Fred added, playing with something in his pocket. Hope almost smile at that, knowing exactly what Fred had in mind.

"All right, then." Mr. Weasley said then. "Better get going now." And with that he took out his wand and casted 'Incendio' on the fireplace. A crackling fire came immediately to life.

Mr. Weasley took a small drawstring bag from his pocket, untied it, took a pinch of the powder inside, and threw it onto the flames, which turned emerald green and roared higher than ever.

"Off you go then Fred!" Mr. Weasley said and Fred entered the fireplace, threw the floo powder into the heart and said clearly: 'The Burrow'.

Then it was George's turn with her trunk. Hope helped him carry the trunk forward into the flames and turn it onto its end so that he could hold it better. He too disappeared among green flames then. Ron did the same a few seconds later and then there was only her and Mr. Weasley.

"Mr. Weasley? Are you going to fix the fireplace before we go right? I don't think the Dursleys would be too happy with me if I leave the house like that."

"Oh, don't you worry Hope. Everything would be right as rain after you leave. I'll clean the place and closed the fireplace up again before I disapparate."

Hope nodded, reassured before making her way into the fireplace herself. She took the floo powder from Mr. Weasley's bag, threw it in the flames and shouted 'the Burrow'.

Soon, she was spinning and falling, blurred fireplaces whooshing around her. She started to feel sick so she closed her eyes, hands firmly planted on her hips and waited for the world to stop.

Finally, she landed on her hands and knees on the Weasleys' kitchen floor, five smiling pair of eyes looking down at her.

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