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Through A Half-Breed's Eyes
Ginny W. & OC - Words: 82,328 - Rated: T - English - Humor & Supernatural - Chapters: 40 - Reviews: 15 - Updated: 16-02-2018 - Published: 21-06-2017 - by Shattersoul (FFN)


Aurelia is an OC of mine, one who I hope to include in a game I create. She's… not exactly a normal girl, that's for certain.

I'm hoping to do my best at avoiding her being a Mary Sue, but if I end up veering that way, by all means let me know in the reviews.

I plan on updating about once or maybe twice a week. Maybe more, depending on how ahead I get, or how much I enjoy writing certain chapters.

By the way, eventually I'll involve the main cast.

Originally, this was the second chapter, but the 'prologue' was to restrictive.

Edit: You may notice a bolded number at the bottom of each page: this is merely a new way of keeping track of how many times I've edited a chapter.

Through a Half-Breed's Eyes

Stupid train. I'm not used to moving on something that isn't me

I mean that I'm not used to being in a train. I mean.

Aw screw it.

Finally, I'm of the age now to go to Hogwarts.

Yes, THE Hogwarts. Home of the 'greatest magical training available'.

Honestly though, I'm not going there because of that.

I'm going because both Mothers decided that very bad things were going down in that school, what with the resurgence of Dark Wizards (Which my Mothers are furious about, due to them being 'influential' members of 'society'.)

Bullcrap. Of course, anyone who knew their head from their ass about dark magic, would know that half of the wretches are lying, and the rest are terrified.

I'm not going to go into a whole 'puny mortals' rant, but seriously, humans are stupid.

I mean

Crap. I should probably scratch that out, or something

Wait. Never mind, I'm writing in Infernal anyway. Not like any human'd know how to read this anyway

Is that a word, human'd? Maybe not.

Right so

Well, this is technically my first entry in my diary.

Yeah, diary. Girly as get out, but

Maybe I should call it a journal.

Screw it.

Anyway, for completion's purpose, my name is Aurelia Cain.

As far as the Purebloods care, I'm a Pureblooded witch, with a family spanning back generations. And then we all died out, and then we came back, but it's now a matriarchal line. No one knows what my father's line is, and no one really cares enough to check.

As far as anyone else cares, I'm that scary bitch with black eyes, blonde hair, and far too vicious a sense of humor to be a 'proper lady'. And a mouth to match.

Sod them. I do what I want.

I mean maybe I should write about my family

Despite what belief might be spread around by the time someone is able to read this

Although, it'd probably be more likely that someone accidentally summoned a demon, and it got a hold of this book

What an asshole.

Some blonde-haired bigot, who was being followed around by a pair of bags of meat that'd make a bear look intelligent, barged into my compartment, which I had cleverly chosen because it's in the ass-end of nowhere, and it was empty

Anyway, the bigot charged in, shrieking about 'filthy mudbloods', 'blood traitors', and something about some guy named Potter

Should I know that name? I'm pretty sure I should.

Anyway, he takes three steps in from his rage, before his brain notices that I'm the only person in the room. And that I'm glaring at him, hoping that I somehow manifest the power to kill him with only my eyes.

Sadly, he doesn't die. Instead, he looks around two or three times, shrugs his shoulders, and walks out.


He mutters something about it being the 'wrong compartment', and leads the two inbreds away.

Actually, I think they were all inbred.


Where was I? Give me a minute to go back and check.

Right. My family

I've got a bit of a different family structure that most people. Or wizards. Or whatever.

Anyway. Let's drop the bomb first.

I have two mothers.

No, I don't mean I have one who birthed me, and another who looks after me.

I actually have two mothers.

And a father.

Let me explain.

Basically, it started about… at least 17 years ago? Probably more. They've never really gone into much detail about it.

Mum, uh


First? Yeah. First.

First mum got killed during Christmas by some serial killer, after stealing some fancy amulet thing from a burned out, obviously evil church. Amulet turns out to be a phylactery, which raises her dead corpse as a daemon host, possessed by second mum. She then spent seven or so years rampaging around the countryside eating people.

After seven years, she finally sobered up, ended up hiding among a group of monster hunters, and eventually relearned the magic of friendship

Yeah I don't believe it either.

Honestly, I'm pretty sure she just got so frustrated with killing people, and no one catching on, that she decided to just throw in the towel and raise a family.

Anyway, eventually second mum managed to get into a situation she couldn't kill her way out of by herself, and ended up selling her soul to first mum, who was essentially a soul trapped inside of a hijacked meat puppet at the time. In return for her freedom, she helped rescue second mum.

Lost yet?

Anyway, after some point, both mums bump into dad, who was first mum's school sweetheart

Apparently they met after they tried to murder each other in frustration.

My family is weird.

Anyway, dad was a freelance dark creature hunter. He also, interestingly enough, isn't entirely sure whether he is a pureblood or not, as he never met his family.

Mum was a possessed corpse, whose bound spirit was the copilot to a demon.

Somehow, they fell back in love.

Anyway, it took

Nope never mind.

Long story short, magic, oh so much magic.

Due to side effects of magic, first mum's soul ended up manifesting as a demon as well, and now they're essentially two demons sharing a single body.

Or at least that was it last time they checked. Now I'm pretty sure they've both got similar demonic bodies, and are just sharing space because they're lonely otherwise.

I sure as hell am.

So yes, if you haven't gotten it by now, I'm a half-demon.

The wizards here probably only know about Dementors, right? Those things are lesser demons. Fear demons, to be specific.

Absolutely terrible to try and kill with standard spells. Luckily, we don't use standard spells.

One of these days, the Ministry will notice that we've been slowly killing them during the night.

So yeah, me, half-demon, is going to Hogwarts to learn magic

Well I already know magic, but it's all the killy, murderous kind. None of the useful utility stuff. Even worse, it's an absolute mess to deal with later: has a ton of fallout, magic wise, and is pretty goddamn distinctive.

Dad was the one who taught me about a third of what I know. The rest... just came to me.

Turns out dying completely washed first mum's magic potential, and now she's basically just got her inherent abilities now.

Not like she cares. She doesn't need magic to kill things. That's what claws are for.

Anyway. I'm on a train. You probably know that.

I have no friends right now, because, as I said, Half-breed.

Being a half-breed is okay, though. I've got a pretty massive magic pool, although I have a hard time doing magic that isn't a certain type. Namely, fire.

I am really, really good with fire. And not just straight-up fire spells: anything involving, or potentially involving fire.

And the correlation is stupid too.

Illusion? Difficult.

Illusion of a flame? Easy.

See? It's stupid.

Anyway, fire is my speciality. But I can't, for the life of me, cast anything involving ice, or water. Or light. Light magic does not agree with me.

That might cause issues later.

Other benefits of being a half-breed include all-around magic resistance

Actually, that might cause more problems…

Immunity to potions and poisons...

Okay. This is going to be an absolute mess.

Black blood, extremely fast regeneration, vulnerability to silver

Crap! Why'd I write that!

And uhh, I can see magic. Kinda.

Dammit. The next seven years are going to be a mess, aren't they.

Someone just came by, told me to put on fancy robes. I think I'll go do that.

For the record, I'm on a boat.

We're currently,

Yes we. I'm in a boat with some other kids. They're busy being terrified that something in the water will come eat them.

Not like it will. Everything in the lake seems to be terrified of me. Maybe for good reason, but I'm taking my gifts when they show up.

Anyway, it's apparently tradition to take a boat across a lake during your first year.

Everyone else is riding in a carriage pulled by some dead-looking winged horse thing…

What was their name again? Ah who cares.

One of the kids just looked over my shoulder and asked what I was writing. I offered to backhand him into the water. That shut him up.

Actually, he's carrying a camera around. Probably a

What do they call humans with technology here?

Right muggle.

So this muggle is staring at my diary, carrying a camera

I got less than pleased.

I threatened to throw his camera into the water if he took a picture of me.

He looked like I kicked his puppy.

I don't like kicking puppies. It's inefficient and altogether a waste of time.

I'm off topic again.

We're approaching the castle. It's pretty massive, and positively thrumming with magic. In fact, if I didn't have as much practice with my mage sight, which I am so glad I can turn off, I'd be hurling into the lake right now.

Actually, I might be able to use that against people in a duel, here.

Mage sight. Let me explain.

Demons hunt based on essence. Essence is life force. Essence is also magic.

Thus, demons are able to 'see' magic. Enchantments are visible, and so are people, even through walls. Stronger humans/creatures/monsters glow brighter, and it's pretty easy to tell what sort of magic they are suited for. Only problem is, the more magic, the more you take in, and the whole 'mage sight' thing sorta freaks out when there's too much prey running about.

Luckily, I'm a half-breed, so my eyes are able to function normally as well, although that might be a part of the fact that daemonhosts like Mother can also turn off their vision, if only for a slight while.

Anyway, I'm hoping with all my might that there's no anti-demon wards in the castle. It'd suck to be outed that quickly.

The boat's almost at the castle now. It's time to go inside.


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