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Through A Half-Breed's Eyes
Ginny W. & OC - Words: 82,328 - Rated: T - English - Humor & Supernatural - Chapters: 40 - Reviews: 15 - Updated: 16-02-2018 - Published: 21-06-2017 - by Shattersoul (FFN)

Through a Half-Breed's Eyes

Well. That was extremely strange.

Somehow, against all odds, I'm in Gryffindor.

But yeah, backtracking for context here.

The inside of the castle lived up to expectations, flying candles, a charmed ceiling, and more children than you can shake a stick at, all in a room designed to hold at least ten times the current population. I actually started drooling at the sheer ambient magic in the air. Luckily, no one noticed.

It's going to be a bit difficult not getting outed here.

Speaking of outed, I can now confirm that Hogwarts has no anti-demon wards. At all.

Seriously, what the hell were they thinking?

I mean, the wards are supposed to be peerless in country! I didn't check the wards for other types of magical creatures, but I have to hope that they cover them

They better cover them. Imagine if a Giant, or even a Banshee was able to walk right into the school.

Horrifying possibility aside, back to entering the school.

Here I am, standing around like a penguin, surrounded by several dozen children my age.

And then, all of a sudden, this hat starts bursting into song.

I've heard of enchanted objects. I've seen them, lived them.

But seriously, an enchanted singing hat?

I involuntarily turned to my left, to another blonde (seriously, why is everyone here blonde?)

Her grey eyes were unfocused, and she managed to answer the question before I even asked.

I swear, her pupils made a possession victim look normal. I mean, I could practically smell the potential for mental magic on her, but seriously.

She creeped me out a little.

Anyway, about forty seconds later, my mind was now graced by two or three conspiracy theories, and several facts about creatures that I'm not entirely sure exist.

I never ended up asking for her name, because a teacher (at least, I'm pretty sure the old lady was a teacher) started calling names.

I was pretty close to the top of the list.

Anyway, one by one, I watched kids walk up to the hat, put it on, then the hat would grow a face and scream something that was probably a word, but I didn't know what it meant.

Eventually, it was my turn, and I walked up to the hat.

I uhh

How do I describe what happened

Screw it, I'll write it like it was. I need context for this.

Anyway. I put on the hat, and suddenly a voice fills my mind. Not like it's taking over me, or anything, but more like someone decided to hook the hat up to a telepath and have it beam information into my head.

And the first thing the hat says is "What the bloody hell."

Mentally, I ended up asking it what exactly it was supposed to do, and what the names it was calling out was.

I've never known that a hat was physically capable of sighing, but it somehow managed.

Basically, it boiled things down for me.

There's four houses.

First one's cannon fodder. Kids that are too brave, or too stupid to know fear. Apparently it has good connotations, but considering it had the second-highest fatality rate of any of the four?

Second one was bookworms. Asocial freaks who hated dealing with people, and would spend their days in a library. Apparently they were nosy as get out, valued grades over anything, and tended to be obsessive. Any of those four things would've turned me away, so I actually stopped listening to the hat's explanation.

Not like I really listened to any of them in the first place.

Third one was best described as 'minionpalooza'. Besides being openly toted as being evil (which was plain and stupid), it was full of psychopaths, annoyances, and disasters-in-the-making. I think I grinned when I considered joining it, before the hat

Well, I think I ended up backing out when the hat started screaming about something like 'keep the body count to the minimum, please.'

Anyway, with that house ignored, it described the last one. It took four seconds of listening to the house's lofty goals of 'friendship, hard work, and understanding' before I came to a conclusion.

Not only was that house probably the one least likely to get a person killed, but probably would be enjoyable too.

Now split mentally split between 'brave idiots' and 'hug and be friends', the hat asked me a question which basically amounted to 'if you bump into a troll, what would you do?'

Apparently replying 'burn it from the toes up' was not a valid, respectable answer, because it shocked the hat into silence again.

I was about to ask it another question, before the hat screamed 'CANNON FODDER!' verbally.

Seeing that I was no longer needed, I removed the hat, and took in the scene.

Apparently, about half of the hall was staring at me. Seeing no other option, I skipped towards the table with the bravest-looking kids, before being redirected to a different table, to an area which was dominated by redheads.

I learned a bit later that I managed to somehow offend about half of the school.

Go me.

Anyway, apparently the students are paired up in their dorms, so I got paired up with one of the many redheads.

Her name's Ginny Weasley, by the way, and she's busy writing in her diary over in the corner.

To be honest, her diary sorta stinks like evil. And no regular evil, but soul-magic evil. I hate soul magic, but I don't really have any background knowledge here. Maybe soul-magic enriched diaries are a thing here?

Then again, my diary also stinks like evil.

Maybe she knows where I can buy another one? I might end up needing to buy another, after I run out of pages.

Anyway, a quick analysis of my dorm-mate has revealed a couple of important facts.

One, she's absolutely obsessed about some boy, who I haven't actually gotten a real name for. Instead, she rambles about some 'boy-who-lived'.

No clue what significance that even has. Doesn't every boy live? Was it a disastrous birth, that killed his mother? Was it some sort of fairy-tale story of a boy who survived a shipwreck? Tell me details, girl!

But yeah, besides her obsessive crush, she also gives off a fair amount of serial-killer vibes.

I mean, not an ACTIVE serial killer, but more of a POTENTIAL one. I actually feel sorry for whatever girl tries to take her crush.

I can only hope she kills them quickly. Note to self, identify Ginny's crush, and avoid like the plague.

Final observation is that she's a lot better with her hands than you'd expect: she caught the several objects I threw at her by 'accident' with ease. She'd do quite well on a sports team. Course, I'd also be wary of her stealing thingsā€¦

Note to self, protect personal belongings. Stick to non-lethal.

She's looking at me now. Gonna deal with this real quick.

Anyway. Evil diary aside, it took some explanation from Ginny to figure out what exactly is going on.

Apparently there was a book I was supposed to read. I mean, I know I have it in my trunk, but I've never actually OPENED the thing.

Maybe I should at some point.

Anyway, I digress.

There's four houses apparently, we're in Gryffindor (The house of the brave), which apparently her family has been a part of for decades.

Then there's Slytherin, the Minionpalooza I was talking about earlier. Apparently they're all evil. As in, irredeemably evil. I don't entirely believe it, because being pure evil takes a heck of a lot of work. Far more than any kid'd be willing to do, anyway.

Then there's Ravenclaw, the bookworms.

To my immense disappointment, the name of the fourth house was Hufflepuff.

Seriously? How is someone supposed to take a house like that seriously, with a name like Hufflepuff?

I immediately asked to instead dub them 'Survivors', but got a weird look in return.

Anyway I managed to get into the 'only good house' (as if!), and I should really read that book before I get in over my head.

Okay. I wasn't really paying attention to my supplies when I was buying them, but might as well write a list down here, because I don't trust Ginny not to steal my stuff when I leave the room. Seriously, with a name like 'Weasley', what am I supposed to think besides 'born thief'?

- Several brilliant fiction books written by one Gilderoy Lockhart.

Yknow, I'm actually pretty amazed at the dedication this guy takes to make his stories realistic. It shows true penmanship. I'll need to get this guy a gift in appreciation at some point. I mean, it's a bit of a cocky move to make the main character share his name, but everyone has their own ego, right?

- A few sets of robes and a cloak

Black is great, but I like silver as well.. Silver and red. I need to figure out how to dye them somehow. You wouldn't be able to pay me to wear the hat, though.

- Textbooks, assorted

- Set of potion supplies (cauldron, scales, etc)

- Telescope

- Second, public wand (Brazilian Teak with Salamander core)

Honestly, the second wand is just there, because my first wand freaks people out. Mostly similar to the whole confusion earlier about the soul-diary thing. Basically, my Mothers made my first wand for me.

So, story time.

Wands work because they have a conductive material (Usually wood), encasing a channelling material. Different woods are good at different things, and cores often affect how spells are cast, and how much power they can handle.

Channelling material is usually whatever the heck the wandmaker can get their hands on. Usually it's wood, because it's traditional, dammit, and it usually has the best conductivity anyway.

It's also known that, magic wise, wizards are potentially one of the most magical creatures alive in the world today. It's also known that, to most wizards, there is no greater magic than blood.

Thus, my first wand was actually carved from my mothers' severed arm, and thus is a demon-bone wand, with a demon-blood core. It has a heck of a lot of power, but doesn't really do well with utility spells. It also, yknow, is made out of bone, stinks like evil, and is pretty much solid blood magic, so I can't really wave it around in public without drawing all sorts of unwanted attention.

They managed to regrow their arm in hours, by the way. Full-blooded demonic regeneration is insane.

I picked up the second wand because I needed a 'mainstream' wand to use in public.

Unfortunately, half of the wands I tried out caught fire. Which I actually expected. Fire and I tend to go hand-in-hand.

It's one thing casting spells with a crazy amount of magical power with an unnatural wand specifically keyed to my blood, and there's another casting it with a wand meant for humans.

Eventually, the wandmaker settled for just picking the most fire-proof stick he could find. Brazilian Teak is pretty much fireproof, and Salamanders eat fire.

Thus, the wand is pretty much perfect for channelling fire. Which means it'll likely survive me using it.

I did get a disapproving stare from the wandmaker, though. Apparently picking a wand based on what it could survive, rather than personal affinity is frowned upon. Who knew?

- Familiar, Cat, Frog, or Owl

That... might be an issue. I do in fact already have a familiar, but, just like the wand, I can't really use it in public. At least, not yet, for sure.

Meet Cinder the Fire Elemental. Or at least, that's the closest analogue in the Wizarding world here.

I accidentally summoned her when I was four. I was lonely, and wanted a friend. I named her Cindy, which was short for Cinder.

Anyway, her preferred form resembles a fairy with bat wings, made of solid fire. Of course, being elemental fire, she doesn't have a set shape.

Also, I'm pretty sure she's copied a part of my personality, because it's actually rather hard to get her to do things directly against her will.

Long story short, I don't think anyone will appreciate me having her flap/wander around. Maybe in a couple of years when the expectations slack, and I'm not immediately identified as 'irredeemably evil'.

Not like she needs to eat when not summoned, anyway. When I do summon her, however, she can survive off of whatever useless papers I end up receiving. Or wood. Wood would be good as well.

Anyway, classes start tomorrow. Hopefully I'll have an easy go, and things will go perfectly fine.

Oh who am I kidding. Knowing my luck, I just walked directly into a powder keg.


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