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Through A Half-Breed's Eyes
Ginny W. & OC - Words: 82,328 - Rated: T - English - Humor & Supernatural - Chapters: 40 - Reviews: 15 - Updated: 16-02-2018 - Published: 21-06-2017 - by Shattersoul (FFN)

Through a Half-Breed's Eyes

Today was exhausting.

I didn't even have time scribble anything down, too many eyes around, not to mention the strict times

Essentially, there was a lot of dashing from class to class.

But yes, for the classes themselves.

Transfiguration was... interesting.

I pretty much messed up again right off of the bat.

First thing everyone did when entering the classroom, was search for the teacher. I, on the other hand, was convinced that the teacher was in fact in front of all of us.

I was less than pleasantly told that I was staring at a cat. There was some snickering all around.

A cat that had a massive magical signature, but I couldn't really tell anyone that.

And then the cat turned into the teacher, I received points (look into what points are) for having a sharp eye, and we set right to work.

And sadly for me, the first task was transmuting a match into a pin.

A silver pin.

So, let's go down the facts here. We've got a match, which practically hums with fire energy potential, which I'm trying to transfigure into a silver pin, which is a substance which hurts to even come in physical contact with.

Long story short, I manage to pull it off as the fourth or fifth student to get any effect, and while the transformation was more than halfway, the pin was perpetually on fire.

Even worse, dispelling the fire turned it back into a match.

It turns out, that trying to transform something, while mentally reciting "This is what kills me" over and over doesn't actually help any.

Apparently I did do better than a majority of my classmates, as only one or two had managed even a partial transmutation, but theirs weren't on fire.

To be honest, I did better than I expected.

Next was Potions.

The class took place in a dungeon, of all places, where I knew fumes would be unable to escape. I briefly worried for the affects on my mental health the smoke and fumes might have, before I tossed those concerns away.

It's not like we were brewing anything dangerous, right?


First class, we're asked to brew something, that according to the teacher, (who looked like he was not only extremely frustrated, but underpaid as well), was exactly two and a half steps away from poison.

The teacher ran down a list of things. I'm not entirely sure what he was talking about. Maybe about which homeless shelters were the nicest this time of year.

Anyway, with only half a clue to go on, me and my partner (which happened to be Ginny, for some reason), got right down to brewing this disaster.

First problem: silver potions knives. I got around this by wearing the mandatory fireproof gloves (I honestly was unsure I'd ever see a use for them, so I'm glad I did).

Second problem. I had no idea what I was brewing, so I just watched the people around me.

I took what everyone else took, prepared the ingredients the way everyone else was, and slowly worked my way through.

Oh. Third problem. Occasionally one of the other kids would throw ingredients into another's cauldron. I'm not sure whether they were aiming at the cauldron or not: a majority of the ingredients tended to splat on the students instead. I don't envy who ends up having to clean up the mess.

I could occasionally hear the teacher screaming at various students, so I assumed he was doing his job.

Eventually, we got the job done (after deflecting a few mystery ingredients on a low arc towards our cauldron), and managed to extract some sort of concoction.

Considering how it didn't smell like poison, and it didn't melt the flask we filled with it, I considered it a job well done.

I really need to read those damn textbooks.

And yknow.

Learn people's names.

The other two classes were sorta pointless.

Herbology was basically dealing with various poisonous or dangerous plants, none of which were in the category of 'likely to hurt me'. Thus, I coasted by mostly on momentum.

History of Magic wasn't even really a class. There was just a ghost babbling. I had to check my schedule several times to make sure I wasn't in the wrong room. Still, I sat there the entire time at attention, wondering when the real teacher would show up. Sadly, just ten minutes from dismissal, it finally sunk in that I was, indeed staring at my teacher, and that no, it would not get more interesting.

I left the class grumbling. I'll need to find a way around History, if I'm to survive this school year. Maybe I can develop alternatives to some of the charms I'm having issues with.

Or y'know, I can just write in my journal during History. I only stopped myself from doing so because I thought the ghost was a joke, and that there was a real teacher watching.

Either way, it's really late, and I should get ready to sleep.

Another day, another time I feel like either running away, or vomiting. I understand that they need to teach apprentices the basics, but really, why is everything so slow?

It turns out the classes are on a two-day alternating schedule, and thus every other day has the same classes. But onto today itself.

I'm not entirely sure what to think about Defense against Dark Arts.

It turns out that the teacher was the author of the awesome fiction books from earlier, and, while it was obvious Lockhart was a creative genius, he'd long since passed the point of being modest.

He was prancing about, acting like the world itself revolved around him, and speaking as if the books were in first-person from him.

I worry for his mental stability.

Anyway, he handed out a test, which contained several pointless questions.

Assuming that this was a joke, and that the test was not, in fact, worth marks, I proceeded to write absolute nonsense, followed by signing my name as "Melvin Pantser".

As we handed in our 'tests', I asked Lockhart the question I'd been hoping to ask all class.

Namely: 'Your stories are amazing! How many hours of research does it take for you to have these stories be so realistic?'

He immediately put on a face that was halfway between utter confusion, pride, and fear of all things, before giving a non-committal answer of 'I've lived the books myself'.

He made a further confused noise after I asked him how long he'd been a method actor, and who taught him.

Seeing no other option, I grabbed his hand, shook it, and then wandered away after proclaiming 'Huge fan!'.

I swear, does that man not know how to receive actual compliments?

Charms was entirely different bag of tricks. A bag of tricks taught by a midget.

We learned a spell that, to be honest, only caused the tip of our wands to light up.

I'm quite embarrassed by how much difficulty I had with it.

I mean, I got it done, but mostly because it was such a basic spell

I really need to find a way to get around my restrictions.

Finally, I have proven that I can indeed fly the brooms here. Although I still prefer my own wings. Much more control, and harder to steal from me.

Next was Astronomy, AKA stare at points of light in the sky for an hour or so. As you can probably tell, it was as boring as I expected. Not quite as bad as History of Babbling, but pretty damn close.


I'm hoping that at some point something interesting happens: These classes are so damn slow

And half of them are pointless, too.

From what I can tell, History of Magic has no actual purpose, Defense Against Dark Arts is actually a book club (Actually, since books are a type of art, maybe it's teaching us how to tell good books from bad? In that case, I should probably make sure not to bring my diary to that class)

(and tell Ginny too, now that I think about it)

Astronomy is beyond boring, and Flying, well.

I'm glad that Flying is only mandatory for First-years.

Wait a minute, Ginny's talking to herself again.

Okay, that's weird. Ever since we settled in, I've started noticing that Ginny occasionally starts talking to herself.

And it's not a regular sort of talking to herself either: sometimes it's English, yeah, but I've started catching bits where she's just hissing to herself.

And it's only ever when she writes in her diary.

I'm probably going to need to take a look at it, to see where she plans to hide the bodies.

I'll finish warding my trunk when she falls asleep. No point putting in security, when the very person you're securing against is aware of what exactly you're doing.

Anyway, for completions sake, I'm thinking on putting in blood-keyed wards, which trigger a good old fashioned flame-chains when opened by anyone who isn't me. It'll be surprising enough to catch her off guard, I'm pretty sure, and harmless enough to not really hurt her. It should also be loud enough to wake me up.

I mean, I hope she doesn't find out that I have it warded at all; I'd be much more trusting of her if the runes remained undisturbed entirely.

Oh, she's fallen asleep now. Gonna quickly start that warding now.

Done. Nice and secure.

Actually, Ginny's still clutching her diary. I wonder what's in it.

Give me a second.

That's... incredibly weird.

The diary's entirely blank.

Or at least the page she had open is blank.

I don't want to risk paging through it, in case I fire off some sort of weird ward, but still

You'd think that there'd be at least some trace of ink in the page.

Well, I can figure out more tomorrow. Going to go asleep instead today.

I really need something interesting to do

I swear, if things don't pick up soon, I might end up ransacking her stuff before she does mine.

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