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Through A Half-Breed's Eyes
Ginny W. & OC - Words: 82,328 - Rated: T - English - Humor & Supernatural - Chapters: 40 - Reviews: 15 - Updated: 16-02-2018 - Published: 21-06-2017 - by Shattersoul (FFN)

In case it's not obvious by the end of the chapter, Aurelia is NOT joining the golden trio. At least, not now. Or for a while yet. She's going to sit in the background, where it's nice and comfortable.

Through a Half-Breed's Eyes

Classes continue to be boring.

Transfiguration continues to be confusing, Charms is more or less easy, Potions is all about mixing, and Lockhart continues to evade my questions about publishers, researching staff, and where he gets his brilliant ideas from.

Everything else continues to suck.

I've slowly managed to learn the names of the various teachers. I'm actually pretty sad that it took as much effort as it did. I had to grill Ginny to get the information, of all things.

Yknow, about half of this problem could be solved if I went and made myself a group of actual friends.

Getting all of my information from a biased source isn't

Well, I'm not sure if it's the best way to do things.

Transfiguration is taught by cat-lady, now identified as McGonagal. Apparently she's also something called a Head of House for Gryffindor, but that is sorta not relevant for my interests.

Charms's midget is named Flitwick, and there's rumors that he's a half-breed of some kind.

From what I have seen of him, he's either part greater pixie, goblin, dwarf, or leprechaun.

Regardless, I'm not going to delve into his ancestry, if he doesn't delve into mine.

Still, if worst comes to worst, it's good to have blackmail.

Potions is taught by Snape, who, according to universally-accepted gossip, hates Gryffindors with a burning passion. It's pretty rare for a person to become near-universally reviled, but he's making it his life goal, or at least, that's what I've heard. Honestly, I think he just hates his job.

I mean, who would WANT to watch a bunch of children try and fail to not make deadly poisons?

At least not while responsible for them. When you're off the clock, it's great fun.

He has occasionally stopped by my station to give me grief, but considering that I have no idea what I'm doing, any critique is good critique.

Although I really need to figure out what these 'points' things are, and why they're valuable. I guess I have something new to learn about.

The ghost is named Binns. That is all that I am willing to learn about that pathetic waste of space.

Herbology is aptly-named Sprout, Flight is Hooch, and Astronomy is Sinestro.

I mean Sinistra. Oops. I don't think yellow is her color, anyway.

With the unimportant bits out of the way, I guess I should get into what I've been doing in the last while.

Between wandering around the castle, and trying (read, failing) to memorize facts from that book, I've actually been pretty busy. Ginny hasn't triggered my runes yet, although she did yell at me when I got too pushy when asking about her diary, and how it worked.

I probably overstepped the mark, there.

Anyway, my current goal is learning some sort of water spell, that fits within my limits. After all, being entirely specialized might cause me a bit of problems down the road.

Huh, someone's at the door.

I was unaware that Ginny was from a family of pranksters.

Anyway, some brunette with buck teeth (affinity for order magic, low-medium aura) was ferrying a message for me, asking for my presence in the common room. Having no real goals for the day, I followed her.

I wouldn't quite say accosted, but I was indeed jumped by a pair of redheaded twins, who proceeded to ask me about the well-being of Ginny. Seeing a small family resemblance between them and my roommate, I reported what I had seen. Namely, she spends all day either writing in her diary, or obsessing over some guy.

They broke into laughter when I voiced my concerns of her murdering someone.

This was brought on by information that Ginny was 'not the murdering type, but rather the slow, simmering kind'. Their words, not mine.

Anyway, now happy with the fact that their little sister was indeed fine, the twins introduced themselves.

I'm going to write their names down for later details, because I'd have issues telling them apart otherwise.

For the record, both of the two had an affinity for trickery magic.


George is the one with the weaker aura of the two.

Fred is the one with the stronger one.

Any other method of telling the two apart has failed me, forcing me to rely upon magic sight. And the differences in aura are pretty small, barely noticeable if I hadn't spent time attempting to find a difference.

I'd like to say that I could tell the two apart immediately, but that'd be incorrect.

No, I have to say that I ended up staring at Fred for a minute or so to make sure I knew who was who. I think it creeped him out.

Now thoroughly introduced, I was led to another small group.


Another redhead, this one with a different magical potential (I think it was charms and deception, but I can't really pin it down), who was hastily dubbed Ronniekins by the twins (Real name Ron, which was explained in heart-felt detail), the brunette from earlier (Hermione), and


The kids I've seen around here have small magical auras. Usually things like charms, illusion, or ice.

Not this kid.

This kid reeked of blood magic. Especially his forehead. Between the fact that he had an obviously-massive magical pool, that he stunk of blood magic, AND that he looked like he had lived on the streets all of his life, I actually fumbled a bit when I was introduced to him.

Street-kid's name was Harry. I'm quite sad to say that I stuttered several times.

It was pretty hard to get a reading on his aura, but it was definitely unnatural, it had hints of death magic (red flag!), disarming magic, and even a bit of transmutation. In other words, a completely discordant aura.

Anyway, Harry walked and talked like he was two steps away from either running for cover, or springing to attack,

And uhh

Well, I'm quite concerned about whether or not he'll do something rash. He gives off the feeling of a cornered animal, unsure whether to piss itself, or to kill everything around it.

At least he talked like a humble kid, I'd hate to be on his bad side if he got mad.

We bantered for a couple of minutes, nothing of any real consequence.

Ron was an arrogant prat the entire time. I'm unsure if he was doing it on purpose, but he had less than no people skills. I was glad to be out of his presence.

Hermione, on the other hand, is only a year older than me, yet talks as if she was a decade my senior. She also lacked people skills, but at least was bearable to talk to.

Between talking in complete confidence about topics in a book, or

well, I think she only talked about things in a book. She wasn't exactly the most creative girl.

Harry, on the other hand, was pretty much silent. I think he was staring at me for a portion of the conversation: when I made eye contact, his face betrayed suspicion, hope, and a little bit of fear.

I couldn't get away from them fast enough.

I thanked Fred and George for the opportunity to meet new people (although they snickered a bit when I called them their names, which was slightly confusing), and brushed past them to go back up the stairs to the girls dorm.

I'm back in my room now. Sleep cannot possibly claim me fast enough.

Well, that was extremely concerning.

I woke up this morning to the sound of incantation. I was barely able to open my eyes in time for a red light to shoot from Ginny's wand to my torso.

Also of note was the fact that her aura was messed up, and her eyes were red. Oh, and she was carrying her diary.

Not seeing any other option, I just lay prone on my bed, having decided to stay still until she finally left. No clue what she's doing, but I honestly don't care enough to check. After all, if she doesn't pry into my habits, I won't pry into hers.

Two minutes later, she left the room, walking like she had some unshakeable purpose.

It's Saturday, so it's not like I have classes to miss, so I think I'll just stay in my room until she's done.

I guess I'll get started on that charm.

I hope whoever Ginny is after doesn't make too much of a mess.

Well, I'm done for tonight.

I managed to draft up a couple of potential spells, although none of them are real water spells.

It seems my task will be a lot harder than I expected.

On a slightly different note, Ginny finally made it back to the room, noticeably exhausted, and slightly damp. Obviously, she was less than alert, because she slipped on one of my papers, and knocked herself out cold. I had to carry her to her bed.

The paper she slipped over had one of my options, a steam-based charm, written on it.

Seems promising, will look into it.

Anyway, Ginny's in bed now, and I don't really care enough to wake her to ask her about her day.

I guess I'll feign ignorance about the whole 'harmful spell' thing. After all, she wasn't surprised to see me moving around with no harmful effects, so it was probably nonfatal.

Although if she keeps casting on me, eventually she'll find out.

I wonder how difficult memory-altering spells are?

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