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A Pint Sized Protector
Harry P. & Hermione G. & Severus S. & Voldemort - Words: 149,454 - Rated: M - English - None - Chapters: 122 - Reviews: 661 - Updated: 11-03-2018 - Published: 01-07-2017 - by HGxSS Always (FFN)

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Severus opened his eyes and found himself on the playground from his childhood, except alot cleaner and empty. Everything around him was a clear bright white. He looked around, taking in the park, trying to think of what was happening. He remembered Voldemort ordering Nagini to kill him, giving Harry his memories and Hermione holding him. He didn't even feel anything. It felt quite peaceful, like he was floating away, watching the whole thing happen to him. He placed his hand onto his neck and felt nothing, no scar at all.

"Am I dead?" Severus thought as he began to walk around the park. He came up to a large oak tree, everything looked like the park he used to go to as a kid, even the tree look exactly like Severus remembered. He closed his eyes and thought back, he remembered coming to this tree to hide or just to be alone when things went bad at home. Severus was trying to put the pieces together and make sense out of all this. He thought he was dead, but this didn't make any sense. Not that he wasn't a believer, but this place certainly didn't look like the eternal damnation. This place didn't look like Hell, but all Severus felt was pain, regret and saddness. Maybe this was his eternal damnation to never be able to escape the past.

He brushed his fingertips against the side of the tree, before slowly making his way over to a swing and sunk himself on it. He placed his hands to his head and closed his eyes. He wanted Hermione, but life is a cruel bitch that won't let Severus be happy for long. He closed his eyes, well, at least he can rest now.

"Severus, open your eyes," A female voice asked so peaceful and gently.

Severus opened his eyes, and he looked towards the direction of the voice. Just as soon as the outline of the figure came into view, Severus nearly let out an audible gasp and almost immediately looked down at the ground. He was overcome with guilt, he couldn't even bare to look her in the eye, he felt to much ashamed.

"Severus, please look at me," The voice asked again, and the gentle feeling of fingers waving through his hair. He didn't like it, sure it felt comforting but it certainly not like Hermione's touch at all. He still didn't meet her gaze, and then Severus heard her sit down in the swing next to him. Was this his hell? Was she placed here to torment him for the rest of eternity? He was overcome with pain and guilt that he couldn't even move or think.

"Am... I dead?" Severus found himself struggle to even speak.

"No, you're not dead. Well, at least not yet. Severus, please look at me."

"I..." Severus swallowed hard, unable to even meet her eyes, "I'm sorry..."

"Severus, there's no reason for you to suffer. Just let me go," Lily pleaded.

"But, I couldn't even save you..." Severus said.

"I know you couldn't, just let me go," Lily said, "Let me go, if you truly care about me, let me go."

"How? What?" Severus asked.

He was lost, all he wanted right now was Hermione. Lily just stared at Severus, although she just disappeared right in front of him. He was now completely alone in the park and he heard a very faint voice calling his name. Severus looked around, he saw no one, he was the only living or dead or whatever thing around here. He heard the voice pleading again for him, desperately calling out to him and everything went black.

It had been hours since Voldemort was destroyed by Harry, and the remaining Death Eaters were either killed along side their master, surrendered, or were able to get away. The war had been fought and won, it wasn't without heavy losses. Lupin, Tonks and Fred, were just some of the large amount of brave men and women that lost their lives. Everyone were licking their wounds, mourning the lost, taking the captured Death Eaters to Azkaban or just rejoicing in victory.

Hermione was sitting down inside the Hospital Wing beside Severus' bedside. Her hand was holding Severus' hand tenderly. Fawkes was laying comfortably on his stomach. Tears were sliding down Hermione face as she softly said his name. She was by his side ever since she brought him up to the hospital wing, and openly threatened to harm Poppy if she didn't help. She as well openly threatened to harm Minerva and Kingsley, that if they try to harm or take Severus away, she would hex them, too.

The two weren't there to harm Severus. Having been given testimony and evidence from Harry Potter and the portrait of Dumbledore, the latter was surprised that Severus was still possibly alive. Minerva was absolutely livid, that Kingsley had to pull her out of the Headmaster's office before she set Dumbledore's portrait on fire. Kingsley, the newly appointed Minster of Magic, informed Hermione, along with Harry, that regarding Severus things will have to stay a low profile. Saying, that while Severus was being pardoned for his crimes, that not everyone will be okay with Severus walking free.

Hermione didn't care what anyone else thought about Severus, for all she cared they can take their opinions and shove them up their ass. As long as Severus is okay, that's all she cared about.

Minutes or hours had past, Hermione wasn't really sure. All she did was stay by his side. She just watched him sleep. He looked quite handsome and peaceful as he was sleeping, his breathing at first was very harsh, but now slowly returning back to normal. After about twenty hours the young witches' eyes were becoming very heavy and she closed them for a quick second.

A bright, blurry, light came shining directly into the eyes. Slowly regaining consciousness and Severus opened his eyes. His body was stiff and it hurt to move, he took in where he was and his surroundings. A smile formed on his lips, as his eyes slowly adjusted to the light and the imagine of a curly brown haired woman, resting beside him. He slowly reached out and gently grabbed her arm. The witch reluctantly and slowly opened her eyes.

The two just locked eyes onto each other, before she quickly ran to his side and wrapped her arms around him. It was like her heart was going to leap right out of her chest, as she was burying him in kisses while trying not to hurt him.

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