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A Pint Sized Protector
Harry P. & Hermione G. & Severus S. & Voldemort - Words: 149,454 - Rated: M - English - None - Chapters: 122 - Reviews: 661 - Updated: 11-03-2018 - Published: 01-07-2017 - by HGxSS Always (FFN)

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Severus took the letter from Dumbledore's hand and stared at it for a second, then looked back at the letter to make sure he wasn't seeing things. The address on the letter had to be a mistake; Mr H. Potter, The Floor, Hut-on-the-Rock, The Sea. "Is this some kind of joke, Headmaster?" Severus glared at the strange address on the letter. "Where is the real address?" Severus snarled. He hated when Dumbledore played jokes.

"This is not a joke Severus; this is the current location of Harry. As I told you before, Petunia and her husband Vernon, have been moving around trying to hide from us," Dumbledore said. Severus gritted his teeth at the mention of Petunia and Vernon's name. Like his father, Sirius Black and the Dark Lord, these were a couple of the few people he hoped to never see again in his life. Severus was familiar with Vernon as Petunia started dating that man from when he still use to be close friends with Lily.

"Bloody Tuney, if having to meet Potter wasn't bad enough, having to see her and her oaf of a husband definitely was." Severus sighed very deeply, he wanted nothing more then to drink a large glass of Firewhiskey right now. "This just keeps on getting better and better," Severus said.

"Severus if you are done, let's go and meet with Hagrid now." Dumbledore was starting to get a little annoyed with Severus. He took out a few more items from his desk to give to Hagrid before they left.

"So tell me, Headmaster what are we going to tell Hagrid and the rest of the staff," Severus inquired the headmaster.

"Hagrid, along with the rest of the staff already know that you are going to be posing as a student to protect Harry." Dumbledore smiled as he noticed the glare and worried look from Severus as he was about to open his mouth. Dumbledore waved him down. "Relax, Severus. I didn't tell them the real reason to why you are protecting Harry; I told them it's a secret mission to help the Order."

Severus felt his blood start to boil and angrily glared and the Headmaster while shouting. "You told everyone this plan before telling me?"

"Severus, I thought it was best for them to know that you have been de-aged. If it makes you feel any better, Minerva and Poppy are extremely happy with the idea and are hoping you will have a better childhood this time around," Dumbledore said with a smile. "As do I."

Severus snorted at Dumbledore's remark, "You couldn't careless about me, or any Slytherin, for that matter. Students think I am bias to Gryffindor, but it's nothing compared to what you let the Gryffindor's get away with." Severus accused Dumbledore as he eyed the old man down. The Headmaster just sighed sadly knowing that Severus was referring to the attempted murder on his life, by Sirius Black, when he was a student. "I have many regrets Severus, just like you and everyone else," Dumbledore said sadly as he pulled himself up and out of his chair. "Come on now; let's go to Hagrid's now." Sighing Severus got up and followed the Headmaster outside of his office. The castle was a lot larger then what Severus remembered as they made their way down the halls of the school. "Oh, Severus, did you remember to set your guard up to protected the stone?"

"Of course I did; and unlike the another guards I put thought and planning into my challenge. Only a highly intelligent person can get past my challenge, even some of the most powerful wizards and witches lack or think power is above intelligence." Severus replied while taking great pride in his potion riddle challenge as they made their way down to the entrance hall and then outside to the grounds. The weather was nice and sunny a beautiful clear day and a nice light breeze of air blow by as they made their way to Hagrid's hut.

"Good morning, Hagrid," Dumbledore smiled to him, as he was busy tending to a Thestral.

"Good morning, Headmaster and to you as well Profe- I mean Severus." Hagrid gave his normal cheerily smile and was towering over Severus. "I have to say I wouldn't believe it, that you would agree to this." Hagrid smiled after finishing up with the Thestral, "I am ready to head out as soon as you're ready." Hagrid was one of a few people at Hogwarts that Severus didn't mind; he is nice, welcomely and friendly. His only fault that Severus thought of was his easy going nature that other people could easily take advantage of, and his inability to see that Dumbledore has faults like everyone else.

"Before you go I have a few things for you Hagrid," Dumbledore said, as he pulls out a few things from his pockets and gives them to Hagrid. "First off is Harry Potter's key; after you two find him, you will help him go to Diagon Alley and help him purchase his school supplies," Dumbledore said while ignoring the snarls from Severus as he handed Hagrid another letter, "This is almost as important as Harry. You will not breathe a word about this to him at all. It's a letter to inform Gringotts that the Philosopher's Stone has been relocate to Hogwarts for protection." Severus looked up in shock. Sure he didn't mind Hagrid, but he wouldn't trust him with something as important as this. "Good luck you two," Dumbledore said before taking his leave and headed back to the castle.

"So are you ready to leave, Severus?"

"Sure... and just how are we going to get there? Can you apparate? Or are we using a broom? I don't think my small body can handle unsupported flight for very long."

"Nope, we're going to ride a Thestral to Harry. You can see them right?" Hagrid replied excitedly as he did a final check of the Thestral.

"Yes, I can see them. As a spy I witnessed deaths countless of times," Severus answered flatly, while making his way to the Thestral and trying to climb up.

"Need a hand?" Hagrid asked in a friendly tone. Asking for help is one of the biggest things Severus hated to do.

"Some assistance, would be acceptable," he sighed heavily and looked at the ground as Hagrid picked him up and helped him onto the Thestral. Hagrid then climbed on as well and he then called for the Thestral to take off to the sky, gliding the flying creature to their destination. It took them a few hours before making it to the sea, and it was getting pretty close to midnight. There was a large storm brewing, but the strong freezing rain and strong blowing winds were nothing for Thestral to handle.

"How much bloody further is this rock?" Severus demanded tiredly, as he cracked from the long travel time.

"Just a little bit to go, are you getting tired little guy?" Hagrid teased a little with a chuckle. Severus just glared at him in response. Then suddenly he saw a small tall hut appearing in the distance. "We're here, sets us down." Hagrid instructed the Thestral as he directed him to glide to the ground on to the small rock. After helping Severus down, Hagrid gave the Thestral a treat for helping them and told him to go back to Hogwarts. They approached the tall hut and Hagrid knocked loudly at the door which caused the whole house to shake. After a few seconds later Hagrid knocked louder and heavier this time.

"Who's there?" A voice filled with panick called out from inside the shack.

"Maybe you should open the door and find out," Severus answered sarcastically. Hagrid almost chuckled at Severus's comment as he knocked again, this time he knocked the door clean off its hinges and fell down flat with a loud thud!

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