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Severus's Apprentice
Draco M. & Severus S. - Words: 236,148 - Rated: M - English - Family - Chapters: 34 - Reviews: 31 - Updated: 08-03-2018 - Published: 05-07-2017 - by Usagi Lemons (FFN)

Author's Note: Hello new and old readers I've decided to rewrite this story, it will be somewhat different, and the hopefully with much better overall take on it. I hope you will still enjoy reading this as much as I enjoy writing it. Disclaimer: Any places, people, names...etc that is from Harry Potter I do not own, they belong to J.K Rowling the Author of the series.

Full Summery: Lucius Malfoy's grandfather had a child with a muggle without letting anyone know, a year after the birth of his child, he passed away. Leaving the girl in the care of the muggle, with no documents of her existence except in his second Will that was only found when Daisy became 14 years old. Suddenly pulled from her lonely muggle life, and thrown into a family of high class, and magic, she wonders how she'll manage to keep up.

Daisy however not long learns a secret power in her heritage that makes her different.

Severus Snape has lived his life in solitude since his slip up with Lily, staying a loyal friend with the Malfoy's, as the Prince's have done for generation, he has come to take this other flower in as his apprentice. He sees many things about her differently from his blind love of Lily, and many things similar. Each day spent with Daisy he comes to realize that Lily was not at all what he had thought she was. But is it too late for him now?

Will Daisy finally understand what a family is like and love? Or will the dangers in school pull them apart?

Lily and Potter are alive.

Severus's Apprentice: Daisy Wood

If I look back to the day we first met, I now know what that feeling meant when I looked into those never-ending dark eyes. My soul knew then who you were, and what you would come to be in my life, but I knew nothing of the world just under my fingertips to understand that feeling in my heart. You came standing tall and dark, like the angel of death, who had come for me, and just like that you took me away to a far away land. A land I never knew I'd one day call home.

Daisy Wood woke up as early 5:30 in the morning, her eyes squinting at the bright light of the sun the shined from her small window in her room. She lived in a quiet neighborhood in London, not far from her middle school. It was summer and children ruled the parks and streets playing street hockey and all kinds of other activities. It was a glorious day, and although it was summer, that didn't stop the children from waking up early to get as much time in the sun as possible. The sound of birds chirping sent a nice tone carried by the breeze to her open window. She sat up, the book she had been reading the night before fell off the side of her bed. She reached for it and pulled it up. It was a good book she couldn't put down, about a boy who learns to be a sorcerer and saves the world. With all sorts of crazy monsters and beasts. It had kept her up all night. She rubbed her eyes and gave a stretch before her hands reached over her bedside for her big nerdy glasses and placed them on.

"Are you up yet!?" Her mother yelled as she hit the door.

"Yes, mother" She answered formally and got up.

"Good, hurry up and make breakfast" She heard her mother's footsteps go down the stairs. Daisy tied her hair up and only had time to wash her face before she was getting yelled at again. The moment she reached the bottom of the stairs, where her impatient mother waited, she was grabbed by the ear. Daisy closed her eyes tilted and bit her lips to stop her from crying out.

"If you make me late for my job interview you'll regret being born child!" She pushed Daisy forward, and she stumbled at the push before rushing into the kitchen to start. Her mother was horrible with her money spending. She'd splurge too much for herself, her way of thinking was, the more expensive her clothing, the more likely she'd get the job. So while she wore name brands on, shoes, and purse too, they hardly had any food even to eat. The pass few days they had been eating the same thing, eggs and bread. Sometimes there weren't enough food for the both of them, and Daisy would go on without food for a few days. She had to wait two weeks when that happened to finally get food again. Her mother, every second Sunday would go out drinking and not show up for three days, when she would, she'd be asleep for another three days. Daisy during this time would take her wallet, go to the grocery store and buy food and hoped it lasted longer this time. Daisy had even tried doing some labor around the neighborhood for some money, shoveling snow, or mowing the lawn. She's given out newspaper too during the summer time just to get some cash under her hands, because whenever her mother found out she had taken her wallet she'd get a beating. Glasses was thrown, books were torn, chairs were kicked, and lots of hair pulled.

"I outta sell ya" Her mother said as she sat down and wolfed down the eggs. Her mother frequently expressed her hate for her, merely because she resembled her father. As a child Daisy had asked about her father before, and it only resulted in a tantrum. The only time she ever got an answer from her mother was when she was drunk, and that was he was a tall handsome blond man, and he wore fancy old fashion expensive attire she had never seen before. He had a one night stand with her at a bar when she was drunk, and she never saw him again after that. Her mother hated him for leaving her alone with a baby.

Daisy's favorite time of the day was when her mother left, and that time was soon, so very soon. Daisy went around the counter to pick up the empty plate from her mother only to get pushed.

"Did I tell you I was done!?" Her mother got up and grabbed her hair, pulling her up. Daisy clenched her jaw and she was pushed against the wall, hitting it hard, "Next time ask you ill mannered bitch" Her mother continued yelling nonsense about her father as she slapped Daisy, back her face over and over again. Her dry lips bled by the end of it, her mother bent down to pull her head up with her hair. "That'll teach you" There was a knock on the door, her mother's head turned confused, as she got up she stepped on Daisy's hand with her heels, leaving her there on the floor. When she was out of sight Daisy let a tear fall, as she tried to sit up and lean against the wall.

"Who the bloody hell are you?!" Her mother yelled. "If you're here to sell something, I want none of it" Daisy got up slowly, grabbed a tissue to wipe her bleeding lips, and went to the door. She took hold of her mothers arm, who turned her head angrily at her child.

"Sorry, my mother is ill" Daisy said keeping her head down. Despite not seeing the man his shoes and pants were all in black, classic, someone of class it looked to be dress in such material. His aura left Daisy speechless, he was someone of power she could tell from his presence. She gulped, she could even feel his eyes on her. Severus Snape stared down at the girl with tattered clothes, that has been stretched in too many places, it hung loosely on her thin frame. Her hair was brown like her mother. A lovely caramel brown, long and a mess on her head. He couldn't get a good look of her face, with her head down covering most of it but her little chin. She felt like his eyes saw everything somehow and she felt vulnerable. She took hold of her struggling mother, who complained and yelled at the man, swearing and insulting him. "I apologize, excuse us sir" She bowed her head further at the man more out of respect and closed the door.

"I'm too late for my interview!" Her mother shrieked to her face, grabbed her hair and pulled her back into the living room. "It's all your fault, that man was asking for you" She shoved her hard and Daisy fell to the ground, hitting the table first. Her nose bled. He was asking for me? "Get me something to drink and clean this place up!" Daisy pushed herself off the ground, shaking.

"Yes mother..." She went and got a beer and handed it to her. The room had no couches, only a small table and a chair. There was blanket around the room, bottles and cans that Daisy started to clean. Her mother would occasional trip her and laugh hysterically. The man had ruined her time alone, her mother was to leave today, and ended up staying because of the deny he brought. She sighed as she moved on to cleaning upstairs.

"Wash the bathroom and prepare me a bath!" Her mother yelled from downstairs. With her sleeves rolled up she scrubbed at the tub, her nose burning at the scent of the strong chemicals. When she was done she run a bath and her heart sunk at the sound of her mother's footsteps. Her mother began stripping and stepped inside only to step out.

"It's freezing! Isn't it obvious I want a hot bath who the fuck wants a cold bath/! You idiot!" She grabbed Daisy's head and shoved it in the water. Daisy gasped and struggled. When she was pulled out her mothers shrieking laugh pierced her ears. "Just like your father!" She shoved her head back in, her glasses coming off of her now. Her head felt light, and she was pulled out again, coughing, the woman let go of he hair as Daisy searched for her glasses in the water. "Do it again!" She shoved her head roughly before leaving, walking out completely naked. Daisy sat there on her knees, her hair completely drenched, head hung as she stared at her reflection. Her pale skin no longer showed it paleness, her face was covered in red, blue and purple. Her right cheek swollen now, her lips busted up and dry, her nose had dry blood clinging onto it, her eyes swollen with heavy bags, and her hair was just a mess. She didn't even recognize herself. She redid the bath and this time her mother didn't complain, she left, and took this time to go outside and get a breather and maybe grab something to eat.

She sunk into her mother's room and caked her face with make up, changed into decent clothing and grabbed of whatever was left of her money before leaving the house. The sun was setting just as she closed the door behind her.

"Evening Daisy!" Her neighbor, Mister Smyth greeted her. Daisy smiled, and tried to ignore the soreness of her lips and face it brought to her when she did. "Off on a bit of adventure are we?" He was a middle aged man, with three kids and a beautiful wife, he owned two cars, and he was always jolly to her.

"Just a short one" Daisy replied.

"Well be safe" She nodded and headed out of the neighborhood and down the traffic filled street. She went to the usual fast food place she always went.

"Daisy~!" A worker greeted and she waved. "The usual?" She nodded and gave him a pound and a half. She waited at the side as her burger was being made, she felt a cold shiver go down her spine as someone walked in.

"Hello sir, what would you like?"

"Coffee" His voice was deep and smooth, it held an edge to it. There was no doubt that was the man who was at her door earlier that day.

"Here you are Daisy" She looked up at the lady who held her wrapped burger on a tray. She thanked her and took it, taking a seat by the window. The place wasn't too empty, a few people here and there. Daisy looked out the window as she ate. She often came here when she was out, the view out the window of the cars passing by, children and the city lights brought all sorts of feelings to her. She often found herself daydreaming of a life of adventure, with friends, doing all sorts of fun things that people around her age did. A letter fell down on her table and she stared at it. A old looking letter was addressed to her, in fancy writing.

"Ms. D. Wood" She read out loud, turning the letter over to see a red seal. She ate her burger quickly and left the store, opening the letter on her way back home. Unfolding the letter.

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardary

Headmaster: Albus Dumbledore

(Order of Merlin, First Class, Grand Sorc., Chf. Warlock, Supreme, Mugwump, international Confed, of Wizards)

Dear Daisy Woods,

We are pleased to inform you that you have a place at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardary. Please find enclosed a list of necessary books and equipment. Term begins first September, we await you owl by no later than 31st July.

Yours Sincerely,

Minerva McGonagall

Deputy Headmistress.

Daisy looked at the other pages, of uniform and strange titled books such as 'Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them'. Before she knew it she found herself back in front of her house, she shoved the papers in her pocket, and gulped as she opened the door and entered into her dark house. She flicked the switch on and into the kitchen slowly.

"Mother...?" She called quietly, there was no one in there, she heard some noise upstairs. Her shaky breath and shaky legs moved slowly up the creaking stairs. "Mother...?" She called again. When she reached the top of the stairs, she could see the bathroom room open, but no one was inside. There was a trail of water leading into her open door room. The room's light was only. She moved slowly, calling again, her mother was on the floor covered in her blanket.

"Where did you go?" Her mothers voice was quiet. "How many times did I tell not to go out?" Her voice was beginning to raise up. The lady stood up slowly. "Are you going to leave me like your father?" She tower over her slowly, her eyes twitching as brown eyes stared down blue shaking ones. "Why aren't you saying anything" Her hand rose and went down on her, an arm grabbing the back of her top and pulled her back harshly.

"You again!? How dare you enter my house, I'm going to call the police, I-"

"Petrificus totalus" The smooth voice of the man in the store was heard behind her, Daisy saw her mother's body stand straight, her legs together and hands on her side, as if froze, she tipped over and fell, only her eyes moved, staring with so much hatred. Daisy pulled away from the grasp of the man and looked up at him, tall, towering, with a long nose, and the darkest eyes she had ever seen. She kept stepping back away from him till she felt her mother at her feet. He had thin lips that looked displeasing down at her, watching her. Examining her. Somehow even from this distance he was able to tower over her, and she looked away soon after. His aura shook her to the bone.

"I assume you have read the letter" He said and she took it out of her pocket and stared at the old paper that had words she had only read in fantasy books. This was such a sick joke of an adult to play on her.

"Who are you?" was the first thing she said, her voice was soft and gentle to the man's surprise. Most kids he hated their squeaky voices, high pitched voices, he hated kids in general but the girl didn't look or sound like one. Her voice was strained, and softer than he thought. It had a nice ring to it.

"I'll be your potion's teacher at Hogwarts, and as requested from the headmaster to fetch you." He could see the disbelief in her eyes.

"Witches and wizards are not real sir, and I've never heard of a school named Hogwarts"

"Do explain then why your mother cannot move" He arched his brow at the little girl who turned to look at her mother, who's eyes are now wide, her body however looked as if they were bound by some invisible force.

"Even if it were true" She spoke again, looking at the strange items needed for the school, like a cauldron. "What does this have to do with me? Why am I being taken?" She glanced at her mom again "What of my mother?"

"Your father's family await for you, she will be taken care of in your absence, Headmaster Dumbledore has taken care of everything" Daisy saw the man cast another spell on the woman on the floor, and another. She kept her amazement inside as she watched the man move in such a way. Her mother was now asleep, soundly, and she had never seen her mother with such a peaceful face as now. She found herself following this tall man, down the stairs, his wand lighting up at the tip, her eyes never leaving his wand. "Are you bringing anything with you?" This was her most decent attire, she had nothing fancy on her first meeting with her family. Was she finally going to meet her father? She shook her head at the man as he stepped outside the house. He gestured for her to hold his elbow, and she stared one last time at her home, many memories flooding into her mind. She clenched tightly of the letter in her right hand and touched the man's elbow, and just like that her word spun so fast around and spat her out, she fell to her knees on grassy ground. She felt extremely nauseous, but when she looked up she saw a big castle, that stood tall and proud, with all sorts of windows and bridges, she forgot about the sick feeling in her stomach. Her mouth gaping slightly. She stood up and followed the man into the castle, torches lighted the halls as they walked by, and she looked around at paintings that moved. Her mouth remained gaped as they looked down at her and whispered things to each other.

"Look at what she's wearing-" Daisy looked down self consciously at herself.

"Her hair-"

"A student-?"

"Professor Snape-" They shut up when Severus glared at them.

They approached an ugly gargoyle statue and the man said a word she's never heard of before, it seemed to be a password as the statue moved out of the way to reveal a spiral stair case, and up they went. Daisy grew more nervous which each step she took up the stairs as her stomach turned and twisted at the feeling of seeing her family. However when she got to the top of the stairs the amount of things in the room distracted her, it was a large and beautiful circular room, full of funny little noises. A number of curious silver instruments stood on spindle-legged tables, whirring and emitting little puffs of smoke. The walls were covered with portraits of old men and women, all of whom were snoozing gently in their frames. There was also an enormous, claw-footed desk, and, sitting on a shelf behind it, a shabby, tainted pointy hate.

"Why must we be here-"

"Ah Severus, you're back" A tall old man stood in front of the desk, dressed in purple robes, and a matching purple long hat. His blue eyes twinkled at the sight of the girl. His beard was so white and long Daisy thought if you were to add his long hair on his head and his beard it might be as tall as even her. By the man stood a blond haired man, brushed neatly all behind her, reaching past his shoulders. His eyes were ice blue and he stared at the girl. Her eyes widened at the man, he was handsome like her mother said, and dressed in attire far too expensive with a fancy snake headed cane even.

"Now will you tell me why you have called me here? I'm a busy man"

"Soon, soon" He went behind his desk and took out a letter, a very old tattered letter, and handed it to the blond man. He opened it and read it, his eyes at first annoyed, and as he read on, his face grew disgusted.

"What is this rubbish?" He demanded from the old man. Daisy winced at his tone.

"That is you grandfather's second will, it was found hidden away in his study" Lucius looked at the girl again.

"Are you telling me this child is the -"

"Indeed Lucius, whether you like it or not, her situation in the muggle world isn't well, as she has no other relatives besides her primary guardian, it is advised for her to be taken away from her primary guardians." The old man explained. "Severus, also has gladly agreed to mentor Daisy all she needs to know about the wizarding world, and her studies." Daisy glanced up at the man named Severus, his expression didn't look too agreeing.

He had a of smell to him, like a mixture of all sorts of herbs and musk. Daisy sort of liked it, it wasn't something so strong, she wasn't standing far behind the man, but there was something about him.

"Very well, let's get this over with" the man had a hard time saying this, papers were handed to him, he took hold of the snake head on his cane and pulled to reveal a wand, he began to sign pages after pages. Dumbledore looked at Daisy in the meantime, smiling brightly at her.

"You are probably wondering why you are here" He stepped forward. "Was there anytime something happened, that you couldn't explain?" Daisy looked up at the man taller than Severus, her blue eyes looking into his as she remember a time she had broken her nose and the next day she was worried what the teachers would say if they found out. The next day it had fixed itself as of it never was broken at all. Dumbledore, as if seeing the memory itself nodded at her. "That's what we call accidental magic, you're a witch, and Hogwarts will help you learn about these abilities and how to control them" she nodded at the man as if he was crazy.

"There, it's done" the old man turned to Lucius and took the papers.

"I'll see you this fall" the old man said farewell to Daisy as she followed the two men out the castle.

"I can't believe that grandfather of mine" Lucius walked furiously, and it didn't look like Severus had a hard time catching up like Daisy. Before she knew it her world was spinning again and she was spat out by the universe in front of a large manor. On the ground she struggled to stand up, gaping at the sight in front of her. The large gates stood high and it shined with a gleam. The pathway of stone was long and far, with gardens on either side of the path, and tall bushes bordered the garden. The manor was like another castle, with pointed towers and forest surrounded behind it. They walked down the path to the double doors and as they neared a woman and a boy around the same age as Daisy stepped out. She had blond straight hair that passed her shoulders, with brown bangs across her forehead, she was dressed is an elegant long robe, with what looked like a dress under. She stood tall, shoulders back, chin up, like royalty, along with her son. Their son looked like his father, with shorter blond hair, parted at the side and combed to the side as well. He wear black from top to bottom, dressed in clearly only the finest.

"Get inside" Lucius told them as he approached his family and they did. Their son looked at Daisy curiously.

"Lucius is this-"

"Yes, she's the spawn of that horrible grandfather of mine who mated with a muggle" he said disgustingly. "She's soiled." he looked at her like she wasn't human. She gulped and kept her head down the whole time.

"She's dressed like a bloody house elf, what a disgrace" their son mimicked his father's disgusted face as he looked at her. The mother looked from her husband to the girl who hung her head. After some time she finally approached the poor girl.

"Narcissa, what are you doing?" her husband called after her. She ignored him and bent down to the girl.

"She's just a poor girl" she placed her hand on her shoulders. "What's your name child?" the girl kept her head down and said nothing.

"Deaf too, leave her be" Lucius tried.

"Ignore him for a moment, I'd like to know your name" Daisy didn't look, she shook in place a bit, feeling the eyes on her. "Please?" Daisy eyes widened as she stared at the marbled floors.

"Daisy" she said quietly.

"Draco and Daisy" the mother said like a tune "why don't you go upstairs and wash up, the first white door to your right" Daisy nodded slowly, her head remaining down as she walked up the curved stairs till she was out of sight.

"What do you think you're doing?" her husband growled again. "She's a half blood Malfoy"

"She's only a child Lucius, no one needs to know she's a half blood, we could just say she's a cousin of Draco or some distant relative"

Daisy went up the stairs slowly and kept walking down the dimly lit hall till she found a white door, she turned it over and walked inside gaping a bit. The bathroom was bigger than her own room, twice or three times the size. The wall to her right a completely mirror with two sinks, a standing shower in front of her and a jacuzzi tub to the left corner. Daisy slowly raised her head up to the mirror, daring to look at herself. The look she was greeted with was a complete mess. She wiped away at her make up the best she could the colors or blue and purple showing up all over her face. She looked like a monster. She stripped slowly, the sorry excuse for clothes fell to the ground. Her body was covered in all sorts of purple and blue spots, focus mainly around her elbows and knees. The thinness of her body was disgusting, even she knew it was unnatural. She ripped herself away from the hideous image and turned on the water to stand under. There was more than one shower head, and you could turn both on at the same time. Daisy just used one. There was a knock on the door and Daisy stared at the door. Had she taken too long?

"It's me" It was the mother. Daisy gulped and went into the shower room and closed the glass door.

The door turned and Narcissa walked in with a set of grey towels and clothes. She set down her some towels and Daisy instantly rushed to just use the soap before turning off the water all in a span of three minutes.

"S-sorry if I took too long Miss" Daisy said shakily as she pulled back the glass door. When Narcissa saw Daisy's face she dropped whatever clothing she was carrying.

"Daisy...your face, your arm!" Her delicate hand went over her beautiful lips elegantly. "Who did this to you...?" the lady asked handing her a large gray towel slowly. Daisy heart tightened as she took it and wrapped it around her thin frame, drowning in the size and heaviness of it. She had longed to want to tell someone of her constant aching body, that had been sore and hurt for so long that she often forgot what it was like to not feel pain. But she never told anyone.

"I... I fell-"

"Don't lie to me," A finger went up to stop her "I may not be your mother, but I know when a child lies" Daisy felt even worse the lady had treated her kinder than the rest and she had lied to her.

"I'm sorry..." she said quietly, hugging the towel around her thin frame.

"It's best if Severus knows" Daisy's eyes widen.

"N-no please" her face redder in embarrassment.

"Daisy, Severus is a potions master, he can make you some potions to drink and it'll make it all of it go away"

"H-he can so that?"

"Yes, here's some clothes for you, I'll go tell Severus" Before Daisy could thank the lady she was gone. Daisy stared at the clothes and her self in the mirror, wrapped in the gray towel. It felt so soft, the clothes she saw was nice too and cute. A white collared top with black blazer and a black skirt. Daisy never wore anything like this before, they felt so nice with the softest of cloth. She didn't want to wear them, she felt she wasn't worthy of wearing it. Like she'll contaminate them. So instead she wore her old clothes. There was another knock on the door and Daisy said come in again. Misses Malfoy stopped mid walk when she saw the old tattered clothes worn.

"These are the clothes you are to wear, those will be thrown away."

"But...they I... I can't..." Daisy stepped back, head down.

"You are a Malfoy, we do not tolerate such attire" Daisy merely hung her head. "after much discussing we see it best for you to stay with Severus, in his manor. It is not far from here. Tonight he will give you the potions." Daisy nodded. "Here" she took out her wand. "let me fix that face of yours for now" she did some waving and brushed her hair too before leaving her to dress on her new clothes. Despite the small size of the outfit, for Daisy it was still big on her. It fitted her better than her other clothes and it felt and looked nicer too. Her eyes teared up as she stared at herself in the mirror. Her bruises were gone by what felt like make up with magic, and her clothes were probably more expensive that the price her mother would sell her for.

She took a deep breath and stepped out of the bathroom just as Misses Malfoy came up again.

"Oh that looks cute on you, those were my old clothes when I was about your age" Daisy turned red. "Let me dry your hair" and with her wand again Daisy felt the water drops one by one leave her hair. "much better, now let's get you ready to go to Snape's manor, it's quite late, and I'm sure you've had a long day" she guided her down the stairs and Draco glanced up to see something like a house elf only to see a beautiful girl with very long hair that reached her low back. Her bangs to the side, he could see her face now. Big blue eyes with long lashes, her lips were plumped and rosy. With lightly rosed up cheeks. Her neck was thin and slender, with delicate shoulders. He had to rip his eyes away from her to avoid staring.

"Severus, Daisy is ready to go" even Lucius looked. She had her hands folded in front of her as Severus stood and said his farewell. Daisy bowed her head and said her goodbye too. Narcissa pulled her into a gentle sudden hug and Daisy stood there, confused, her heart felt like it was swelling, and it hurt. She didn't understand, and even though she didn't hug back Narcissa wasn't bothered. She pulled away and said her good bye to the little flower.

Daisy followed the tall dark man, with his wand out glowing brightly in the dark. He walked ahead of her and she struggled to follow him. Her eyes never left his glowing wand, in awe how it lighted the way to another large manor. Daisy stared up at the big manor with the same big forest behind it. He pushed opened the large double doors and she was met with a brightly lit living room. Two little elves walked up to them.

"Master's returned" they said at the same time. They were bald with large point ears and pinky grey skin. They wore rags, loosely on. The man took over he cloak and hung it up.

"Show her around bring her back here when you're done" he instructed them.

"Of course master" the room they were in was the living room, there was a fireplace with couches around, and a chandelier above them. To their right there was a kitchen and by the kitchen was a curved staircase that led upstairs. Under the stairs was a wooden door and Daisy's eyes perked when she was told it was the library. Severus had disappeared into a metal door next to the fireplace.

"That, my lady is master's lab, no one is allowed in with masters permission" it made sense, he was a potions master after all. She was taken upstairs. Torches lighted the way. The elves were called house elves, they live to serve. The two that showed her around were called Lin and Linda, and they showed her to her room. Daisy tried her best not to gap again at the size of the room. There was a large bed, a queen size with her own big bathroom, walk in closet and a very large window that had royal blue curtains. She had a matching blue rug and a white arm chair in the corner, her walls were of cream color. It was beautiful, she had a white desk in front of a big mirror with gold and blue outlining. Along with a cute stool in front of it.

"Masters bedroom is across" Lin explained and she nodded, they took her back down to the living room and she sat on the most comfiest couch she had ever sat on. The fire suddenly went ablaze just as the door to his lab opened and out he stepped from the shadows with a bottle that held a deep blue liquid inside that seemed to glow.

"I'm sure Lin had already mentions, the lab is off limited, however you have a most free range besides that. Breakfast will be eaten in the dinning room, everyday at 6 in the morning, lunch at noon and dinner at six. Tardiness will not be excused." he handed her the bottle and she took it. "Bruise relieving potion" was all he said to explain and she nodded. "If in need of another, merely ask." she nodded again. "Use your tongue Miss Malfoy" he grumbled and she gulped.

"Yes, sir..." she said and with that he disappeared back in his lab and she went upstairs to her room and drank the potion, almost choking at the horrid taste, but her body almost instantly began to tingle. Was that normal? She wondered. She fell on her bed and hugged a long pillow that she hugged, burying her face into it. Her eyes were heavy and she was far to tired, she had never fell so fast asleep before.

The next day Daisy woke up and felt like she was floating, she had a lot of room for some reason, and the room felt too bright behind her closed eyes. There was little noises, giggling ones, and she wondered if she was dreaming. When she opened her eyes she saw smooth clean cream walls. She frowned, she wondered if it was the lighting but faintly remembered her walls were white. She turned her head over and was met with four big eyes staring at her. She let out a cry, scrambling away from them. They popped out from hiding and jumped on the bed.

"Shhh" they placed their finger on their lips. "Master does not like noise" Lin said. Daisy slowly breathed normally as memories of yesterday came to mind.

"So it wasn't all a dream..." she mumbled.

"No no no" Linda said with a big grin. "Master finally brought a girl back"

"A nice one" Lin added.

"A very pretty one" Daisy turned over to look around the room in better lightening. They jumped off the bed.

"Master will be up, breakfast is ready" they said at the same time before disappearing. She found herself wondering if it was normal for witches and wizards to simply teleport like that. She got up and stared at her walk in closet, she hasn't opened it yet to see how big it was, so she went over and opened it only to almost fall back in shock. It was filled with all sorts of dresses, and shoes and purses and hats. She even had some sets of pj's, she had slept sadly in the same clothes Misses Malfoy gave to her the night before. The room was large, she could practically have a party in there. She closed the door, feeling a bit overwhelmed by the sudden amount of clothes and walked into the big bathroom instead. It was very similar to the way at the Malfoy's, only the walls were blue, and there was a few towels hung already. Daisy stared at her face and was surprised to see most of the discoloration from the bruising had disappeared, she lifted her shirt and skirt to check other places. For the most part there was only a bit on her neck and around her eyes left. Perhaps a bit more on her elbows too.

Her body ached so often that it felt strange how she felt no pain when she walked. Her eyes teared up and she fought them.

In the end she decided to go downstairs in the same outfit Narcissa had given her. The man was already down sitting on the table reading the news paper. The table was filled with all sorts of things from breads, cheese, peanut butter, fruits, eggs and yogurt. He sipped away at tea, he didn't even put down his newspaper to look at her.

"G-Good morning sir..." she said quietly.

"Morning" he said, folding his newspaper and putting it aside. Her heart raced, she didn't know why she felt so nervous around the man. She sat down and avoided any eye contact.

"What would Lady like to drink this morning" Linda appeared beside and Daisy jumped a bit, turned red and hung her head down.

"Nothing" she said quietly and Linda disappeared. She felt so embarrassed, her hands on her lap. Severus started to eat, and Daisy had only a few strawberries. She had never had them before, but she always saw it on TV. When they finished Daisy saw the table of food disappear, she sat there awkwardly, hands folded in her laps.

"Do you require another potion?" she looked up at the man then back down.

"No sir, thank you sir..."

"I will be in the lab, should you need anything merely call the house elves names and they will find you. Ask them before coming to me" Daisy nodded. "Speak" Daisy turned red.

"Yes sir" he got up and disappeared into the lab leaving her alone. She sat on the comfy couches for some time alone simply thinking, but she kept glancing at the door the house elves said to be the library. After much time she couldn't resist, she went inside and her eyes widened. There were books upon books as high as the ceilings. She walked around with her head nearly facing the ceiling for awhile. She skimmed over some titles, there were many on potions, on history of Hogwarts, on different plants and even on Vampires. For some reason the first book that she reached for was a potions book.

The man she stayed with now, her mentor was a potions master, she was curious what that meant, if he could make bruises go away, what else can he do? It didn't take long till Daisy was devouring every word from the book.

When lunch came by she was surprised at the speed of time, Lin had come on to inform her of lunch and she had nodded and got up, closing the book and unknowingly walked out with it. She found her way back to the living room easily, Severus already there waiting for her, a book in his hand as well. Daisy sat, there was sandwiches of all sorts around little balls of something she's never seen of, and salad. She wasn't hungry. To go from barely eating to this was too much so instead she merely sat there. He noticed the book in her hand instantly and kept glancing.

For a child she didn't talk much. He had seen the way she was treated by her mother, but surely it wasn't enough to make the girl mute, right? He was an abused child himself, his father was a constant drunk, and he may have been quiet and bullied, but he had a lot up his sleeves. He didn't get pushed around without causing some trouble to other too. He wasn't mute with his circle of Slytherin's at the time.

He ate and drank his coffee quietly, examining her, while she tried to read under the table and tried to make it look like she was just looking down. Lin walked up to her.

"Is the food not to your liking Lady?" his ears were down sadly. "I can make what you like Lady I-"

"No, no I, I'm just not hungry a Lin..." he nodded but kept his ears down and walked off. Her brows furrowed, she had never made someone saddened someone before.

"Have you eaten anything in the pass six hours?" she turned to the man who asked and looked back down.

"No sir... But I'm truly not hungry."

"You're malnutrition, and clearly underweight" Daisy kept quiet and reached for a sandwich, keeping the book up in one hand and nibbling on the sandwich in the other. It was a cheese sandwich with walnuts some mint and parsley, with a sprinkle of a favor she's never had before and olive oil. It was yummy. "I'd prefer if you did not get my books dirty" that was it, her face had become so red all the way to her ears.

"I-I did-dn't mean...sorry sir..."She said quietly. Daisy put the book aside till she finished her sandwich before picking it up again. He sipped his tea again.

"We will be going to the Malfoy's soon, get ready in an hour's time" They finished up and Daisy went to her room to get ready, that man seems to hate tardiness.

Daisy had never had a hard time getting ready before, the amount of things in her closet gave her too many options. Some things looked too good to even been worn by her. In the end Linda helped her pick something worthy for the Malfoy's. She settled with something very similar to what Misses Malfoy gave her, a black skirt that reached above her knees, some high stockings, a white laced top with short loose sleeves and a plain choker. She brushed her hair, remembering the words of the mother, that Malfoy's do not tolerate bad appearances. She asked Linda what shoes to wear when she realized, but realized the elf didn't wear shoes at all and apologized over and over. In the end she picked a small heeled black shoes that strapped around her ankle with a small silver buckle. She looked at herself in the mirror, and stared. She didn't recognized herself, and this time not because she was bruised, and hurt but because for once she actually looked normal. Her big blue eyes watered up again.

"Master's waiting for you" Lin popped out and she rubbed her eyes and nodded. She rushed downstairs and froze at the sight of the man. He was dressed up, well more like styled up, his hair was brushed back, like Lucius and tied, she turned red, as he notice her stare and looked down the rest of the way to him. He said nothing and opened the closet by the door and pulled out a thin coat for her. It was a cute coat, a deep violet, fitted on the top and flared out like a skirt. She wore it hastily, and embarrassed. She thanked him quietly as he opened the door, and took the lead. She stared at the dark figure in front of her, feeling far too comfortable around the man than she would have liked.

"Sir...?" She said so quietly she doubted he heard.

"Yes?" Came his slowly reply that surprised her.

"What's a half-blood...?"

"It is when a wizard or witch have an offspring with a non-magical person, such as your mother." He answered.

"So the Malfoy's..." She began, the family name weird on her tongue.

"The Malfoy's are pureblood" he told her. "You are the first half blood Malfoy"

"Does it matter...with your strength if you're a pureblood or not?"

"No, there are many great half blood wizards and witches that have out powered pureblood"

"Are you a pureblood sir?" He looked down at her, and she looked away, perhaps she was asking too much.

"No" He finally answered. They approached the front steps and the door opened to the manor.

"Severus, so nice of you to grace us with your presence" Lucius Malfoy glowered down at Daisy before moving aside for them to come in. Misses Malfoy smiled at Daisy and Daisy greeted her quietly. She gestured her to sit in the living room and Daisy followed Professor Snape to the couches. Narcissa sat by Daisy, away from the men, and she chatted a lot with her. Draco came down ignoring Daisy and went straight to sit next to his father. Narcissa was telling about her first time trying octopus, on one of her earlier dates with Lucius, and how horrible the experience was. Daisy couldn't help but giggle at the crazy story, then cupped her hand over her lips when she noticed they were looking at her. She apologized and her heart sunk at having done something wrong.

"What a cute laugh" She commented, and Daisy shook her head in denial, never had she been told she was cute.

Tea were served and little sandwiches were handed out on elegant silver trays. Daisy was slowly growing fond of Misses Malfoy. She was kind, and caring, she genuinely liked her. She was very different than her mom, she was like a queen, a nice one, who had many stories, and smiled a lot at her. She reminded her of her nice teachers at school, only she seemed and dressed far more important than merely a teacher.

"Maybe we could go to shopping together one of these days, oh I've always wanted a girl to do these things with" Daisy blushed and folded her hands on her lap looking down. Feeling clearly unworthy of this ladies kindness. She didn't look anything close to the beautiful of this lady. "Has Severus planned anything with you about school supplies and such?" Daisy shook her head.

"Don't spoil the prat Narissca" Daisy immediate remembered they were all still in the same room and looked down. His wife turned to him.

"She's one of us now, why wouldn't we? Everyone will know she's a Malfoy, she has to have the finest things" Lucius glared at the girl before finally agreeing.

"First taking our name and now our money too now? Shameless filthy-" Draco spat and she flinched.

"Draco" It wasn't his mother who spoke, though she looked like she was about to, it was his Godfather, Severus. Daisy felt relieved to know the man didn't think of her the way they did. The man didn't speak a lot, for all she knew he may be thinking of her the same way as his friend Lucius. For him to defend her, she felt honored.

"Why are you two sticking up to her?" Draco stood. "it's hardly been two days and she's already got mother spoiling her, not you too!"

"Draco, do not act so childish!" His mother advised. He gave Daisy one last disgusted look before sinking further into the couch and grabbing a sandwich, then kicked the elf who was holding the tray, the poor creature slide all the way he way to Daisy. He dropped the tray of sandwiches with a loud clank and sandwiches went flying. No one said anything, not even Narcissa. The poor thing apologized over and over and picked up the sandwiches and left. Daisy's heart ached a bit at the elf and excused herself to the washroom.

"House elf...?" She called not knowing the creatures name.

"Yes my lady?" He popped out of no where and she jumped, still not used to how they appear and disappear. She looked at his skinned knee and had such a sad expression on.

"Lady should not put such a sad face" it said and she looked at it. If she had ears they'd be down so low.

"But you're hurt..." she stepped closer and bent down to get a better look at it. The elf pulled away.

"No my Lady, you mustn't" it's eyes teared up with the ears down. She looked up at the poor creature who had teary eyes.

"let's go clean it up then, please?" tears streamed down his face and he shoved his different ragged top into his eyes. "Please don't cry" She tried.

"Lady is so kind, but Rin can't let you, Rin is sorry" and with that he disappeared. Daisy stared at where he was and found herself returning to the living room next to Misses Malfoy on the couch. Feeling disappointed she couldn't help the little guy.

Severus Snape was the first to get up.

"Going so soon?" Narcissa got up after. It was eleven at night.

"I'm afraid Miss Malfoy and I have a lot to do tomorrow" They said their good byes and walked out. Silence fell. She had a feeling he didn't just leave because of that but said nothing. Whatever it was, she was thankful they were leaving, the glares she was getting from Draco and Lucius time to time felt suffocating. When they reached Snape's Manor, they both walked up the stairs to their bedroom. She felt awkward. She hadn't realized she was living alone with a grown man, who was much older than her, and not to mention her soon to be teacher. She had went from living with her mother having little to no interactions with grown men to this. She would have to get used to it. Not only that but they slept not far from each other. Going up the stairs together felt as if they were going to bed together. She blushed at that thought and quickly kicked it out. How wrong would that be?

She paused before she opened her door and took a deep breath and said good night quickly, entering her room right after without waiting for a reply. She neatly took her shoes off and undressed. Putting them all away in the right spots. She rubbed her stiff shoulders and changed into something comfy and fell onto the bed. She opened her hair and let it fall all the way down to her low back. Without even going under her blanket she was fast asleep from another long and hard day.

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