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Lily Snape
Albus D. & Fred W. & OC & Severus S. - Words: 4,367 - Rated: T - English - Adventure & Romance - Chapters: 5 - Reviews: 1 - Updated: 13-08-2017 - Published: 06-08-2017 - by SouthernMFDemocraticRepublican (FFN)

Chapter One

OK I know a few people read this, but I changed a few things so sorry that you have to read this chapter again, only minor changes. This is still in their fifth year.

As I sit in a seat in the auditorium for band camp I can't help but have a bad feeling.

With only eight kids this was the smallest group, the woodwinds, and I could barely afford to not pay attention.

Then I felt it. A strong shock down my spine.

It was happening.

He was here.

Then the door burst open.


I heard a few gasps and everyone just stared at the misshapen man standing wand drawn at the doorway. Then they laughed.

There was no Harry Potter here.

There was no magic here.

The laughing increased, and he couldn't stand it.

That was until I stood up.

"Hello Voldemort."

The laugh stopped short I heard more gasps and felt the burning stares of the bandmates that thought they knew me.

"Nice disguise Potter, I would have never guessed you would go feminine."

Then I pulled out my wand. I saw him stare at the triangular design.

"No, it can't be."

"I know right. You think that Harry Potter is the person destined to destroy you, and yet here we are, it's a shock for all of us."

At that I wave my wand over my head, and felt my skin stretch and burn. But I love it.

Now the class is screaming in what could be delight or horror, as my form changes from average band geek to Witch.

When I feel my skin cool down I open my eyes to face my opponent.

He looks curiously at me. Then picks up his wand again. I felt it coming. Harry taught me the trick I know I need to use. But I know I have to use something big. No useless dueling spells to get rid of him now.

But by now they must know he was here with me now. Where were they. Where was Dumbledore? Where was McGonagall? Where was my dad?

But this isn't the time to think about that. I have to focus on the snake in front of me.

I saw his wand swish.

I swished my wand.

I saw him flick.

I flicked.

The scream of the curse came at the same time.


Thick streams of magic flew out of the tips of our wands. A flash of red hot pain flew up my arm and threatened to take over my entire body, but I didn't break the connection. Couldn't break the connection.

Then I heard a pop.

And more screams, five of them.


Then the connection broke.

I fell to my knees. Lightheaded and dizzy. I looked up to see the greatest team I know smiling back at me.

I knew he was gone.

Then I felt hands encase me.

"Oh I'm sorry. My darling are you okay? You have to be okay."

"I'm okay Papa. Just a little dizzy." I knew he didn't believe me. I didn't believe me. My voice was weak and raspy.

"Hear take this, it will make you feel much better." He shoved a vial in my hand which I uncorked and downed quickly.

I instantly felt better and got to my feet.

"Let me guess... eye of newt, lionfish spine and boomslang skin?"

"That's why you're my daughter."

I smiled and turned to the rest of them.

"Thanks guys, this couldn't have happened without you."

Then I realise that my entire group just saw me kill someone using something they haven't believed in in twelve years.

I turn to the eight of them, my band director still in the bathroom.

"I should probably explain. First of all, I should introduce myself. I'm Lily. Lily Snape."

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