The Time Turner
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Rose fingered her new Time Turner nervously as she waved to her parents. She was heading to Hogwarts for her seventh year and was excited, but she'd taken on extra classes and her mother had given her the Time Turner she'd used in her third year for the exact same reason. Her finger suddenly slipped, as did the nervous smile on her face. She glanced down and saw the Time Turner flip seven times. It suddenly started spinning right as the train began to move. She looked out the window at her mother's scared face before blacking out completely.

There was a methodic chugging noise and a rhythmic movement whenever she was. With a groan, she opened her eyes. Sighing in relief, she realized nothing happened—she was still on the train on her way to Hogwarts.

She breathed another rather relieved sigh and sat up from where she was laying on the floor of her compartment. Where had Scorpius gone? They had just started dating over the summer and had quite close, much to the dismay of her parents and his father.

Standing up, Rose looked down at the Time Turner, only to find it broken. Oh well, she thought. Perhaps Headmistress McGonagall has one I can use. Worst case scenario I just take my extra classes on the weekends.

Stepping out of her compartment, she headed towards the Slytherin side of the train. Perhaps he was with Albus? However, when she arrived at their usual compartment, it was empty. Turning around, even more confused than before, she ran into someone, falling back against the doors to the compartment, which just so happened to be open. And for the second time that day she fell to the compartment floor.

"Ugh! I'm sorry! I was only looking for…" She trailed off when she saw who she was talking to.

"Do I know you?" The boy asked. He seemed to be in Rose's year with the Head boy badge pinned to his robes. But that wasn't possible. Scorpius was Head Boy! "Oh, you're the Head Girl… Everyone's been looking for you. I heard that Granger turned down the position but I didn't know who it went to."

"G-Granger?" Rose stuttered. Something was off. "Head Girl?" Surely enough, when Rose looked down, she noticed she was somehow already in her school robes. How had she not noticed those before?

"Yes." He sounded exasperated. Looking at him closely, she noticed how much he resembled Scorpius. Same bright blond hair and grey eyes, though Scorpius was a little shorter and not quite as thin. While Scorpius was in Gryffindor, this boy appeared to be in Slytherin. "You're Head Girl. Come on then."

He grabbed her hand and pulled her off the floor. "What's your name?" She asked warily. Had the Time Turner sent her to another time without her realizing it? If so, she had no way of getting home seeing as it was broken beyond repair.

"Draco Malfoy. You don't know me?"

"Bloody hell!" She wrenched her hand from his and sat down on one of the seats, hard. "You-You're Draco Malfoy?"

"Erm… Yes. Is that a problem?"

"And when you said Granger you meant Hermione?" She could practically feel the blood drain from her face. She knew when she was, and she knew how, but she still didn't understand why. Surely seven turns didn't take her back twenty five years?

"Yes. Shouldn't you know her? Being a Lion and all."

"Shouldn't you hate her? Being a Snake and all?" She looked up from where she was clutching her robes to see him sitting in the seat across from her, a disappointed look on his face.

"I thought I did. Before the war."

"Oh," was all she could say. He looked up at her and she could sense he was trying to not seem weak. She grabbed his hand and smiled slightly. Her father always had said she was too forgiving. But if he actually went back to Hogwarts for his seventh year, Rose thought he wouldn't have been quite so hell-bent on her hating the Malfoys.

He cleared his throat and hastily stood up, his hand still holding hers.

"We should get going now. You already missed the meeting with the Prefects but I'm sure it'll be fine. You may hear from McGonagall about it but that should be it. Well, Granger might not be pleased, but she'll have to deal with the two of us." As he led her to what seemed to be his compartment, Rose felt a blush forming on her cheeks. He was still holding her hand, and seemed to have no intention of letting her go anytime soon.

Rose! She scolded herself mentally. You can't fall for your boyfriend's father! Even if he is more attractive! Though I suppose he's your ex-boyfriend now, seeing as you have no way home.

They stopped before an empty compartment, except for a cage with an owl that is. He stated simply, "I never got your name."

Deciding it was best not to lie, she decided to just come out with it all at once. "I'm Rose Granger-Weasley. I'm from the future."

The odd thing was, the Professors seemed to think it was perfectly normal that she was there, and Head Girl at that!

It had been a little over three months since the train ride to Hogwarts and Draco had kept her secret thus far. The two of them had been working together to try to solve her discrepancy with time. As time passed, Rose found herself working less and less hard to try to find her way back home. Perhaps it had something to do with being Head Girl-

"Or perhaps it has something to do with a certain Head Boy," Hermione said with a small grin, after Rose voiced her thoughts. Hermione and Draco were the only two people she told about her past. Rose figured it couldn't hurt—the Hermione in the future must have realized what happened and was trying to find a way to bring her back—the only thing telling Hermione from the past changed was that she would remember and likely never give Rose the Time Turner in the first place, preventing her from ever meeting Scorpius' father.

Scorpius! She'd forgotten about the boy. She wondered how he was holding up. Perhaps her mum was explaining everything to him now?

She wondered how she had forgotten her own boyfriend! To be fair, she was pretty sure that three months without seeing each other meant they had broken up, but it was just the same.

"I has nothing to do with Draco!" She protested. "Of course not! Who would like him anyways?"

"Thou dost protest too much," Hermione said with a grin. "Always been my favorite."

"That's odd… Future you always said it was her favorite, but she said she helped one of her new friends realize something by saying that quote, which is why she always says it in the future. But if I'm the new friend, why didn't she just not give me the Time Turner? Surely she doesn't want me to be stuck here?"

"Maybe I realized you were in love with Malfoy and that despite the love you have for me and Ron, you didn't truly want to go back?"

"That's absurd!" Rose squirmed in her chair for a moment, Hermione's eyes following her movements. "Okay, perhaps not. But I'm not bloody in love with him! He doesn't even like me! He marries Astoria Greengrass in the future…"

"Perhaps… But that doesn't necessarily mean he doesn't like you!" Hermione sighed and stood up from the couch in the Head's common room. "I'd best get going. Seven days till Christmas and all that. If we don't find a way to send you back by then, I don't know if we ever will."

Rose watched as she walked out of the common room and sighed. She didn't even know if she wanted to go back.



"Well, I was wondering… With the Yule Ball being tomorrow… Erm, I was wondering…"


"You will?"

"Will I what, Draco?" Rose shut her book with a sigh. She'd just gotten to the good part when Draco interrupted her. It was almost midnight, the night before Christmas, and Rose and Draco were seated in front of the fireplace in their common room, reading. They had asked the Prefects if it was alright for them to go over all the plans for the ball instead of patrolling the corridors that night, and while they had been reluctant to say yes, they'd agreed. Of course, they'd actually wanted a break, figuring they could just go over the details the next morning.

"Oh! You didn't hear me… Right. It was nothing important." Draco opened his book back up and began reading again.

"Draco…" Rose looked over at him, but he was still reading. "What did you say?"

"Nothing, Rose. Bugger off." He hadn't even looked up at her. Well she knew how to get his attention.

"Seven… Six…" She began counting off. It was something her mother had done whenever her and Hugo were misbehaving. So not the same situation, but it grabbed people's attentions all the same.

Draco continued to read. "What are you doing?"

"Five…" She slowly walked from her chair to his. "Four… Three…"

He hadn't even glanced at her. Stopping in front of his chair, Rose slowly knelt on the ground and pried the book out of his fingers. He still didn't look at her.

"Two…" She moved her face so he had no choice but to look into her eyes and she almost stopped breathing. His eyes looked disappointed and lonely, and she would give anything to see that expression go away. He looked mildly startled that she had gotten so close, but he hadn't seemed to be paying attention to her counting.

"One... " she breathed, her face inches from his. She bit her lip, not wanting to move away, but too scared to move closer. Any closer and she'd be kissing him, and while that may have been something she wanted, she certainly didn't want to lose her friendship with Draco over something as silly as feelings.

Before she could say the word zero, he was kissing her. She didn't know exactly who initiated the kiss, though she felt pretty confident it wasn't her, but she did know she was enjoying it. Scorpius and her had never kissed, perhaps they just weren't feeling that comfortable with each other in that way. Perhaps somewhere deep down, they knew they were better off as friends.

Her arms slowly moved wound around his neck, her hands playing with his platinum blond hair as he kissed her, yes, she was sure it was he who had kissed her. Pulling away, she searched his eyes for anything. All she saw was pure joy that she has kissed him back. The smile on his face was infectious and Rose soon found herself smiling too.

"What was it that you asked me?"

"You never give up do you, Weasley?" If possibly, his smile grew wider.

"That's Granger-Weasley, Malfoy." She smirked. "And you should know by now that I inherited a lot of personality traits from my mother. Stubbornness and all."

He pulled her off the ground and onto his lap, turning her chin so she was looking at him. "I was wondering if you wanted to go to the ball with me tomorrow. As my date."

"I'd love to," she smiled again.

It was Christmas morning and Rose and Draco sat excitedly by the Christmas tree in their common room. Under the tree were a couple presents for the both of them. Draco grabbed one first and Rose watched as he opened the present she got for him.

Taking off the top of the rather large box, he sighed when he saw yet another box. "How long does this go on?"

"It was just the one prank! Besides, how do you know it's from me?" Rose asked. The box had holes in it and was wrapped in green paper with silver lining the edges. "It could be from Pansy for all you know!"

"Oh Merlin, don't make me think of her. I was having such a good morning too!" Draco finished opening the box and gasped. Inside was a baby phoenix with a note.


Rose here explained her situation to me as soon as she got to the Hogwarts in this time and asked me why seven turns on a Time Turner could send her here. I told her what I thought to be the answer: love. I know all you did in the war,and believe it or not, you are very much like Severus Snape.

I hope Fawkes brings you as much joy as she brought me.

You are not to blame for my death, or for anything else. The phoenix is my gift to you.

Albus Dumbledore

Draco looked up from the note, tears in his eyes. "Dumbledore…"

"That's my gift to you… Forgiveness." Rose smiled happily at his reaction. She was so worried he wouldn't care, or worse, think it was a bad present. "He forgave you as soon as he knew of your plans, but he knew you didn't know that. I thought the best gift that I could get you would be that he knows that you're a good person, and he forgives you for whatever mistakes you may have made."

Draco leaned in and kissed her softly, sending electric sparks through her. Pulling back slightly, he whispered, "I want you to open mine now."

Rose looked around the few boxes that were there for her and smiled when she saw a small one labeled 'To Rose' in elegant handwriting. Picking it up, she noted how it was fairly light but had a weight to it that felt familiar. She opened it quickly and gasped. A Time Turner! Her Time Turner, in fact.

She was confused, "M-My Time Turner? You fixed it? I thought it was broken beyond repair!"

He smiled sadly at her and grabbed her hand, intertwining their fingers. "I just wanted to let you know you have an option. You don't have to stay here any longer if you don't want… You can go home."

Rose noticed the smile was just a facade. He was really broken up about the Time Turner but didn't want her to know. "No," she replied firmly.

"What? But you could go back to your mum and dad! Your brother! My son…" He looked away.

Rose scooted closer to him and laid a hand on his shoulder. His eyes snapped to hers and she felt her heart beat faster. "I could…" She said truthfully. "But I don't want to."

What a perfect Christmas, Rose thought as her kissed her. Who would've thought seven could be such a lucky number?"