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Surprise Surprise
None - Words: 325,228 - Rated: M - English - None - Chapters: 32 - Reviews: 160 - Updated: 22-10-2017 - Published: 13-08-2017 - Complete - by Dutchgirl84 (FFN)

AN: Disclaimer for entire story: Don't own, except for original characters, spells and potions. Don't make money. Words in italics are thoughts, words in bold are parseltongue. Words between ** are written.

For those who had been in the middle of reading when I took my stories down: I apologize for that. I have started editing all my stories and each story is down and will be reposted as editing is completed on each chapter. Unfortunately it's not possible to do that without losing all the followers and reviews, but I was positive those looking could find this again. Chapter numbers are also changed as I've combined some of the shorter chapters and taken out Author's Notes.

Warnings: This story has minors receiving the occasional swat by a parental figure. No full spanking, no abuse (I do not consider a swat abuse). M/M and M/F Relationships. There may be other triggers for some. I don't know who reads this, so I can't warn for everything.

This was my first ever fanfiction. The writing, especially at the beginning, isn't as good as it became by the time I finished this series. However, this is my baby. Please be kind.

Chapter 1

Staring out the window of the Hogwarts Express, Harry was lost in thought. Another year had passed and once again it hadn't been a calm, quiet year. Finding out the truth about Sirius had been a blow to what he had always thought was true. He couldn't understand why Dumbledore hadn't saved him all those years ago, and why Sirius hadn't been given a trial when Dumbledore was Supreme Mugwump. He was worried about Sirius and wondered where he was, though he hoped he was safe. No matter what though, he knew his living conditions weren't good even if he was safe.

"Harry. Harry. HARRY!" Hermione yelled at him

"What Hermione?", Harry replied with a thoughtful expression on his face

"Where were you with your mind? You seemed to be somewhere completely different! Are you alright? Hermione replied with a worried look.

"Yes, Hermione, I'm fine. Just thinking about Sirius and wondering if he's ok. Where did Ron go? Wasn't he in here earlier?"

Harry noticed a flash of anger in her eyes as she replied "yes he was, but he was being very immature and I told him so. He didn't like that we saved Sirius without him and that we won't tell him what happened".

"Oh. Well that's his loss. Oh look, we're almost at the station. Hopefully this summer will go faster than last and we'll be back on the train to Hogwarts before we know it".

Once Harry got his trunk and made it through the barrier, he saw Vernon waiting for him. Holding back a sigh he quietly followed him to the car. No word was spoken until they got to the house, where Harry quickly convinced his uncle to let him keep his trunk. He promised to stay out of the way, do his chores, and pretend to not exist. Finally his offer to not eat any of the Dursley's food in return for his trunk gets him his way, and he makes his way up the stairs.

Pulling out parchment and a quill he started writing out all the questions that came to his mind, as well as where he could find the answer to his questions. He wished he could call on Dobby, but as they aren't bonded he knew the elf didn't have to answer him. "Dobby," he said softly.

"Harry Potter Sir. How can Dobby help you?"

"Well Dobby, do you like being at Hogwarts as a free elf?"

"Oh, Dobby likes it very much Harry Potter Sir but Dobby would much rather be bonded to a wizard. See, an elf gets his magic from the wizard, so the more powerful the wizard, the more powerful the elf, Harry Potter sir! Hogwarts elves don't have as much power because we have to share the castles magic Harry Potter sir!"

"Well how would you like to be bonded to me Dobby? How would you like to become my elf?"

"Oh Harry Potter you is so kind! Dobby would be honored to be Harry Potter's elf!"

"Well Dobby, what do we need to do to bond? Also, nobody can know you are bonded to me, I want it to be a secret for now"

"Oh Harry Potter sir just needs to request on his magic for Dobby to be his elf and Dobby just needs to accept".

"I, Harry James Potter, do hereby request on my magic for Dobby to be my elf. So mote it be".

"I, Dobby the elf, accept Harry James Potter as my master. Master Harry Potter sir, what can Dobby do for you?"

"Dobby, call me Master Harry. For now, please provide me with 3 meals a day. Also, can you go to the store and get me books on Wizarding Culture, Wizarding Etiquette and Wizarding Politics? Just charge it to my accounts, like with everything else you get for me. Also, please go to Gringotts and request for a two way parchment or mirror with my account manager so that I can easily transact business and ask questions without my relatives knowing. Now, nobody can see you in this house and nobody should see you entering or leaving this house. This is very important".

"Yes, Master Harry! I will do that right now!"

A few hours later, Harry was lying on his bed and staring at the ceiling, thankful to have Dobby. He wants to learn about the Wizarding World, and he wants to take control of his own life. However, he has no idea how and he knows he needs help. As he starts to fall asleep, he has no idea exactly how fast that help will come.

A week had passed since Dobby had gotten Harry the books he requested, and his parchment with questions had grown substantially. He knew he needed help with everything he had found, but he didn't know who to trust. Knowing the Goblins rarely ever took sides, he decided to try his luck with Ragnok, his Gringotts account managers.

** Ragnok, I have a lot of questions about my rights in the wizarding world. Is this something you can help with, or do you have a solicitor you recommend?**

** Lord Potter, I can recommend an excellent solicitor. His name is Lord Henry Peterson. He is the best solicitor in the wizarding world, and he is on retainer by the Potter family. He will keep your confidentiality, and since he's a pureblood and a Lord himself, he can answer any questions you may have**

** Thank you Ragnok. Can you arrange a meeting with me, you and Lord Peterson as soon as possible, preferably at Gringotts? I'll need a secure portkey to get there. Please do not tell anyone of this meeting. Also, why are you calling me Lord Potter?**

**Lord Potter, I will send you a secure portkey with a meeting date and time as soon as possible. I am calling you Lord Potter because you are the last descendant of the Potter line, and therefore you are Lord Potter. That you don't know this indicates that this meeting needs to happen as soon as possible. I will be in touch. **

The next day, Harry took a portkey to Gringotts for the meetings. It took him directly into a Gringotts meeting room, and after scrambling up off the floor and looking around, he knew they had set up the meeting so quickly for a reason. There was a man next to Ragnok, whom he assumed to be Lord Peterson, which was confirmed with quick introductions.

Not one for stalling, Lord Peterson immediately began explaining a lot of things to Harry, who mostly looked on in confusion with anger bubbling underneath the surface. He should have known all of it already. He finds out that he is not only Lord Potter, but also Lord Gryffindor, Lord Peverell and Lord Black because he is the last descendant of the Gryffindor and Peverall lines and Sirius blood adopted him as an infant making him Lord Black as well. Sirius lost his lordship when he was arrested, and a flaw in the law concerning lordship makes it impossible for him to get it back.

When Lord Peterson explains that Harry can apply for emancipation due to the fact that he is a Lord, and nobody can stop it, he is immediately intrigued. The law was put into place to protect underage Lords of Ancient and Noble Houses, and to protect Harry Lord Peterson already went ahead and filed the paperwork.

"Lord Peterson, what exactly does it mean that I'm emancipated?"

"Well Lord Potter-Black, it means that in the eyes of the wizarding world, you are an adult. You no longer have the trace on your wand and you can make your own decisions about your life. Nobody can make decisions for you anymore. It also means that you have complete control over all your vaults, not just the trust vault you had until now"

"What do you mean trust vault? There is more?"

Ragnok decided this was the time to jump into the conversation. "Lord Potter, you have many vaults. Here is a general overview:
Potter Vaults : 95,569,455 Galleons, 4,585 books and 6,456 other items including heirlooms, 4 properties.
Gryffindor Vaults: 5,546,564 Galleons, 9,546 books and 7,546 other items including heirlooms, 1/4 of Hogwarts, 1 property in Hogsmeade.
Peverell Vaults: 2,554,654 galleons, 986 books and 1,058 other items including heirlooms, no properties.
Black Vaults: 185,235,354 Galleons, 8,564 books and 9,654 other items including heirlooms, 7 properties. "

Harry just stared at Ragnok with his mouth wide open. "I have been wearing rags and living in the cupboard under the stairs and now I find out I'm rich? I can't believe this! How can I make sure nobody can take advantage of me? And can I see these properties? I would love to move out of my uncle's house if I can get one of my properties properly warded"

"Lord Potter-Black, we will have to talk sometime about you living in the cupboard under the stairs since your Aunt and Uncle have received monthly payments for your care. But for now, yes you are very rich. You can live in any of these properties, and they all have house elves that live there that are bonded to each family. I would advise that you don't live there without an adult. I know you are emancipated, but it is always good to have a trained wizard with you just in case. Gringotts can do excellent warding on any property and nobody will be able to find it and you will be very safe" Lord Peterson replied.

"Lord Potter-Black, here is a listing of the properties, are there any that you would like to have warded?" Ragnok asked.

"I like this one, Black Manor. I'm assuming since it has elves it is in good condition and fully furnished? If so, I would like to move as soon as possible"

Lord Peterson had a small smile on his face at seeing the excitement in Harry and replied: "It will be in excellent condition and fully furnished. Gringotts can ward it today, and alert the house elves to your arrival. If you don't mind me asking, who will be living with you?"

"I will have Sirius live with me. Lord Peterson, I need your help getting him freed of all charges. He is innocent and never had a trial. He will be safe at Black Manor, and I can get to know him better. I know I am emancipated, but I do want a father figure in my life. Sirius is my godfather, and I'd really like to get to know him better"

"That is an excellent idea Lord Potter-Black. I'm assuming you know how to contact him. We can include a portkey that can only be used by him with his magical signature that will take him straight to the manor. I will get started on getting a trial put together to get him acquitted of all charges. I will meet with you again once you are settled in and you can provide any evidence you have, plus we can get pensieve memories from you and Sirius"

"Thank you Lord Peterson. I should really get back to my relatives. I don't want them to notice I'm gone. Ragnok, thank you for all the information and letting us meet here. I will await the portkey to Black Manor as soon as possible once it's warded. Also, can you please create a vault for Sirius Black, and put in 10,000,000? Transfer the funds from the Black vaults."

"Yes Lord Potter-Black. Before you leave, here are your lordship rings. Please slip each on your right ring finger. They will then merge into one ring with all four crests on it. With this, you officially claim your lordships"

Harry put on the rings. "Thank you. I will not use the Gryffindor and Peverall names for now, but I might change that later"

Two days later Harry received a letter from Ragnok with his portkey to Black Manor, and after telling his relatives that he's leaving, he grabs his belongings and disappears. Landing in what looks like a living room, he he instantly pulled into a hug. Noticing that it's Sirius he grins widely before falling down on the couch with a sigh.

"So Harry, want to explain all this to me?"

"I will, but I need you to swear on your magic first that you won't share anything I tell you, unless I expressly say you can. I don't know you very well and while I do trust you, I need to be careful"

Sirius stands up, puts his wand in front of himself straight up and says "I, Sirius Orion Black, do hereby swear on my magic that I will not share anything Harry James Potter tells me, unless he expressly permits me to do so. So mote it be"

Harry started explaining everything, but he also notices Sirius getting increasingly angry though he is unsure why.

"Oh, and Sirius, I had them create a vault in your name and put 10,000,000 in it. The lordship should have been yours so I want you to live comfortably. If you ever need more, I will put in more. I want to make sure you have everything you need. Also, Lord Peterson is organizing a trial for you and we will meet with him next week so he can get evidence of your innocence".

"Harry, you didn't have to create a vault for me but I appreciate it. I'm just happy I'm going to be free and that I have you again. I understand why you are emancipated, but I hope you'll still accept my guidance since you are still only thirteen. I'm angry at Dumbledore. As your magical guardian, he should have known all of this already and he should have informed you. He also should not have left you with those people!"

"I know Sirius, but for now I'm not going to do anything. I want to get everything in order first, learn more about the wizarding world, and keep Dumbledore in the dark. And yes, I would love your guidance. I know I need a father figure in my life, and I want you to be that person. I'm still young, and I still have a lot to learn. I'm just happy that legally I can make my own choices and decisions. We need to get to know each other better"

"Absolutely Harry. How about we get some supper, and we can talk about your first few years at Hogwarts? I'm dying to know what all you've been up to! If you're anything like the Marauders you'll have lots to tell! I know this past year was dangerous, but I'm sure your first two years were lots of fun!"

"ehhh sure Sirius. I don't know how much fun though. Let's get some food first, I'm sure we can think more clearly with a full belly"

Sirius notices the apprehensive look on Harry's face with the mention of his first few years, but doesn't understand why. How much can really go wrong?

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