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War of Courage
Fred W. & George W. & OC - Words: 237,987 - Rated: T - English - Family & Romance - Chapters: 34 - Reviews: 215 - Updated: 08-03-2018 - Published: 17-08-2017 - Complete - by TMNTfan1 (FFN)

Annabelle's parents didn't tell her much the first couple days she was home for the summer. She tried asking politely, and then demanding answers on what was going to be happening during the summer to try and stop Voldemort, because she knew her parents would be in Dumbledore's inner circle on that front. The fact that Remus wasn't home and they wouldn't tell her why worried her more. She distracted herself by spending most of her time with Buckbeak in his pen out behind the house.

Finally, on her third day home, her parents sat her down at the kitchen table. Anna sat on one side, her parents across from her, all of them with cups of tea.

"So, you're finally going to tell me what's going on?" Anna asked, glancing between them.

"Yes, we are." Sirius answered, nodding his head once. He seemed unsure what to say next, glancing over at his wife.

"Why don't you start by telling her about the Order?" Wren suggested gently, reaching over and holding his hand.

"Right." Sirius sighed and turned back to his daughter. "Well, during the war over thirteen years ago, Dumbledore started what he called the Order of the Phoenix. It's basically an organization to fight Voldemort. Me and the other Marauders were in it, Lily, Hagrid, the Prewetts, the Longbottoms, your mum was kind of in it."

Wren rolled her eyes. "You had just been born, so your father wouldn't let me be an official member, even though I went to nearly all the meetings." she told Anna.

"Can you blame me?" Sirius asked rhetorically. "Anyway,-"

"Wait. Is that how you knew Hagrid? When I first met him my first year, he said he spent a lot of time with you all during the war." Anna cut in quickly.

"Yep, we were all around each other a lot during that time." Wren nodded with a small smile. "He loved playing with you and the other kids."

"Other kids? Wait, is that also how you knew Molly and Arthur?" Anna asked eagerly, leaning forward on her elbows. She was happy she was finally finding out more about how her parents knew all these people.

Wren chuckled. "Well, yes, but they weren't in the Order back then. I met Molly through Fabian and Gideon Prewett, her brothers. And she sometimes offered to baby-sit you with some of the other Order kids during meetings and missions."

"Anyway, can I continue?" Sirius asked with a light chuckle.

"Oh, right, sorry." Anna clamped her mouth shut and waited for her father to continue.

"Anyway, with Voldemort being back, Dumbledore decided we needed to restart the Order as soon as possible, and inform all the old members, and then some, of what's really happening. Merlin knows Fudge won't do it." Sirius explained, the last sentence being more of a mutter as he rolled his eyes. "So that's where I went the night of the third task. Dumbledore wanted me to contact as many former Order members as I could. I came straight here first to tell Remus. Then we split up to try and get to as many people as we could. Remus volunteered to look for as many people as possible, the full moon got in the way a little bit, but he insisted that I stay here to look after Wren and you, as well as keep in touch with Harry. I wrote to a few people, he's out there now getting in touch with some people, that's where he's been."

Anna nodded, slightly relieved to at least have an idea where Remus was. She'd come to see him as an uncle or second father figure.

"Okay…" she said, wondering if there was anything else that she needed to know.

"Do you want me to tell her the other part?" Wren asked her husband quietly, one hand resting on his back and her other hand on his hand.

Sirius gave her a tight-lipped smile. "No, Love, that's fine. I can tell her." Wren nodded and Sirius turned back to his daughter.

"Dumbledore needed a safe place to have a headquarters. Apparently my dear old mother passed away a few years back, and I was left the family house. I had no interest in even stepping foot in that hell hole again, never thought I'd have to. But if I have to do something with it, I might as well do something that would make my mother turn in her grave. So, I offered it up for the Order's headquarters."

Anna nodded slowly. "That's good." she said uncertainly. She didn't know much about her father's childhood home, but she knew that he'd hated his childhood.

Sirius nodded slowly as well. "Yes, well…unfortunately there's a downside to it. Some people are going to be practically living there. So, just to make sure there's someone there at all times…I'm probably going to have to spend a lot of time there, myself."

"Who all's going to be there a lot?" Anna asked curiously, wondering if it would be anyone she knew.

"Well, I believe the Weasleys are going to actually be staying there for most of the summer, as well as Hermione Granger." Sirius listed. "Remus will probably be there occasionally, as well as several other Order members popping in."

"Are me and Mum going to be staying there, too?"

Wren opened her mouth, only for Sirius to cut across her. "I'm not letting your mother stay there very often. She'll probably be popping in once in a while, but she's not staying any nights or anything. She's heavily pregnant, she's supposed to be careful Flooing and she's not allowed to Apparate, and there will most likely be a lot of cursed objects lying around. I won't risk her or the baby getting hurt."

Wren rolled her eyes, looking annoyed but ultimately accepting as she rested a protective hand on her large baby bump.

"So,…what about me?" Anna asked.

Sirius sighed. "If you want to stay there, I suppose that's your choice. I don't see why you would, but…If you stay there, I'll probably stay, as well, most nights."

Anna chewed her lip. "Well,…if some of my friends are going to be staying there, I'd like to stay there with them." she admitted quietly, already figuring Fred and George would be spending as much time as possible either working on new products or trying to eavesdrop on Order meetings.

Sirius grimaced slightly. "And I suppose by 'friends' you mean 'boyfriend'?"

"What?" Anna straightened slightly in surprise. "Oh! That, right. Um, no I actually wasn't talking about just Fred. Fred and George are both my best friends, and Hermione and Ginny are my friends."

"Okay. Sure." Sirius nodded slightly. "Well, it's your choice. I suppose if you get sick of being there and want to come home, you can do that if you want. Is there anything else you want to know?"

Anna hummed as she thought for a moment. "When are we going?"

"I'm going to start staying over there tomorrow. If you want to wait a couple days, that's your choice."

"When is everyone else going to move in there?" Anna asked, silently debating if she should wait until the other kids arrived or get there as early as possible to try and find out some secret Order information.

"I think Molly mentioned arriving in a couple days, and Hermione would be with them." her mother answered, glancing at Sirius before looking back at Anna.

Well, one day before the others wouldn't be too horrible. "I guess I could go tomorrow with you, if that's okay, Dad."


12 Grimmauld Place was as rank and creepy as her father had warned her. The walls and floorboards almost seemed to ooze darkness and evil. Luckily, she wasn't alone in the house. The day her father brought her, he gave her a tour, continuously warning her not to touch anything in case it was cursed. He also introduced her to some of the Order members that came and went, such as Kingsley Shacklebolt, Dedalus Diggle, and Mundungus Fletcher.

After spending a night in the creaking, eerie house, Anna was almost tempted to change her mind and go back to staying at home with her mum. But she repeatedly reminded herself that the others would be joining her that day, and chances were Hermione and Ginny would be sharing a room with her.

Heading down for breakfast, Anna entered the kitchen and jerked to a stop, her eyes going wide in shock at the person she saw standing there.

"Dora!" she shrieked, bolting forward and slamming into her blue-haired cousin, her arms wrapping around her neck. Tonks laughed and hugged her back tightly.

"Wotcher, cuz."

"What are you doing here?" Anna demanded, pulling back and staring up at her excitedly.

"I'm a member of the Order, obviously." she said with a grin.

Anna turned and gaped at Remus, who was making something at the stove and smirking over at them. He had arrived at 12 Grimmauld Place the evening before, after dinner. "Why didn't anyone tell me Tonks was in the Order?!" she demanded.

"Oops. Guess it slipped our minds." Remus joked, winking at her. Anna scowled, but couldn't stop herself from grinning and hugging Tonks again.

Remus made them breakfast and they all sat down and caught up on everything that had been going on. After the food was gone and the dishes were washing themselves in the sink, there was a knock on the front door above.

Already having an idea who it was, Anna bolted up from her chair and raced up the narrow staircase. Her dad beat her to the door, looking as if he'd just come down from somewhere upstairs. He opened the front door, and a mass of ginger hair was the first thing Anna caught a glimpse of as Arthur Weasley lead his family inside.

Ginny was the first one in behind her dad, and she instantly placed her trunk aside and hurried to give Anna a hug. They pulled away and moved back to allow more room for the other Weasleys to enter the house and close the front door behind them.

There was a loud clatter behind Anna and multiple things happened within the span of a second. Everyone looked back to see that Tonks had tripped over the troll-leg umbrella stand, knocking it over and making a loud racket. The noise caused the velvet curtains on the wall next to Anna to fly open, revealing a portrait of an old woman with gray hair and a black cap.

"Filth! Bloodtraitors! Scum of the earth, defiling the house of my fathers!" she shrieked. Anna, along with nearly all the Weasleys, clapped her hands over her ears, looking at the portrait in bewilderment. Her father had warned her that it was his mother's portrait, and to be quiet around it. But she hadn't experienced why until this moment.

Sirius and Remus rushed forward, struggling to yank the velvet, moth-eaten curtains back over the portrait of Walburga Black. After a few moments of struggling, they managed to pull the curtains shut and silence the horrid portrait.

"Sorry about that." Sirius panted to the Weasley family. "My mother. Haven't gotten around to getting rid of that blasted painting yet."

"Not to worry, Sirius." Arthur assured him with a smile.

"So, that's your grandmother?" a familiar voice teased over Anna's shoulder. She spun around and grinned up at George, Fred smiling over his twin's shoulder.

"She doesn't seem like the type to bake her grandkids cookies." Fred added as George pulled Anna into a hug.

Anna laughed. "No. If she did, she'd probably poison them." she joked as she pulled away from George, who stepped aside so she could hug Fred. He pulled her into a tight hug, his arms wrapped around her lower back and lifting her onto her tiptoes. He leaned his head down and, under the pretense of hiding his face in the crook of her neck, placed a kiss on her cheek near her ear.

"Miss me?" he whispered playfully.

"A little." she whispered back before pulling away. They glanced around to see that nearly everyone in the long hallway was staring at them. Anna blushed and put her hands behind her back.

"Oh, Anna, sweetie, it's nice to see you again." Molly suddenly burst out, stepping around her sons and pulling Anna into a rib-cracking hug. Anna started in surprise, but hugged the woman back instinctively. She was even more bewildered when she felt Molly shake and a couple tears hit her shoulder.

Arthur looked at his wife sadly, gently taking her shoulders. "Come, now, Molly. Sirius is going to give us a brief tour so we can decide who's sleeping where."

Molly nodded, sniffling as she pulled away, wiping under her eyes and cheeks.

Sirius and Remus lead the way down the hall to the staircase that lead to the upper floors.

"What was that about?" Anna asked quietly as Hermione stepped forward to give her a brief hug.

"We'll tell you later." George whispered, picking up his trunk. "Whatever you do, don't mention Percy."

Anna swallowed thickly, not liking the sound of that.

"Ahem." Anna looked over her shoulder to see Tonks smirking at her. "Am I going to have to introduce myself?" she teased.

Anna rolled her eyes. "Guys, this is my cousin, Tonks. You two might vaguely remember her. She was in Charlie's year." she added to the twins. "Tonks, this is Fred, George, Ron, Hermione, and Ginny."

"Nice to meet you all." Tonks greeted them, shaking everyone's hands in turn. "And I've been told by a number of sources about you dating my little cousin." she added with a devious smirk in Fred's direction.

"Dora." Anna warned.

"What?" Tonks laughed. "I've heard about it from McGonagall, Sirius, Wren, Remus, and Charlie. That's a lot of people to hear it from."

Anna rolled her eyes and sighed.

"You kids coming up? We need to decide rooms." Remus told them from the bottom of the stairs. The kids all nodded and followed him up the steps.

"Ugh!" Ron jerked back when he saw all the house-elf heads mounted on plaques on the wall. "What the bleeding hell?" he hissed, looking back to where Anna was a few steps below him.

"Those are all the house-elves that have served in this house." she explained quietly, carefully avoiding looking at the heads. "I guess they considered it an honor."

Hermione grimaced in repulsion.

Sirius, Arthur, and Molly were waiting on the first landing. When everyone else joined them, Sirius gestured around him. "There's one bedroom up here, which Anna claimed. We figured the three girls could share that one. It wouldn't be hard to put in an extra bed. There's also a bathroom and a drawing room."

Molly peaked into the bedroom, which had two beds at the moment. "There should be enough room for the three girls. Ginny, Hermione, why don't you put your trunks in there?"

The two younger girls dragged their trunks into the room, placing them on the ground just inside before everyone continued up to the next floor. Ron was put in the bedroom on this floor, and he would be sharing with Harry when they eventually got him from his aunt and uncle's.

The next floor up was filled with bedrooms. Molly and Arthur got one, Fred and George were put in another, and there was also the master bedroom that was left empty.

"The top floor only has two bedrooms. Mine and my brother's." Sirius explained when they all returned to the landing. "That's pretty much everything up here. We can head downstairs, if you want. The dining room is on the ground floor, and the kitchen is the floor below that.."

"Well, I'd like to have a look around some more. Heaven knows this place needs a good cleaning." Molly stated, earning groans from all her children. "But why don't you all start unpacking your things?" she suggested to the kids.

They didn't need to be told twice. All the kids hurried back down the stairs to their own bedrooms. Fred grabbed Anna's hand and pulled her into the room him and George were sharing.

"Okay." Anna started, plopping down on one of the beds and causing a cloud of dust to rise around her. "Tell me what's going on with Percy."


On one hand, the following weeks were very uneventful, but on the other hand, everyone was kept busy. Anna, Ron, Hermione, and Sirius all wrote to Harry as often as possible, but they weren't allowed to actually tell him anything, under Dumbledore's orders. Anna felt horrible, because she knew Harry was going crazy not knowing what was going on the wizarding world, but every time he asked, she could only tell him to wait until they picked him up, which no one knew when that would be.

Molly kept all the kids busy during most of the days, cleaning the whole house from top to bottom.

"I still think the whole 'Ear' thing is a bit much." Anna stated, rolling onto her stomach on George's bed and looking down at the twins. They were sitting cross-legged on the floor, their latest invention, an Extendable Ear, between them. It was an eavesdropping device that was just a long, flesh-colored string. They'd put one end in their ear and put the other wherever they were trying to eavesdrop. "Why don't we just go with my idea? It'd be quicker, easier, and mostly undetectable."

"Because it's so unoriginal." George pointed out.

"Yeah, I mean, a bug? Someone'd probably squash it." Fred pointed out.

Anna sighed, dropping her chin onto her folded arms. Her idea had been a beetle-looking device that would connect to some kind of ear bud or microphone so you could hear the conversation in whatever room the bug was in. She'd got the idea when Hermione told her about Rita Skeeter being an unregistered beetle Animagus.

There was a knock on the door and Fred instantly shoved the Extendable Ear under the bed as the door creaked open.

Sirius looked between the three for a moment. "What are you guys up to?" he asked casually, leaning his shoulder against the doorframe.

"Nothing." they all answered just as casually.

"Just talking, mostly." Anna added, not completely lying. They had been talking.

Sirius smirked deviously. "I somehow doubt that. But I'm not Molly, so I won't nag." Fred and George smirked in return while Anna rolled her eyes. "Anyway, dinner will be ready soon, and your mother's here." he added the last part to Anna, who nodded.

Her dad didn't like her mum being here too much, worried she'd get hurt or cursed by something and hurt the baby. But Anna sensed it was putting a slight strain on her parents' relationship. Wren came as often as Sirius would allow, which was about five times a week, and it was usually only for dinner and a few hours after. However, even though he hated being in his childhood house, Sirius refused to sleep at home with his pregnant wife. He'd never said out loud, but Anna suspected it was because of her. Her father didn't want to leave her in 12 Grimmauld Place unattended. And it wasn't because he was worried about her safety, at least not entirely.

It was because her boyfriend was in the same house. She could tell he liked Fred and George, they probably reminded him of what he and the Marauders were like in school. But Anna noticed he'd always look in on them. If she was with both the twins, or if anyone was in the room with them, he was fine. But if Anna and Fred were miraculously in a room alone, he'd make up an excuse to stick around so they weren't alone. Anna sort of understood why he wouldn't want them in a room alone, but it was getting ridiculous. She couldn't just have a minute alone to talk with her boyfriend, and it was driving her nuts.

Anna was brought out of her thoughts by Fred grabbing her hand and suddenly she felt a familiar pulling in her navel. She stumbled when her feet were suddenly under her again and she was standing in the dining room.

"A little warning next time, please." she snapped, smacking his arm while he and George laughed. They'd been Apparating everywhere since they got their licenses.

Molly, Wren, Hermione, and Ginny were setting the table for dinner and Anna instantly moved around the long dining room table toward her mum. She waited for Wren to set the roast she was holding on the table before giving her a hug, careful of her large baby bump.

"Hi, sweetie. How's your day been so far?" Wren asked, brushing Anna's hair from her face before they separated and Anna helped set the table.

"Pretty good. We cleaned the bathrooms today and Molly let us have a break for most of the afternoon." she answered.

"Sounds like fun." Wren said with a smirk.

"Oh yes, the most fun I've had all summer." Anna remarked sarcastically.

After setting the table, they all sat down to eat, several Order members joining them for dinner. Conversation blended as it always did across the table. Tonks and Wren talked about getting together for lunch some time with Andromeda, Tonks' mum. Fred and George were talking with Mundungus Fletcher about some of his past jobs. Molly was talking with Remus. Sirius, Arthur, and Bill were discussing where Bill worked at Gringotts. He'd applied for a desk job in England as opposed to Egypt so he could help out with the Order. One of the things that really ticked off Anna, Fred, and George, was that they were of age, but weren't allowed to join the Order, but Bill and Tonks were allowed.

Anna was talking to Hermione and Ginny across the table. When she looked away to get an extra serving of potatoes, she noticed her dad glancing between her and Fred, who she had to reach across to grab the bowl of potatoes. She refrained from rolling her eyes. Honestly, they were at the dinner table surrounded by their friends, family, and near-strangers! What-did he expect them to snog?

Anna sighed heavily. If her dad continued acting this way, she just might snap sometime soon.

"You okay?" Fred asked, looking over at her with a concerned look.

"Oh, yeah. I'm fine."


Sirius marched into the drawing room on August 2nd and, for once, didn't check that Anna and Fred were surrounded by people. Even if he did, they were surrounded by George, Ron, Hermione, and Ginny, so he couldn't complain.

"I need to use someone's owl. Anna, where's Ariel?" he demanded urgently.

"She's in my room, why?" Anna asked worriedly.

"It's Harry. I just got word from Arthur that Harry's facing a hearing and possible expulsion from Hogwarts."

"What?!" several voices shouted at once, Ron and Hermione going so far as to stand up and stare at Sirius in shock.

"For what?" George asked in complete bewilderment.

"Apparently, he used the Patronus Charm in front of a Muggle. I need to get a message to him." Sirius explained, waving a letter around.

"I'll go get Ariel, if you want." Ginny offered, already heading for the door.

"Thanks, Gin." Anna said with a nod. "Can I read the letter you're sending?" she asked her dad curiously. He handed it to her and she skimmed the short message.

'Arthur's just told us what's happened.

Don't leave the house again, whatever you do.'

"Think he'll listen?" she asked her dad, letting the twins read the note over her shoulder.

"I hope so. He'll just get into more trouble if he tries to run off." Sirius sighed, running a hand through his shaggy hair. Ginny arrived then with Anna's Barn Owl, Ariel, parched on her forearm.

Sirius tied the message to the owl's leg, giving her instructions to get the letter to Harry as quick as possible. Ariel flapped over onto Anna's shoulder, affectionately nibbling her ear, before flying out the window.


Ariel had returned the next morning empty-handed, or empty-clawed, but Hedwig arrived only about an hour after her.

Anna had been stretched out on George's bed, Fred sitting up in his a couple feet away. George had gone to take a quick shower.

"Have you figured out how to make the nosebleed sweets yet?" Anna asked.

"Yeah, we think we've come up with a couple ideas, but we need to complete the antidote first. And we were thinking of putting it in a nougat. You know, Nosebleed Nougat. Sound good?" he asked, looking over at her.

Anna smiled. "Yeah, that's a good idea. Just let me look over the formula for the antidote before you start making it. I'd like to make sure it looks good."

Fred smirked over at her. "You doubt our potion skills?" he teased.

"Not at all." Anna told him honestly, scooting back to sit up. "I just think having three of us looking it over is safer than just the two of you. I'm your guys' partner, too, right?"

"Of course." Fred grinned. He stood up and moved the short distance to sit on the edge of George's bed, facing her. His eyes were soft as he looked over at her, his hand gently taking hers. "I really appreciate you, you know. You've always supported me and George, even when everyone else was telling us how stupid we are for wanting to open a joke shop."

"Yeah, but I also know you, remember?" she pointed out quietly, tilting her head slightly as she looked up at him. "I know you guys are smarter than you let on, and I know you're passionate about this joke shop. There's no way you'll fail. A few years from now, you two will probably be running the world's most popular joke shop, making millions of Galleons easily."

"And you'll be right there with us." Fred told her with a grin, squeezing her hand. "Either as a third partner, or the handsome owner's beautiful girlfriend that everyone is jealous of."

Anna rolled her eyes, but she was unable to wipe the smile from her face. "Shut up."

"Just being honest, here, love." Fred joked, holding his hands up briefly in defense.

"Well, thank you."

Fred smiled at her for a moment before leaning forward and briefly kissing her, pulling away a few inches and looking her in the eyes.

Anna smiled in return.

"When was the last time we properly kissed?" Fred asked casually.

"Hm. Not sure. Depends on your definition of 'properly'." Anna answered. "We kissed last week." she pointed out.

"That doesn't count." Fred told her as if she should've known that. "No one was watching, so I swept down and planted one on you. That's hardly a 'proper' kiss."

"Okay, so when was our last 'proper' kiss?" Anna asked playfully.

Fred looked to the side thoughtfully for a moment before looking back at her. "When we said goodbye on the platform was probably the closest we've had for a while." he finally admitted.

"Hm. Then, I'd say we are overdue for a proper kiss." Anna commented casually.

Fred smirked. "That's exactly what I was thinking." With that, he leaned in again and pressed his lips softly to hers. Anna couldn't help smiling into the kiss, tilting her head slightly for a better angle. Fred rested one hand on the bed next to her hip so he could lean closer, his other hand coming up to cup the side of her head with her ear between his thumb and forefinger. His fingers curled around the back of her head and neck, threading through her hair and scratching at her scalp.

Anna shivered and hesitantly lifted her hands, resting them both on the sides of Fred's neck, her thumbs brushing his jaw line. Fred grinned against her lips, tilting his head to the other side. His tongue swept across her lip and her fingers instinctively flexed in his hair, digging her nails into the back of his neck. Fred groaned and leaned closer, pressing his lips more firmly to hers.

The door creaked and they both lurched away from each other, Anna smacking into the headboard.

George smirked at them as he walked in, rubbing a towel over his wet hair. "Don't mind me. Just returning from my shower. Though, I suppose you're lucky it's me and not Sirius." he added jokingly.

Anna rolled her eyes, trying to ignore her bright red face. She ran both her hands through her hair to try and smooth it out a bit, glancing over at Fred. His cheeks and ears were pink, but Anna wasn't sure if it was due to embarrassment or lack of air. His nostrils were flaring slightly with every breath.

"Shut up, George." Fred told his twin simply.

"So, does anyone know what the plan is for today?" Anna asked curiously, trying to change the subject.

"Probably cleaning the kitchen or dining room." George sighed in defeat.

"Think your dad'll get more news about Harry?" she asked.

"That's hard to say. If anyone's going to get news, it'll be either Dad or Dumbledore." Fred commented.

"Well, we haven't heard anything yet." Anna looked up when she heard her dad's voice in the doorway. She mentally breathed a sigh of relief that he hadn't walked in a few minutes earlier. Sirius was standing in the bedroom doorway, his eyes glancing suspiciously at the small space between Anna and Fred.

"Dumbledore won't let Harry get expelled, will he?" George asked as he plopped down on his bed between Anna and Fred. "I mean, Harry would've had a good reason for using a Patronus. Knowing him and his luck, it was probably self-defense."

"Yeah, I reckon you're right. We just-"

They were interrupted by a light tapping on the window behind them. Looking over, they all instantly recognized the beautiful Snowy Owl.

"Hedwig!" Anna leapt off George's bed and hurried over to the window, throwing it open so the owl could fly inside. She instantly flew across the room and landed on Sirius's shoulder, holding out her leg that had three letters attached.

Sirius looked at the letters before untying one. "The other two are for Ron and Hermione." As soon as he untied his letter, Hedwig gave his ear a sharp nip and flew out of the room. "Ow!" Sirius yelled, rubbing his ear. "What's her problem?"

"Well, I've noticed she really cares about Harry. He's probably upset that we're all leaving him out of the loop and she's reflecting that." Anna pointed out, sitting back down.

Sirius was looking down at his letter, a worried frown covering his expression.

"What's it say? Is he running away or something?" Fred asked.

"It says, 'I've just been attacked by dementors and I might be expelled from Hogwarts. I want to know what's going on and when I'm going to get out of here.'"

"Dementors?!" Anna exclaimed in horror. "Why would one attack him all the way in Little Whinging? Why would it even be down there?"

"I don't know." Sirius muttered, looking very worried. "I'm going to go tell the others. We'll need to get him out of there before he does something drastic."

Anna, Fred, and George all nodded seriously as he turned and left the room.


And there's chapter 1 of War of Courage. Let me know what you're all thinking so far.

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