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Draco M. & Harry P. & Hermione G. & OC - Words: 51,436 - Rated: T - English - Romance - Chapters: 26 - Reviews: 4 - Updated: 16-04-2018 - Published: 20-08-2017 - Complete - by Summer78 (FFN)

Chapter 1

'Mum will you guys be coming with me to Diagon Alley to pick up my school supplies?' I state walking into their room.

We were currently spent the remainder of my summer in,The Leaky Cauldron, now that it was almost time to go back to school. My parents had their own room and so did I which was heavenly. It was nice to have privacy.

'When was that again dear?' My mother asked from the hotel room desk

'This weekend.' I retort, realizing that my mom forgot once again

'This weekend? Are you sure?' My mother states to look at me.

'Yes, I'm sure. I've been reminding you all month.'

'Oh, okay hun. We should be able to go with you.' My mother replies with a smile

'Marg. Don't forget to tell her about the meeting!' My dad yelled from the bedroom

'Meeting?' I ask glancing at my mother confused

'Yes. We received an owl today from Headmaster Dumbledore.' My mother began motioning me to sit next to her


'He wanted to have a meeting with us tomorrow. We'll be traveling by floo.' My mother states, 'Don't looks so glum. It's nothing bad.'

'I hope so.' I remark

Leaving my mother to her paperwork and headed back to my adjacent room to write a letter to Hermione.

Taking a seat at my own hotel desk I started to pen Hermione a letter. All summer we've been keeping in touch bringing us to be closer friends than last year. I would periodically send letters to Ron and Harry but they never sent letters.

I couldn't believe that summer went by so fast! Staying in muggle London was a blast and I did a lot of sightseeing whenever one of my parents were free. Once we moved into the Leaky Cauldron Dean and I met up a few times in Diagon Alley.

After a few dates we realized that we weren't compatible to be more than friends and finally stopped forcing it. He was such a great guy but there was no spark or excitement. Towards the end of it… it felt like you were always hanging out with a friend than thinking it was a date.

'Send this to Hermione.' I tell my owl, who flies out the window.

I watched her fly away before I settled down on my bed with a good book to pass the day away.

'Are you ready hun? We don't want to be late.' My mother called as she knocked on my door

Checking my outfit, I had thrown on jeans and a grey blouse with a white sweater. Tucking my wand into the front of my purse I opened the door and followed her to the fireplace that was connect to the Floo Network.

'Hogwarts, Headmasters Office.' My father called as we all stood in the fireplace

I felt the usual whoosh as we were sucked through and tried to settle myself once we landed in Dumbledore's office.

'Ah, it's good to see you all again. Would you like a lemon drop?' Professor Dumbledore states smiling warmly at us as we came father into the room

'No thank you.' We murmured following him as he took a seat behind his desk

'I am sure you are all wondering why I requested that you all came here today.' Dumbledore began pausing to usher us to take a seat

'Mr. and Mrs. Edwards I know you are well aware of the turbulent times we live in here. The death of Cedric Diggory, with the rise of Voldemort on the same night has meant precautions for many people especially here in Britain.' Dumbledore states solemnly as my parents nod their heads in agreement.

I wonder where the is going to? I wrung my hands in my lap listening patiently for Dumbledore to get to reason.

'I wanted to meet with you so there was clear understanding that if for whatever reason please contact me if you feel that your safety is in jeopardy. I understand with your line of work, risk is- always a factor. However, I would do whatever is in my power to keep you safe.' Dumbledore states glancing at us to see a reaction.

'Thank you for your concern regarding our safety as well as Evangeline's. We will certainly keep you posted regarding it, if for whatever reason we feel it's necessary.' My father states with a smile at Dumbledore

'These are turbulent times and I try keep the students of Hogwarts safe, especially our newest addition whose parents work for the Magical Congress of the United States of America.' Dumbledore remarks before continuing the conversation about the Order and what the current news was regarding Voldemort. Eventually it settled to more pleasant topics about the new school year and confirming that I was indeed coming back for another year.

As we said our goodbyes he asked my parents to keep this discussion a secret and then pulled me away from my parents.

'I also would like you to promise to keep this topic a secret. No one must know.' Dumbledore began, 'I realize that you are beginning to be friends with Harry Potter and he must also not be aware of what you know. Do not give him news about what the newspapers have been saying…he as so much to deal with already.'

'If that is what you wish.' I remark looking at Dumbledore curiously. It was a very odd request to make.

'Good. I am glad to see you settling into Hogwarts. We'll have much to discuss again soon, but do not worry.' Dumbledore states before guiding me back to my parents more confused.

As the Floo Network sucked us through and back to the Leaky Caldron I went back to my normal summer habits while in the back of my mind. Thoughts kept nagging me on why must Harry not know what going on and why must I keep it a secret from him.

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