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Draco M. & Harry P. & Hermione G. & OC - Words: 51,436 - Rated: T - English - Romance - Chapters: 26 - Reviews: 4 - Updated: 16-04-2018 - Published: 20-08-2017 - Complete - by Summer78 (FFN)

Chapter 24

I couldn't believe this was all really happening! Not ten minutes ago I was wasting away during my O.W.L.'s exam and now I was rushing off to the Gryffindor common room so the Twin could get the supplies we would need. Running through the hallways we ran up the moving staircase and into the common room.

Many looked on at us in confusion and amusement as I lagged behind the boys, who were already bounding the stairs to where the boys were housed. Following them I heard a few shouts of surprise. The room was set up the same style and fashion as the girls, in a communal style living area, where everyone had separate beds and dividers.

'You not supposed to be in here.' Some 7th year student remarked as he studied me.

'Yeah, yeah, keep your socks on.' I remark walking past him and to where the Twins were digging into their trunks.

'She's with us.' George called as he started stuffing things into a bag.

'Oh, is she now?' The 7th years remarks with a whistle.

'Not like that you dolt!' I remark back, glaring at the older students.

'Come on! No time for this!' Fred remarks grabbing my hand and pulling me out the door with George ahead of us.

'Do you think we'll get there in enough time?' I remark, slightly out of breath.

'We should.' George remarks.

Weaving our way through students and sneaking into alleyways when we saw any teachers, we finally made it to the Astronomy Towers. At this point my lungs and sides were on fire. All the running and stairs was taking a toll on me.

'I'm really not in shape for this.' I mumbled watching as the Twins started to unload packages from their bags, 'So what do you want me to do?'

'This beauty here is our greatest invention yet!' Fred remarks as he proudly held what looked like a large firecracker.

'You're looking at the Wildfire Whiz-bang!' George states.

I glanced between the Wildfire and the Twins and smiled at how proud they both looked. From what they had whispered earlier it would ignite as one main firework before they collided together and set of entirely new ones. The secret was if a Stunning spell hit any one of the fireworks it would explode even more and grew ten times in size if a Vanquishing Spell was used.

'I cannot believe we are about to do this!' I rushed out with excitement and nerves.

'All right. It's in place now.' George remarks pulling me to hide off into an alleyway.

Shoved between the Twins I peeked out as Fred sent a spark from his wand at the fireworks that were standing in the middle of the tower. Shoving back the sensation of being in such proximity to one another I watched as the fireworks exploded with a BANG. Smoked filled the air and for a few seconds I couldn't see anything.

Suddenly a brazen red light ignited in the air, slowly materializing into a form…. what was it? A bird? Oh GOD! IT WAS HUGE!

'Is that. Is that a DRAGON!' I scream in surprise, ducking as it roared to life above.


'Isn't she BEAUTIFUL!'

They both yelled in unison watching in awe as the dragon firework sent off more explosions and roaring as if it was real. I could hear students that were in classrooms nearby begin to scream when they saw the dragon. Fred and George were laughing manically and I felt time freeze. Here was one of those moments where it stays burning bright in your memory. Never to fade. Being here. Being a part of this. It all felt right. Like somehow. In all the crazy things I've done or thought, that making this decision was one of those important decisions. I smiled to myself watching the Twins continue to laugh and continue to send sparks out to light other random fireworks. Waiting for Umbridge to show up of course.

'It's going into the hallway! Come on!' George remarks hurriedly.

Fred and I chase after him and the Dragon firework as it roars continuously as it made its way deeper in the Astronomy section. I flinch as firecrackers burst and blaze to life; underneath hearing the echoes of students either screaming or cheering.

'Look!' I yell grabbing Fred and pointing down the hallway.

Just as I pointed we spotted Filch and Umbridge rounding the corner and staring in shock at the dragon. Grinning like a mad woman I could help the glee of watching Umbridge's face turn to horror as her Vanquishing Spell made the dragon rise in size and suddenly smaller versions sprang to life.

'This was totally worth it.' I whispered to a grinning Fred just as Filch spotted us.

'I've got you now!' Filch hollered trying to fight his way towards us.


I'm yanked sideways as Fred and George start pulling me down another hallway so we could escape Filch and Umbridge. Just as we headed into the clear hallway we are stopped in our tracks as the Inquisitor Squad comes out from the other end, with Draco leading the pack. He stops, frozen in his tracks for a moment in pure shock. Probably from not knowing I was part of the Twin's charades. We skid to a halt and turn backwards hoping to find another way out but we ended up getting stopped once again, as Filch and Umbridge turned the corner glaring at us.

'Oh god! What are we going to do.'? I whisper urgently to the Twins.

'Don't worry.' George remarks as Fred pulls a device out of his pocket, 'Take my hand!'

'Wha-' I question as he grabbed my hand in a death grip just as the device hit the floor and light exploded around us.

I tripped slightly, blinded by the light and from the force of the pulling on my arm from George. We were running and I could only hope the Twins knew what they were doing. Oh god, I hoped we weren't about to face plant into Umbridge?! I began to panic as the light started to fade and we were stilling running.


Suddenly I collided into a back that a moment ago had been running at lighting speed.

'Shh. Just wait.'

One of the Twins whispered. My heart was beating so fast I felt like it might explode! Blinking a few times, my eyes adjusted as the light finally began to disappear. The Twins had brought us to safety and we were now looking at the backs of Umbridge and Filch.

'Thank you, one and all for playing.' Fred shouted gaining their attention.

'And now it's time for us to go!' George adds grabbing my hand as we sprinted back down the hallway that the Dragon firework was traveling down.

'How? I mean-' I state trying to articulate words to my shock that we actually got out safely. Before I get to finish I'm shoved into an alcove, 'What the hell!'

'Stay here!' Fred whispers urgently.

'We might not care about finishing school but that doesn't mean we want you to get put into the same lot as us.' George states in a hurry, glancing down the hallway before continuing.

'Stay here until you see them run by!' Fred remarks before they both disappear.

What the hell? I huff, putting my back to the wall. I didn't know whether I should be angry or confused at this new turn of events. True to their words not two minutes later I saw a flurry of cloaks and pink garb run past where I was hiding. Waiting a little longer in case of stragglers I finally pulled myself out when I heard shouting from where the great hall is and take off into a run.

'We won't be seeing you!' I heard one of the Twins shout.

Shoving my way through the students I find the Twins surrounded by the Inquisitor Squad, with Filch brandishing a whip and a furious, fire fringed Umbridge.

'Yeah, don't bother writing!' George shouts as he grips his broom.

'Be sure to visit us at our new premises at Diagon Alley!' Fred adds as the doors open and they fly off.

'Holy shit!' I whisper in awe as the other students begin to cheer and then disperse as they realize that Umbridge is brimming in anger and looking to punish someone.

Feeling someone grab onto my arm, I shout and struggle to get out of their grasp before their voice stops me.

'What the hell are you thinking!?'

Straining I glance up to find myself looking at a furious Draco, who was continuing to grip my arm so hard I was sure it was going to bruise, 'Of all of the stupidest things! I can't cover for you now that Umbridge knows you were helping the Twins!'

'Ah there you are!' Umbridge shouts and shock begins to enter my system.

'I found one of them.' Draco spits out shoving me closer to him.

'Good. Bring her to my office.' Umbridge spits out, sending me her best death glare.

'My pleasure.'

Draco shoves me to get me to start moving and continues to keep his grip on me as students clear a path for us. Whispering begins as people begin to see who they have, all the while I tried to ignore my name getting whispered about. Slowly us with the rest of the Inquisitor Squad headed to Umbridge office where I find them grab hold of Ginny, Luna and Neville. Shoving all of us into her office as Hermione struggles to get Harry's attention.

'Harry!' Hermione yells as they yank Harry's head out of the fireplace.

'Accio wands!' Umbridge shouts as our wands get thrown onto the floor, 'Who were you trying to contact!'

'It's none of your business.' Harry remarks.

I groan internally. How were we going to get ourselves out of this!? I was standing to the side of Draco who continued to keep a hand on me as the door opened to find Professor Snape walking in.

'You wished to see me?' Professor Snape drawled to Umbridge, not blinking an eye to all the students crammed into her office.

'Yes. I have just caught Potter trying to communicate with someone in my fire.' Umbridge began as Harry was held back by Goyle, 'I need some Veritaserum!'

'Well, it appears that I cannot help you. I have none.' Professor Snape replies.

'He's got Padfoot! He's got Padfoot in the place where it's hidden!' Harry shouts to Snape, pleading with his eyes to understand.

'What?! What is that?' Umbridge shouts at Harry before looking at Professor Snape.

'I have no idea.' Professor Snape drawls before leaving the room.

Umbridge turns and glares back at Harry, 'You leave me no choice!'

I hold my breath as she shouts Crucio and Harry collapses to the ground with gut-wrenching screams. I flinch in shock and horror at the lengths as which Umbridge would go.

'NO!' Hermione shouts, struggling from Pansy grasp, 'Please, stop!'

'Hermione, no!' Harry shouts when Umbridge turns expectantly to Hermione.

'We have to tell her Harry-' Hermione begins.

'I would rather die!' Harry shouts, interrupting her.

'Shut up Potter!' Umbridge remarks before walking up to Hermione, 'Now tell me, you silly girl. Who were you talking to?'

'We. We were trying to find Dumbledore.' Hermione began glancing about before continuing, 'We had to tell him it's ready. The weapon.'

What the hell? I was so lost? What was Hermione going on about and how was that going to help our current situation. Whatever Hermione was planning Umbridge took the bait, as her eyes glinted in joy.

'You.' Umbridge began, 'And Mr. Potter will take me to it. Now.'

Umbridge puts Draco and the Inquisitor Squad in command of watching over the rest of us and making sure we don't escape. At this point Draco has left my side and begins to walk up to Ron and his sister. Oh god, what is he about to do?

'God, I can't wait until all you Weasleys have been expelled. Your stench has been fouling this castle for too long.' Draco drawls out with a sneer.

Seriously? What the hell?

'Shut up, Malfoy!' Ron retorts back, his face starting to get red with angry.

Draco smiles before punching Ron in the gut, making him double over in pain. What the hell! I stare at him in shock, unable to move.

'That's for speaking to me. You know. You Weasleys are just as bud as Mudbloods!'

I cannot believe him! I surge forward as Ron stumbles into the wands on the floor with me right behind him as Draco continues to speak with his back turned from us.

'You know, Weasley, it's really too bad Potter saved you from the Chamber of Secrets.'

At this point Ginny is struggling against Crabbe as Ron finally snatches his wand and shouts, Stupify. Making Crabbe fall over, unleashing Ginny. Who leaps at Draco in rage. Snatching my wand, I turn to the other Inquisitor Squad.

'Stupify!' Shouting I aim my wand at Pansy who collapses before her hands could grab me.

A flurry of Expelliarmus and Stupify's fly around me as I struggle to get to Ginny and Draco.

'I've got him!' I shout at Ginny who was about to point her wand at Draco, 'Stupify!'

I watch as he's thrown back in shock and collapses to the ground. We all glance around and find that the Inquisitor Squad has been affectively taken care of.

'Come on!' Ron shouts gaining our attention as he sprints out the door.

I follow in line never stopping to look back at Draco. I couldn't believe the things that came out of his mouth! If I ever got a chance me and him would be having words. We sprinted through the castle and out the main doors, heading into the night towards Hagrids Hut. A shout of surprise went up as we saw Harry and Hermione coming from the Forbidden Forest. They looked a bit scrapped up but seemed not to be harmed.

'What are we supposed to do now?' Harry questions as we all stopped next to each other.

'that's what we were hoping you'd know.' Ron remarked.

'How are we getting into the Ministry?' I question glancing at Ron, Harry and Hermione for ideas.

'I would imagine we would fly.' Hermione remarked shrugging she shoulders.

'We've got no brooms.'

'There are other ways to fly.'

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