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Chapter 3

The season slowly began to change as October rolled in with the leaves changing. Fall was one of my favorite seasons, especially celebrating Halloween and of course the cooler weather. It was our first Hogsmead Trip and I was excited to get out of the castle and see the rest of the area once again.

What makes this trip different than last year is for that fact that Hermione is hosting a secret meeting of select students. She has been so upset at the state of DADA with Professor Umbridge that she finally convinced Harry to teach anyone who's interested about Defensive spells. I neglected to tell my parents of our illicit activities knowing how concerned they would get. I trusted Harry and Dumbledore that Lord Voldemort was back. However- sometimes I felt like I was in a dream.

That I must be dreaming that kids are scared about being able to defend themselves and because the administration at Hogwarts is feeling the pressure from the Ministry; making us take matters into our own hands. Of course, I never was here to see anything first hand and so even thought I was feeling scared about the rise of Lord Voldemort it still felt surreal.

I was currently walking with Dean and Lavender as we made our way to Hogs Head were the meeting was taking place.

'So, what do you think the Quidditch team will be like this year?' Dean remarks

'Hopefully all good things.' I remark glancing up at him. It sometimes felt strange to think we dated because of how good of friends we were.

'All long as we win I'll be happy.' Dean remarks with a grin

'Do you know who else will be there?' Lavender asks changing the subjects

'I have an idea, but not sure who will actually show up though.' I remark as the building in question gets closer

'I think this is all very exciting! Although I wonder at what skills Harry would have that would differ in ours.' She remarks brushing her curly hair out of her face

'Not sure but I guarantee it'll get answered.'

Hog Head was a joke…. Which made it the perfect place for a secret meeting. There was filth and an inch of grim on everything, even the glasses were filmy. Which led me to not want to get anything from this place.


Turning I was pulled into a hug, 'Hello Hermione.' I remark as she pulls back to smile at me

'I'm so glad you decided to come! Dean, Lavender thank you for coming also.' Hermione remarks leading the group of us to the corner where a nervous Harry stood standing.

We found that Neville, Luna and Cho were already here and chatting from their seats. Lavender and Dean followed suit and took up seats next to them and caught up. I followed Hermione up to the front where Harry and Ron were.

'Hi guys.'

'Hi Eva.'

'Eva, I… well, we wanted to talk to you before we began the meeting.' Hermione began, glancing at the boys for help 'Harry.'

'Err. Thanks for coming.' Ron states before Hermione rolled her eyes at him

'We didn't get a change to ask you about if they taught you Defensive spells at the schools you've went to before Hogwarts. You are already a great student and it seems like you know more about what we're learning.' Hermione finally states

I glance at the three of them. Hermione with a determined look in her eye, Ron bored and Harry just looking down right uncomfortable.

'Defensive spells you say?' I remark going over in my head if there was something I knew

'Yes. Anything that might help us. Harry obviously has had experience using defensive spells and I realized this morning that I should have asked you months ago!' Hermione interjects

'Hm… well, they do teach wandless magic at the Ilvermormy however my parents were the ones to teach me really.' I began before pacing a bit to remember, 'As far as defensive spells I'm still unsure on what has been taught here. Maybe this weekend Hermione we can figure that out?' I remark glancing at the trio

'I didn't know, you knew wandless magic!' Harry exclaims in shock

'Well, I don't use it here since it doesn't seem to be allowed or promoted. I can't say I'm great at it. It takes a lot of concentration.' I remark shrugging my shoulders not wanting to brag about something I hardly used

'l think that would be a great idea. Let say Saturday morning we'll go to the library.' Hermione states with a grin of satisfaction before turning to Harry, 'See. Didn't I tell you we should ask her.'

I leave them be and go to catch up with Luna as more kids started to stream through. After time had passed and it seemed like no other students were going to come. We all sat in silence as Hermione began to speak.

'So, you all know why we're here. We need a teacher…. A proper teacher.' Hermione began glancing around before continuing, 'one who's had experience defending themselves against the Dark Arts.'

After a few arguments, everyone seemed settled with the idea that Harry was our best chance and everyone began to believe Harry when stories about his previous Hogwarts years came to light. When we all agreed to keep silent and to start thinking of places that we could practice at without getting caught everyone began to sign their name to the form.

'No Seamus huh.' I remark to Dean as we stood in line

'No. Still isn't ready to believe Harry.' Dean grimly remarks, 'He'll come around.'

'I hope does.'

I was surprised at how adamant Seamus was about not believe Harry. I could only hope he would start to believe sooner rather than later.

'See you later Eva.' Dean remarks after he signed his name

'Yep. See ya.' I call scribbling my name on the paper before moving over to Hermione, 'So how does it feel now that you are an instructor Harry?'

Harry rolled his eyes at me, 'It still feels like a terrible idea. '

'Does it?' I remark putting an arm around him 'I dunno, I think you'll be great at it…. I bet, once you start you'll have a knack for it.'

'I hope your right Eva.' Harry states giving me a grin

'Well, what are you three up to now that your secret club meeting as adjourned?' I state glancing at Ron and Hermione

'Three Broomsticks?' Ron suggests

'Sure.' Hermione states, 'You should come Eva.'

'Only if you guys are positive you want me there.' I state glancing at Harry waiting for an objection

'Of course, we are!' Hermione exclaims pulling onto my arm, effectively removing my arms from Harry, 'We've been talking and-'

'There's something that you should know.' Harry interjects

I turn in Hermione's grip as I glance at them warily as the three of them all shared a look, 'Well, what do I need to know.'

'First let's just make things clear. You believe me don't you?'

'Harry! I-' Hermione exclaims from the tone he used

'No. I need to know for sure.' Harry states sternly before turning his piercing gaze at me, 'You believe me, that I did fight off Voldemort and that he really is back.'

'Of course, I do Harry.' I remark, not backing down from his stare

'Good.' Harry states nodding his head. Pleased at my response. 'Do you understand what could happen now that you apart of a group going against what the Ministry wants.'

'Harry I really don't think this is necessary-'Hermione once again states before Harry silenced her with a stare

'I do. I understand the repercussions. Since there is something of great importance about to be told to me. I think you should know I met with Professor Dumbledore this summer…. Before school started.' I began glancing at their shocked faces

'My parents were there also. As you know my parents work for the MACUSA and…well, they're here for the same reason you are asking me these questions. The MACUSA is very interested in the news that they hear from Europe and want to keep a watchful eye as Voldemort and his supporters are trying to rise again. Dumbledore wished to speak to my parents and I regarding our safety here.'

'Really?' Hermione chimed in

'Yes. He offered that should we need it, that he would be able to have a safe house…. that is a part of the Order.' I remark in a whisper not wanting others to hear, even though we were alone.

Yet again they all shared a common look between them before Harry finally spoke up, 'Good. This makes things easier if he's already talked about the Order to you and the safe house. We all are… in some way involved in the Order and, things are getting serious here and outside of school. I need to know I can trust you completely.' Harry finishes his eyes searching mine trying to find a lie.

'You can trust me.' I remark smiling softly at him

'See. I told you, you were being a complete nutter.' Ron remarks breaking the tension

'Thanks Ron.' I remark chuckling along with Hermione

As we bundled back up into our winter gear we made the trek to The Three Broomsticks where we talked about classes, my parents, how we hated Umbridge even more that she was made High Inquisitor over Hogwarts. Glancing out the frost tinted windows I noticed a blond hair boy walking by… affectively reminding me how much has changed over the course of a summer. He was avoiding me at all cost but I would continue to catch him staring at me which didn't help in the least.

'Heading back?' Neville states hopefully as we ran into him outside

'Yes, want to join us?' Hermione replies with a smile

Crossing the bridge to get back into Hogwarts I tagged along as Harry, Ron, Hermione, Neville, Ginny, Fred and George all began to talk about the new 'study' group.

'First we need to find a place we can practice without Umbridge finding out.' Harry begins

'The Shrieking Shack?' Ginny chimes in

'It's too small?'

'The Forbidden Forest?' Hermione adds

'Not bloody likely.' Ron remarks

'Harry, what happens if Umbridge does find out?' Ginny questions

'Who cares.' Hermione pipes in, 'It's quite exciting… isn't it… to be breaking the rules.'

I can only chuckle at Hermione's excitement and Ron remarking, 'Who are you and what did you do with Hermione Granger'.

'Well there's one good thing that came from today.' Hermione remarks smugly

'What's that?'

'Cho couldn't take her eyes off you.'

I smirked along with Fred and George as Harry fell silent after Hermione made that remark. Everyone's job now was to figure out a place we could all meet without raising suspicion. Hermione was also in charge of figuring out a way we could all communicate without someone intercepting it. Saturday was an all-day trip to the library with Hermione. Where she drilled me for knowledge on what I did or didn't know, which she kept a running list of and how that compared to Hogwarts.

What came out of it was, I was taught the same topics as theirs, the only difference was, I could do wandless magic. I was a bit relieved because I didn't want to have to stand up to Harry Potters teaching style. My part about wandless magic would only come into play in teaching the three of them and then waiting to see what everyone else's' skills sets were like.

Sunday morning, I woke before the rest and had a thought that just wouldn't go away.

Changing and gathering a book I headed out of the common room and followed a familiar path that led to me to an all too familiar door.

Swallowing hard, I pushed the door open, holding my breath on what might greet me on the other side of the door.

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