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Draco M. & Harry P. & Hermione G. & OC - Words: 51,436 - Rated: T - English - Romance - Chapters: 26 - Reviews: 4 - Updated: 16-04-2018 - Published: 20-08-2017 - Complete - by Summer78 (FFN)

Chapter 4

Once the door swung open all the way I was greeted by… an empty room. Oh.

Pushing back the creeping emotion of disappointment I shut the door and headed to the back corner.

It looked just like I remembered. The Hogwarts rug and an array of pillows all paled to the beautiful glass window. It felt like forever since I had last stepped foot into this room. Arranging the pillows to get more comfortable I laid down and stared out the window.

What the hell was I doing here? What good would it be and would he even show up?

I wasn't really sure why I was here but here I was anyway. Shifting more in my seat I try to calm myself. I needed to be smart about this. What would happen if anyone found out I was attempting to meet with him… especially now that I joined this defensive training group. Ugh!

I settled myself and took the task of finally focusing on the book I had brought. The Great Wars. Great. I grabbed the dullest book… History of Magic's homework. Groaning I turned to the assigned pages and began to read about conflicts with the Giants.

'What are you doing here.'

A voice rang out, startling me. Groaning I realized I had fallen asleep trying to read. My eyes finally settled on the person that spoke and groaned more.

'What. Did you honestly think if you came here you wouldn't run into me.' Draco remarks before settling down across from me.

'No but that doesn't make me less surprised.' I retort before glaring at the book sprawled in my lap.

'Fell asleep reading?' Draco remarked picking the book off my lap

'Must have. Didn't remember until you woke me up.'

'You actually read this stuff?' Draco remarks dropping the book off the rug and glancing at me, 'You could probably still pass the class without even opening it up.'

'I highly doubt it and I thought maybe this year I would…. Seeing as we have OWL's to pass and I have no idea what to expect.' I state looking at him

He grew up over the summer. Seems like all the boys did a lot of growing up. Damn him. It would a lot easier if he wasn't even more attractive than last year.

He had his hair styled differently this year and no longer slicked his hair back completely but let it fall naturally. He wore a green hoodie and dark jeans which made his pale skin and, pale blond hair stand out.

'Like I said. I don't see why you read that rubbish.' Draco drawls glancing out the window, the sun light making his face glow

'Well I'm glad that we still have that knack for carrying conversations to skirt around what needs to be said.' I remark folding my arms around me


'Yeah. Well how was your summer?' I remark not even sure what I wanted to say but not wanting it to be silent

'It was all right.' Draco vaguely remarked turning to look at me, 'How was muggle London and the Leaky Cauldron?'

'It was all right.'

'I see you're not dating that kid this year.' Draco drawled on

Really. This is what he wants to talk about first. Boys.

'You would be correct in your assumption. We tried to date a few more times over summer but broke it off.' I remark not sure why I was even telling him this much

'Why are you here?' Draco suddenly states sending his silver eyes at me

'What do you mean? I wanted to read maybe?' I remark breaking the eye contact

'You know what I mean. Why are you here, at this spot.' Draco remarks trying to lock eyes again, 'There are plenty of places you could have gone to read but you came here.'

'I dunno.' I remark glancing at him. I really wasn't sure why I decided to come here, 'Same reason you're here.'

'Stop avoiding, just answer the question.' Draco states softly

'I honestly don't know why! I woke up this morning and decided I needed to come here today.' I finally get out glaring at him for a bit

'You've never come before.' Draco states

What? I look at him sharply. Is he implying what I think he is?

'Have you- have you come up here before?' I ask looking at him now. He doesn't say anything, just looks out the window but I notice his jaw tenses. Damn, he has hasn't he. 'Draco.'

He turns to me sharply when he hears me call him by his first name. 'I don't know why you would think I would waste all my Sundays coming up to this spot.' He replies roughly.

It was a lie of course. His face told me everything even if he stated the opposite. My heart tweaked and I felt a pain of guilt for not coming up until now.

'Don't you do that!' Draco states suddenly leaning towards me, 'Don't you go trying to feel sorry for me!'

'It's too late! You just. You just kept ignoring me…. Like you didn't even care that I existed.' I throw back at him in frustration, 'I thought you made yourself quite clear that you didn't want anything to do with me!'

'That's not it at all!' Draco states. He had moved at some point and he was now sitting next to me, face to face. 'What the hell do you think would have happened if I acknowledged you!'

'Don't even give me that bull shit!' I remark angrily, 'What the hell did this summer mean then! Huh?! What, was I mistaken, because I seem to remember not once you answering an owl I sent!'

I was beyond furious. Here he is trying to tell me that it was his reputation that was the reason. 'What? What excuse do you have that you can't even send me on fucking letter! Who the hell would know?!'

He grimaces and backs away but stays quiet. Great, just bloody great. I can't stand looking at him and turn to look outside. This fucking year.

'Why the hell do we keep doing this.' I remark, mostly to myself than him. We had a knack of not being able to stay away from each other but all we ever do is argue.

'I've been asking myself that all summer.'

Turning I glance at him, 'Some year right.'

'Yeah… some year.'

'Do you think we'll ever meet and we won't argue?' I remark with a half smile

'Probably not.' Draco remarks dryly

We sat there in silence before Draco whispered goodbye and I didn't turn until I heard the door slam shut. Sighing I glance back at where he just was a second ago. Well… least I didn't kiss him.


The week went by in slow motion. Umbridge had now banned 'secret groups' and had now created the Inquisitor Squad. Basically, students who would gather information on other students and report it directly to Umbridge. Umbridge was interrogating all the teachers while they held a class.

'Eva.' Turning I find Hermione looking down at me, 'Can I talk to you for a moment.'

'Sure thing.'

Putting away my homework I follow Hermione as she leads me to a corner, away from other students. I glance at her as she pushes her hair away from her face as she gathered her thoughts.

'Be free Wednesday. Neville found a spot for us to look at. I'll come and get you.' Hermione states with a grin

'That's great!' I remark returning her grin

'This is quite exciting!' Hermione exclaims grabbing onto my arm in emotion

'You are correct!'

She makes a hurried goodbye before heading out of the common room. A few kids look up at her in amusement as she skirted past them. Walking back to my spot I settling back into reading. Trying to ignore Fred and George who were harassing first years into buying their products.

When Wednesday came around I hung out in the common room playing chess with Ron as Harry and Hermione sat by watching us. We were currently waiting for more students to head up to bed before we would try to leave the common room.

'How is it that you somehow always manage to beat me?' I remark watching as my chess pieces exploded over the chess board.

'What can I say. I must be that good.' Ron smugly remarks leaning back in his chair

'Uh huh.'

After an hour of pretending to work we finally got up and left the common room with Neville following us. We crept along the hallways trying not to get found by other prefects or a Head Boy/Head Girl… or even a teacher for that matter.

After taking a few turns we made it to the wall where Neville stated would change into a door. We all concentrated about the same idea and sure enough, the wall began to change and formed itself into a door.

'Wow. I can't believe Hogwarts has all these secret rooms!' I remark as we began to walk into the room

'Yes. Neville found The Room of Requirements.' Hermione remarks.

'Huh?' Ron remarks confused

'The Room of Requirements. It gives the occupant whatever it is that they are looking for.' Hermione remarks

'So… if I really needed to use the loo?' Ron remarks

'It would then make a bathroom.' Hermione remarks

'This is good then.' I state with a smile

'Yes. It's like Hogwarts is telling us to fight back!' Harry remarks

'Yes, I agree.' I remark glancing at everyone, things were moving forward for our club. Now all we had to do was figure out a name and how to communicate with each other.

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