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Four Founders' Revised Story
Godric G. & Helga H. & Rowena R. & Salazar S. - Words: 52,032 - Rated: K+ - English - Family & Friendship - Chapters: 20 - Reviews: 11 - Updated: 13-01-2018 - Published: 25-08-2017 - Complete - by aslansphoenix (FFN)

Author's Note:

So far it seems to be alright. Thank-you to those that have and/or are reading this. This chapter is quite different to the original version – especially the first half.


I Aslansphoenix declare that I do not own the Wizarding world, Hogwarts or any of the information, characters, ideas provided by the great J. K. Rowling. Or anything else that you may recognise. I promise that I am not making any money for this story; I am only writing it for enjoyment.

Chapter Two – The First Hug.

As for Godric; he fell asleep with visions of knights and damsels dancing through his head, of fighting monsters and saving the day. In this dream though – there were three figures; one blue, one in green and one in yellow, all standing by his side cheering him on. And in his sleep, the young Godric Gryffindor smiled.


The plan could not be put into direct action immediately; life tends to get in the way like that. But as both Salazar and Rowena pointed out (when the three were finally able to meet up again) it allowed time for the preparation to actually work. Helga may not have liked it, but she had enough patience to respect that the more 'adult' two of the group had lives of their own.

It was just over a month after their first meeting and Godric was charming one of the nicer kitchen maids; Elinor, into letting him try some of the freshly made-bread. 'Damn those innocent blue eyes' Elinor thought fondly; 'the little brat was definitely going to be a heart-breaker when he grew up … if he grew up'. That thought reminded her that she was still angry with the boy for his stunt that morning.

"Godric Gryffindor! Don't think I've forgotten about you climbing on the roof-top earlier!" Godric just grinned that insufferable (adorable) grin. "Oh Eli, it wasn't that bad, beside I had to. I was returning the baby bird to its nest – I couldn't just leave it to die!"

"Of you couldn't; it's always about saving something with you, boy. But if the Master had caught you, you would have been in serious trouble."

"Ah Eli it's ok; nobles almost never get up at with dawn; and those that do don't usually mind someone climbing up to the roof."

"You have an answer for everything don't you boy?"

"You are always saying I need to learn to keep my mouth shut."

Before Elinor could respond Mr. Brown, the head of the Slytherin servants entered the kitchen. Godric, having the instinct of trouble magnet, quickly ducked out of sight. Mr. Brown glared around the room and snapped "Where is the brat?"

Elinor started to make an excuse but Godric popped up, his mouth full of bread. Mr. Brown sneered at the boy – they had a mutual distaste of one another. "Get yourself free of that muck" Mr. Brown gestured to the dirt on Godric's tunic as he spoke "The Master desires to see you, boy. Quickly!" Mr. Brown turned and stalked out of the kitchen, expecting the boy to follow. Godric swallowed the bread and exclaimed "I didn't do it!" his face cleared as he realised "I really done anything … this time. I mean yeah the other day it may have been my fault the carriage got covered in mud, but I cleaned it! You saw me." Elinor tried to flatten Godric's unruly hair, the pushed Godric towards the door. "Yes I did, now get going or Mr. Brown will be angrier with you than he always is."

"Ha! Mr. Big-Nose doesn't scare me."

"Don't let Mr. Brown hear you calling him that, and for goodness sake Godric please show some respect." With that she sent the boy out of the room. Godric paused in the hallway and wandered if he should run and hide … but that had never been his way, so he straightened up and made his way to where Mr. Brown (who did have a very large nose, to go with his bad temper) was. The two briefly glared at each other, then Mr. Brown turned and snapped out an order for Godric to follow him.

The made their way from the plain servants quarters into the grand architecture of the Slytherin Chalet. Mr. Brown led Godric up a side stairwell (he would never allow the brat to go up the main marble staircase) and into a large corridor. It was decorated (like most of the Chalet) in grandeur, of greens and silver with family tapestries hung on the walls. At the end stood a great oaken door, carved with snakes – the door that lead to Lord Slytherin's chambers. For all Godric's exploring, he had never actually been inside that room. When they got to the door, Mr. Brown stopped and turned to sneer at Godric. "Now listen here brat, The Master wishes to speak with you, lord know why. You are to be polite, none of your cheek, speak only when spoken to and absolutely none of your 'jokes'. Understand!" Godric couldn't resist grinning at that "Oh, no need to be jealous – you'll still get my best pranks." Mr. Brown just gritted his teeth and knocked on the door. It opened and Godric was shoved into the dimly lit chamber.

Sitting in an armchair in front of the huge fireplace was the old Lord Slytherin. Like his son, he was tall and thin, but his hair was silver and his black eyes lacked any warmth. Mr. Brown bowed and said in a slimy voice "the boy that you requested my Lord."

"Thank-you Mr. Brown, you may go." The old Lord Slytherin had a cold, calculating voice, the kind that made one always feel as though they were about to be in trouble. The door closed and for a moment, young boy and old man surveyed each other. Eventually the lord gestured for Godric to step further into the available light. Godric did so reluctantly, wondering (again) what it was that he had done that was bad enough to get a visit to the master of the estate.

The old man glanced down to a piece of parchment in his hands then returned his gaze back to the golden-haired youth. "So … you are the Gryffindor boy then." Godric held his gaze (usually not accepted but Godric never minded that kind of behaviour.) "Yes sir."

"Hmm … I have been told some interesting information about you boy. I have a letter from my son here. Tell me – is it true that at my birthday anniversary last month you charged into a fray and rescued my son and two of my guests from the ruffian group that were apprehended trying to escape my lands?"

Godric's confusion cleared "Oh that … I guess so sir, I mean it wasn't really me it was that weird pulse thing, I don't know what -"

"Silence. You do not speak to your betters unless given permission."

Godric glowered but stayed silent and allowed the lord to accept his 'compliance', after a long pause the old man continued speaking.

"Well it appears that your actions impressed my son enough for him to request you to be part of his staff. Salazar expressly asked for the boy with gold hair, named Godric Gryffindor. He believes that you may be of some use in protecting my grandson."

'So that was what this meeting was about' thought Godric, 'another change of household.' Godric was used to change; mostly because he was a magnet for trouble, which meant he had been sold or gifted, and shipped from place to place numerous times. Although never had it happened due to Godric impressing someone before. Although never had it happened due to Godric impressing someone before. He nodded as he listened to the lord explain that he was to report to the gate the next day at noon. The reason might be different but Godric expected the situation would be the same ... Oh how wrong he would turn out to be.


The next day, Godric sprinted towards the gate area; he had not been able to resist pulling one last prank on Mr. Brown, and as such he had to run to a) escape Mr. Brown's wrath and b) make his appointment. He skidded to a halt just as the bells finished striking twelve. He heard laughter and looked up to see four people watching him. There was Salazar, Rowena, Helga and an older man. He was tall, broad shoulder, with brown hair and a full beard. But what Godric noticed was - the man was carrying a sword.

Godric's eyes flickered to the others, he gave a crooked smiled "er … hi." The unknown man stepped forward and spoke with a gruff voice "Is this the boy then?" Rowena nodded "indeed it is." Helga went up to Godric with a warm grin, "Hey Godric, remember us?" the boy nodded "Y-yes. Milady … what is going on? I didn't think thre- er four nobles were needed for me to go to a new position."

Salazar gave a dignified snort "You are not going to be my servant, you are far too foolish for my liking." Helga leaned closer to Godric and 'whispered' "He doesn't mean, Sal is actually a big softy." Salazar glared at her but Rowena spoke up before he could retort. "Godric, last month you helped us, so we want to help you. Salazar received you from his father and that means you are now free, right Salazar." Said man rolled his eyes and responded "yes, yes, Godric Gryffindor I release you from being a servant, unless it is by your own decision. Now can we get on with this, please."

Godric stared at them with wide eyes and Helga gestured to the other man "Godric, this is an old friend of my family's, allow me to introduce you to Sir Alexander de Ardent-Coeur* he has agreed to take you on as an squire and train you in the ways of being a knight and he can also tutor you in … magic."

Godric, whose eyes had been getting bigger with every word, gave a breathless gasp "magic?"

Rowena nodded and explained "yes, magic. Sir Ardent-Coeur is both knight and wizard. And you, Godric you're a wizard."

"I'm a what?"

"A wizard. You remember when you saved us; what sent the bandits flying through the air."

"That was me?"

Rowena nodded again, Godric gazed around at them as if trying to find out if they were lying. He then stuttered out "Is … is this real? Like real-real?" Sir Ardent-Coeur grinned at the boy "Aye lad, and you'll be coming home with me to the Wild Moore."

"The Wild Moore; that's where I was born!" Godric exclaimed, his face glowing, the knight chuckled and the boy turned to face the other three "Thank-you!" Godric then did something that no one else was expecting - he hugged Salazar.

Salazar was beyond shocked; he gazed at Godric then looked up at the others for help; the traitors had the audacity to look amused. But somewhere deep down, Salazar felt a strange comfortable warmth from receiving his first ever hug. The Slytherin family did not think much of physical contact, and Salazar's personality often kept people away, so he wasn't entirely sure of what he was supposed to do. Godric didn't seem to mind because he (eventually) let go and moved on to hug the others. Rowena and Sir Ardent-Coeur were more prepared and accepted the hugs, Helga however responded enthusiastically.

Once they had finished Godric beamed at the group "Will you come visit, so I can see you again?" The Knight responded before either of the three could form an answer "Of course ye will lad, they and their families are invited to spend time with us each year, and anytime they are dropping by." While the ladies thanked the Sir Ardent-Coeur and proceeded to say farewell to Godric, Salazar murmured to the knight "you just don't want to deal with him all by yourself, all year round." The Knight just laughed.

That was the first day of Godric new life, and he would remember it with joy forever.

End of Chapter Two.

Author's Note: Here this chapter ends. It ended up being far longer than the first version.

*When I first did this story I tried to do research for Alexander's last name; at the time I was under the impression it meant 'of Strong-Heart', nowadays it seems to be slightly different, but I still think it works.

If you have read this, then thank-you.

I will update whenever I update.

Friday 1st September 2017.

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