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Four Founders' Revised Story
Godric G. & Helga H. & Rowena R. & Salazar S. - Words: 52,032 - Rated: K+ - English - Family & Friendship - Chapters: 20 - Reviews: 11 - Updated: 13-01-2018 - Published: 25-08-2017 - Complete - by aslansphoenix (FFN)

Author's Note:

So far it seems to be alright. Thank-you to those that have and/or are reading this.

When I first wrote this story, I had wanted to do a chapter or two on Godric growing up and learning how to be a knight – with visits from the other three. I never did and now I'm glad; it would have distracted from the story of the Four Founders.

Besides if you want to know you could just watch any 'coming-of-age'/'training montage' action film or scene.


I Aslansphoenix declare that I do not own the Wizarding world, Hogwarts or any of the information, characters, ideas provided by the great J. K. Rowling. Or anything else that you may recognise. I promise that I am not making any money for this story; I am only writing it for enjoyment.

Chapter Three – A Crazy Idea.

That was the first day of Godric new life, and he would remember it with joy forever.


Before we go any further; a small piece of information to note. As stated in the last chapter, there were reasons they had to wait a month. Helga had to wait until her parents allowed her to visit Sir Alex Ardent-Coeur, Rowena had her wedding and Salazar was a new parent to young Salvador Slytherin. Now if Salazar had never met the other three founders, then Salvador may have grown up to be a perfectly nice guy.

But if that had happened then three things would not have occurred - 1) Hogwarts would not have been what we know it to be, 2) the tale of 'Harry Potter' would never have occurred and 3) there wouldn't be much of this story.


Seven years had passed since that day and much had happened in that time.

Rowena had managed to prove herself worthy of being married to a Lord and was enjoying the benefits of her station. Salazar and his wife Selena had had a second child; Serena. She had her father well wrapped around her little finger, not that he would admit to that of course. Helga had at the age of 16, eloped with a local baker named Henry Hufflepuff. It had initially caused some drama with her family but Helga could not have been happier. Her brother had always been supportive of her, and their mother came around once Helga bore two sons. Helga refused to allow Godric to be unsupervised near her three year-old boys, for she thought (and was probably right) that he would be a bad influence. Not that Godric was bad, just the opposite it would be impossible to find a person more noble, kind, courageous and on the 'light' side than Sir Godric Gryffindor … but he did enjoy pranks and seeking out trouble.

Yes Godric had achieved his dream of being a knight.

He had completed his training with his surrogate father; Sir Alex, who despite (or perhaps because of) loving the boy, had not taken it easy on him. But Godric had prevailed and worked hard to make his mentor proud. (Sir Alex was of course always proud, but it had taken years for Godric to understand that). Godric had earned his title; a few months before his 17th birthday, he had disobeyed orders to stay safe and had joined in the final battle at the end of a small war. He was eventually forgiven as he survived the battle, and he did save a lot of lives; including the King's. As a thank-you, the King knighted Godric the day that Godric turned 17.

The four had continued meeting up over the years, most often spending one month a year at Sir Alex's hidden retreat in the woods - which was big enough for all the families, but small enough to mean they would see each other. There was a log cabin set slightly apart; this was the room Rowena and Salazar had helped Sir Alex teach Godric to control his power. Helga had switched between helping Godric practice and learning herself; for as she said 'Rowena was much better at teaching than her so-called tutors'. It was in that room that the four had become such close friends (despite Salazar's claims to the contrary).

It was one of those days where they were just hanging around, Rowena and Salazar were playing chess and debating some silly topic. Helga was sewing up a ripped tunic and mentally keeping score of who was winning the debate (Rowena was ahead by two points), when Godric entered the cabin … quietly.

There were many words that could be used to describe Godric; but 'quiet' was not usually one of them. He generally bounded in and hugged them, so when Godric entered and headed straight for the window with nothing more than a vague 'hello', they immediately alerted the others that something was wrong. "Godric is everything alright?" asked Helga.

Godric shrugged and replied, not looking at them "Just thinking." Salazar snorted "does that mean the world is about to end?" Rowena rolled her eyes at him, but Godric didn't respond as he usually would have. He just stared. Now feeling more than worried Rowena and Helga made their way to stand beside Godric at the window, Salazar sighed and reluctantly joined.

Rowena gazed at Godric and asked gently "What are you thinking?" After a moment Godric seemed to find his voice.

"You see those boys at the bottom of the hill?"

They followed his hand and saw a couple a boys about 13 or 14 playing by the stream that wound its way through the valley betwixt the rising hills. Salazar sneered at the obvious peasants "Yes what of them?"

"I was just talking to them now Sal, and … and they have magic. I could sense it and see them try to use it … but they have no control and their parents can't teach them much and can't afford to have a tutor and -"

Rowena realised what was bothering Godric. He was forever trying to save the world and wanted to make the place fair for everyone. It was a conversation they had had many times; he just didn't seem able to grasp the fact that life wasn't fair. Rowena sighed and interrupted him before he could give a tirade.

"Godric, we've been through this before – yes there are quite few people that have magic but cannot control it because they cannot afford an education. It is just the way life is for a lot of people. And before you speak; you were lucky, you had people like us who were willing and able to teach you."

Godric finally turned to face them with a sudden determination, his blue seemed brighter and held the worrying look of an idea "Well, why can't everyone else have that too? Why couldn't we teach all magic children the way you three and Sir Alex taught me?"

Salazar scoffed "All magic children? What, do you want to make a school?"


The was silence as the other three stared at Godric in shock, he stared back with his trademark stubbornness and a seriousness that he only had when saving lives. Rowena recovered first and tried to argue "Godric, you can't be serious. A school is a great idea, but to make one is -"

"Something we could do."

"We? Godric why would you think we could -"

"Why not? You three were fantastic teachers. And Ro are you or are you not considered the smartest witch of our age? And didn't you tell us that you would one day love to try and spread intelligence to other people? And Helga, weren't you worried about your children eventually needing learn to control their magic and how they'll make friends? Plus who knows more about magical plants than you? And Sal, you're brilliant and who else can recognise power the way you can? And deny it all you want but I know you had fun teaching. Besides you lot are always saying you I need a hobby other than pranking and fighting."

Helga looked intrigued (She was always the better one at accepting Godric's insane sounding ideas) "I was meaning more that you need a lady-friend, but well … a school … it would help in the fight for equality, or at the very least be a safe place."

Rowena seemed torn "Godric I … that is … even if we somehow managed to create a school, it still would be able to be for everyone. I mean even if we let all students in for free there is always things that would need money; like food for example. How do expect to pay for everything that would require payment to have?"

As always, Godric had an answer to give (though for once it was sensible - ish) "donations, I'm sure there would be plenty of willing rich families to give a donation so their child could be well cared for. And the student will need supplies so why have a deal with the businesses? Whatever cost they make for school supplies gets split, to them and to the school."

Salazar rolled his eyes and sneered "One problem with this dream of yours. Where do you intend to create this 'remarkable place of learning'?"

Godric opened his mouth, paused and then grinned "We could have a quest! You guys always suggested we should travel around this land. So let's do that! Let's find the perfect spot and -"

Helga interrupted him before his excitement could take too much of a hold "It does sound like an amazing idea, but we can't really just go traversing around unknown areas." Godric was undeterred "Then I'll go. I need to go make some plans."

He left the room; his eyes still bright and determined. The other three stared after him, although only Salazar seemed to be thinking that Godric was crazy.

Rowena broke the silence "It would be a great opportunity to learn first-hand about the histories of other places, and how people live."

Helga nodded "My Mother-in-Law has been hinting that she would really love for the twins to go stay with her for a bit."

"If Godric is serious about starting a school, then it would probably be a good idea to make a list with potential students."

"And if Godric goes by himself then he is bound to get himself killed."

"It would make us quite legends in our own time."

Salazar suddenly stepped between the two talking ladies and stalked toward the door loudly exclaiming as he did so. "No, No, No! Absolutely not! If you two want to go gallivanting around the countryside with Sir Godric Trouble-Attracting Gryffindor looking for some magic spot, then feel free, but do not expect me to go with you. There is nothing you can say that will change my mind. This is a stupid plan, I am not having part of it and that is final!"


That was why week later; an excited Godric Gryffindor found himself standing at the borders of Sir Alex's estate with a curious Rowena Ravenclaw, a hopeful Helga Hufflepuff and a pretend-to-be-sulking Salazar Slytherin. They were ready to leave and ready to make history.

End of Chapter Three.

Author's Note:

Here this chapter ends.

If you have read this, then thank-you.

I will update whenever I update.

Thursday 7th September 2017.

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