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Four Founders' Revised Story
Godric G. & Helga H. & Rowena R. & Salazar S. - Words: 52,032 - Rated: K+ - English - Family & Friendship - Chapters: 20 - Reviews: 11 - Updated: 13-01-2018 - Published: 25-08-2017 - Complete - by aslansphoenix (FFN)

Author's Note:

So far it seems to be alright. Thank-you to those that have and/or are reading this.

By the way I am from New Zealand – and therefore have no knowledge of the British landscape. Which is why I am purposefully vague in discriptions.

I really wanted to call this chapter 'Troll in the Dungeon!' in honour of 'Harry Potter' … but there isn't a dungeon in the area.


I Aslansphoenix declare that I do not own the Wizarding world, Hogwarts or any of the information, characters, ideas provided by the great J. K. Rowling. Or anything else that you may recognise. I promise that I am not making any money for this story; I am only writing it for enjoyment.

Chapter Four – Troll!

That was why week later; an excited Godric Gryffindor found himself standing at the borders of Sir Alex's estate with a curious Rowena Ravenclaw, a hopeful Helga Hufflepuff and a pretend-to-be-sulking Salazar Slytherin. They were ready to leave and ready to make history.


Now you all know that Godric, Helga, Rowena and Salazar were the greatest witches and wizards of their age, but how did they get that fame? When they started their journey they were all fairly well known (Helga a source of gossip, Rowena – a female scholar, Salazar well known in society and Godric – a poor boy who had become a knight, and was a powerful wizard), but it wasn't until after the first isolated village they visited, that they really became famous.


There had been a bit of argument over how they were going to travel, Godric had wanted to ride everywhere – acting like muggles, but as he was the only one who could actually ride a horse for the distance that would be required, the idea was thrown out straight away. Salazar had wanted to just stick strictly to the towns and cities where there would be comfort all the time, but the others all turned that idea down. Eventually it was decided that they would apparate to each town, village etcetera, then stay with them for a night and move on the next day, and they would explore nearby woodland areas, before moving on – so that they could determine if there was a suitable area around them.

At first everything went smoothly, they visited three towns and one village, and everything had gone to plan. But then they came to a small village nestled in some mountains. Out of curtesy to the people, the four always apparated just outside the boundaries of wherever they were going. So they were walking up a small hill to get to this certain village, but when they came to it, there was nobody around.

After they had gone a little way in, and had not heard a sound they stopped "where is everyone?" asked a worried Helga, Rowena looked confused "This is not an inhabited village, I checked before we left." Salazar looked thoughtful "maybe they are in hiding, I mean if they've heard we have Godric 'bottom-less-stomach' Gryffindor with us" if it the village didn't have such a tense feeling to it the others would have laughed.

Godric gazed around the village in concern, his instincts screaming at him. "Something has happened, they must all be in a safe spot, my guess is the … the church!" with that he started running leaving the others in shock, Salazar rolled his eyes and grumbled "not again" before they took off after him. When they caught up to him; Salazar glared at the knight and vaguely noticed that the three of them were panting while Godric still stood upright, staring at a church.

Helga looked at him "Why … a church, Godric?" It was Rowena who answered as they walked cautiously up the steps "Because a church is supposedly considered a place of safety". Salazar rolled his eyes "Is there any point in stating that if something has happened, then it would be in our best interests to just leave?" Godric ignored him and knocked on door. Salazar sighed and mumbled disparagingly "I thought not."

After a bit of waiting, where Salazar was wondering if they would be able to just move on, one of the doors creaked opened.

"Quickly, come in" hissed a voice and they were ushered in by a short, bald priest.

They stood in a small chamber, just outside the main room and surveyed each other. Godric stepped forward, but the priest spoke first "It is dangerous outside, who are you strangers?" Helga noted that he spoke with a half terrified, half hopeful whisper.

Godric opened his mouth "Why is it dang …" but Rowena spoke over him "We are travellers. We sought to spend the night in this village, I am Lady Ravenclaw, this is Lord Slytherin, Duchess ("former" coughed Helga) Hufflepuff and this is Sir Godric Gryffindor" at the word 'sir' the priest looked up at Godric (he actually had to as Godric stood at 6 foot and 4 inches), when his eyes caught Godric sword the man's eyes widened with hope and awe.

"You … you are a knight, a warrior?" his voice hopeful, Godric nodded "Yes, now please tell me what happened here?" Salazar groaned as he realised that whatever problem, this village had – Godric would try to fix. Instead of answering him, the priest fell to his knees and started praying "Thank-you Lord for sending us one who can deliver us from this monster of darkness." The four looked at each other in shock, not knowing what to do.

Suddenly the priest stood and ran through the doors shouting "Salvation! We will be freed from the monster!"

Godric made the mistake of following him and shouting "What is this monster you speak of? Tell me!" the other three groaned, for in the main hall of the church was, what must have been the entire village – all huddling together in groups, the priest had called their attention and Godric just had to rush in.

Everything about Godric always screamed look at me, but he had to go in shouting, 'Now' thought Salazar 'we shall never get out of here.'

Both Salazar and Rowena tried to hold back as the crowed converged on them, but to no avail they were dragged in, introduced to about a hundred names in the space of five minutes.

Salazar overheard Helga introducing them and making friends, meanwhile Godric kept repeating "Yes I am a knight, yes it's nice to meet you. Now will someone please tell me what the monster is?!" Eventually a large man with a grey beard yelled in a booming voice.

"Give them some space will you!" Finally; Salazar found that he could breathe again, the man ushered them over to a table and sat down with them saying "I am sorry about all of that. I'm Benny Smith, I'm the chief of this town."

Godric shook his hand "Hi, Godric Gryffindor, Helga Hufflepuff, Rowena Ravenclaw and Salazar Slytherin. Now will you please tell me what the monster is!" He said all this very fast so as to get it across before anyone else could interrupt him.

Benny gave a throaty chuckle "Nice to meet you all (Godric growled) ok, ok. Our village ... well it is being terrorized by a mountain troll. A few weeks back it started coming into our village every other night, it steals our live-stock, and soon we fear that it will move onto people. We are peaceful folk - we did try to fight the monster, but none of the men who went, came back. Maybe a warrior though would be able to defeat it, please."

Godric grinned his impish smile at him "Now was that so hard to say?"

Benny smiled back instinctively "So Sir, will you help us?" he asked hopefully, but before Godric could answer Rowena cut in "Chief, you are asking our friend to go into an extremely dangerous situation, perhaps you could give us some alone time to think it over."

Benny nodded and left the table saying he'll get them some food and drink.

When he was gone Salazar spoke "We are not doing this. It is too dangerous, I say that we leave first thing in the morning." Helga sighed "But we can't really leave all these people to fend for themselves, it would be wrong." Rowena looked at her "Well what can we do? A Mountain Troll … that is quite a large challenge."

Godric looked at them with a stubborn expression "We fight. Come on you guys, there is no honour in leaving, and look around you – all these people their counting on us, on me, to free them. We can't let them down, and besides it will be a great adventure. Ro, you are the smartest of us all – surely you know of some spell that would defeat a troll."

Rowena glared at him "Don't be ridicules Godric there is no such …" suddenly her eyes got a glassy look in them, then she shook her head. "No that would never …" but Godric leant in and asked "There is a spell isn't there?" He grinned at her and Rowena sighed in defeat, Godric could get anything with his childlike smile.

"Well there is charm, but it would have to be cast at the troll's head, and I don't know how that can be achieved safely." Godric just grinned again, and Helga sighed; giving in to the inevitable. "You have a plan don't you?" Godric nodded "Are you all in?" he asked looking excitedly at them, "I promise if all of us are involved, only the troll will get hurt."

The girls rolled their eyes and Rowena gave a reluctant nod "I guess you will need me to cast the spell." Helga smiled grimly at Godric "And if I don't go, you will end up being hurt, I just know it." Godric turned to look expectantly at Salazar who glared in response.

"No way, I am not taking part in this crazy plan" he stood up, "If you three want to play hero; go right ahead, but don't come crying to me when you are all dead." Salazar turned and stormed away, as he left he heard Helga saying to Godric "Leave him, he is just worried for us, he will be alright." Salazar snorted at that, him worried about them! Never, if they wanted to get themselves killed fighting some stupid troll … well let them!


The plan was simple – Godric would distract the troll and make it chase him away from the village and into spot which had cliffs surrounding it. Helga would then use magic to block the entrance and get Godric out of there, he would continue to distract the troll so that Rowena could sneak behind and get close enough to cast the spell.

That was the plan and the first part went off without a hitch, Godric managed to get the troll into the area and Helga had closed it off, then things went wrong.

Godric was just being levitated up the cliff, when an earthquake occurred, shaking the ground and causing the two founders to fall into the pit, and when Rowena, from her safe place tried to prevent the fall, a small rock fell from above and knocked her wand out of her hand. So things were going wrong – Godric had to fend off an angry rampaging mountain troll, Helga was busy trying to shield Godric and find a way out and Rowena was attempting to sneak down, so as to retrieve her wand.

Godric had managed to draw the troll away from the girls, well as far as he could, and was climbing up the rubble where the pit had been blocked. He was just leaping from one rock to another – a little carelessly; which caused him to slip slightly, and then be hit by the troll. Godric bit his tongue as he felt the bones in his sword arm break, not the worse pain he had suffered, but was among the worse things that could happen – given his situation.

The troll pulled back to hit again, this one, Godric knew, would be fatal.

But the blow never came.

Just as the troll pulled back, he suddenly stopped mid-swing, and collapsed backwards, through a haze of pain, Godric looked up and saw "Sal!" Salazar lowered his wand and looked at the others "You didn't think Rowena was the only one that learned spells like that did you?"

The other three grinned appreciatively and Godric opened his mouth to speak but Salazar cut him off "And before you say anything, Godric Gryffindor, I did not save you guys because I care about any of you, I saved you because it boosts my own image and status, understand!"

Godric grinned "Tell yourself that all you like Sal, I know that you are good." and with that he fainted. Salazar shook his head as he and the girls rushed to help him "He always has to have the last word doesn't he."

End of Chapter Four.

Author's Note:

Here this chapter ends.

So this chapter is virtually unchanged from the original; I just tidied up some of the grammar and spelling. I kept it the same story because; even though it's not the best chapter … I like it.

There are a few chapters in the future that will receive the same treatment.

If you have read this, then thank-you.

I will update whenever I update.

Thursday 14th September 2017.

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