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Four Founders' Revised Story
Godric G. & Helga H. & Rowena R. & Salazar S. - Words: 52,032 - Rated: K+ - English - Family & Friendship - Chapters: 20 - Reviews: 11 - Updated: 13-01-2018 - Published: 25-08-2017 - Complete - by aslansphoenix (FFN)

Author's Note:

So far it seems to be alright. Thank-you to those that have and/or are reading this.

By the way I am from New Zealand – and therefore have no knowledge of the British landscape. Which is why I am purposefully vague in descriptions.

Again this chapter (and probably the next few chapters) will be relatively unchanged – just improved … hopefully.


I Aslansphoenix declare that I do not own the Wizarding world, Hogwarts or any of the information, characters, ideas provided by the great J. K. Rowling. Or anything else that you may recognise. I promise that I am not making any money for this story; I am only writing it for enjoyment.

Chapter Five – Of Pasts and Futures.

Godric grinned "Tell yourself that all you like Sal, I know that you are good." And with that he fainted. Salazar shook his head as he and the girls rushed to help him "He always has to have the last word doesn't he."


After the troll incident, word about the four friends seemed to spread out all across the lands. Suddenly they all found themselves being subjected to towns and villages asking for help (which Godric always somehow managed to convince the others to give, and Salazar always grumbled and attempted to convince himself of helping for selfish reasons). Many places (even those without troubles) began hosting celebrations in the four friends' names.

This may have been fun for the group … at first. Helga always enjoyed meeting and making new friends, Rowena found the customs of different places fascinating, and was using the time to create a list of potential students. Salazar adored having the benefits of being famous and Godric loved the knowledge that he helped those in need and that doing so always seemed to be a step closer to making his dream of equality a reality. He also enjoyed a good party.

However there was a down-side. Being famous meant that they had very little privacy and Godric as the 'hero' of the group particularly suffered. Helga and Salazar both used the times the group was 'encouraged' to stay in a town, to visit their families (Salazar claimed it was 'only' to make sure his children were keeping with their studies). Rowena, who wasn't a fan of socialising with people; took to secreting herself within the provided rooms with a bunch of scrolls and books.

Godric … did not.

He didn't seem to understand his fame, or the fact that sometimes it is alright to say no to a request. This quite often lead to him being mobbed by 'fans' – one monster he would never learn how to deal with. For the most part Godric was happy to interact with everyone, but even for Godric Gryffindor, it became overwhelming to deal with.

So it was that they eventually took to travelling through the woods – avoiding people and giving them all a bit of privacy and giving Godric a break from those that seemed to think he was their property. Especially those of the female persuasion. As the others had predicted when they had first meet, Godric had grown up to be an incredibly good looking man, yet he had never lost his boyish heart melting smile and innocent but mischievous twinkle of his eye.

Godric's good looks combined with his irresistible personality, the fact that he was a powerful wizard (even though he preferred behaving like a normal muggle knight than using magic) and was always the one who ran head first into danger (much to Helga's displeasure – as he also always managed to get hurt) meant that he was often besotted by 'fans' of the female kind. This was highly amusing to the other three, as Godric had absolutely no idea about females.

His knightly honour, as well as his own personal code of conduct; demanded that he treat every single female - no matter what age or upbringing they had, as if they were the highest born most beautiful lady in the world. This made many ladies swoon, but to him it was purely politeness and he was not looking for anything with it. Helga didn't help matters as she was constantly trying to set Godric up – but the boy just remained oblivious to all attempts.

Although Godric was frequently left wondering why the 'nice, sweet, charming ladies' that he was helping, would suddenly get upset with him, slap his face and storm away. To Salazar's amusement and Helga's despair; Godric had no idea they were wanting him to romance them. It was not that Godric was uninterested in falling in love, it was just that he tended to believe in 'True Love at First Sight'. He often said that when he met the one he would know, but until then he was happy with not having a relationship other than that with his 'family'.

Salazar who had once overheard this conversation; knew Godric would have been talking about Salazar himself, and the ladies, he tried to ignore the warm feeling of pride when Godric had said that. It had become a game for the Lord Slytherin; to ignore the warm fluffy feelings that Godric (mostly, though sometimes Helga and occasionally Rowena) always seemed to install in him. But as he and Rowena complained about constantly – Godric Gryffindor had the annoying habit of winning, without even trying!

Helga thought Godric should settle down (for his happiness and she had the vain hope that he may then mature slightly). Rowena and Salazar, however were content with Godric being single – they both still saw him as a kid after all. Besides his lack of knowledge or experience in any relationship was amusing for them to watch.


They were travelling through some uncharted woods – that they had already determined would not be a suitable area for a school; but was a peaceful place to travel through ... Well it was until they meet up with a face from the past.

It was almost evening, Helga was busy happily making dinner while secretly keeping an eye on the others. Rowena and Salazar; who both hated being outside, were sitting inside a protective bubble, playing a game of chess (Salazar was losing – even though he was also cheating) and Godric was sitting a little way off sharpening and cleaning his sword. The only time Godric was ever silent, still and serious was when he was looking after his weapons. To the young knight keeping his weaponry in the up-most readiness was one of his most important jobs, and one ritual that he carried out daily.

Suddenly a scream pierced the air.

Before the others had even registered what they heard Godric was up and sprinting towards the sound "Godric!" cried Helga, but of course he didn't listen and was already in the distance. The other three exchanged exasperated looks before getting up and running after him; Salazar muttered something unsavoury about "God-Damned-Good-Doer-Gryffindors."

They found themselves on the edge of a slightly larger clearing than the one they had vacated. They saw Godric holding his sword up towards an offender and surrounded by a bunch of filthy robbers. The three skidded to a halt and Salazar exclaimed angrily "Godric you idiot! Use your wand! You bl-" Salazar stopped mid word and everything seemed to freeze, as the band and the friends paused to stare in shock at each other.

It is, after all, rather difficult to forget the face of someone that once tried to kill you.

In the group of bandits stood three of the same 'gentlemen' that had attempted to hold them to ransom Seven years earlier, including the leader; Mitch. Helga unconsciously raised a hand to her neck where he had held his knife to, the same man who was now standing in the centre of the circle of bandits with Godric and a prisoner that must have been the source of the scream.

The slimy man sneered at the new comers, as he overcame his shock. "Well would ye look it this boys – I do believe it's the lil' upper-crustians tha' would have made us richer then the king" The rest of the group perked up at the thought of people making them rich. Their leader continued "Youse lot are going ta pay for what happened to me." Rowena winced at the poor grammar and incorrect plural of 'you' that Mitch used.

"Get them." He commanded.

Before anyone else could react Godric had pulled out his wand and cast a protective charm around the outside of the circle – preventing the bandits from attacking the others ... and preventing the others from helping Godric. Salazar had just enough time to hope that Godric would just quickly finish this hero nonsense he insisted on doing, before Godric threw his 13 inch, oak and phoenix feather wand to him – clearly he had challenged the leader to a duel and planned on fighting with just his sword.

Salazar scowled as he caught the wand and muttered "He just has to do things the muggle way, and so called 'honourable' way, doesn't he? Idiot." The two ladies sighed in agreement – Godric loved magic and wanted to help others be able to use and control it; but seldom used it himself – annoying Salazar to no end.

Mitch turned in anger to face Godric and then seemed to recognise the defiant glare. "An' ye must be tha' lil' brat who stopped us from gettin' our spoils!" Godric grinned though his eyes were flashing with fire "I told you not to touch them. Now as I was saying before – you have one chance to let all of us go, or I kick your ass."

He received his answer when the other man attacked; knife in his left hand and wand in his right. A few of the more foolish men joined in while the majority just stood cheering on the fight. A couple of the bandits did notice Helga slipping around the edge to where the prisoner was, but Salazar and Rowena were stalking around the circle as well. And as they both looked very impressively intimidating in their robes, holding their wands and with their good but rather cold looks; the viewers decided it would be wiser to just ignore whatever the strange and obviously powerful witches and wizard were doing.

Godric was meanwhile was making short work of the five men who had tried to fight him (he was a trained warrior and they in all honesty had no idea what they were really doing). But even his natural skill and training was not enough to guarantee that he would win, as the bandits fought dirty. Something Salazar was convinced that Godric had no understanding of what it even meant. 'Probably having a mud fight' Salazar thought sarcastically. Mitch; who had been face down in the dirt, grabbed at Godric's leg as he stepped back causing the knight to topple and almost fall down.

This was probably the real reason the Godric won the fight as quickly as he did.

As he started going down he tried to save his sword (Salazar rolled his eyes at that). Godric twisted his body around, slipped his foot out of the disgruntle man's grip and swung his right arm/sword arm behind him, he used his left arm to catch hold of a tree branch that was close by. In this attempt Godric ended up using his sword to knock all the weapons out of his attackers' hands and then kicked them.

This caused a domino effect as they crashed into each other. The other bandits seeing the best fighters down, quickly dropped to the ground themselves.

Godric regained his balanced and turned to face his adversaries; only to find that everyone was on the ground – and Godric Gryffindor never attacked an opponent when they were down. He stood back and waited for them to get up, but Rowena stepped in. She used the moment of distraction to counter-act Godric's shield and with a quick little flick of her 10 inch, roan, unicorn tail wand; she caused all the bandits to be tied up in one long rope.

Salazar (who had summoned all of their stuff while Godric was fighting), then placed a pot that seemed to have a bluish tinge in the middle of the group. Rowena waved her wand again and the bandits found their hands stuck to the pot – in some way or another.

Godric pouted at Rowena "I was dealing with it" he moaned sounding like a child. Helga chuckled and said to him sounding very much like a mother patronizing her child "Yes and you won dear – Ro and Sal are just cleaning up."Godric accepted that and turned to face Helga, then he stopped and stared as he took a proper look at the captive he had just rescued. She was a girl who looked barely older than sixteen, she wasn't beautiful in the way Rowena was; but she was extremely pretty. The girl was slender, about average height with long gold, wavy hair, a small slightly turned up nose and eyes the colour matching the forest surrounding them. There seemed to be an overall sweetness and shyness that hung about her.

She took a step forward and said in a soft but warm voice "Thank-you for saving me – you were very brave". Godric started to shine a bright red.

Salazar groaned "Oh Merlin". Rowena looked fairly amused and murmured to Salazar "I have never seen Godric this quiet before." It was true. Godric was staring at the girl ... and the girl was gazing right back at him. Helga beamed at them and in a voice that made it seem like she was trying not to squeal with glee stated "This is Lord Salazar Slytherin and Lady Rowena Ravenclaw. And this gentleman is Sir Godric Gryffindor. Godric this is Aurora Thatcher."

"Umm ... uh ... er ... umm …" stuttered Godric. "Your fame is almost as fair as your nace ... er I mean ..." The poor boy's blush deepened at his mistake, but Aurora just giggled and Godric looked as though he had just heard angels sing. Salazar repressed the urge to throw up – it would not do well for his image. Suddenly a scared voice cried out from the tied up bandits "'ere what's happening?" everyone turned to look at them just in time to see them disappear.

Aurora let out a small gasp as she jumped into Godric's arms (Helga silently squealed in excitement), Godric stared suspiciously at Salazar "Sal, Where did you send them?" Salazar shrugged "Just to the bottom of the lake where a mysterious monster resides" he said smugly.


"I'm kidding Godric, Rowena wouldn't let me – she sent them to the court."

Godric relaxed "Good everyone deserves to be tried fairly." Salazar rolled his eyes and Godric then realised that Aurora was still in his arms – causing him to blush again and he stepped back. "Was that ... magic" asked Aurora trying to ignore her own pink cheeks, Godric nodded; staring speechless once again at her, she looked a bit in awe "Wow, I didn't know that magic could do that." Rowena looked intrigued "Well that's surprising; most people are under the false assumption that those with magic are able to do anything."

Aurora then asked shyly "So would anyone with magic be able to do something like that?" Rowena nodded "Well with the proper training I suspect that yes anyone who had even the tiniest amount of what is considered to be 'magic' could, in theory, perform something to that extent. Of course 'magic' is of such a complex nature …" Helga grinned and placed a hand over her friend's mouth. Helga smiled at Aurora and said "She means yes."

Godric (who was still gazing at the girl) finally managed to say a coherent sentence to her "Are you magic Milady?" Aurora blushed again and looked up at him shyly "May I?" she asked and gestured to his face. When Godric nodded mutely; Aurora softly placed her hand against his cheek where a mark from the fight was forming. They both closed their eyes at the contact – though the others could tell that Aurora was doing so to concentrate. As they watched the mark that had started to form disappeared after a few moments.

Salazar groaned as he watched the two barely adults gaze at other in wonderment. "Alright time for niceness is over, we have to be on the move. It was pleasure meeting you Miss Thatcher, try to avoid bandits in the future. Godric let's go."

Helga frowned at him but it was Godric who responded "Sal, we cannot just leave the lady alone in a forest, especially this close to evening!"

Aurora glanced down "Actually Sir Godric; I live barely even ten minutes away." The two of them seemed to sag and Salazar tried to make another go at getting the group away. But then Aurora spoke up again. "Perhaps you would … all of you," her eyes flickered briefly around the other three before being drawn back to Godric "would like to come have dinner with my father and I – to thank you for saving me."

Helga stepped forward with a bounce in her step "We would be honoured; lead the way my dear." Salazar groaned again but he knew that he wasn't going to be allowed out of this.

Godric and Aurora soon took the lead – even if they hadn't they probably would not have noticed the conversation that was revolving around them. Rowena murmured to her friend "Helga, are you playing matchmaker?"

"If I was playing matchmaker I would have to actually do some work to convince them that they were in love, those two don't need any help." Salazar glared at her "So instead we have to be witness to Godric becoming more of an idiot?"

Rowena rolled her eyes "Do you seriously believe in love at first sight Helga?"

The Hufflepuff Mother just smiled "You two are ridicules, Ro – love is irrational and illogical; you cannot try to explain or simplify it for you will fail. Sal – you can lie to yourself all you want, but I know you feel 'love' as much as anyone else. You love your wife Selena, your son and daughter. I know you love us as well – Ro is your intellectual competitor whom you enjoy being with. You treat me like your little sister and Godric is a mixture between younger brother, oldest son and best friend."

Salazar spluttered in denial. "That is absolutely and completely ... inconsiderate and inaccurate of you to assume that I, Lord Salazar Slytherin, Master of the Art of Cheating and Power Corrupter have any feelings ... I only tolerate any of you to improve my own status and image. It is good for my image, for me to be seen with such fame as yourselves."

The ladies smirked to each other and Helga responded, a little bit smugly "Oh really Sal. Then why do you continue to get into 'debates' with Ro? But glare at anyone who insults her? Why did you threaten to set a hundred poisonous snakes, on Henry should he ever hurt me, when you first met him?" Salazar glared at her – he hadn't meant for her to know that!

"And with Godric ..." Salazar interrupted her "Godric and I are completely opposites, I do NOT even like him; he is just far too idiotic and moronic and ... good." he said the last word as though he couldn't understand it.

"And you love him for it."

"I do not! Look, Helga; you and Rowena at least realise that there is bad in the world, even if you, Helga are a cup half-full kind of lady. But Godric - he thinks everyone is good; and that those who do activities that are immoral are merely 'straying off the path and need help'! He just ... does not get that I am not good."

"You are not bad though Salazar."

"Rowena ..."

"No Salazar, we are not having this argument again. Because as much as I am loath to admit it, I fear that only Godric is stubborn enough to convince you of another opinion – and at the moment he is most definitely far too distracted." She pointed ahead of them and the others saw her point. Godric and Aurora had arrived a few minutes before them at the small wooden log house, and he had obviously lost his inability to converse.

He saw the other three heading towards them and sprinted the last couple of feet between them talking excitedly as he did. "Guys, guess what! Aurora's Dad – he's Migale the Map-Maker; he served with Sir Alex in the wars about twenty years ago! It's incredible, and he's a mapmaker! He probably knows a perfect spot for our school – what are you three waiting for come on!"


They joined the Thatchers for dinner. Migale was a thin, balding man with a prominent limp. He had been very shocked to learn his daughter had almost been taken from him, and was very grateful to them for rescuing her. Godric switched between animatedly telling stories about Sal, Ro and Helga's experience at teaching him (much to Salazar's chagrin) and firing questions to Migale about his surrogate father Sir Alex. Migale had promised to show them a map of a place he thought might be of use to the four. However Godric spent the majority of his time obviously adoring the blushing Aurora.

When they had finished their food Godric helped Aurora clean the plates up, something Helga would have usually done – but she was enjoying watching their so-in-love-but-not-doing-anything actions. After putting the plates away Godric pulled Aurora into a dance around the living-room. Showing what moves Salazar had taught him when he learned that Godric was to attend court. Migale sighed as he watched them "Am I going to have to worry about him hurting her?" Salazar snorted "Trust me Mr Thatcher – the only 'bad' thing that Godric Gryffindor will do to your daughter is over-protect her." The father sighed "I was afraid of that".

Meanwhile the two had stopped dancing and were laughing together. Godric glanced around the lounge – it was warm and full of old maps and scrolls and paintings, one particular painting caught Godric's attention it was of a young woman who looked very similar to Aurora; only her hair was brown as a tree barks' compared to Aurora's golden hue.

"That was my mother – Elizabeth, she died when I was eight."

Godric turned to look back at Aurora "I'm sorry" she smiled sadly "it is ok – she died peacefully. And I feel lucky to have known her." Godric nodded, his face unusually serious "You're very smart – most people don't realise how lucky they are to have parents."

Aurora gazed at him; curiosity on her face but too polite to ask. Godric shrugged but didn't stop speaking "My parents died when I was barely two years old."

End of Chapter Five.

Author's Note:

Here this chapter ends.

So this chapter is virtually unchanged from the original; I just tidied up some of the grammar and spelling. I kept it the same story because … I like it.

Yes this chapter is full of sap, and well; why not?

If you have read this, then thank-you.

I will update whenever I update.

Thursday 21st September 2017.

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