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Draco M. & Harry P. - Words: 5,818 - Rated: T - English - None - Chapters: 5 - Reviews: 7 - Updated: 09-01-2019 - Published: 28-08-2017 - by mythicalmermaid (FFN)

After Fiona had inhaled the grilled cheese that Draco had made for her, by her request, she guzzled down an entire glass of water in one try. He had also laid a chocolate cupcake in front of her. It was his mother's own secret recipe, and far better than anyone else's recipe, even Molly's, though Harry would argue differently.

Fiona hesitated but picked up the cupcake. Draco watched as her eyes widened when she took a bite. He smiled, that was typically the effect that his mother's cupcakes had on people. He wasn't sure how she had crafted the recipe, but he swore that they were the best in the entire world. Many had tried, but none could replicate the recipe. It seemed that only Malfoys had the special touch that was required.

He thought back to the time that Molly had attempted to make them. Draco had warned her that nobody else seemed to be able to recreate them, but Molly didn't listen. Instead, she insisted that any competent cook could follow any recipe. To her surprise, Draco's words rang true. As the cupcakes baked, the Burrow was filled with a dreadful stench that made everyone queasy. Not one person was brave enough to try one, fearing what a taste of the cupcakes could do if the smell was enough to make them sick. Even after they had disposed of the cupcakes, the smell had lasted several days. After that incident, Molly had learned to heed Draco's warnings more carefully. Draco, of course, used this to his advantage, never missing a chance to tease the older woman.

He turned back to the counter, where several other cupcakes stood on a plate. He snatched another one and put it in front of her, even though she hadn't even finished her first one. She deserved being a little spoiled.

Fiona shook her head at the idea of a second cupcake. "How many are left?" She asked in her small voice.

"Plenty." Draco said, "Don't worry about it. You can have as many as you like."

Fiona smiled faintly, "Thank you," she murmured.

"You don't have to thank me." The man said. "I'm supposed to take care of you now, and a big part of that is making sure that you are happy and you have no needs that are going unfilled." He glanced down at her plate, which had previously held a grilled cheese, "Would you like another grilled cheese?" He asked. She had eaten it so quickly. There was no doubt about it that she was hungry. How many days had she gone hungry? How many times did she not have enough to eat? He swallowed back his hatred for her parents.

Fiona nodded and looked down at her plate, returning once again to her quiet nature. Draco let out a deep breath. At least it was something, he supposed. She could talk to him now, that was good. He turned back to the stovetop, putting the pan back onto the burner. He grabbed his wand, which was beside him on the counter.

When he turned around, he saw Fiona frozen in fear, her eyes wide. Draco looked down at his wand. How could he be so stupid as to forget even for a second? He put it back down and raised his arms. "I won't use my wand if you don't want me to, okay Fiona?" He set the wand back down on the counter. "Magic can be a useful tool, I was going to use it to make some more food. I don't have to if you don't want me to, though. Fiona, if you don't want us to use any magic, you can just tell us that, okay?"

She shook her head, "No." She met his eyes, "It's okay. I guess all magic isn't bad." She tore her eyes from his and went back down to not meeting his eyes.

Draco nodded and turned back to the pan. He picked up his wand, looking back at Fiona. They would have to be careful how often they used magic around her until she grew comfortable with it. He hoped that one day she would even be able to use magic herself and attend Hogwarts. It wouldn't happen instantaneously, but over time, maybe she would grow to want to use magic herself. She had five years to decide, he supposed. Maybe after those five years, she would decide to go to Hogwarts, or maybe some other wizarding school if she wanted.

He turned to face the stove. With a deep breath, he started doing magic, hoping to show her what could happen when it was used for good.

Harry glanced up as Draco walked into their bedroom. He lifted up a stack of letters. "Well, looks like the family's heard," he said, grinning.

Draco laughed and walked over to the man, "Yeah, I sent a couple of letters out to the family that we were finally able to have her come home. I guess everyone's eager to meet her, hopefully, they'll be able to soon. Who are all the letters from?"

Harry sifted through the letters, "Molly, your mom, Ron and Hermione, I can't tell whose handwriting this one's is, Percy and Audrey, wait-" He pulled out a letter. "I think this one is Hagrid." He held up the letter.

Draco took the letter from Harry's hands, noticing the messy handwriting and the fact that the street name was misspelled. "It looks like it. I don't know he heard. I should have sent him a letter, but I didn't think of it at the time. I don't know how I missed him... Do you think McGonagall told him? It would make sense. I mean, she would've known that the adoption went through. After all, she's the one that told us about Fiona. And, I mean, they work together, it could've come up."

"Yeah, that would make sense." Harry agreed, "Do you want to open it up? I'd like to see what he has to say." He set the other letters down on the nightstand. He sat down on the bed and pat the area next to him.

Draco moved towards Harry and sat next to him. He opened up the letter and begun to read it out loud, interpreting it as he read it as best as he could. "Dear Harry and Draco, I heard the news. It's hard to I think that's supposed to be believe. Anyway, it's hard to believe that it was nearly fifteen years ago that I met you, Harry. I so proud of you, Harry, and of everything that you've done. God dammit, this man is going to make me cry..." Draco mutter, wiping tears from his eyes. He continued reading the letter, "I would love to meet Fiona sometime if you'd like that too. I'm sure she'll turn out just as fine as you. Love, Hagrid."

Harry smiled, taking the letter out of Draco's hands. Tears of joy were welling up in his eyes. This man was one of the most important people in his life. This man was the one he could take comfort in when he couldn't in anyone else. Nobody else had been there for him like Hagrid had. He had been the only person he could always count on. He was one of the most amazing men he knew. The heart that he had was overwhelming. Harry didn't think that he would ever meet anyone who loved like Hagrid did.

He leaned his head on Draco's shoulder, who in turn wrapped his arm around him. "How did we become this lucky, Draco? What did we do to deserve people like this in our lives?"

Draco closed his eyes and leaned in closer to his partner. "I don't know. I wish I had an answer, but what does anyone do to deserve the people in their lives? They're there, whether or not we deserve them. I'm just going to be goddamned thankful that they are." He picked up the letters that Harry had laid on the nightstand. "Look at all these people that loved us enough to write letters to us, look at all the people who cared enough about our lives. We didn't ask for these people to care, but they did."

"We're so lucky," Harry whispered.

"We are." Draco agreed. He looked at the letter in Harry's hand. He felt so thankful for the man. Hagrid was such an important part of Harry's life, and he felt incredibly grateful that the man wrote his partner such a caring letter. He looked down at the letters in his hands. Fiona would have so many people in her life that would care about her. She would have so many people in her life to love her. Draco couldn't wait for Fiona to meet all of these people that had become such an important part of their lives. He couldn't wait for her to meet her family.

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