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Violet Eyes and Motorbikes
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Love and Tragedies


It was a normal day at the Blackwood household. As usual the Daily Prophet was brought by the owl and carried to the room of Mr and Mrs Blackwood by the butler. They had a 14 year old son, Caspian and 16 year old daughter, Artemis. Both of them attended Hogwarts School of witchcraft and wizardry. Caspian looked a lot like his parents, with dark brown hair from his mother and silvery eyes of his father. He had a habit of getting into trouble and earn detention whenever possible, a habit which his mother remarks is from his father. But he could be very witty sometimes which is probably why the sorting hat placed him in Ravenclaw. Artemis was an energetic, carefree and intelligent girl. She didn't get caught up with detention much but that didn't stop her from having a wild time with her friends, James Potter, Sirius Black, Remus Lupin and Lily Evans. They were her best friends. Beside the whole James-likes-lily-but-she-does-not-and-is-irritated-by-him and lily-associating-with-the-slimy-git-Severus-Snape things, they got along very well. It was usually her, James and Sirius who were enthusiastic about playing pranks at everyone in the whole school. The only reason she didn't become a marauder was because of, well, Lily as she didn't want to leave her behind as she was not the prank material (Being a goody-goody two shoes). Also Artemis was a very beautiful girl, with purple eyes, long raven hair and a tall frame.


Chapter 1: Behavioural Malfunction

I was dozing in my bed and suddenly I heard a knock on my door, I grumbled and cursed. "Madam, it is time to wake up", the voice said. I woke up lazily and rubbed my eyes.

What is the point of holidays when you can't wake up late….

I yawned, got up from my bed, opened the door and said, "Good Morning Martin".

The Butler smiled and bowed," Good Morning Madam".

"Stop calling me Madam! I have told you a million times!"

"Sorry Ma-Artemis, but old habits die hard"

I smiled and patted him on the shoulder.

"You are expected for breakfast."

"Yeah fine-I will be there".

Martin bowed and left.

You are probably wondering why I am getting such a princess-y treatment. You see, my family, Blackwood is a pure-blood family and eventually has a very important name in the wizarding world. They are very influential and rich. So, naturally I am treated like this-which I can assure you-I HATE-a lot.

I then dashed to the bathroom, getting energized for another day for the holidays. I missed Hogwarts a lot and who wouldn't? It's the most awesome place on earth! After getting ready, I gave my hair a brush and pulled the raven cascade into a ponytail. I rushed out of her room and bustled into my brother's room. "OI!" he shouted and covered himself with the blanket (He has a habit of sleeping without clothes). I smirked," Sleeping like that again Casp?"

"Get Out!" he screamed, throwing stuff at me.

"Ok-fine! Geez keep your hair on!"

Such a girl… I muttered under my breath.

I got down the stairs and entered the dining room.

"Mornin' Mum and Dad", I wished my parents who were having some heated discussion over a topic and stopped when they saw me enter…

Suspicious much?

I narrowed my eyes and took my seat at the table.

"Good morning sweetie" my mom said, smiling.

"Where is your brother?" Dad asked.

"Still sleeping" I said

"I AM NOT!" his voice shouted from above.

"What were you two talking about?" I asked them.

They looked at each other and then back at me.

"Nothing of your concern dear, just stuff from the ministry"

Yeah right….

I rolled my eyes and nodded. I knew they weren't going to tell me anyway…..

Just then my brother came in the dining room and glared at me and I smirked.

We then ate breakfast, talking about school stuff and then Mom started lecturing me about getting good grades in my sixth year and 'maintaining my reputation'. She then started on my brother and told him to behave in the fourth air. He looked at my mom, horror-struck.

"But-Mum, I don't do anything!" He protested

Mum raised her eyebrows and I gave him the oh-really look.

"Yeah-you weren't responsible for breaking the Womping Willow's roots and blowing up the game-keeper's hut or-Mmphhmphhh" As I spoke, he placed a hand over my mouth and looked at our parents smiling innocently. I licked his hand and he wrenched it away from my mouth pulling a face.

"Child" I mocked. Well, it wasn't just him playing pranks; I was very gifted at those things too. But, I was rarely caught so no-one knew about it. Yeah, that's just how smart I am.

After breakfast I decided to go for a fly with my brother.

We grabbed our brooms and made our way to the grounds. Casp played keeper on the Ravenclaw quidditch team whilst I played chaser on the Gryffindor quidditch team.

"You are so going down little brother" I smirked.

"Speak for yourself-loser" He mocked

I mounted my broom and he took his position.


"SHE FAKES KNOWING HOW TO PLAY!" My brother interrupted and I rolled my eyes.

I fixed my eyes on the left hoop whilst aiming for the centre

Won't know what hit him… I smirked

I faked going to the left hoop, my brother dived, I did a neat pull and aimed at the centre hoop.


My brother groaned and I laughed.

"Oh come don't tell me you didn't know it was coming!"

My brother pulled a face and we walked back to our house for lunch.

Then, I went to my bed and lay down, feeling refreshed but EXHAUSTED.

Quidditch is a fun game but takes a lot of energy

And we had been playing for hours!

Just as I was about to drift into a sleep, I heard a sound on my window.

I sighed and got up, seeing an owl at my window and realized it was James's.

I exclaimed, "Olive!" and rushed forward to open my window.

I took the letter attached to his leg and gave him some treats.

It read,


Summer has been very boring without you and I can't wait to see you. So, considering its only two weeks I am inviting you to stay at my place. I will be having a sort of party tonight also and I want you to come. Bring Lily along with you, yeah?

There was a blotch and it looked as if someone had snatched the quill from him.

Ok fine! Em Sirius is also here and WE miss you a lot and WE would like to see you at the party.

Then there was another blotch and the handwriting changed.

Em, I WILL see you at the party tonight, or I should just pick you up myself. Yeah, that'd be good, be ready by 5. Also I have a surprise for you to see.

I could almost hear him smirking; Merlin knows what these boys were up to now…

Wear something pretty and look good (as always). See you at 5.

Love Sirius

And James

I laughed to myself and then squealed with delight; I was seeing my best mates again!

I then ran down the stairs, looking for my mum. I saw her in the garden and approached her.

"Arte what's the hurry?" asked my mother with surprise when she saw me coming towards her so fast.

"Mum I have go to James's today, he's having a party and has invited me. Please can I go?" I asked her expectantly.

She narrowed her eyes and asked, "Who else will be there?"

"James and Sirius obviously and Fleamont & Euphemia" I added James's parents name for good measure as my parents went with them to Hogwarts and were very good friends.

"Fine, I obviously don't have much of choice, do I?"

I grinned and added, "I will spend the remainder of my holidays there as well and Sirius is going to pick me up at 5".

"Sirius Black?"

"Yes mum" I rolled my eyes, she was acting like she didn't know him. Merlin, it annoyed me so much that she kept asking me about him!

"Hmmm" she said narrowing her eyes still further.

"Yeah… so I should probably start packing now it's already 2" I said and hurried back to my room.

Just then I exclaimed "Oh bloody hell, Lily!" I had to tell her about James's party or he would have my head. I took out a telephone, or what those muggles used (Lily had given it to me last year; honestly we didn't talk much on that because I didn't actually know how it worked.) I fixed it up and rang Lily.

"Hello Lily Evans speaking" She said in her light and airy voice.

"Hey Lils! It's me, Artemis-" I began but she cut me off with a shout.


"Lily!Stop Shouting for Merlin's Sake!"


"Yeah I know Lils but will you stop shouting!"

"Oh right-sorry"


She then said, "Are you going to be there?"

"Yeah James has written to me too, I am going will probably stay there for the rest of the holidays. Sirius is coming to pick me up at 5"

"Sirius eh?" She asked giggling

"Um… Yeah… he is…. What's with the giggling?" I asked apparently confused, Sirius was going to pick me up so what was so funny about it?

"Oh-nothing" she added yet with another giggle.

"Riiight" I rolled my eyes and then we started talking about some other things.

"Shit, it has been one hour and I haven't packed-Bye Lils see you later tonight" I added and put the phone back. I started running around and gathering up stuff that I needed and put it in my suitcase carefully. Once I was satisfied that I had all the important stuff packed, opened my closet and started looking for something to wear. I finally settled for simple black skin tight jeans along with a silver top with slits on the arms. I applied some lip-gloss and mascara-I don't like makeup so I left it simple. I let my hair open and it reached to my waist like a cascade of raven-coloured waters. Just as I was going to put on my ankle-length boots, I heard a loud noise. I jumped and rushed to the window to see the source of the sound. I saw Sirius on a large, black-coloured vehicle-sort of thing. I struggled with getting my shoes on and I heard him greeting my parents and brother. I picked up my suitcase and decided that is was too heavy for me. I lost the grip and was about to fall when I landed into two strong arms.

"I got you love" He said and put the suitcase on the floor. He ran a hand through his black hair which had gone longer over the summer.

"Pads!" I exclaimed and hugged him tightly and he kissed my forehead.

"I missed you so much!"

"Me too Em" He said, smiling and his blue eyes sparkled.

"Summer has been so boring without you!"

"Mine too, love- speaking of, did you see my bike?" He grinned as he placed an arm around my shoulder.

"That large black coloured vehicle thing you just came on?"

He smiled and nodded.

"Isn't that one of those things you talk about all the time at school?" I narrowed my eyes.

"Yeah Em-that's that wait till you see how it rides" He grinned.

We made our way out with Sirius still holding my suitcase. Now, I got to see the full structure of this bike or whatever, It was metallic black with the face of a dog painted on one side.

"Isn't she just wonderful?" he looked at it with eyes gleaming.

I then mocked, "Oh I am sorry I don't want to between you two, probably best if you go alone?"

He then ran a hand through his hair again and laughed.

"Come on" He added.

He helped me climb and handed me a helmet.

Then my family came out and my brother added, "Sirius, if anything happens to my sister I will kill you."

I laughed; it was amusing seeing my little brother feeling overprotective over me.

My mom and dad exchanged a word with Sirius and he smiled at both of them. Then I bid my goodbyes to my family and took off.

"Are you alright Em?" Sirius asked, though his voice sounded muffled due to the enormous wind speed.

"NO! I am most certainly not alright, can you make it go a little slower!" I shouted. The speed was too much for me considering this was my first time on this vehicle. Sure I had been faster on my broom but that was experienced. This however…

"What's the matter love-bit too scared?" he laughed, mocking me.

I smacked him on the chest and he stopped laughing.

"Ow! That hurt old cow!" He exclaimed.

Now it was my turn to have fun, "This is your punishment for messing with me"

"Ugh fine" He then took my hands and placed them around his waist. My cheeks flushed and I was just about to jerk them away when he said, "Don't take it the wrong way, Em but it is better like this if you are feeling scared and I am going to increase the speed".

I gripped on to him tighter as the speed increased and my hair ruffled wildly in the wind.

We reached James's house within 15 minutes. When we arrived James hurried towards us and hugged me tightly and I also did the same

"Prongs!" I exclaimed

"Oh Ems-I missed you a lot!"

We broke out of our hug and went inside the house. There I saw Remus, reading a book as always and peter snoring.

"Hey Rem" I said to the quiet boy and he smiled at me.

"Hey Arte-how was summer?"

"Fine I guess. Yours?"

"Just the same" He added with a smile.

"Are you staying for the rest of the summer?"

"No, Full moon is coming" He sighed

"Damn" It sucked a lot that Remus had to suffer this werewolf curse. He was a good kid and obviously one of my best friends.

I walked over to the refrigerator and pulled out a water bottle and drank. Then, I ruffled my wind swept hair and noticed Sirius staring at me.

Uhhmm…. The hell?

"Sirius why are you staring at me like that?" I asked.

He then suddenly dropped his gaze and ran a hand through his wind-swept hair (which James tries to copy, A LOT), "What? Oh I wasn't staring at you, why would I?"

James and Remus grinned and smirked at him, he then glared at them.

Why the hell is everyone acting so weird lately?

"Okayyy" I shrugged letting their strange behaviour get off my mind and instead started talking about some other things.

"So Pads, where did you get that bike?"

"Oh Prongs asked Lily about those muggle shops where you get them and I bought them there when I came to James's for the summer." He grinned.

I nodded, wondering where in merlin he got the money to buy the thing because I am pretty sure his family wouldn't give him one penny for buying a muggle-made object. But I chose not to ask him that. Also he had problems with his family due to their different views on blood and he must have spent the summer at James's rather than staying in his own house.

"Hello? Earth to Em?" James snapped his fingers in front of me.

I shrugged and smiled at him. Then, I put my arm around his shoulder and we walked to the couch. We were about to sit when Evelyn came bustling towards me and exclaimed, "Oh it is Artemis! My dear I didn't hear you come!". She then pulled me into a tight hug. Evelyn was a very nice woman and very pretty. Then I saw Lucas coming over and he smiled at me. I greeted him and then they turned to James.

"Now James you have to behave yourself, that includes you too Sirius! And remember no risks." Evelyn told her Son and James rolled his eyes.

"Now Artemis and Remus, you being responsible, take care of these two" She told me and Remus.

We grinned and nodded our heads. Then James kissed his parents on the cheeks and hurried them out of the house.

"So Prongsie who all are coming to the party?'

"Well there will be Alice, Frank, and Lily I smirked… along with Marlene and a few other people".

I glanced at him, "Marlene as in McKinnon?'

He rolled his eyes and said, "Curtsey of Sirius"

I shrugged my shoulders at the sight of seeing Marlene at the party. Well, she was Sirius's on and off girlfriend and the rest of our group didn't like her that much because she was a really annoying attention seeker. She also had a flashy personality that made guys fall for her.

I glared at Sirius for inviting her; he screwed up his face and asked me, "what?'

"Was it necessary to invite McKinnon?'

"Well she is my friend and I can talk to her if I get bored at the party" He grinned and winked at me.

I rolled my eyes.

"Why does it bother you so much love?" He cocked his head to one side and grinned.

"Well she is not my favourite person in the world exactly. Total fake, if you ask me."

"Well Ems, if I didn't know any better I'd say that you like me and are jealous." He smirked.


"And why would you think that? Also to answer your question, no I don't like you that way, you have been my best mate for years! If it were like that I'd have told you before." I said. Honestly, the idea sounded weird. I didn't like Sirius in that way, did I?

"Honestly, you haven't liked me ever?" He asked me like he had never realized.

"I just said that, didn't I?" Still I wasn't very sure…

"Why? Do you like me?" I asked him, smirking.

"No…." he answered and then sighed.

Remus, James and Peter who was now awake and apparently heard our conversation were smirking at Sirius who threw them dirty looks.

Oh that was it! Enough of this secret talk and strange behaviour from all of them!

"Ok, that's it! Tell me what's with the-"

Then I heard the door bell ringing. I groaned internally, and hurried to open it.

"Ems! Oh I missed you so much sweets!" Lily exclaimed as she hugged me.

"I missed you too. Now, run along James will be looking for you." I smirked at her

She smacked my arm and threw me an annoyed look.

I greeted other people as they came and was just about to go sit on the couch, when I saw who walked in.

There she was, with a ton of makeup on her face, baby-blue eyes and of course styled hair. She was a wearing a white knee-length midi and looked (of course) perfect.

"Marlene" I greeted her as she came through the door, trying to put up my face in a smile.

"Oh hiiii; Artemis, right? She spoke through her lip-gloss full mouth.


"Whose bike is that on the porch?" she asked twirling her hair around her finger.


I was surprised she knew about bikes…

"Really?! Oh I might ask him for a ride!"

"Yeah sure, And now she will start flirting… but It is a near-death experience" Still struggling to keep my face from scowling.

"How do you know that?" She narrowed her eyes at me.

"Sirius picked me up on that thing." I replied coolly.

"HE picked YOU?" She asked me with wide eyes and got to her full height- she was about 5'8. (Normally this would frighten other girls that she would tower over them, but not me, as I myself was blessed with a good height (5'9))

"Yeah, is there a problem? Of course he'd pick me up, he is my best friend." I raised my eyebrow, although I knew the reason why it offended her, I wanted to see the look on her stupid face.

I then tossed my hair over my shoulder and grinned at her.

This was fun…

But of course fun must come to an end no sooner I heard Sirius's voice behind me only to see him grinning and winking at Marlene.


"Hey Marls, how are you?" He asked her.

"Oh honey I am fine. What about you?" She asked batting her eyelashes.

"Now that I have seen you, I am more than fine"

Uhhh, I think I am gonna puke….

Marlene laughed and threw herself at Sirius. Then they exchanged a few words and she squealed with delight. Hand-in-hand both of them got outside and I guessed they went for a bike ride.

I rolled my eyes and joined the rest of my friends.

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