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Violet Eyes and Motorbikes
James P. & Lily Evans P. & Regulus B. & Sirius B. - Words: 30,310 - Rated: T - English - Fantasy & Mystery - Chapters: 32 - Reviews: 36 - Updated: 07-01-2019 - Published: 03-10-2017 - by CitizenofFantasia (FFN)

Chapter 10: - New Plan

The next morning I was woken by a threatening Lily, "Arte wake up, right not or I swear I'll-"

"OK, I'm up!" I sat on the bad, jerking my hand up. I groaned as I rubbed my eyes. Mind you, Lily's threats are not to be ignored.

"Where were you last night?" She raised her eyebrow at me. I scrunched my face in half-confusion and half-sleep, "Last night?-what d'you-". Then it hit me like a bucket of ice, me and Sirius had missed the carriages, we were lying on the grass and there were stars and then he kissed me on the cheek.

"I- you know what I'll tell you later, we're getting late for class, aren't we?" I told her as I grabbed my clothes and headed towards the bathroom. I came out fifteen minutes later; I quickly dried my hair using a spell and let it fall freely behind my back. As I said, I didn't like makeup I didn't put any, all of my friends say I don't need it as well. Then Lily dragged me to the Great Hall. We made our way to the Gryffindor Table and were greeted by the boys.

By greeted, I mean, this happened….

I sat beside Remus as Sirius was surrounded by his air-headed bimbos as usual, and James was being persuaded by some other girls who were persuading him to sit with them. I almost puked when a girl excessively batted her eyelashes at Sirius and leaned into him, I wanted to ram her head into the table.

Wait, what?

Why do I even get these thoughts!? I can't like him! Its all because of these stupid people, if I hadn't gone to that party I wouldn't have….

I stopped talking to myself and instead looked at Remus when he nudged me; I gave him a confused look. He pointed towards Lily's direction and I turned towards her. She was staring down at her food with a grim expression. "Lily-" I began. But she stood up and said, "I'll see you in class Artemis." And rushed from the Great Hall. I turned to Remus who had a knowing look on his face, "She's devastated." I sighed, "I know Mooney but I've no idea what to do. She won't admit that she has feelings for James, she convincing it to herself and it's eating her up inside."

"Even if she accepts her feelings, she'll think he doesn't want her anymore with all the girls around him."

"Yeah. I think I'll have to do something about that." I grinned up at him. I grinned at Remus.

I turned to James, who was nowhere near visible with the girls around him.

"Oi! You lot! Show's over! Go back to your tables!"

They turned to look at me and one of them scoffed, "Why would we listen to you ugly? He isn't your boyfriend. You shouldn't interfere in his personal matters."

She turned to James, 'Right, sweety?"

James looked a bit offended, "You don't talk to my friend like that, got it? Leave me alone." Classic big brother…

They didn't pay any attention and continued what they were doing. I coughed and they looked at me again, only this time I was surrounded by levitating scissors and buckets filled with dirty water.

"I think you didn't quite hear us right. Leave, now before I chop all your hair of and drown you in filthy water." I said as my eyes glowed and the levitating objects moved towards them. They backed away with horror in their eyes. One of them shouted, "Oh my, she's an evil enchantress." I glared at her and willed for the bucket to completely topple over her. She was completely dripping with filth and ran out screaming. The rest of them retreated back quickly. I grinned at myself and wiped out the mess with one swift move of my wand and all the scissors and buckets also vanished. My eyes returned to normal and I turned laughed as I looked at all of their expressions.

"You're really scary sometimes, you know that?" Sirius said, he was now clearly visible as the girls around him had disappeared too, probably from my little demonstration.

"I know that." I winked at him and he turned a bit red.


"So Arte what was all this for?" James asked curiously.

"I have to talk to you about something important."

I went into a full account of the situation the Lily and they all listened intently.

"So the plan's working?" James asked while pushing up his glasses up to his nose.

I face-palmed, "No James, she is not taking it good. We'll have to do something else." "What?" they asked.

"We just go reverse." I smirked.

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