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Violet Eyes and Motorbikes
James P. & Lily Evans P. & Regulus B. & Sirius B. - Words: 30,310 - Rated: T - English - Fantasy & Mystery - Chapters: 32 - Reviews: 36 - Updated: 07-01-2019 - Published: 03-10-2017 - by CitizenofFantasia (FFN)

Chapter 2: Idiots

"You are irritated with Marlene, right?" Lily asked me.

"Of course I am irritated with her, she is the biggest fake I have ever seen and the way she throws herself at all the boys…Gross." I scowled.

"Yeah that is one reason but I'd say you were more offended at her for going with Sirius." She smirked.

"What? Lily why would it offend me that she went with Sirius. Honestly I am sick of this behaviour you guys are giving me today, what has gotten into you?" I asked her; Merlin I was so irritated at them today.

"Well maybe because you like Sirius?"

I swear I am going to curse someone now, why the hell was everyone saying the same thing over and over again?!

I did not answer her question and went over to the couch, dragged the three marauders towards Lily and glared at them.

"What is the matter with you Em?" James asked rubbing his ear.

"Now tell me why have you all been acting so weird lately?" I demanded the three of them.

"What do you mean?" They asked with mock confusion. James dropped his arm around Lily but she rolled her eyes and shrugged him off.

I narrowed my eyes and said, "Fine, then we will have to do this the hard way; (Oh did I forget to mention- I am a Legilimens) you leave me no choice, so I have to read your mind."

The dropped their mouths, "You promised us you would never do that!"

"Well this time it is different" I said while preparing to enter their minds.

"Ok! Ok! Fine, we will tell you!" James exclaimed.

People don't exactly like other people in their heads, do they? Might spill all their secrets…

I smirked and nodded my head, ushering them to go on.

Then James started, "Well the thing is Ems, we have only known this since the fourth year-"

"We were going to tell you but, Sirius made us promise not to…" Lily continued.

What the hell were they were hiding from ME? We never keep a secret that's what best friends are

"The thing is-" Just as Remus was about to tell me Sirius came towards us and dropped his arm around me.

I groaned internally, Remus was going to tell me something important and this idiot ruined it.

"What is the thing?" Sirius asked

"Oh nothing, absolutely nothing-" They said and they scurried towards the couch.

"What were you talking about?" He asked as he handed me a butterbeer.

"Oh nothing important, just this and that" I said; I wasn't exactly going to tell him that we were talking about him, was I?

He tugged a strand of hair behind my ear and kissed my forehead.

"What are you hiding from me, Sirius?" I asked as I rested my head on my shoulder.

He looked a bit taken aback and said, "What makes you think I would be hiding anything from you love?"

"Sirius please-I know it. Why can't you just tell me? You know I can find it by using my Legilimency."

He took a deep breath and pierced his blue eyes through mine (Merlin, his eyes are really pretty) and he said,

"Em I have something to tell you, I just can't just right now. But I promise you will get to know at the right time. Till then, DON'T READ MY MIND!" He sighed and then suddenly shouted.

Seriously, I thought he was going to tell me… Uhhh what an idiot!

I glared at him and he grinned, "Fine I won't read your mind. But don't test my patience"

"Never love" He smiled cheekily.



She then turned on her heel and stormed away from him.

Then, James dropped his head and looked….sad….

For the first time in my life I had seen James looking sad. JAMES POTTER-the master of pranks, had never ever been sad in his entire life.

He sighed and rushed to the bathroom. I bit my lip and followed him.

"Hey Prongs, are you alright?" I asked as he stood by the sink.

"Oh hey Ems" He smiled slightly at me.

"Are you okay?"

He shook his head, "I don't know Arte, I think I should forget Lily now"

I looked at him, horror-struck; James Potter was not a person to give up.

"No! James, what are you saying?!"

"She is not interested in me that way. Better we remain friends."

"James! No, Lily likes you a lot! She just doesn't want to accept it! Trust me, I have seen it."

"Really?" He asked me with a sad smile.

"Yes! I think she is just nervous…"

"But I can't wait for her all my life, Ems"

"No- But I have a plan." I grinned; I knew Lily was going to come to her senses this way.

"What is it?" He asked raising his eyebrows.

I conveyed the whole plan to him and he looked doubtful

"Are you sure this is gonna work?"

"Prongs, I didn't get Os in all my O. just like that, I have brains you know." I grinned

"Ok fine smart-ass."

We walked out of the bathroom, with James's hand on my shoulder.

"Hey Prongsie, Shouldn't you be with Lily?" Sirius smirked when he saw us together.

"Ahhh Pads, I think I need a break from Lily now. Maybe I will spend some time with Em." He grinned as he put his hand around at my waist.

Sirius gave me a what-the-hell-are-you-up-to-look; I just grinned and shrugged my shoulders.

We approached Lily and when she saw James approaching she scowled, "James I have told you-"

"Lily, I just came here to say that I will not be troubling you anymore from now, Kay?" He said to her

A look of surprised crossed her face and she looked at me, "Really?"

"Yes Lily, really. Now if you'll excuse me…" he turned and walked towards some other girls who were chattering and squealed when they saw him approaching. (James was also a very popular guy at school-being a quidditch star and all, but girls didn't really throw themselves at him because they knew he only liked Lily. However, now they might be thinking he was over Lily if he was talking to them. But, little did they know the truth…)

Lily just stared all the time with James as he flirted and danced with all the girls. She finally broke the silence, "What is up with him?"

I smirked and looked at her, "What do you mean?''

"Look at how he is flirting with those stupid girls!"

Then Alice joined in on the conversation, "Yes, it is a bit weird that he is flirting with some other girl and not with Lily"

"Well, you know he told since you hate him so much, he thought he might as well leave you in peace." I added as I Looked at her jealous face; and here folks, was the proof she liked James.

"I don't HATE him, he just annoys me. And what do you mean 'leave me in peace'."

Alice then bit her lip and said, "I think she means to say that he has given up on you."

She looked at me with surprise and I just nodded.

"What's the matter Lils? Are you sad? Maybe then you should go and tell him that you like him too." I added.

"I don't like him and it is wonderful that he will not trouble me anymore." She scoffed and walked away from us.

I smirked… My plan was working.

I then started talking to Alice and we placed our arms on each-others shoulder and walked towards the dance floor.

After some time, I told Alice what this all was about and that it was my plan that James stop trying to hit on Lily and instead flirt with other girls to make Lily jealous.

"You really have got brains." She exclaimed.

I smirked and we made finished yet another bottle of butterbeer.

Then James came towards me and asked, "did it work?'

I smiled and said, "She is wild with jealousy, though she won't admit it right just now."

James smiled and put his arm around my shoulder. He kissed my head and said, "Thanks Em"

"Now you owe me one." I smirked

"Yeah sure" He smirked

I saw Lily talking to other guys to distract her mind but she couldn't keep up with the conversation because obviously she was too busy glaring at James and flushing with jealousy.

After I was another butterbeer down and made my way to the dance floor to go talk to James, I felt a hand grab me on arm and drag me away.

"Wha-" I started but he cut me off almost immediately.

"What the hell are you doing?" Sirius glared at me and held my arm tighter.

"Sirius, what the hell?! Leave my arm, you're hurting me!"

I exclaimed and tried to wrench my hand from his grasp but he only tightened it and drew me to him.

"Why in the name of Merlin are you behaving this way" He said as he locked my arm behind my back so I couldn't move.

"What do you mean?" I cocked my head to the side, still trying to break free of Sirius's grasp.

"You know what I mean, what are you and James doing?! Flirting with each-other." He snarled at me.

"Oh that- We're just trying to piss Lily off so that she gets jealous and tell James that she likes him." I grinned

"Oh- really? -I thought you were going mad or something because you are like James's sister and well it bothered me too." He said gazing me in the eyes.

"Why did it bother you, may I ask?" I raised an eyebrow.

He pulled closer to him and brushed hair off my cheek, "Well I don't know but it just did."

I knew he was hiding something, it showed clear on his face.

"Fine" I narrowed my eyes and finally wrenched my hand away and walked towards the dance floor.

"Don't tell me anything you just go and 'talk' to Marlene, she will probably be waiting for you." I said over my shoulder as I walked away.

He pulled a face at me and I turned.


I don't know why but I was feeling kinda jealous seeing Marlene with Sirius. They both were dancing and Marlene was just all over Sirius.

I was so busy staring at them that I didn't even notice Lily come and sit down next to me.

"Someone's getting jealous." She said.

"What-oh hi Lils." I turned to look at her and saw her smirking at me.

"You were staring at Sirius and Marlene."

"No… I wasn't." I told her, I knew she would start teasing me so I kept quiet.

"Oh please Ems like I didn't notice, you are completely jealous."

"Why would I be jealous?"

"Because you like Sirius." She said in a bored voice.

"I do not Lily." I glared at her.

"Em, tell me if you didn't like him, why were you staring at McKinnon and him while they were dancing?"

"I-" I couldn't continue because I had no answer to that. In fact, I asked myself 'why did it bother me seeing Sirius with Marlene'. Maybe I liked him? But… no, he had been my best mate for years, how could I develop feelings for him now?

Good Godric, I am so confused now!

"I'll take that as a yes." Lily said and got up from her seat, moving towards the rest of our friends, before I could further argue.

What do you think will happen now?

Does Artemis like Sirius?

And what is everyone hiding from her?

Will be uploading soon, I am open to reviews.

Please feel free to mention any suggestions for my story.

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