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The Princess of Slytherin
None - Words: 8,152 - Rated: K+ - English - Adventure & Drama - Chapters: 4 - Updated: 12-10-2017 - Published: 07-10-2017 - by E.Night94 (FFN)

Chapter 1: Journey to Hogwarts

Ella stood in the middle of the Hogwarts Express. It was her first year at Hogwarts and she was looking for her two best friends. They would be with their older brother in the Slytherin cart. As she walked toward the end of the train she was tapped on the shoulder.

"Um, hi." The boy said, "Do you know where the Slytherin cart is? I'm a first year and I don't know my way around the train."

"Hello," She replied, "I believe it is this way. It's my first year as well. I'm Ella, by the way, Ella Gaunt."

"I'm Desmond, Desmond Grey."

They continued down to the end of the train, where they found the Slytherins. They sat down across from each other in an empty booth.

"I'm almost certain that I will be in Slytherin. How about you?" Ella asked.

"I have no doubt in my mind that I'll be in Slytherin. Hey, do you know if any of the Malfoys are attending Hogwarts with us?"

"Um, I know the two youngest are in our year. They should be around here somewhere." Ella said looking around for her two best friends. "Ah, there they are, sitting with their older brother, Scorpius." She nodded to a group seated in the corner across from them.

"Wanna go sit with them? Maybe we can form our own Slytherin posse."

"I played junior Quidditch with the twins. I'm sure they would feel more comfortable over here. I'll go get them." Ella walked over to Arianna and whispered in her ear. Arianna smiled up at Ella nodding and tapped her bother on the shoulder. The three of them walked over to Desmond and Ella introduced them.

"Desmond, this is Arianna and Severus Malfoy. This is Desmond Grey."

"Happy to make your acquaintance." Desmond responded, shaking hands with the twins.

"It's nice to meet you, too." the twins said together.

"So Desmond, do you play Quidditch?" Severus asked sitting down next to him as the girls sat across from them.

"Well, I really want to. I'm going to try out for either the keeper or the seeker position. Ella said you played?"

"Yes, my sister and I are chasers. Ella played seeker on our junior team." Severus informed Desmond.

"That's pretty cool. So why aren't first year's allowed to have their own brooms. I heard that Potter guy got his own broom when he was a first year. How unfair is that?!"

"Well, not many first years know how to fly do they." Said Arianna "I heard that if you do well at your first flying lesson they now allow your parents to send you a broom"

"Not trying to brag or anything, but I got flying down on my first family practice. My mom said she'd never seen or heard of anyone getting it so quickly other than me and Potter." Desmond snorts at the name.

"Really, like every mom says that. You should see Ella fly." Arianna said, "And Slytherins brag, it's kind of our thing."

"Arianna you're embarrassing me. I'm not that good I'll probably not even make the team this year." Ella muttered.

"Yeah right, the captain would have to be blind not to let on. I mean, you've been training since you were like 5, and your coach was the Viktor Krum." Severus said.

Desmond found it kinda hard not to chuckle at their bickering. "C'mon Ella, I bet you're pretty good. Maybe sometime we can have a race."

"Perhaps, I don't really like to race. It dose not display much skill, but speed, there is so much more to flying then that. I do hope we get there soon, I'm staving." Ella said looking out the window.

"Maybe we should change into our robes." Arianna said looking around at the others already in there robes.

"I agree. Its getting dark. We have to be pretty close to the school." Desmond pulls a robe from his trunk and throws' over himself. The others did the same and just as Ella placed her wand into her pocket a whistle sounded and the train started to slow.

"Finally we're here!" Arianna exclaimed. Severus rolled his eyes, but Ella just starred out the window, nervous at what the sorting hat would say. As they exit the train Ella's thoughts turned to the Potters. What if they didn't like her because she was related to Voldemort. She was a Parseltongue. Slytherin was where she belonged, but she didn't believe in the inner school hatred.

"You're awfully quiet, are you OK?" Severus asked concerned about Ella.

"I'm fine, I'm just hoping the Potters don't recognize my name."

Desmond looks to Ella. "If they do, just don't interact with them. Easy as that. I don't like anything about the Potters. They're probably gonna brag about how their dad took down the Dark Lord."

"Yes, but you are not related to Voldemort. His mother was my great-great aunt. I don't want enemies, I want friends." Ella explained with a sad look.

"It's all right. We'll defend you." Arianna said. Severus rapped a comforting arm around her.

"I'm sure we can all get along, in the name of Professor Snape." Severus said, patting her on the shoulder.

"If anyone gives you a hard time, tell us. We'll take care of things." Desmond said. Ella gave them a sad smile as the joined the other first years head toward the boats.

"Maybe they won't even notice, after all not many people know that his mother's last name was Gaunt." Severus said with an encouraging smile. Ella just nodded as they round the corner and she saw Hogwarts for the first time. The sight of the castle all lite up gave her hope.

Arianna was the first to climb into the little boat followed by Ella and Severus who still had his arm around her. At last Desmond was in and their little group was off across the lake.

"This feels like its taking forever." Desmond sighed.

"I know..." Ella got cut off by Arianna yelling "Look, it's the giant squid." Everyone looked where she was pointing and saw the giant squid waving at them.

"I read that the giant squid has a history of being friendly to the students, he even saved one first year from drowning." Severus reported.

Hagrid yelled for them to duck their heads as they entered the harbor under the castle.

"Oh my God! This is taking forever. I just wanna get sorted and eat dinner." Complained Desmond.

Arianna let out a nervous giggle as Severus said, "Be thankful your a G my brother says its harder when your closer to the end of the alphabet, but at lease he had Potter and Weasley to go after him, what if I'm the last one in line?"

"Oh, Severus stop being so dramatic we are only Ms, its not like we're Zs or something." Arianna said to her brother rolling her eyes.

"Oy, you four, move along now." Hagrid shouted over the noise of shuffling feet.

"Come on we don't want to be left behind."said Ella. They walked toward the smooth grass just outside the main entrance. Hagrid knocked on the door and a teacher answered it. Desmond starts tapping his toes impatiently. "At least we're finally at the castle. But why do the first years have to be the last ones inside?"

"Tradition, I suspect." Ella said. Her nerves coming back.

They were in the Entrance Hall and could hear the rest of the school in the Great Hall. The teacher led them through the center of the Great Hall to stand in a line in front of the staff table facing the students. She placed the stool with the sorting hat on it in front of everyone. A pause of silence rang out before the hat started to sing:

"Welcome to Hogwarts, where we stand together. Try me on and I will tell you, where to find your others.

Perhaps you're a Gryffindor, if you have the heart of a lion, these folks face down their enemies without a fear if dying.

Maybe you're a Ravenclaw, where your knowledge is might. They use calm and logic, to always win the fight.

Or are you a Hufflepuff, where a true heart lies. They are loyal to their friends, and will always fight by their side.

Atlas you might be a Slytherin, where the darker folks tend. They're cunning and sly, and use all means to achieve their ends.

So come sit down, and I'll help you see. In witch house it is, that you ought to be."

Everyone clasped as the hat finished and the professor stepped forward. She read their names off a long list. After some names she called.

"Gaunt, Eisabella"

Ella step forward to sit down on the stool.

"Ah," The Sorting Hat whispered in her ear, "Yes, very smart, lots of compassion, even courage. You would make a good Gryffindor."

"No, not Gryffindor," Ella mound. "I belong in the house of my forefathers, Slytherin."

"Are you sure you don't really have any of the traits of a Slytherin, I'm sure you would feel much more at home in Gryffindor."

"No, I love Slytherin." Ella argued.

"Well if you're sure, better be "SLYTHERIN!" The Hat shouted the last word to the whole hall and the Slytherins broke out in applause.

"Thank you." Ella whispered before she ran off to the Slytherin table. She turned and smiled at Severus as she sat down.

"Grey, Desmond."

Desmond sat on the stool. The hat barely touched his head before it called out, "SLYTHERIN!" Desmond sat down across from Ella. After many names the professor finally called.

"Malfoy, Arianna"

Arianna stepped forward and sat on the stool. The hat had barely fallen over her eyes when it called out "SLYTHERIN!" Arianna ran over to the table and sat next to Desmond.

"Malfoy, Severus"

He walked up to the stool and sat down. The hat seemed to take forever when it finally called out "SLYTHERIN!" Severus ran to the table into Ella's embrace. They sat down together, waiting for the rest of the students to be sorted.

At long last all the students were seated and the Headmistress stood up to give her start of the year speech. The students listened, impatiently, waiting for the end, and when she said "Time to eat." The students all cheered. Ella, the twins, and Desmond raised there pumpkin juice cups and shouted "Slytherin!"

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