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My 7th year at Hogwarts
James P. & Lily Evans P. - Words: 30,867 - Rated: T - English - Humor & Romance - Chapters: 15 - Reviews: 12 - Updated: 13-12-2017 - Published: 10-10-2017 - by Potterlover13yay (FFN)

Dringggggggg. Silence. Bang. Shouting. Crying. I snuggled once more into my comfy, inviting bed, angrily stuffing a large pillow on my head. Oh, how I wanted to sleep… Sadly my wishes were not granted as my mom stomped in, her dazzling red hair flowing behind her. I lifted my head wearily from my bed and was not surprised to see her launching into a long, dragging, hard to understand speech.

"You'relateforthefirstdayofschoolIcantbelieveyouyouhavesomuchtodothisisreallyannoyingyoupromisedmeyouwouldwakeupontimeIdon'tknowhowyou'regoingtogettoschoolifyoumissthetrain!"She shouted at me, obviously expecting an answer I wasn't ready to give. To tell the truth, I had kind of zoned out at the I can't believe you part. I turned and looked at my alarm clock. I was suddenly wide awake.

"Oh bugger!" I swore. It was 10:50 and the train left at eleven! I had 10 minutes to prepare my things and apparate to the station! My mom, seeing that I had finally gotten the message, left the room. I launched myself out of bed and sent all my things in my trunk. There was a lot of anxious swearing in those 5 minutes as I couldn't get my trunk to close. I pulled on the first clothes I found in my closet, brushed my hair and ran downstairs to eat downstairs. Looks like there wouldn't be any time to be spent on making my glamorous comeback with a stylish outfit and some makeup. Nope, no time for that. I apparated to the station and ran through the barrier. I had gone through this barrier 7 times now and it still amazed me every time. I still remember the 1rst time:

I looked around for the platform nine and three quarters, not exactly sure where to go. Severus had told me to just run into the barrier between nine and ten but I didn't feel so sure now. I actually ended up running into the barrier between the platforms eight and nine and of course it hadn't worked. I had already felt tears coming to my eyes, I knew I looked like a fool, standing there with my owl and my confused parents behind me. Then a hand helped me up. I looked up to see who my saviour was and was hit by a cute, tan boy with dazzling hazel eyes and very messy hair. He smiled a gleaming smile and softly spoke:

"You're here for Hogwarts, aren't you?"

Mesmerized, I nodded slowly, taking in the situation. This boy was a wizard. He was the only wizard I had seen with exception of Severus. She then proceeded to tell me that I had run in the wrong barrier and showed me the real one. The only thing I could do was nod and mumble thank you's. I started walking toward the barrier when I realized something felt different. I played with a strand of my hair when I gasped in shock. My hair was yellow. YELLOW! I started hyperventilating, I looked behind me to see if the nice boy was able to help me. I saw him laughing so much, my temper flared up and my blood boiled.

"Turn it back red. NOW." I all but shouted

Still laughing, he raised his wand and muttered a spell I didn't recognize. I felt my hair and realized he had turned it violet now! Behind him appeared another boy looking about the same age with curly, shoulder length hair and arrogance radiating off him, a trait I despised.

"That was bloody brilliant!" he remarked

The nice boy now turned evil turned to him and they smiled and introduced themselves. Their names were James and Sirius. Forgotten, I walked away trying to find Severus so he could reverse that horrible spell.

I cringed at the memory, reliving it. Then I realized I was still very late, and rushed to the Hogwarts Express. I dashed in just as the doors were closing and set off to find my group of best friends. I opened compartment after compartment, sometimes falling on people I didn't want to see, notably a compartment of wannabe "death eaters" aka Mulciber, Nott, Lestrange, Malfoy, Black (Bellatrix) and Severus. I should call him Snape now, just like his horrible friends. He's chosen his path and I've chosen mine. I had run out of that compartment like I was being chased by a rabid dog, I didn't want to hear them calling me a mudblood and so many other names. I eventually found the compartment with my best friends : Alice Prewett, Mary Macdonald, Marlene Mckinnon and Tanya Shafiq. They all looked up and sighed with relief.

"Finally Lily! I thought you had missed the train!" exclaimed Alice

"It was about time! I was scared you had been dragged off by Mulciber and his friends!" sighed Tanya

"Did you see how Shelby Brown changed? I'm sure she's taking a potion, you can't just become that hot over the summer." reported Mary

"Did you finish the Transfiguration essay?" asked Marlene

Of all the questions, Marlene's was definitely the easiest so I told her that yes, I had finished it last night. Marlene, looked scandalized, she does all her homework on the first week of summer vacation. Alice, interpreting her gaze, punched her lightly in the shoulder, saying:

"Oh come on Marlene. Loosen up a little, we're in 7th year now!"

"Exactly! The NEWTs are coming up!" exclaimed Marlene

My insides squirmed, if the OWLs had meant weeks of packed revision and stress, what would the NEWTs be like?

"That's at the end of the year, we've got time." reminded Tanya

"If you keep being like this, you're going to get even more uptight than Lily!" retorted Mary

"Hey! I'm not that uptight!" I whined

"Sure you're uptight Lily! But that's how we like you!" said Alice

Mollified, I sat down and we talked about our summers until Mary saw something poking out my bag.


We all turned our heads away from our game of Exploding Snap, staring at Lily.

"Someone's made our Lily HEADGIRL! Mary exclaimed

There was a chorus of no's and why didn't you tell me's and I knew it's.

"Oh right… I had forgotten." I said, blushing

"Forgotten something like being headgirl!" gaped Marlene

"Sorry if you wanted it Marlene, I know it's a mistake, Dumbledore should certainly have picked you" I hesitated, not having prepared myself for this.

"Oh don't worry, I'm fine! I'm happy for you!" said Marlene, but her tone sounded false. I was about to inquire further when Alice chimed in:

"Wait a minute. You get private dormitories with the headboy! Who's headboy?"

"How could we not have thought of that!" exclaimed Tanya

"What if it's someone like Mulciber?" I worried

"What if it's someone really hot!" said Mary dreamily

"Don't worry, nobody in the right mind would make Mulciber or any of his nasty friends headboy." reassured Marlene.

"I really hope it's Remus, he's so nice" I said

"Ohhh someone has a crush" said Mary slyly

I rolled my eyes, Remus and I were just friends. He was the nicest of the Marauders.

"Ugh but if all the Marauders hang out in the dormitory if Remus is headboy?" said Tanya

"I don't know what you're talking about, I'd like to have Sirius Black in my dormitory anytime." giggled Mary

"I really hope not, I don't want to give Black and Potter an excuse to pull a on me." I mumbled

"Oh come on Lily, they've calmed down since fifth year." said Alice

"Ohhh what if Amos Diggory's headboy?" chimed in Tanya

At this point everybody, even Marlene, who claimed she was above this boy nonsense giggled. Amos Diggory was a very good looking guy in our year.

"I still think Sirius Black is hotter" argued Mary

"No way Amos is the best!" I exclaimed

"Potter ist sooo the hottest. Think of those abbs…" said Tanya

"Potter may be fit but his personality ruins it all" I sniffed

"How would you know, you haven't spoken to him in ages!" said Alice

"I KNOW! Let's do a list off the hottest guys in our year!" shouted Mary

The look on Marlene's face went from scared to terrified.

"Ummm Lily? Don't you have a meeting to go to?" she said desperately

"Meeting… Why? Oh yeah the head's meeting… Oh no I'm going to be late!" I said anxiously. I grabbed my badge and rushed out of the room, still wondering who the headboy was.

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