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Fleur D. & Harry P. & Hermione G. & Katie B. - Words: 14,803 - Rated: M - English - Mystery & Romance - Chapters: 4 - Reviews: 6 - Updated: 20-10-2017 - Published: 12-10-2017 - by bayushi (FFN)



People say that power corrupts. But, is that true? Power, been it money, strength, information or… magic, has no morals. Power don't choose or create sides, is actually used to do so. No, is not the power that corrupts the man, is the man that corrupts the power...

Lily; 2001 It was night in Godric's Hollow when Lily and James Potter received the visit of their friends, the Delacours. The french couple had their daughters with them. The young one was hanging over baby Harry's crib. _ Mama, we can take him home? - the little girl asked in a fast and garbled French, as children at this age do when they are excited.
Lily was impressed, and also felt a twinge of jealousy. She laughed internally, how could she be jealous of beautiful little girl in front of her, she was 3 years old? Maybe it was admiration. The truth was that she felt a warm on her heart and was happy. The baby laughed, a laugh that filled the two women with the joy of living. _ If I do not know better - said Lily also in French- I would say she is using her "special charm" on Harry. The baby had not cried or even unclaimed once after the girl arrived.
_ Mon dieu ! - Apolline Delacour replied laughing - it will not happen at least for the next 11 or 12 years. - the two women looked at the children lost in the eyes of each other - that's another thing, it's something a lot more special. something that gives us hope in these dark times.
_ Do not worry my friend - Jacques Delacour said as he entered the room with James - we can not let the actions of this terrorist spread to the rest of Europe, we already have enough problems with our own extremists. We are not going to be intimidate!
_ Let us talk of dark times later - Apolline said pointing at the two children playing - let us talk about hope for the future, now we need to talk about love. And the changes that will come from it.

Jacques; 2002 Jacques was looking at the parchment in front of him, trying unsuccessfully to hold back his tears. British be cursed, why does everything has to be so hard with them?
Apolline entered the studio with a sigh and sat in the chair in front of him. _ How is she? - Jacques asked.
_ She cried herself to sleep again -she said, with heavy eyes - Oh Jacques, I don't know what to do. It is as if they had plucked something from her…the light has gone from her eyes… And you, any luck with the British ministry?
_ No, only what we already knew, that Dumbledore not only failed to the delivering the will, and he got to keep custody of Harry. The child just have slithered through the bureaucracy cracks and loops ! That old man ... and what they did to Sirius is unacceptable, not even a trial !
_ Mon Dieu ! Do you think Dumbledore got rid of Harry? - Apolline said in a frightened voice, eyes wide. _ No, it would be a stupid move to get rid of the boy who lived. And more ... - he said pointing to the parchment in front of him.
Apolline looked, and could see the word 'active' glowing with a golden light. Yes, that proved that Harry was alive, but where? How can the ministry of magic lose track of the most important child of the magical world? All while making a show of the death of some of their best friends.
A tear run down on her face.
_ Don't worry - Jacques said, hugging his wife - I will not rest until I find him and bring him home, keep him protected, even if for that, I have to turn myself into the godam minister of magic!

Albus; 2002 Albus sat at the big table in his office at Hogwarts, surrounded by legal parchments, the results of some well spent gold and some small mind controlling tricks, he removed his glasses and took a lemon drop from the bowl on the table. A smile crossed his lips as he felt the sour taste. a smile of satisfaction, everything was going according to plan, actually better than planned.
Tom Riddle nearly destroyed his plans to achieve the "greater good", with its simplistic logic and his unreasonable actions. Worse, he had managed to enlist members of various decadent pureblood houses in their ranks, seeking to regain control over the wizard world. Albus feared he would have to deal with the insolent, so called Dark Lord himself. And he did looked forward to it.
Say what you want, but the boy had power (yes, to the headmaster of the most important magic school on England and war hero, they were all boys, boys needing lessons he was much eager to give). Too much power to be controlled. His mind was too far gone when Dumbledore notice. That was a serious miscalculation on his part, one he would not make again.
Then the unbelievable happened. In one single play Tom Riddle was eliminated, along with two of his biggest opponents. The magic should be right on his side, of course, after all, he was the one doing the right thing for the future of his people. But Albus was no fool. He knew it was temporary. He knew very well what was the scar on the child's head. He knew very well what this child meant . But he was not going to make the same mistakes again, as hi did with Tom. No, this time the child and his power would be folded and bended from the beginning. The plan was perfect, not even his useless of a godfather could intervene now. The boy would be his, and his power too.
All in name of the greater good.

Sirius; 2002 On the back of his cell Sirius wiped his face with dirty hands. "No" ,he thought angrily, not that damned old man, nor that fucking rat , let alone this infernal prison would break him. He was going to live and keep his sanity, for them, and especially for his godson. He was going to get out, he promised himself. And would help Harry bring the changes the magical word needed, to continue the work of his parents.

Chapter 01

"Wat da bloody fuck?!" Harry Potter though looking at the weird misshapen little construction in the bottom of the Durlley's property.
That was the headmaster's idea of a solution? A small shag on the back of the backyard? The building was badly done, not one if the sides was straight, looking at it, there was doubt he would even fit inside. But as many magical constructions it was probably bigger on the inside. Also, Harry could feel the security wards both on the locker and around the small monstrosity.

He opened the small door, as expected it was a little bigger on the inside. There was also a shining chain hanging from the ceiling. He shivered thinking on what he had to do with it. On the door, in a plank there was also some wolfsbane potions, enough to last the summer.

"I imagine how much money the headmaster must had payed to Vernon, there is no other way he had gone along with that". Harry shivered again thinking on the enormous man who has been the source of most of the pain he had felt in his first 10 years. He almost wished the magical bounds don't work on the next full moon.

"In the end" Harry tough, "is just another prison, like the others, and I trough myself in it this time." But also, for the first time, he didn't regret a thing, he would do all over again if needed. He didn't even feel guilty, what was a first. Nor even angry.

He just felt alone…

Hermione tried, for the fourth time now, to start her essay on transfiguration. And for the fourth time she couldn't pass the third line. Just looking at the parchment in front of her make all the memories come back. Sirius, Wormtail, Remus and specifically Harry.

Something was wrong, and had been for some time. Just now she was putting the pieces together. How could the headmaster isolate Harry like that. And let him comeback to people who treated him so bad! Harry never spoke about it, he had that infuriating treat of keeping the bad things to himself until it exploded. But she could see it in his deep emerald eyes when he talked about the Durlleys, a scar almost as great as the one on his forehead. And now, there was also the full moon problem.

The tears run down to the pages of the transfiguration book as she remembered. Harry's scream as the fangs buried on his shoulder when he shielded her. The blood flowing through his shirt. The faint smile as he reassured her. Sirius tried to help, but was not fast enough. The, for a second, the humanity returned to Remus's eyes, and he fleed.
After, Harry said was not Remus's or Hermione's fault. That the most important was that she was safe. That bloody selfless part, she wanted to scream, always thinking about the others before himself!

No, this year would be different, she would help him, he deserved to find some Happiness, and she would do it for him. "And I will get him a bloody cellphone! I doubt that medieval lot of the ministry, and even the headmaster will be able to trace it! He just need to keep it hidden from the Durlleys."

Fleur stopped in front of the big doors of her father studio. She could hear voices, what was not strange per se, specifically after her father started running for minister of magic. But something was different this time. The voices sounded scared. Desperate even.

"You don't understand Jacques" one of the voices said in English " I cursed him! Dammit, how could I destroy his life even more! He already suffered enough!" The man sounded desperate, almost crying.

"No Remus" another english voice, this one sounding tired, "unless I am as guilty as you! We both know who to blame here, who created this entire situation…"

"Friends" she headed her father now "this conversation is no longer private, Fleur darling, you may come in"

With a small jump, she opened the door.

She saw two men in the room with her father. They both look dirty and tired, almost scary, looking in awe at her.

Fleur was used to man looking at her, she was used to ignoring the disgusting looks some throw, almost undressing her with those eyes. Her mother taught her since she was very young not only how to live and control her alure, but also how to use it on her favour. But the looks now direct to her were different. She couldn't see lust on those strange man eyes, but a mixture of surprise and admiration.

"Mon dieu…" the man who has the hair and beard black as the night said in a French with heavy English accent "You… you grow up so much… you became a beautiful woman, just like your mother" he finished looking at Jacques with a smile.

"I don't know if you will remember us Fleur" the other man said in a much better French, but with a more tired voice " the last time we meet, you were no older than three or four. My name is Remus Lupin, and this big speechless dumb is Sirius Black."

"Oui" her father said. "The last time was on James and Lily's Christmas party…" Yes, there was something familiar, but Fleur couldn't put a finger on it.

Always polite she answered "I can't say I remember, but is always a pleasure to meet my father's friends, specifically ones who go back so long. But papa, you asked for me, no…"

Jacques smiled, in that manner she was like him, just like she was beautiful and smart as her mother. "I have information concerning your school this year dear" she looked at him with curiosity " I know for a fact that you and some of your colleagues will be travelling to Britain in a couple months" now she looked astonished "but I will not lie, the news coming from there are not reassuring. Not only we are seeing a rise of an extremely retrograde pureblood movement" all three men smiled at the disgust on her face " but there also even scarier rumours of something moving underground…"

"I can take care of myself" she interrupted "you know that! Please do not worry. Also, I pity the fool who even looks the wrong way to madam Maxine"

"Oui, I will not even try to dissuade you dear, it would do me no good. I may say I am even proud of that. No, what I want is to ask to you for something… we need you to do us…"

Fleur looked curiously to her father and his weird friends, feeling excited.

"Now… what I am about to ask you are a secret, and borderline illegal I may add, and can generate some international… discomfort… but I would not ask if I didn't trust you, and if was not from extreme importance to protect the students from Hogwarts and possibly all other schools. Are you on with it?"

Fleur didn't even bother to hide her smile. And for the next hour she listened to her father.

An hour later, exited with her mission, and proud of the trust her father put on her, Fleur closed the doors. Not even a second to late she listened to the men talking again.

"Do you think she remembers Jacques" the man called Remus asked, possible unaware of the vella's sensitive sense of audition.

"I don't know, it was a long time ago, she was too small, and had suffered enough… but I doubt a connection like that could be totally lost. But she is her own person now" Fleur didn't know what they were talking about, but feel it was important, and it was about her.

That night Fleur had a really strange and vivid dream. She was naked, and with her an enormous wolf. The beast walked to her, and instead of being afraid, she felt touched by his eyes. The were of the most profound emerald green she has ever seen….

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