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Dudley D. & Harry P. & Voldemort - Words: 18,103 - Rated: T - English - Angst & Drama - Chapters: 12 - Reviews: 6 - Updated: 14-10-2018 - Published: 22-10-2017 - by CreativePunk77 (FFN)


"Potter is telling lies, Minister. Why would someone set the Dementors onto him? He must have encountered them by accident. Merely a… coincidence."

"I don't trust him either, Lucius, but Potter's cousin was with him and Potter says that he cast the spell to save his cousin's life."

"His cousin?" Lucius arched an eyebrow. "From the rumours that I have heard, Potter loathes his Muggle family…" For once, he sided with Potter, as Muggles were utterly useless creatures, but he was not prepared to share his opinion with the Minister.

"This makes Potter's claim even less credible." Fudge sighed. "Alas, Dumbledore is interfering once again. Potter may have got off this time, but his web of lies will ensnare him soon."

The Minister moved towards the lift, but stopped in his tracks at Lucius's question.

"Minister… Is Potter's cousin older or younger than him?"

"Older, I believe. Lily Evans… her sister was older, so thus, I believe her sister's child is slightly older."

"Slightly older?"

"Yes." Fudge furrowed his brow. "The age difference may be a few months, or even weeks."

"So, very close in age then."

"Yes, why the importance of their age difference, Lucius?"

Lucius flashed a cold smile at Fudge. "Nothing, dear Minister. I was simply curious, as not much is known about Harry Potter's remaining family. If his cousin was of a younger age, I would have suggested that the boy was tricked into witnessing such magic, but as they are the same age…"

"But Muggles can't see Dementors!"

"I understand that, Minister." Lucius said smoothly. "I wonder what story his cousin would come out with if he was asked."

"Well, we're not going to ask him… Dumbledore stated that no one is to contact Potter's relatives."

"Very well. It would have been interesting though to gage the boy's reaction. What is his name, by the way?"

It was good that the Minister was too idiotic to question why he had asked for the boy's name. The fool gave up information far too easily.

"I believe it's… oh damn, what is the boy's name? It starts with a D… David? No, Damien? No… Ah! I know what it is!"


"Dudley. That's his name. Dudley."

A slight sneer curled his lips. "What a foul name. So befitting of a Muggle."

"I don't think it's that great either, but everyone has their own opinion. But yes, his name is Dudley and he is fifteen years old, same age as Potter. We will have to keep an eye on Dudley to see if he has been 'affected' by the 'attack.'"

"Hopefully, the 'effects' are not too severe." Lucius said with false concern.

The Minister hummed, and after bidding Lucius farewell, set off towards his office, leaving Lucius to ponder in his wake.

"Ah, Lucius. You have returned."

Swallowing down his fear, Lucius bowed deeply. "My Lord. My apologies for not returning sooner."

Voldemort remained seated in his chair in the Malfoy drawing room, Wormtail quivering at his side. He regarded Lucius coolly.

"What do you have to say for yourself? I trust you are providing me with information," At Lucius's quick nod, Voldemort hissed: "For if the news is of no use to me…"

"It will be, M-My Lord. It concerns Potter."

"Harry Potter, the boy who outlives his critically short life span. What news do you have, Lucius? Is it that the boy is dead?

"N-No, My Lord. It is about his… family."

"Ah, his parents. Dead and buried for fourteen years."

Lucius stared at the Dark Lord, wondering how to proceed. If his news displeased his Lord, then… He swallowed again. There was no point thinking about the consequences. He had to deliver the news, and quickly.

Choosing to not linger on Potter's parents, he murmured: "His Muggle relatives, My Lord. His Mother's sister, her husband and their son."


"Indeed. I feel that they will be… useful, in defeating Potter."

"Useful?" Voldemort sneered. "Muggles are pathetic creatures. Potter's aunt has no magic within her veins. Her Mudblood sister received all of the power. Potter's aunt is ordinary."

"I m-met Petunia a-a few t-times." Wormtail squeaked. "S-she was s-so cold and b-bitter."

The next few seconds were a blur, but it all ended with Wormtail writhing on the floor and Voldemort slipping his wand back into his sleeve.

"Now that there are no more interruptions, continue, Lucius."

"W-Well, Potter's cousin. He could be used. They are of the same age and if the boy truly did see Dementors, from the Dementor Attack I informed you about before, My Lord, then he will still be feeling the symptoms of the attack."

Voldemort surveyed Lucius with interest. "Intriguing. I could use the Muggle boy to kill Harry Potter. Use his body to kill Potter. Potter will die at the hands of his cousin."

Lucius's hands twitched behind his back as Voldemort threw his arms out.

"Excellent idea, Lucius! I will break down this Muggle boy, then kill Harry Potter." He lowered his arms. "The boy's name?"

"Dudley." His follower curled his lip. "I assure you, My Lord, the very name screams Muggle filth."

Voldemort sat back with a smirk and gestured lazily to a still writhing Wormtail.

"Find the Muggle boy. Find him and put this curse on him…" Voldemort summoned Wormtail to his feet and hissed words into the quivering form's ear.

Stumbling backwards, Wormtail mumbled: "Of course, Master. I s-still r-remember where P-Petunia and her f-family live. I s-shall go at once."

As he vanished from sight, Voldemort waved a hand at Lucius. "Leave my sight. You have done well, Lucius."

Bowing, Lucius accepted the praise and retreated from the room. Voldemort waited until the door had closed before letting out a cackle. Years and years, Harry Potter had evaded him, but now, the boy would die at the hands of his cousin and he would be free to lead the magic world into a new era.

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