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Two Birds with One Stone
Hermione G. & James P. & Lily Evans P. & Sirius B. - Words: 121,733 - Rated: M - English - Humor - Chapters: 25 - Reviews: 69 - Updated: 10-06-2018 - Published: 31-10-2017 - by SiriuslyNeville (FFN)

A/N: So I went through and finally edited the first three chapters better than I had, and Oooohh I am so sorry. Lots of typos and such. But! For putting up with my sorry editing behind, I'm gonna upload another chapter. This will be it for at least a few days, so enjoy!

Disclaimer- the only thing I own are a lot of lost bobby pins a whole lot of shoes. I take no credit for the magical world of Harry Potter.

Chapter 4

The few days later Hermione and Rosmerta made their trip to Diagon Alley, and it was mostly like she had remembered it to be. The shops looked much the same as they did in her day, and they did their shopping quickly. Hermione needed to buy all new books, because the books that she had from her time either didn't exist yet, or they were a newer edition than the ones that were required. She had a cauldron, but she needed to refill her potion making supplies. She also stocked up on parchment, ink and quills. They went to Madam Malkin's and got Hermione a couple of sets of new school robes.

They then went to muggle London and restocked Hermione on all of her toiletries; shampoo, condition, moisturizer and such. She also picked up some new muggle clothing that fit the era she was in. The clothing that she had packed in her beaded bag from her time made Hermione stick out like a sour thumb. However, she was frugal and creative with what she had, and she came out with some pieces she was sure to be able to mix and match with. The clothing she had was perfectly good, so there was no sense in it going to waste.

She spent the rest of the days in a similar fashion as the days before. She really liked working at the Three Broomsticks. It's not something that she would like doing forever, but she enjoyed the work and liked meeting new people. Rosmerta was even teaching her how to put in orders and take inventory. Hermione liked having the responsibility, but was also hoping to ease the load off of Rosmerta. She had been so kind to Hermione since she arrived and Hermione wanted to make sure Rosmerta knew how much she appreciated it.

Finally September 1st came, and Hermione woke up bright and early. She had things to do and wanted to make sure that she got it all done in time. She took a shower and did her hair quickly. Getting dressed took a little bit more time. It was taking her a little while to get used to the clothing during this time, and feeling comfortable in them. She put on a pair of brown bellbottomed corduroys, a long sleeved white sweater (she always made sure to hide her scar), and a pair of her own sneakers. She loved the sweater, because it was so soft. However, the bellbottoms were taking a little longer to get used to. They were so tight she felt like her bum was clear on display! She every so often she would pull the hem of her sweater down just a little farther in hopes that it would cover her up.

Hermione went back into the bedroom and finished packing all of her last minute things into her trunk. She had meticulously packed her trunk last night, but there were things that she would use in the morning that she couldn't pack. However, she did keep her beaded bag with her. She kept her uniform and school robes in there so she could change during the train ride.

When she was done she went to the kitchen and made some eggs and toast for herself, and put a plate in the fridge for Rosmerta when she awoke.

After she ate she went down into the bar and started pulling the chairs down off the tables. The Three Broomsticks didn't open until 10, but Rosmerta was opening late today so she could see Hermione off to school. Because of this, Hermione wanted to make sure that everything was in order for when Rosmerta returned. She restocked anything she could and double checked the inventory. On a bulletin board in the office, Hermione left a note about what the current numbers were for the order that was to be put in on Friday, the day after tomorrow. When she felt like everything was done she went back upstairs and saw Rosmerta using her wand to reheat her breakfast.

That was something that was hard for Hermione to get used too. When she was on the run with Harry and Hermione, she could use magic anytime she wanted. Now, she had to be careful. Rosmerta didn't mind that Hermione used magic inside the flat because it was just the two of them in an all wizard community, so there was no way for the Ministry to know who was using magic. However, in every other aspect of her life, Hermione was left magic less. She grew up a muggle, so she was raised to do everything by hand. But, being in the magical world had spoiled her and so certain things that she would normally do with magic she was forced to do by hand. Needless to say, she couldn't wait to be back at Hogwarts!

They apparated around the corner and walked to Kings Cross Station. While they were walking towards Platform 9 ¾, she could see a couple of other families with children that were pushing trolleys that had Hogwarts trunks and owl cages on it. Hermione and Rosmerta made it through the barrier and they were met with the scarlet steam engine before them. It was crowded with parents and students saying goodbye, getting last minute advice about the upcoming term, and being reminded to follow the rules.

Rosmerta looked at Hermione. "Do you need any help getting your trunk on the train?" she asked.

"No, I'm okay. You should go before it gets any more crowded. You need to get back to the bar. I really appreciate you coming with me this morning. Well, not just this morning, but letting me stay and being so welcoming. It has made this whole… transition that much easier. So, thank you for that, Rosmerta." Hermione said sincerely.

Rosmerta didn't say anything, but swept Hermione up into a tight hug and let the gesture be enough. When they pulled apart, she looked at Hermione carefully, as if to make sure that Hermione really was okay and didn't need her to stay.

"Alright, well- have a safe trip and send me an owl tonight or tomorrow so I know that you have settled in. Feel free to owl me if you need anything, and I'll see you in a few weeks! I can't wait to hear about all of your classes and the people you meet. And the boys that you might meet… or already met," she added with a wink. Hermione bushed at this, giving Rosmerta just the reaction that she had been looking for.

"I will see you soon. Thanks again!" Hermione waved to Rosmerta as she started to walk back to the barrier and out into muggle London.

Hermione looked around and started to walk towards the train. She started to lift her trunk when someone bumped into her from behind. She dropped the trunk right on her foot, and let out a yelp. Turning around, she saw a young man with greasy black hair and a long hooked nose.

It was none other than Severus Snape who had bumped into her. He looked just like he did in the pensive memories, already in his school robes.

"Watch it," Snape answered.

"Watch what? You bumped into me," Hermione answered.

"No, not you- I'm talking to him," he pointed to what looked like a second year behind him. By the looks of it, he had lost control of the trolley and crashed.

"Oh, sorry- I thought you were talking to me. I'm Hermione Granger, nice to meet you," Hermione said while extending a hand to the Slytherin.

He looked down at it for a moment as if waiting for something to happen. When nothing did, he shook her hand gently. "Severus Snape," he replied.

"So 'Severus Snape', any chance you could help a girl with her trunk. The first attempt left me with a wounded foot," she said with a smile.

He looked a little hesitant at first, but when she smiled at him he gave a very small one back and nodded. Heaving her trunk up, he was able to get it settled onto the train.

"Thanks. That was a real help. Who knew what other injuries would have resulted- had you not come to my rescue," she added lightly.

"You're new, right? I mean this is your first year here?" he asked.

"Yes. I'm transferring from Beauxbatons. I recently moved in with my Aunt who lives in London. I'm a sixth year." She explained.

"I am as well. Are you going to be sorted tonight?"

"Oh, no. Dumbledore offered that, but wouldn't I be a sight along with all of those first years. I was sorted privately. Gryffindor," she told him. "What house are you in?"

"Slytherin," he answered pointing to his robes.

"Well, since we are both sixth years, does that mean we will have any classes together?" she offered. She knew they probably would, but she was keeping up her charade.

"Most likely. Slytherin house usually has Potions with Gryffindor house. Are you taking Potions?"

"Yes, I am. If we are in the same class, save me a seat?"

"You would want to sit with me?" he asked.

"Well sure. It's not like I know many people here, and you were so nice to help me. Why wouldn't I want to sit with you?"

"It's just that, typically, Gryffindor's and Slytherin's don't get on too well." He explained.

"Well that may be true, but you and I seem to get on just fine. I'd be happy to sit with you in class. It would be helpful to sit with someone who can show me the ropes," Hermione added.

"Erm… okay," Snape conceded. He then looked up at her hopeful. "Would you like to sit in a compartment with me," he asked nervously.

"I can't," Hermione said. Snape looked crestfallen. Adding quickly she said, "It's just because I already made plans to sit with some other people. But I really appreciate the offer," she said as nicely as she could.

He seemed to accept this, and nodded his understanding. "Well, maybe I'll see you in class. I hope your journey is good and enjoy the feast." He said stiffly. And with a nod of his head, he headed onto the train.

She didn't know how to feel about this exchange. She felt like she made a good impression, and he agreed to let her sit with him in class, but he looked so hurt when she said that she couldn't sit with him. There, she decided that one of her goal while she was back here was to befriend Snape. Severus. She needed to get into the habit of calling his Severus.

She was pulled away from her thoughts by a ruckus that was being made by the barrier. She moved a little closer and ducked down behind a trolley to watch the scene before her.

Peter Pettigrew and Remus Lupin were each pushing trolleys that were laden with luggage, and on top of the luggage on each trolley sat James Potter and Sirius Black and they were both singing at the top of their lungs.

"The boys are back in town," Sirius belted.

"The boys are back in town," James echoed.

"The boys are back in tooooooooooooooooown" they finished together.

Everyone on the platform laughed. James and Sirius jumped down and landed gracefully. Then, they finished their performance with a sweeping bow- done by each in turn. There was a group of girls that immediately came up and tried to flirt with the group of popular boys. Remus and Peter didn't really pay much attention to it, but Sirius and James were eating it up. They both had on their most charming smiles and clearly loved the attention.

However, this didn't last too long. All of a sudden James attention wasn't on the group of giggling girls anymore, and he turned around and busied himself with helping Remus and Peter with the luggage.

That was strange Hermione thought to herself. She looked around the platform and instantly, she knew. Unloading her luggage onto the train with an older couple was a beautiful redheaded girl. Lily Potter-err- Evans. Harry's mother. She didn't know too much about this woman, just that she was beautiful, kind, and talented in Potions. And they would be sharing a dorm this year.

This thought instantly made Hermione nervous. She didn't have a lot of practice with female friends. She was close with Ginny and Luna, but that had been because they were part of Dumbledore's Army and helped her, Ron and Harry out in the Department of Mysteries. It was one of those experiences that you can't come out of and not be close.

Hermione saw the Marauders heading towards the train, and she figured it was time for her to come out of hiding. She started walking towards the train in a path that she knew would lead her right to the group of boys. Pretending she was marveling the train, but also being careful about where she was going to 'accidently' walk, she ran straight into Peter.

"Ooh, sorry. Wasn't watching where I was going," Hermione said. When she looked up, she pretended to be surprised. "Hi, Pete! How have you been?"

Peter colored at the nickname and mumbled something about being fine. At this point, the other three boys had noticed that one of their numbers was missing. They started walking back to find Peter when they noticed who he was standing with.

"Oi, Peter! Look what the rat dragged in," James said.

"Don't you mean what the 'cat' dragged in?" Hermione questioned.

"No, that time I meant it," he said with a chuckle.

"How have you been, Hermione?" Remus asked.

"I've been good. How have you been?" She asked. She knew that the full moon was a week from today, and Remus was looking tired.

"I've been great, thanks," he answered.

"So, you decided to take us up on the offer and ride the train with us, right?" Sirius interrupted.

"Yeah, you said that I was going to sit with the most handsome and eligible bachelor in school, so I came to ask Peter if I could sit with him," Hermione said with a smirk.

James and Remus laughed at this and Peter colored even more. Sirius was looking thoughtful, though. She didn't think he liked that she was able to get the better of him, but he wasn't backing down from a challenge.

"Oh man, that never gets old! Come on, Hermione. Out compartment is in the back," Remus said offering his arm. Hermione took it and the five of them walked to the back of the train and into an empty compartment.

"So Remus, do you have to go up to the front right away?" Sirius asked.

"No, I only had to do that last year. This year I know when I'm supposed to be patrolling. I have some time to hang out before then," Remus answered.

"You see Hermione, Remus here is a prefect. He's got responsibilities and stuff. We told him it was a waste of time, but he insisted," James said.

"I was something like that at my old school," Hermione said. That wasn't really a full lie, because she had been a prefect like Remus.

"Oh no, another one? Let me guess, you're a rule follower too," Sirius said dramatically.

"I like the rules, but I'm not afraid to break them," Hermione said. She was thinking about when she, Harry and Ron had brewed Polyjuice potion in her second year in order to sneak into the Slytherin common room.

"I like the way you think," Sirius said with a wink.

When they reached the compartment the boys let Hermione inside first and she chose the seat next to the window. Sirius sat down next to her and Peter next to him, while Remus and James sat on the bench across from them. Looking out, she could see all of the families lined up on the platform to see the train off. Just then, the whistle blew, signaling that the train was about to take off. Last minute hugs were given as the students jumped on the train and off they went.

When she turned back to the boys, there was a lively debate about Quidditch.

"It's definitely going to be Puddlemere United this year. Have you seen the team? With the set of chasers they have, there is no way they won't win," James said confidently.

"I don't know, James. Ireland is looking pretty good. And with the new brooms that they just bought, they could easily outstrip the other teams in the league," Sirius argued.

"What about the Harpies? I know they're still new to the league, but I have heard they have made some amazing plays," Remus offered.

"Don't count out the Falcons. Their keeper is superb and barley averages 30 points per game," Peter added.

"I think it's going to be the Cannons," Hermione said with a straight face.

All four boys looked at her with confusion on their faces.

"Ha! Just joking, but you should see your faces," Hermione laughed.

The boys relaxed after this and Hermione took the time to change the subject.

"Hey James, I remember there being mention of someone named Lily-flower. Is there a special someone in your life?" She teased.

James color at this, but it was Sirius who answered. "He only worships her. She's a bird in our year and old Prongs here has fancied her since third year. Only thing holding him back is the fact that she thinks he's an arrogant toe-rag."

"Well what did you do to her?" Hermione asked James.

"What! I didn't do anything to her! I've complimented her and asked her out and offered to carry her book-bag," James answered.

"And hexed her best friend any chance you got in the process," Remus added.

"You did? Well no wonder she wouldn't go out with you. If anyone hexed you guys I wouldn't be thrilled about it, and I barely know you," Hermione said.

"You would too, if you saw him. Greasy haired git from Slytherin who loves the dark arts way too much," Sirius said.

Hermione knew who they were talking about, but decided to leave that subject alone. She then went for a different approach.

"So, what are the teachers like at Hogwarts?" she asked.

Remus was the one who answered. "They're pretty good. Flitwick teaches Charms and he's really patient and always willing to stay after class if there's something you need help with. Head of Ravenclaw. Slughorn teachers potions, and might try to recruit you for his 'Slug club'. Head of Slytherin. Then there's McGonagall-"

"Mmmmmm…" Sirius sighed with a far off look in his eyes.

"-who teaches transfiguration and is head of Gryffindor. She's a good teacher, but real strict, even with her own house."

"And I take it Sirius has some strong feelings about her," Hermione said.

"He fancies her. Well, I don't know if it's really her, or more of what she represents." James explained.

"She's brilliant, for one. And she's so rigid and a big rule follower. But you just know that when she's behind closed doors the glasses come off and the hair comes down. Very… kitten with a whip," he added said with a goofy grin.

That comment earned a snort of laughter from the other boys in the compartment. Hermione had to bite down on her lip in order to keep herself from laughing. Instead, she had to screw up her face to look confused about their reactions.

"Let me explain. Professor McGonagall is an animagus, and she turns into a cat." Remus said.

"Ohh… that makes sense. So, I take it that you lot make a bunch of cat jokes to her. Yarn balls, shedding fur, purring, kitty doors- that kind of stuff?" she offered.

Sirius snapped out of his day dream about McGonagall and looked at Hermione like he could kiss her. Then he actually did just that, and he reached over and planted a wet kiss on her cheek.

Hermione's face went beet red, and she wiped her cheek. "What was that for?"

"Guys, a cat door. Why didn't we think of that? We need to install them everywhere- her office, the Transfiguration classroom, and the Great Hall." Sirius said to the other three boys. Than he looked back at Hermione and said "You have to be part of the prank planning committee. If you're coming up with this stuff without even trying, who knows what other little gems are hiding in that beautiful brain of yours."

The other three boys nodded in agreement, and then the four of them bent their heads together to start their prank planning. Hermione had awoken early this morning so she settled in and soon was rocked asleep by the movements of the train.

She was awoken by someone saying her name and gently shaking her awake. When she opened her eyes she noticed that it was dark outside, and the lantern had been lit on the train. Hermione looked up and noticed that Sirius's face was very close to hers, his storm grey eyes looking at her warmly. She immediately looked down before she had the chance to get lost in them, and that was when she noticed that her body seemed to be a bit squished. Pushing herself up, she realized that she had been sleeping on Sirius, and he had draped his arm around her for warmth and stability.

Her cheeks flushed immediately.

"Sorry to wake you, you looked so peaceful, but we're going to be at Hogwarts soon and you need to change into you robes," Sirius said softly.

"Okay, thanks. Sorry I slept on you," Hermione mumbled.

"It's not a problem." He said with a smile. "There are bathrooms just down the hall," he added.

Hermione grabbed her beaded bag and headed out the door. When she reached for the door, she was surprised when it opened on its own. Out stepped a girl with long red hair.

"Oh, sorry. I didn't know anyone was out here. My friends and I got so busy catching up about our holidays that I completely forgot to change," she said.

"Yeah, I had the same issue. Except mine was due to a nap," Hermione replied.

"You're new, aren't you? I'm Lily Evans. Do you know what house you're in?"

"Yeah, I'm in Gryffindor. I'm Hermione Granger."

"Me too. I'm a prefect as well, so if you need anything, let me know. I'd be happy to help you find your classes and show you around," Lily offered.

"Thanks, that would be great,"

"Well, I'll let you change. I'll see you at the feast," Lily said with a wave.

Hermione changed into her robes and put her muggle ones back into her beaded bag. When she was done she walked back to the Marauders compartment to see that they had all changed into their robes as well.

"We should be there shortly," Remus said.

"Good. I'm starved!" Hermione complained. It was accompanied by a rumble from her stomach.

"Yeah, you missed the trolley- came around while you were sleeping. Got you a couple of chocolate frog," James said offering her two small wrapped packages.

"Thanks, you're a life saver," Hermione said. She started to open a package and she noticed that James was watching her with mixture of nervousness and excitement. She looked back down at the candy, then back at James and said "What did you do to them?"

"Nothing. Just open it. I want to see who you've got. I only need a few more and I have the entire collection," James explained. Hermione rolled her eyes and opened both candies.

"I got a Godric Gryffindor and Alberic Grunnion," she told the boys. James looked disappointed.

"Nahh… got both of them," he said.

Just than the train started to slow down as it was making it decent into Hogsmeade. Hermione and the boys stood up and started to make their way off the train. They all kept close to her so she didn't get lost in the mass of black robes.

Ahead of her she heard the unmistakable voice of Hagrid yelling "Firs' years! This way!"

"Hi Hagrid!"

He looked down at her and smiled. "Hi there 'ermione! We still on fer tea next week?"

"Absolutely, I'll send you an owl!" she answered.

As they were making their way to the thestral-pulled carriages, Hermione noticed that Lily was just ahead of them talking with a couple of other girls.

"Alright, Evans?" James yelled.

Lily's shoulders fell when she looked back and saw James but brightened when she saw Hermione.

"Hi Hermione," she said, completely ignoring James.

Hermione waved back. James was staring down at her with an incredulous look.

"You know Evans?" he asked.

"Yeah, well I mean I just met her on the train. We bumped into each other. She seems really nice. Is that your Lily-flower?"

"I'm not anyone's Lily-flower," Lily yelled from in front of them.

Lily and her friends filled up one carriage, and Hermione and the boys filled up another.

The ride up to the castle was quite. The boys were talking amongst themselves, and Hermione was looking out the window. She was nervous, for some reason. The last time she had been coming up to the castle this way, she was with Ron, Neville, Ginny, and Luna. Harry, at the time, was getting his nose broken by Malfoy for spying on him. Hermione smiled a little thinking about her friends. It was definitely going to be strange being back here without the people who really made it feel like home for her.

Finally the carriages slowed down and they all climbed out.

"So first we go into the Great Hall and wait for the first years to be sorted, and then Dumbledore usually has a few words to say. Then the feast," Peter explained.

"Thanks, Pete," Hermione said. "This place is huge! Where do the Gryffindor's live?" she asked

"The fifth floor behind the portrait of the Fat Lady. There's the common room and all of the dormitories," he explained.

"Yeah, we'll help you get there," Remus offered.

"Thanks, but Lily offered to show me around, and I think I'm going to take her up on it. It will be a good way for me to get to know her and some of the other girls that I will be living with," Hermione said.

When they finally got into the Great Hall and the boys showed her which table was the Gryffindor one, her stomach was rumbling again.

Soon, Professor McGonagall came in through the doors leading a group of terrified looking first years. As McGonagall walked down between the tables, Sirius made a loud wolf whistling sound. McGonagall seemed to know instantly where the sound came from and gave Sirius a disapproving look.

Remus leaned over from next to her and said "He does that every year. She always acts annoyed but I think she secretly likes it. She's never taken house points away because of it."

The sorting took forever, as usual, but without fail, every time some of the new first years were sorted into Gryffindor, she and the rest of her house made sure the cheer loudly.

When all the first years were sorted, Dumbledore stood up and silence came over the entire hall.

"Welcome back to another year! I just have a few announcements before we tuck into this magnificent feast. For everyone, the Forbidden Forest surrounding the grounds is just that, Forbidden. Also, our caretaker Mr. Filch has asked me to remind you that no magic is allowed in the corridors and that the list of banned items has been expanded to 193 and is now including Fanged Frisbees and Dungbombs. There is a list posted on his office door if there are any questions.

We also have a new professor joining us this year. Our new Defense Against the Dark Arts teachers will be Professor Bodrick Bode". There was a clean cut looking wizard sitting on the other side of Flitwick. He had brown hair that hung down to his ears and a long nose. He lifted a hand in greeting at this acknowledgement.

Hermione had a moment where she thought that name sounded familiar, but couldn't be sure. She quickly shook it off to listen to the rest of Dumbledore speech.

"Now," Dumbledore said, "it's time to dive in." With a wave of his hands, trays of food appeared on the table in front of them.

While everyone was loading their plates up, Hermione took the chance and asked "So, new teacher, huh? What happened to the old one?"

Of all people, Remus was the one to color, from both embarrassment and pride.

"Oh he was a bloody git, he was. Didn't learn a thing and he hated everyone. Never gave out points and was horrible to all the students and staff. McGonagall couldn't even stand him. Anyway, in response to his attitude, we took it upon ourselves to show him the error of his ways. See, he had this toad that he loved. Was always carrying it around and talking sweet to it. We hid it all over the castle. On chandeliers, in suits of armor, and we even hung him like a Christmas ornament on one of the trees in the Great Hall! The last straw was when Moony, here, stuck him on a lily pad and sent him out floating on the Black Lake," Sirius explained.

"Remus! You didn't," Hermione exclaimed.

"You never met the guy. He was bloody awful and there was nothing nice to say about him. And Herman was just fine," he added.

"The teacher's name was Herman," Hermione asked.

"No, the toad was named Herman," Peter said.

There was a small round of laughter, and when Hermione composed herself, she said "Wow, I never thought you would do something like that."

"You see. This is proof right here," James started. "Everyone is always talking about how Moony here is the level headed one. He doesn't prank and he doesn't scheme and he doesn't make fun of his friends. He's nice and sweet and helpful and kind. Well here's the truth. Remus is just as bad a Sirius and I. You remember back in 4th year when Greta Catchlove kept following me around and sending me ridiculous amount of cheese? Remus here took it upon himself to slip her a love potion. Gave it to her for almost 3 weeks before I figured out. Poor girl was wildly embarrassed - I can't look at a nice Gouda the same," James told then, ending with a sad and far off look which received a huge laugh from everyone.

"Well, I know I need to keep my eye on you, Mr. Lupin," Hermione said

"You can keep whatever you want on me love," Sirius flirted.

Hermione looked at him right in the eyes. "Okay," she purred. She turned her head and looked at James. "James, please get on Sirius."

Before Sirius could protest, James jumped right into Sirius's lap, knocking them both to the ground.

"Really, Potter, we can't even get through the feast without your shenanigans." Lily yelled from halfway down the table.

James looked like he wanted to make fun of her choice of wording, but thought better of it. He shot one of his goofy smiles up at her and pulled himself off of Sirius.

"Anyway, back to the teachers. So you had the toad-lover last year, did you have any other teachers before him?" Hermione wondered.

"Yeah, before him it was the bloke who was trampled by a horde of angry unicorns, and before that it was the bird that up and eloped and moved away to Venezuela, then before that it was the old guy who went to look for something in the forest, and he didn't come out for 3 weeks." James explained.

"So have you had DADA teacher last more than a year?" Hermione asked.

"You know… now that I think about it we haven't." Remus muttered to himself.

The boys were lost in thought after this. The rest of the feast passed by uneventfully and when everyone had eaten their fill, Dumbledore waved his hands again and the plates and goblets were cleared.

"Now, off to bed. You all must be rested for a full day of new and challenging experiences," he said. "Prefects, please make sure to show the first years to the common rooms."

The whole hall started to get up. Shouts of "First Years!" could be heard throughout of room. Hermione started looking around for Lily when she heard her name being shouted.

"Hi. I thought I would walk you up to the tower," she offered.

"That would be great! Thanks," Hermione said.

"Hi Lily," Remus greeted.

"Remus!" Lily squealed and launched herself at him, giving him a big hug. "I missed you! How was your holiday?"

"Hey Lily," James interrupted.

"Potter," Lily acknowledged.

"Evans," Sirius said.

"Black," she replied. "Come on, Hermione. This way," she said as she dragged Hermione towards the staircase.

The trip up to the tower was very enjoyable. Lily was very nice and welcoming towards Hermione. Lily was full of information about the goings on of the school, and was happy to share stories and helpful tips to the 'new' student.

When they arrived at the portrait, Lily said the password to the Fat Lady (bowtruckle) and they headed inside. However, when they arrived in the common room, all four Marauders were sitting in the arm chairs by the fire.

"What took you so long? Did Lily-pad here take the long way?" Sirius joked.

Lily's eye narrowed. "How did you get here so fast? We left before you."

"You should know by now, love, this castle holds no secrets that the Marauders don't know." He said.

Lily strode off towards the staircase that lead to the dormitories and waited there for Hermione to follow.

"Good night," Hermione said to the boys and headed to the stairs as well. She heard a chorus of "Night!" behind her as she ascended.

Lily lead the way to the correct room, and when they got inside it was just like Hermione remembered. It wasn't the same room that she had been in, that was a few doors down, but it was almost identical. There were more beds in this dorm than had been in the future, which meant that she was to have more roommates. Hermione was so tired that she grabbed her pajamas from her trunk, quickly changed, and headed to bed. She exchanged a small "Hello" to the other three girls in the room, but she would take the liberty of introducing herself in the morning.

It had been a long day and she knew that tomorrow was going to be another. She also knew that she needed to start working on a plan to find the Horcruxes that had been made in this time, but it could wait. What she needed now was a goodnights sleep.

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