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Harry Potter And The Elemental's Power
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Chapter 1 " The Boy Who Lived

31st October, 1981

Three mysterious people stood in the streets of Privet Drive, Surrey. The street lights were out and if they had been turned on, the sight of these three people would have certainly startled the residents in the area. One resembled a huge shaggy beast that stood over eight feet tall, the other was an old man who was wearing violet robes with half moons and blue stars printed on it. His beard was so long that he had tucked it twice into his belt and the third was a woman who wore the strictest of looks that could intimidate even adults.

These three were magical humans called witches and wizards and they were here for one purpose only.

"Do you have the boy Hagrid?" asked the old man who went by the name of Albus Dumbledore.

"Yes of course headmaster," replied Hagrid and carefully pulled out a tiny sleeping baby from the inside of his coat.

"So this is Harry Potter," whispered the strict looking witch. She looked at the child with affection and then slowly brushed her finger against a scar that stood out on his otherwise unblemished face. "Can't you get rid of that scar Albus," she asked.

"Even if I could, I wouldn't. Scars can come in handy. I have one myself above my left knee that is a perfect map of the London Underground. Well - give him here, Hagrid - we'd better get this over with."

Dumbledore put Harry on the ground and pulled out his wand.

"Albus what are you doing?" asked McGonagall.

"Nothing much Minerva just a few warming charms and some for his own safety," he said calmly.

What Albus Dumbledore was actually doing was binding a part of Harry's magic so that the boy wouldn't do any dangerous accidental magic and cause any harm to his

Muggle relatives considering the amount of power the boy had. He did not want Harry to get into serious trouble for something he didn't have any control over. The spell he was performing on Harry was highly illegal and dangerous if done wrong. But he had complete confidence in his abilities.

He waved his wand in complex patterns and started chanting under his breath. It sounded like gibberish to McGonagall. A few minutes passed since Albus had begun chanting and nothing seemed to be happening. He stopped chanting and placed his wand on Harry's forehead.

A second later a sphere of golden light began to glow around Harry and started growing larger and larger until the entire house and a few of the neighbouring houses were covered in the light.

Suddenly the light began to withdraw was sucked into little Harry Potter's body.

"There, it's done," he said looking a bit tired.

"What have you done? Warming charms definitely don't do that," she said looking suspicious.

"I just activated the wards that are going to keep him safe Minerva. The little display you just saw was just because of the nature of the wards. No harm can fall upon Harry as long as he lives with his blood relatives," he said.

"Oh right, sorry," she said looking embarrassed.

Dumbledore chuckled, "It's quite alright Minerva, I don't mind."

He then bent and picked Harry up, "Well Harry, time for you to join your new family," he said moving towards number 4 Privet Drive.

"Sir, could I say good bye to him?" asked Hagrid tears forming in his eyes.

"Of course Hagrid," said Dumbledore his eyes twinkling sympathetically and gave Harry to Hagrid.

"I'm going to miss you young Harry," he said wiping the tears from his eyes, "You be good and take care of yourself."

He handed Harry back to Dumbledore and burst out crying. McGonagall patted him on the back trying to comfort him.

Dumbledore meanwhile took Harry and placed him on the entrance to the house and

pinned a letter to his blanket.

"Well we have no business being here, we might as well leave."

Hagrid and McGonagall nodded and just as quietly as they had arrived they left in the same manner except for Hagrid who had come on a flying motorcycle.

Dumbledore stood just stood there waiting for them both to go. As soon as they had left, he pulled his wand out again and waved it towards the house. A reddish blue light mixed with a little gold covered the house again before expanding out and simmering out of sight.

He then pulled out the silver put outer which he had used to turn the streets dark and clicked it once. Twelve balls of light whizzed out of the strange lighter and flew back to their respective lamp, reigniting the street to the bright orange that it was.

"Good luck Harry," he murmured and with a swish of his cloak he was gone.

The little child slept peacefully in the bread basket unaware of what fate had in store for him. He couldn't know that at this very moment wizards and witches all over the country were meeting in secret and holding up their glasses whispering, "To Harry Potter, the boy who lived."


A/N: The first story I have ever written and published.

Do read on and enjoy it. :)

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