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The Last Peverell
Harry P. & James P. & Remus L. & Sirius B. - Words: 170,594 - Rated: T - English - Adventure & Romance - Chapters: 49 - Reviews: 1180 - Updated: 19-01-2019 - Published: 02-12-2017 - by animerocker646 (FFN)

Shorter than last week, but still around 3000 words. Not too bad. Enjoy!

Chapter 3

James had come to visit a week later while Euphemia cleared up different things with the healers. No one had really been allowed to see her while the healers attempted to figure out what had caused the seizures. She had been given medication to take whenever she felt one coming on, but she knew that nothing would work to stop them. She fiddled with the potions vial as she waited for someone to knock on her door.

Now, Jasmine had only ever seen pictures of her father, that or ghostly afterimages, she'd never met him before. All she knew was that he was a prankster and if memory served, he was still a prat at the moment, which left her extremely wary. She didn't want to deal with a vindictive pranking Gryffindor. James was an only child…Jasmine just didn't want to have another Dudley on her hands. At least Sirius wasn't here to egg him on.

There was a quiet tap on her door before the matron poked her head in, followed by a teenager.

Though, when she spotted him, her breath caught. He looked just like she had imaged, only a lot younger. He was in his lanky teen phase, or right near the end of it, since his limbs seemed a bit too long for the rest of him. No doubt by the end of the summer he'd have grown out of it. He had just turned fifteen from what Euphemia had mentioned, which put him right at the end of his fourth year. Jasmine knew that he was training to become an Animagus with Sirius and future traitor Peter Pettigrew. But, now was not the time to be thinking about the rat, now it was time to meet someone who she once regarded as a father.

He seemed nervous when he walked up to her hospital bed. He was twiddling his thumbs, his robes slightly frayed at the ends from picking at them. His glasses were square and slightly askew on his nose, his hair was a mess, and his eyes were looking anywhere, but at her. It seemed that the floor in front of her was particularly interesting.

"You're James, right?" Jasmine asked, attempting to break the ice. The silence in the room was nearly suffocating her.

His head snapped up, his hair flopping around. Their eyes met, and his hazel eyes widened slightly when he saw her scars. "Wicked- I mean- yea, I'm James. My mum told me a bit about you, Jazz," he replied, the nickname bringing a smile to her face.

Jasmine was a mouthful, like she had honestly expected a Marauder not to give her a nickname. "No one has ever called me Jazz before…" she mused and James' nearly tripped in his haste to apologize.

She chuckled a little bit, causing him to stop. "No, I like it. Jazz, it sounds very English," she said, making her accent just a little bit heavier.

It seems that he had just noticed she might not have been from the United Kingdom, but he pressed forward. "It is, isn't it? My family is too bloody English for its own good. Who in their right minds names their child Fleamont, honestly. I'm just glad that they named me James," he retorted with a dramatic sigh that put him in the chair next to her bed.

Now, that was more of the James she was expecting. "Well, I guess Jasmine fits right in, right?"

He snorted, "Yea, mum and dad have been over the moon that you're coming to live with us. Mum's always really wanted a daughter," James muttered the last bit more to himself than to her, but she could hear the hurt.

So, she figured that she'd share a little about Jasmine's past that might put him at ease. "My dad always wanted a son, but my mum couldn't have any more kids after me. They were thinking of adopting before they died. I know how you feel, somewhat. I never got to the part where they picked another child, but I was eight and every jealous, being an only child. Now, I'd give anything for a family."

James fidgeted slightly before he turned to her with a surprisingly vulnerable expression on his face. "I've always wanted a little sister…though I always thought she'd be a lot younger, but four months isn't so bad."

She held a pale hand out to him to take. He took it without a second thought, gently squeezing her fingers. "I'd like a brother."

It didn't take long for James to start talking about Hogwarts and his friends and Jasmine honestly wasn't sure how much was exaggerated and how much was true about their exploits. That was how Euphemia found them. Jasmine was dozing on the bed and James was giving a detailed description of one of his more convoluted pranks.

"And then, Sirius lit the cat hair on fire and water sprayed all over the Great Hall that caused everyone's hair to change colors all day. It was amazing! Remus missed it since he was sick and in bed, but he got to be the only person in the entire school without his hair changing colors, it was worth all the detentions," he explained with a flourish of his left hand.

Jasmine gave a tired chuckle and heard Euphemia clear her throat. "And, while I love hearing about your misadventures, I think it's time that we left Jasmine alone to rest."

James bound over to his mother, a huge grin on his face. "When is Jazz coming home with us?"

Euphemia seemed honestly surprised by how excited James was acting. And Jasmine wondered how he had been acting before he entered her hospital room to garner that kind of shock.

"Within the week. She is still weak from the attack. The healers want to watch her for another three days and then she will be coming home with us."

"Can Sirius come visit with me tomorrow? He is coming over and leaving him alone in the house with dad could lead to another cauldron explosion."

Euphemia let out a long sigh and tapped her chin in mock thought, causing James to let out a whine. "Well, I suppose so, as long as it's okay with Jasmine."

Jasmine gave a weak smile and nodded.

The next day started with a letter from the Headmaster of Hogwarts explaining that she would not be allowed to attend unless she was proven mentally sound in mind and body by various medical professionals. Just the other day he had been telling her that she was going to be attending Hogwarts, no questions asked, but that was when he assumed that he was going to get custody of her.

Jasmine could only image what Dumbledore would do with access to the Peverell heirlooms. Mrs. Potter had already sighed away her right to access the vaults and gave sole access to Jasmine, the rightful heir to the family line. Euphemia had explained that neither she nor her husband were going to take over the Peverell family money and vaults. They were going to teach her how to handle her family's monetary assets and manage an Ancient and Noble H ouse on her own. It was kind of them and would help in the long run, but none of that would matter if she couldn't get a proper education and despite everything, Hogwarts would give her the best education.

She read the letter over twice more, committing it to memory. She'd give it to Euphemia to read. She didn't want to ruin her day with James. He had been looking forward to Sirius coming to meet her today and she didn't want Dumbledore to ruin it for them.

Jasmine was honestly worried that Sirius would wreck the day all on his own. She had been told in more than once life about Sirius causing more than one problem with his wild and possessive nature. James was his friend and Sirius didn't like sharing. That was one thing that he inherited from his family.

Sirius was skeptical about Jasmine, this much she read from his stiff posture when he looked at her in her bed. He was very different from the man that she knew in the future, then again, Azkaban tended to change people. Sirius seemed lighter, more carefree and very rebellious. He had come dressed in muggle jeans and a Beatles T-shirt. His hair was long and wavy, and his grey eyes danced with mischief. They weren't empty, haunted by the sins of his past, not yet.

And, here he was just watching her with James standing next to him. The lead Marauder seemed nervous waiting for Sirius' reaction. Did he expect this to go badly?

"Did you really kill all those Death Eaters?"

James stomped on his foot loud enough to echo and for Sirius to swear and hop around the room demanding justice for his injury.

Some things truly never changed. Sirius was still Sirius even if he wasn't haunted by Azkaban, he still had the mouth of a sailor.

So, naturally, his first question wouldn't be her name or something civil. He'd go right for the throat like the grim he was and ask questions that everyone had been avoiding. She liked that about him. Of course, at this point both James and Sirius were arguing with each other, hands on the other's collar in some sort of dominant alpha male pissing contest that she'd never bothered to understand.

"I did," she said, cutting through their petty fighting.

Both heads swiveled to look at her. She hadn't talked to James about the attack. He hadn't asked and she wasn't going to bring it up on her own. She figured that Euphemia had forbidden him to talk about it with her. It was a touchy subject after all. Especially after the Auror had gotten more of the gritty details out of her. It wasn't something that James and Sirius should really be exposed to at their age, or at any age really.

Sirius bounded up to her, a victorious grin was thrown over his shoulder to James, who was giving Sirius a rather disapproving glare. "How did you do it?"

She shrugged, "with skill and a bit of magic anything is possible."

He whined, high pitched, sounding more like a dog than a person and James nudged him with his elbow obviously noticing the noise as well. It seemed their transformations were close to becoming complete. "What? I was just curious! It isn't every day that I get to meet the person solely responsible for nearly causing my mother to have a heart attack. Your cousin is my hero and telling my mother that I met her, might just kill her! So, if it doesn't, I need to know battle details to horrify my fool of a little brother, so he doesn't join the Death Munchers."

Jasmine hadn't realized that his mother was already trying to force her children to join Voldemort. She thought that it would be at least another year when Sirius was closer to reaching his seventeenth birthday when his mother started pushing her agenda on Sirius. Then again, he did run away at fifteen. Had he run away yet?

It didn't quite matter at this point in time. They had just met and any opinions she had about his life didn't matter. Sirius was currently a teenager and that meant that he was a completely different person than the one she had known.

So, she supposed that she'd need to just take things one step at a time and attempt to make friends with the Black Heir. "It isn't that easy, Sirius. I've been trained in magical combat for years. I would be put in lessons for hours until I got a spell right or my patrons would take my failures out on me. Those men that attacked the manor, they were good duelists with no form of honor. They came to the manor to kill children. Nothing about that fight is worth praise, Sirius."

Sirius pouted. "Aw, James, your cousin is lame."

James looked from Jasmine to Sirius, seemingly unaware of what to do when his best mate insulted his soon to be family member.

"I'm blind in one eye, not lame. I've still got both of my arms and legs," Jasmine retorted her accent coming out towards the end, defending herself with a weak joke, that had James smacking his forehead. But, of course, the joke sent Sirius into a fit of giggles that turned into a full laughing fit.

James raised an eyebrow at Jasmine, who gave a weak smile as they watched Sirius pounding his fists on the bed, bouncing Jasmine up and down.

It seems that awful jokes and puns were Sirius' weakness.

Once he got a hold of himself he jumped onto the foot of her bed nearly causing her to fall out, James needed to steady her. "I take it back, James. Your cousin is amazing! We're keeping her and when she comes to Hogwarts we're going to induct her into the Marauders."

There was s an odd twinkle to his eyes that worried Jasmine, but there was another issue that she had wanted to address with Mrs. Potter in the room. "I don't know if I'm going to be attending Hogwarts. I received a letter from the Headmaster saying that I needed to pass an extensive evaluation with a mind healer as well as other exams to even transfer in," she replied somewhat timidly and James' honestly looked scandalize at the mere thought that she wouldn't be attending school with him.

"Have you told mum about this?"

"I gave her the letter when you all got here."

"Why is Dumbledore giving you a hard time? He's usually really laid back…" Sirius asked, brows furrowed, and arms crossed in genuine confusion.

"I'm not sure. I've only spoken to him once, but he didn't seem to like that I had to kill someone to save my own life," she replied, sounding unsure, but she knew that was the reason. Dumbledore knew he wouldn't be able to convince her to only use light based magic if she was already willing to kill to defend herself. She'd never get to be a part of his little Order. She'd be a dangerous free agent. She'd survived one Death Eater attack, taking out five or six of them with her. Who was to say that she wouldn't be able to survive another.

Suddenly, Sirius was sitting next to her, an arm wrapped around her shoulders. He smelt like motor oil, dog, and…chocolate? "Don't worry, Jazzy-Pants, Mrs. P is going to make sure that everything works out."

He was not going to get away with calling her Jazzy-Pants. That nickname was not going to stick.

"What did you just call me?" She asked and Sirius' grin just got wider. He shared a mischievous look with James, who for the first time since he'd entered the room seemed like he was going to play a prank.

"Not sure what you mean, I called you by your name, Jazzy-Pants?"

"Look, I'll let you call me Jazz, but anything else, and you'll see why Death Eaters should have fled when I started firing spells at them," Jasmine threatened, somewhat seriously. She wasn't a fan of mocking nicknames after living with the Dursely family so many times.

Both boys took a step back. Sirius going so far as to put his hands up in mock surrender. "Whatever you say, sorry."

There was a quiet knock at the door and Euphemia poked her head in and looked at the scene before her. James and Jasmine were grinning while Sirius was slowly backing away from both of them. It was a rather comical moment and it brought a smile to Euphemia's face to know that Jasmine was making friends with people her age. She had been so closed off and formal. It seemed that Sirius and James were able to bring out a more playful nature in her.

Though, this happy moment wasn't meant to last. Euphemia was going to need to talk to Jasmine about school.

"Boys, why don't you floo yourselves back to the manor. Jasmine and I need to have a talk."

Jasmine recognized this as Euphemia's Auror voice and no one messed with her when she used that tone of voice. James and Sirius seemed to know this as well and left immediately without any form of protest.

So, Jasmine sat there, hands folded on the bed, waiting to hear her fate. "Don't look so solemn, Jasmine. I've spent the better part of this afternoon talking with various Healers and they're going to clear you. You've been speaking to Mind Healers since you were admitted, and they see nothing wrong with you starting school in September. They still want to see you on a bi-weekly basis while you're at home, but other than that you are free to come home with us tomorrow."

It had been a long time since Jasmine had honestly felt this happy.

What did you think of Sirius? It's going to be interesting having Jasmine conflicted over teen Sirius and the post-Azkaban Sirius that she had known for her past 9 lives. James is a completely different issue, since this is a person she'd only ever heard of and never really met. Next chapter is Jasmine's home coming!

I can't wait for you all to see where this is going. =)

Thank you all for your reviews, favorites and follows!

See you next week,


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