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The Last Peverell
Harry P. & James P. & Remus L. & Sirius B. - Words: 170,594 - Rated: T - English - Adventure & Romance - Chapters: 49 - Reviews: 1180 - Updated: 19-01-2019 - Published: 02-12-2017 - by animerocker646 (FFN)

Hey! Happy Friday! It's freezing where I am, but this chapter is ready and raring to go. Enjoy!

Chapter 5

Jasmine woke up on a dimly lit park bench. She remembered falling asleep in her room after patching Sirius up. She had felt drained, only patting Ro on the head once before drifting off.

Death was looming over her, a thin blue lipped grin could be seen under his hood. "It has been some time since I've spoken to you last, Master."

If she was seeing him then her mortal body was having fits. She no doubt would be scaring her family something awful while she awaits Death's message. If they even remembered her existence with Sirius in the house. "It has been awhile. I'm assuming the cat and wand were gifts?"

The deity nodded, his hood shifting to expose a pale throat. "They're apology gifts for the faulty body I prepared for you." At least he was being somewhat courteous, even if it was a bit creepy.

"Is that all you came to tell me?" She asked, sitting up next to him.

He shook his head. "Riddle knows that someone survived the attack at the manor. Be warned that he is searching for you," Death warned, a chilled hand rested on her exposed upper arm.

"Tom will always be after me. I'm surprised that he hasn't found out my identity yet."

"He may want you for an apprentice."

Jasmine snorted. "Only in his wildest dreams and my most vivid nightmares," she snarked, feeling herself beginning to lose her connection with Death, the park becoming dimmer.

She sent him an inquisitive look. This was a rather quick visit. "You gave the appropriate answer. Enjoy your time with your mortal acquaintances," he replied, before she felt herself slip away.

Always that charmer, Death.

Waking up, Jasmine found, was no easy task after a seizure. She felt heavy and tired, all of limbs felt like weights. Both her hands felt warmer than the rest of her arms. She forced her eyelids open and found that both James and Sirius were sleeping next to her bed in the arm chairs that had been against the far wall next to her school books, clutching her hands. Ro was purring next to her ear in an attempt to, more than likely, welcome her back to the world of the living.

She wiggled her fingers, causing both of them to stir from their slumber. James was the first to realize that she was awake and pounced on her. "Jazz! You're alright? Do you need something? I need to get dad and floo mum!" He exclaimed dashing out of the room, leaving a groggy Sirius as her only company.

He rubbed his grey eyes to clear the sleep from them before turning his attention to her. "What happened? James said that your healers mentioned that the fits are from the curses that were inflicted upon you after the battle?"

She nodded, knowing that she couldn't tell him the whole truth and just went with it. "Yes, these fits can happen at any time. Its why I had to spend so much time in the hospital before I was brought to live here," she replied, pushing herself up on shaky arms. Sirius was at her side helping with hesitant hands. It wasn't exactly proper for a male pureblood heir to be in the same bedroom unattended with a female heir, nevertheless touch her, but propriety be damned. Jasmine sure as hell didn't care, she was just grateful for the help.

"Bloody hell, you scared all of us. I've never seen Mrs. Potter look so worried. Was it my fault that you had that fit? You were exposed to the curse damage…" he asked, gaze going towards his healed arms.

"No, it wasn't you," she said a little breathless. Her magic was fluctuating, but still there. It wasn't like the last time when she woke up drained, but she's still needed to refrain from any form of spell casting for a few days.

Sirius seemed to relax a bit at the reply. Had he really thought that it was his fault that she had been sick for what she assumed was the entire night?

Before she could speak to him further, James and Monty came back into the room. Monty must have been pulled straight from his potions lab since he had spots of different liquids on his robes, his hair was pulled back and away from his face with a band and there was some soot on his finger potentially from where he burned himself turning off his potion to come up and see her.

When he realized that she was awake and alert Monty rushed over to her and wrapped her in a tight hug. His lean from enveloping her, the potions fumes from his robes were almost comforting.

She tensed for a moment before she awkwardly pat him on the back. "We were so worried about you. When Euphie said that you had fits, I didn't image that they were that terrifying," he told her before pulling away and giving her a once over, "I'm so sorry we never checked on you last night. If we had known…"

Jasmine put a slightly shaking hand on his. "It would have happened regardless. I didn't want to get in anybody's way. Sirius needed you significantly more than I did," she admitted, keeping her gaze locked on her wine-red sheets.

Monty ran a hand through her hair in a comforting gesture that she relaxed into. "You're not in anyone's way, least of all Sirius'. You two are both family, and to a Potter, family is important. Euphie and I are the adults here, you are under our care and that means that you don't have to avoid us when you feel you need something. I know that I work from home and am in the lab quite often throughout the day, but if you ever need anything just come and talk to me. Or, you can spend time with James and Sirius," Monty replied as she began to doze off again.

She hated this feeling. She wasn't a toddler that should be exhausted all the time. This also wasn't something she was going to recover from until she turned seventeen, and even that wasn't guaranteed if Death had messed that up as well. But, she was far too tired to fight and drifted off to her grandfather pulling her covers up around her and tucking her in a long rest.

Her dreams were eventless, her mind too tired to even come up with anything to wake her up. Eventually, she felt a hand on her arm, shaking her awake, there was a pleasant aroma of breakfast foods brought her back to consciousness.

Her eyes fluttered open and were greeted to the bespectacled face of James Potter holding a tray of food followed by Sirius dragging over the two chairs they had slept in the night before. "Good morning, Jazzy-pants!" Sirius sung horrendously off key as he swung a chair towards the bed and sits down on it.

James rolled his eyes, putting the large tray of food down on the bed. It was pancakes, porridge, toast, French toast, jams, and syrups.

The two teenage boys grabbed a bit of everything before they slathered it with syrup and jam. Jasmine grimaced and pulled a bowl of porridge, some cream and honey towards her. She figured that she needed something mild after being in bed for what she assumed was two days.

"How are you feeling?" Sirius asked after he swallowed a chunk of raspberry jam covered pancake.

Disgusted, if she were to answer honestly, but she did feel better. "I'm alright. I don't feel like I'm going to pass out. Thank you for the food and company," she replied with a genuine smile and James lifted a fork in response as he swallowed another mouthful.

"Mum and dad are out today, so Sirius and I figured we could work on our Animagus transformations with you watching us!"

Oh, what could go wrong there?

Jasmine let out a dramatic sigh, "As long as I don't have to leave the bed, I'd be more than happy to help."

The boys cheered and started to eat faster. Jasmine continued to eat slowly enjoying the company. "Oh, Moony is coming tomorrow! So, we really want to get this right to surprise him!" Sirius told her through a mouthful of food.

So, Remus was coming over.

"Who is Moony?" She asked, playing dumb.

James elbowed Sirius fairly hard against the ribs. "Moony is the nickname that we have for our friend Remus. I told you about him while you were still recovering. He's one of the four Marauders!"

"He's rather bookish in nature, so you'd get along pretty well," Sirius muttered as he got up and waved his wand around attempting his first transformation of the day, and oh dear, did it take more than one attempt to even get remotely close to proper transformation.

James managed it first, much to Sirius' dismay and he turned into a large buck. He pranced around the room loftily before Jasmine pointed at him, "Change back."

Now, James looked was a deer caught in headlights, unsure of what to do next before he took a deep breath and changed back, completely human and no antlers on his head. He lifted a triumphant fist into the air. Sirius rolled his eyes and within the hour he succeeded as well and the two, in their transformed states were frolicking around her room like fools.

Sadly, the day had to come to an end and the next day she was back to the library working on a long history of magic essay for a ghost that was never going to read it. She knew that she needed her work to be perfect, otherwise Dumbledore wouldn't allow her to receive an education at Hogwarts. She needed to get into Hogwarts, solely to destroy the diadem of Ravenclaw and potentially slay a basilisk. To do that she needed to get this horrendously dull work finished.

The library became her secondary home once more. There were less books piled next to her than before, many put into her trunk while others were placed into a bookshelf in her bedroom. The rhythmic scratching of her quill on the parchment and Ro's purring was the only noise in the echoing room.

Finishing the work was, of course, easier said than done. Despite the fact that she had been through Hogwarts multiple times, she had never done the coursework twenty years in the past. There were more class options, and the curriculum was significantly more difficult. Some of the work that she was doing she learned in her sixth years. The war had more of an impact on the school system than she had initially realized. There was a lot more dark and grey magics taught in DADA and charms. Ancient Runes even touched upon blood warding and magics. Had the war caused so much fear over the Dark Arts that anything with even a dark leaning had been taken out of the education system?

Dumbledore might have had a hand in taking quite a bit of dark magic and grey magic out of Hogwarts by twisting the arms of the Ministry. Then again, the dark families had done a great job at discrediting themselves in this upcoming war.

Jasmine bit her lip. She was going to need to find a way to convince these families that fighting with Voldemort was a foolish idea and she was going to need to think of it quickly. She'd need to appeal to upper class wizarding families and give them solid evidence of inbreeding that was destroying the wizarding world as well as the major consequences of living under the foot of a dark lord or a light lord…

There were a few families that she could think of that had the influence that she needed, but contacting them would be tricky, she'd need Slytherin contacts and that would be difficult without the Marauders hovering around her. As much as she loved James and Sirius, she could tell that they were going to be overprotective gits when she got to school.

They also had the map, she wasn't sure how she was going to manage to talk to, or make alliances with any of them.

Speaking of the Marauders, Sirius and James had been bouncing about the manor all day waiting for Remus to arrive for one in the afternoon. The full moon had ended about three days ago, so Remus would be somewhat recovered from the ordeal and well enough to deal with his friends' antics.

As soon as the werewolf arrived the three had started playing hide and jinx, a tradition according to James. He warned her that it could get a bit loud and not be alarmed when she heard loud bangs in the house. It was nice of him to think of her. It wasn't long before the sound of small explosions and tremors went through the house as, Jasmine assumed, James went about searching for his friends since she couldn't hear Sirius' constant prattling.

That was until a rather loud bang rang throughout the house and Sirius shouted something rather obscene that had Monty telling him to watch his language or he'd be brushing his teeth with soap.

So, that left Remus to the tender mercy of his friends. She didn't envy the young werewolf.

"Moony! Come on out! Prongs and I only want to hex you a little bit!"

Jasmine snorted, that sounded inviting. It wasn't until someone opened the door to library, slunk in and closed the door silently behind them did she get a good look at Remus. He was a completely different person than the man she knew in her time. Certain things were to be expected, Remus was younger, with a fewer scars littering his face, his hair was a full thick creamy brown, no greys to be seen, his eyes are a happy glowing amber, his clothing fit him properly, and there were no signs of wear and tear in anything he wore. He seemed happy and healthy, his inner wolf hadn't started to completely tear him apart from the inside after the loss of his entire pack.

When he turned around and saw that he wasn't alone, he nearly smacked into the door in shock before something registered. "Oh, you must be Jasmine. I completely forgot that you would be in here…" he rambled in a hushed voice, still playing the game and Jasmine smiled at his commitment to avoiding the two troublemakers a floor down.

"And those two prats would never check the library since I'm in here. It's nice to meet you, Remus. James and Sirius don't stop talking about you. If I didn't know about James' obsession with Lily Evans, I'd have assumed that the group of you were in some kind of threesome."

Remus spluttered, his cheeks heating up, a blush creeping its way down his neck as he made his way over to her and hid behind a bookcase out of sight of the main entrance. It seemed he hadn't forgotten about the game he was playing, but he was polite enough not to brush her off. He quietly coughed to get her attention, "we aren't in a threesome, though sometimes I wonder about James and Sirius."

Jasmine chuckled as she marked her page in her history textbook, her margins were covered in notes she had taken, and certain elements were highlighted in different colored ink for future reference. He looked over her shoulder at what she was working on in the mid-afternoon light. "History of the early modern witch trials across Europe…that was an essay topic towards the end of fourth year. Why are you working on an essay for that? Aren't you also going into your fifth year?" He asked, brows furrowed.

He had a good memory to remember what year he wrote an essay about something this obscure.

She sighed, closing the book, she had finished the essay, finally done with her history work. "I have to do the spring term of all fourth-year assignments to prove that I am mentally competent enough for the fifth year course load."

Remus put a hand on the table and read a bit of her essay and whistled. "With writing like that you'll manage for sure. Sirius and James hand in a lot worse and they're in the top of the class…somehow."

At least he was honest about his friends.

She rolled her eyes fondly at the mention of her the two still searching downstairs. "Yes, well, their practical work has to make up for it. They seem rather…inventive from what they tell me of their pranks," Jasmine replied as yet another explosion went off, this time much closer to the library.

Remus tensed, his eyes scanning around the room searching for a better place to hide. She vaguely wondered what kind of jinxes the two of them used to have Remus so nervous. She glanced behind her to see a small pocket of space between her chair and the window. It would hide him rathe well.

She tapped his shoulder and pointed to the spot. He practically dove there. It wasn't a moment too late, since Jasmine heard the two Marauders outside the library, mummering to each other as if nervous to enter Jasmine's domain. Though, it seemed that bravery won out since James opened the door slowly, causing the hinges to creak as he poked a head in, Sirius' following moments later. He spotted her against the far wall, like always, a book in hand, this time a charms textbook. "Have you seen Moony?"

She heard Remus' near silent breathing hitch. Jasmine closed the book on her lap, pretending to be significantly more annoyed than she was. "No, James, I haven't. I've been working on History of Magic essays as you two have been practically destroyed the manor. Your mum is going to be home in two hours, I hope you manage to clean up before she gets back."

Sirius' eyes widened, and James whined. "But if Moony wins we owe him a term worth of chocolate! Do you know how much chocolate he eats, Jazz?"

She grinned a little bit thinking about all the sweets they would more than likely owe Remus now. "Yes, but if you mum finds the house a mess than you'll be dead and then where will you be?"

James sighed, crossing his arms, contemplating for a moment before sighing. "Pads, she's right, we need to clean this place up. Dad probably doesn't realize the mess we've made. If mum comes home and sees this…" he trails off when a shiver goes down his spine.

The two turned to leave, but Sirius stopped pointing at Jasmine, "If you see Remus, send him to us, yea? This way we can still win."

Jasmine hummed in reply, waving the two off. She knew that they believed her lie. Why would she cover for Remus when she knew them better? But, her original soul was still the daughter of a Marauder. She was going to take the chance to prank them back, even if it started an open war.

The door closed behind them and Remus didn't move a muscle for a few moments, just to make sure that they weren't coming back.

After five minutes passed she heard him move. "Should be safe," he said stretching his arms above his head. His fingers brushed her bare arms on their way up that, if done on purpose could have been seen as something sensual.

He froze, realizing the same thing and that blush began to return. "Sorry," he stammered, avoiding eye contact. Jasmine wondered how often Remus was close to girls his own age if just brushing against her arm was enough to cause him to blush.

"What's to be sorry for? Nervous, Remus?" She teased, poking his nose, causing him to back into the window behind him as if he'd been burned.

She had known that Remus had been labeled the "shy" Marauder, but she hadn't really believed it until now. "I'm not a fan of people touching me. I could have a bad reaction to it."

Was he concerned that she'd catch his lycanthropy through touch, did he?

"Don't be ridiculous. You wouldn't hurt me by touching me, Remus. You've been literally less than a few centimeters away from me for nearly twenty minutes had nothing has happened. What do you think will happen if I touch you?"

He bit his lip, pulling at a scar on his chin that was still rather angry and red. She had seen it years in the future when it had nearly faded into nothing. Had he received it during his last transformation?

"I'm rather sickly and I know that you've been in the hospital. I don't want you to catch anything that I might have. You don't need any more setbacks," he replied, taking another step away from her.

She ran a hand through her unbound mane of dark locks and sighed. No wonder it took him another twenty years or so to find love. He was keeping everyone at least a full meter away from him at all times. She set her book down and back on the table.

"Remus, I don't need to be isolated from germs. I wasn't in the hospital for that sort of thing. I've never even been one to catch colds or flus…" she said, tapping her chin in thought and she could tell that Remus was nervous. He had gone from comfortably talking about schoolwork to tiptoeing around his biggest secret.

He shifted from foot to foot, still avoiding her eyes before Jasmine approached him faster than he thought her possible and hugged him. He was taller than her by at least a head, and he tensed under her touch. "I don't care how contagious you think you are, you still deserve to have people care for you," she told him before pulling away, "now you better go and find James and Sirius, they've probably cleaned things up and you need to collect your winnings."

For a moment, he just stood there dumbfounded before he scrambled towards the door. Jasmine sighed. She might have ruined any chance she had of having a normal relationship with Remus. The teen needed to know that he didn't have to keep people away from him though. She had never believed Sirius in her past lives when he had told her how hard it had been to become friends with Remus.

The werewolf's hands stopped at the door handle, pausing just above it before he turned around and looked at her again. His eyes kept darting from her to the door. Was she truly that frightening?

He squared his shoulders and walked back over to her, "Are you going to come down for dinner?"

Jasmine blinked, surprised by the sudden question. Monty and Euphemia had been forcing her to attend all family dinners for the past few days. Though, from the way Remus was acting and the amount of work she still needed to get done, there was no way she would be able to sit through an entire dinner if she wanted to finish all her work by the end of next week. Dumbledore hadn't given her a deadline per say. He more than likely figured that she wouldn't be able to finish the work he had given her and decided that she wasn't going to be able to attend Hogwarts by default.

She wanted to have all of her work done by the second first week of August, which was swiftly approaching. But, Remus was offering to go to dinner with her as some kind of potential peace offering she was more tempted to take that.

"I'm not sure I have the time," she answered honestly, eyes drifting towards the books around her.

"Would you like some help after dinner? I'm rather good in charms and defense," he offered with a shrug and a shy smile.

Jasmine gave an exaggerated sigh before nodding. "I suppose that eating would more than likely help my study habits. And, a charming tutor never hurt either," she replied with a wink. She could see a flush on the back on his neck before she turned around to exit the library, Remus hot on her heels.

I really liked this chapter. It's a bit shorter than the last one, but I feel like you're getting a bit more character interaction between Jasmine and the Marauders, which is necessary for the events to come. I'm super excited for more Remus next chapter. I have fun teasing him.

Anyway, a review last week explaining that they hate Sirius as a character. I can understand not liking Sirius. He was supposed to represent a very damaged man, physically and psychologically. My roommate and I used to talk about this all the time (I was an English major and she was Psychology). We related Sirius' behavior to torture victims and those suffering from PTSD. You need to remember that Sirius was mentally tortured for about twelve years in prison. He was thrown in prison at the age of 21 (still a kid barely out of school and came out in his 30s) He was never going to be all there mentally, but that's whatever.

Sirius is going to end up VERY different from the original work, every character is going in a different direction. While he is spoiled this is before his tipping point against Severus. It's going to be be a long ride of twists and turns. Sirius is just one of my favorite characters to write before prison because there is just so much room to grow.

Thank you all so much for the reviews, favorites and follows. They really made my week and I had a really busy one with Christmas and work.

See you all next week,


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