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The Metamorphmagus' Mates
Hermione G. & Luna L. & N. Tonks & OC - Words: 69,836 - Rated: M - English - Family & Romance - Chapters: 13 - Updated: 23-04-2018 - Published: 17-12-2017 - Complete - by ElminStar (FFN)

The Metamorphmagus' Mates

C6: Revelations

Standard Disclaimer: I don't own any of the recognizable characters

The following morning Nymphodora and Fabian woke up early, again cuddled into the equally naked body of their mother.

Yesterday had been simply amazing and they felt Andromeda had fun on their shopping and museum trip through London and since they were forced to stay at home because of the investigation, they had stayed up for most of the night, talking about everything they could think of, except the one thing that needed to be talked about, that was something they had agreed to do today.

"Good morning princess, did you sleep okay?" Fabian asked softly as not to wake their mother.

She smiled and nodded. "Of course I did. I had the most wonderful dream about the three of us last night."

He smiled at her. "And you're going to make me guess what it was about?"

Nymphodora shook her head at him. "No love, I would rather wait until Mum is awake and we had time to talk about everything, because my dream felt like it was more of a premonition of things to come."

He just smiled and kissed her softly. "Then I'll get started on breakfast. You two deserve to be pampered every once and a while."

She smiled and kissed him softly before he rolled out of bed, while Nymphodora cuddled back into their mother. "We'll be down soon, my love."

He smiled at her. "You don't have to, I'll come up with breakfast for the three of us." He said as he blew her a kiss before he made his way downstairs.

At the sound of the door closing, Andromeda woke up with a soft smile when she saw her daughter cuddled up to her. "Good morning Dora, how did you sleep?" She asked with a yawn.

"Amazing as ever Mum, it's almost as if you being in bed with us helps me sleep even better." Nymphodora said with a slight blush.

Andromeda smiled and kissed her cheek. "I must admit that having you and Fabian next to me helps me sleep better as well, which is something I didn't expect with everything that happened recently."

Nymphodora smiled and rested her head against her mother's breasts, smiling softly to herself when she noticed that her nipples were hard. "Getting a bit excited, Mummy?" She asked innocently.

"Of course I am. But we shouldn't start something we can't finish, and we should wait until your brother gets back, because this would be better done with all three of us here, and of course after we talked about everything." Andromeda said softly.

Nymphodora only nodded as relaxed again, Andromeda instinctively wrapping an arm around her daughter's shoulder.

Not much later Fabian returned to their room with a tray of sandwiches, orange juice, bacon and eggs. "I hope you two are okay with something relatively simple for today, I didn't want to be away for too long when we have a lot to talk about." He said with a soft smile.

The two women smiled and conjured up a table so they could eat in comfort.

Both of them moaned softly as they took their first bite, after Fabian had thrown off his robe and joined them in bed again. "I take it my cooking is good?" He asked with a smile.

They nodded at him. "Your cooking is still as good as Auntie Bella taught you, my sweet." Andromeda said with a loving smile.

Fabian blushed a bit as they ate, much to the amusement of his mother and girlfriend. "I don't get why you are so embarrassed about that compliment baby. Your cooking has always been amazing." Nymphodora said with a smile.

"Thanks love, it just takes some getting used to to hear that from both of you in such a loving way." He said softly.

Both Andromeda and Nymphodora smiled at him and kissed his cheek. "You better get used to it sweetie, because this is going to become quite the common occurrence if everything is confirmed." Andromeda said softly.

"And I suppose you want to go to Aunt Cissa and Aunt Bella to confirm everything today?"Fabian asked softly.

Andromeda smiled at that. "We don't have to, unless you two want to go and see your Aunts, because you two have already completed your own bond with each other the only thing we need to do is for you two to place your left hands on my heart, and then you will know the truth."

The two lovers shared a look with each other and gave each other a loving smile before doing just that, both of them feeling a connection being formed between them and their mother, one that went much further than the traditional familial bond.

For Andromeda it was a bit different. She felt something like a fire inside of her, and she knew it was her bond with her children react, making her lose at least twenty years, so that she was close to their age.

When Fabian and Nymphodora opened their eyes again, they gasped softly at the new look of their mother. "What happened to you Mum? You look almost twenty years younger." Nymphodora said softly.

She smiled at them. "Twenty two to be precise sweetie. This is the full effect of our bond together. It has given me more time with you two. Dora and I will actually stop aging until you are the same age as us, which is twenty two, and you will feel that you will age a bit quicker as well. So within a year we will probably be the same age."

They both smiled at that. "That is good to know Mum, because I've found that Fabian can go on for a while. So you will need that increase in stamina." Nymphodora said with a flirty wink.

Andromeda smiled and flicked her hand to the tray which held their plates, sending it to the side table before pinning her still naked daughter to the bed. "I think you will find that I have a lot more stamina than you give me credit for, my sweet Dora. I think by the time we are done today, you will be amazed at what I can do."

Nymphodora blushed a little at the intimate position, and her mother's swaying breasts that almost hung in her face. "Does that mean you are ready to go that far with us, even though you tried to let us wait as long as possible?"

"I know what I did, and I'm sorry for that, but I hope you two understand why I did it. I would have loved to join you two the moment you two recognized the bond in yourselves, but I just wanted to be certain that my heart was telling the truth about us." Andromeda said before kissing her daughter softly.

Fabian smiled and crawled over to his lovers, because he felt that he was allowed to call them both that by now. "I think that the real question right now is if you are ready for today."

Andromeda smiled at him. "I'm not really ready to make love to you Fabian, but I would love to see what you can do with that impressive tool, and I'm sure Dora wouldn't mind having it inside of her."

Nymphodora smiled and gave their mother a soft kiss before squirming from beneath her, kissing her brother deeply as she laid down next to him. "I would indeed love that, but I think we can do something we haven't done yet. Fabian loves my ass, and I was hoping to coax him into fucking my bubble butt, as he so affectionately calls it."

Fabian blushed a little at that. "I have told you why I call your gorgeous ass a bubble butt, but I will not be doing that today, it might be a bit extreme for our mother for now."

She pouted a little but pulled him close none the less. "Fair enough, but I want to take charge for once. The last couple of days I spent way too much time on my back. I want to ride that monster of yours."

He smiled and kissed her softly before laying down for his love, while their mother watched what was going to happen with clear interest. "I never expected you to be so submissive to your sister, sweetie." Andromeda said softly.

"It's not submission Mum, Nym likes to ride me and this way I can touch every single inch of her body, so it works both ways." He said as Nymphodora straddled him.

Andromeda smiled at them as her daughter slid her brother's cock inside of her, both of them moaning as she started riding him. Once again it amazed her how easy Nymphodora made love to her brother, and it was obvious that they both loved it tremendously.

She also knew that it would only be a matter of time before she would enjoy it herself, but for now she was content with laying beside her two children as they made love, but nothing could have prepared her for what happened when she molded herself against his side.

Fabian gave her a passionate kiss and let one of his hands glide down her body, pinching her nipple softly before trailing down further. "It's not fair to you if only we get pleasure from this, I can easily pleasure you as well." He said huskily.

Andromeda moaned and smiled at him. "Why am I not surprised to learn that you are experienced with pleasuring multiple women." She said with a smile.

He smiled at that. "It's not as bad as it sounds, I never engaged in orgies or something. it's just that most siblings I slept with usually wanted to be with me at the same time, especially the Greengrass sisters."

She smiled and moaned softly as he started fingering her, which made Nymphodora smile. "It sounds like our mother likes it Fabe, should we mix things up a bit and pleasure her together? Our dear mother deserves that from us."

He nodded and smiled at her as she got off him, moving closer to their mother. "Is that something you would enjoy, Mommy, to have both of your children pleasuring you?" He asked as he mimicked his sister.

Andromeda blushed and nodded as they started kissing their way down her voluptuous body, enjoying the new curves she had received through their bond. "I love the way your body looks Mom, you have always been beautiful, but now you are downright gorgeous. I can't wait to explore every inch of it." Nymphodora said huskily.

"I'm yours to do to whatever you want, my sweets." Andromeda said softly.

They smiled and gave her a passionate kiss before they kissed their way down her body, paying special attention to her erect nipples, making her moan loudly.

"You're so beautiful Mum, it's almost as if you and Nym are sisters now." Fabian said softly as he lavished his mother's body with loving attention.

Andromeda smiled lovingly at him. "Well, Dora and I are the same age now, so I suppose you could say we are sisters." She said with a wink, which got a moan from Nymphodora as she lost herself in pleasuring her mother.

"Dora, my love, I have an idea. Lie on top of our dear mother so I can fuck you. I'm so hard that it is becoming unbearable." He said softly.

Nymphodora smiled and kissed him. "And how do you want me brother? With my back down so Mom can tease me while you fuck me, or do you want me face down, ass up, so I can make out with her."

He smiled at her, knowing where she was going with this. "You know what we used to say as a joke, my love, face down, ass up, that's the way I like to fuck my sister, and I'm sure our mother won't mind making out with you while I make you scream again."

She smiled and laid herself down on top of her mother, moaning into her mother's mouth as she was pulled into a passionate kiss at the same time her brother slid his cock inside of her.

Fabian quickly found his rhythm, but knew he wouldn't last long at the sight of his two lovers making out with each other. "You feel so amazing Nymmie." He said huskily.

She broke away from the kiss and smiled at him. "And you feel amazing inside of me, baby. I will never tire of this feeling, and soon enough you will share the same with our mother."

He smiled and bent down to kiss her, burying himself even deeper inside of her. "I'm sure we will all share each other soon enough, but I can't hold it much longer."

Nymphodora smiled and got to her knees, with Andromeda immediately following her example. "I might not be ready to feel it inside of me, but I am curious about your taste." Andromeda said as she and Nymphodora started sucking him in turn, both of them moaning loudly as they tasted him.

Fabian groaned out their names as he shot his load into his mother's mouth, and Andromeda on her turn collected it all in her mouth to share it with Nymphodora.

When she was sure there was nothing more to be had, she turned to her daughter and kissed her deeply, sharing their love's essence with her, both of them moaning loudly from the taste.

"Your seed tastes amazing sweetie, a woman could get used to that taste." Andromeda said as she and Nymphodora cuddled up to him again.

He smiled and kissed them both. "Thanks Mum, it must be because of the amazing food we eat every day."

She smiled at that. "I think so too. But I must admit you two tired me out a bit. Do you mind if we take a nap?"

They both smiled at that. "Sure Mum, we would love to take a nap with you." Nymphodora said softly.

She smiled and kissed them both before the two women cuddled into their lover, the three of them falling asleep soon after, not even noticing they weren't covered.

A few hours later they woke up to a sharp gasp followed by "Oh Merlin, I'm blind, my eyes!" clearly in Draco's panicked voice.

All three of them groaned softly as the door slammed shut. "I guess we have company. let's go and see who Draco brought, although I can make a wild guess." Andromeda said as she summoned some clothes for them.

They nodded and quickly got dressed before they went downstairs, and as they got dressed, Andromeda noticed the tattoo's on her daughters neck and hip, but she decided to bring it up later, when they were alone again.

As they approached the living room, they could hear the laughter coming from two women, and Andromeda couldn't help but smile at that, because she knew the reason why her sister sent Draco upstairs to check on them.

"Good afternoon Cissa, Bella. Is there any particular reason why you sent Draco up?" Andromeda asked as they came in.

The two women smiled at her as they hugged her. "We had some last preparations to make for the etiquette lessons, so we sent Draco to get you, but I think in hindsight it would have been better if I went." Bella said with a smile.

"It would have been better, since you and Cissa both know what is going on." Andromeda said with a blush.

Bellatrix and Narcissa smiled at her. "We didn't really expect you three to accept your bond so easily, but congratulations Dora. You deserve this love more than anyone." Bellatrix said with a smile.

Andromeda smiled at both of them. "Thank you girls, but with everything that has been going on, I think the etiquette lessons can wait for a bit."

"We figured as much, but that won't stop us from having a day of fun with our sister, niece and nephew. You have all been working so hard recently and with everything that happened, we wanted to take you out for a bit, as soon as Draco gets his vision back." Narcissa said with a smile to her son.

"This isn't funny Mom, I never wanted to see that much of Fabian or Dora. There was a reason I was never present when he spent the night in the Slytherin Dorms." Draco said with a bright blush as he and Astoria came back into the room.

Fabian smiled at that. "Sorry about that Draco, but last night a lot came out, so we sought closeness to each other, and that is how we ended up."

Draco gave him a slight glare, which didn't have any heat behind it. "I know, but seeing all three of you naked is a bit much this early in the morning."

Everyone smiled at him. "It's okay Draco, I'll make it up to you tonight." Astoria said with a soft smile.

He blushed a little at that. "Not you too love, I can take it when my own family embarrasses me, but please not you. I can't handle that level of teasing." He said with a pout.

She smirked and kissed his cheek softly. "Who said I was teasing love. I know you want to spend some more intimate time with me."

"If you two could keep it in your pants until tonight, that would be most appreciated. We came here with news after all." Narcissa said sternly.

"Yes mother." Both Draco and Astoria said softly.

Narcissa smiled and turned to her older sister. "Now Andi, while we don't need to give any more etiquette lessons, we are here for another reason. We have been in contact with members of the Order and have a lead on who killed Amelia, but you will never expect who came forward as the prime suspect."

Andromeda smiled as she sat down. "Well, if you say it like that I can only think of Robert or Lucius, but I know they are both dead and buried, so it can't be them."

"It's not Robert and Lucius, but we found out that Greyback killed his assigned guards and fled back into the wilds. He is the one that rounded up the remaining Death Eaters and let them orchestrate the attack on Amelia." Bellatrix said softly.

"That bastard. He will pay for causing our mate so much hurt. He will wish he had gone to Azkaban by the time I am through with him." Fabian said with a growl, which shocked his mates and present family.

Andromeda pulled him into her arms and kissed the top of his head. "It's okay my love, there is no need for you to get yourself hurt or worse by going after him. We are going to take care of him the way we Blacks do best, by working from the shadows and using our head and resources. You can't just rush into battle anymore, not without hurting Dora and I."

He sighed softly and kissed her. "I'm sorry love, I wasn't thinking straight. Your idea is better for all of us."

Both Andromeda and Nymphodora smiled at him before kissing his cheeks. "We knew you would see it our way love, and you know we don't want you to agree to things like this, but sometimes your emotions get the better of you, and in that sense you are truly your mothers son." Narcissa said with a smile.

He smiled at his two Aunts, who both had knowing smiles on their faces. "Cissy is right you know. Eliza was just as passionate when it came to protecting you. It was exactly the reason why Robert feared your mother so much. She would literally do anything to keep you safe." Bellatrix said with a smile.

"I remember her doing that on so many occasions, and I remember that my three lovely Aunts were always there to calm her down again, preventing her from doing stupid things." He said as he relaxed into his mother's embrace.

They smiled at that. "We did, and we swore to her that we would always protect you, because somewhere she knew that Robert would one day do something to end her, and let me tell you that she died fighting. I heard Severus say that she took three Death Eaters with her." Narcissa said with a smile.

He smiled at her. "I never knew she was so strong. I guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree in that aspect."

"No, it certainly doesn't. Eliza would have been very proud of the man you have become, and even prouder to know that you found true love, which is one of the things she ever wanted for you." Narcissa said with a smile.

He smiled and had to blink away a few tears. "Thank you Aunt Narcissa, I don't remember much of my mother, but having you and Aunt Bella here to fill in the gaps helps me more than I could ever accurately describe."

The four women smiled and smothered him in a hug, and while Fabian would never admit it aloud, he would never object to being so close to the four women he cared so much for, and the fact that he didn't mind his head being lodged between their breasts was also something he would never admit to them, except maybe his two lovers.

"Now that we got the heavy talk out of the way, how about we go out for lunch. You three deserve that much after the rollercoaster of emotions you have all been through the last couple of days. I hear there is this new restaurant in Diagon Alley that has a lot of French cuisine." Narcissa said with a smile.

Hearing no objections, she hooked her arm through that of her nephew and stepped through the Floo, although they were going with a slight detour.

They arrived in Malfoy Manor, where Narcissa led her nephew to the couch. "You are probably wondering why we are here instead of going to Diagon Alley, and the reason for that is quite simple. I wanted to talk to you a bit about what is blossoming between your mother, your sister and you. I'm sure Andi has explained everything, but I must ask you to be careful with her. I know it is impossible for you to knowingly hurt her, but over the course of our lives she had her heart broken many times, and that is why at times she might be desperate for love, and my advice to you is to let it happen when she is like that. I know both you and Dora will treat her with all the love and attention you can give her, but I just wanted you to know, because she might not show it as much, but she is as stubborn as her sisters. The other thing I wanted you to know is that there was another culprit to the attack on Amelia Bones. We found out that Nymphodora's birth father, Ted Tonks also was involved, probably because of his twisted view that Andi should be with him. But I urge you not to tell Andromeda this just yet, Bella and I will tell her soon, she will hopefully take the news better when she hears it from us."

Fabian looked shocked at that, aside from all of the other emotions that ran through his body. "I promise to always take care of her the way she deserves, a woman like my mother should know nothing else but love and affection for the rest of her life. I also promise to not say anything about Ted's involvement, but I do have to ask why haven't I heard about him before?"

Narcissa smiled and wrapped an arm around his shoulder. "What I am about to say, you must promise to stay between us, not even Bellatrix is to know about this. Ted is a muggle who used drugs to control her and keep her dependent on him. I'm sure in his own weird and sick way he loved her, but he saw her as property, not much unlike your Uncle Lucius or your own father. When he found out she was pregnant he tried to kill her by giving her a ludicrous amount of sleeping pills, but it failed due to her magic breaking the drugs down. She took that moment to escape and when I found her on my doorstep that night, I took her in and nursed her back to health, and made sure she was clean of all types of drugs. I helped her confront him when she went to the police to press charges against him. He wound up serving twenty years in jail for attempted murder and Andromeda swore to never again start something with a Muggle. When Nymphodora was born and we discovered her condition, we knew it had to be the Curse of Black, which was placed on our family by my grandmother. It said that any child father by anything less than a pureblood would be an abomination. Sirius has now lifted the Curse, but I felt you deserved to know why Dora was born a Metamorphmagus. But I digress. Lucius was of course not happy with the fact that my sister had given birth to in his words 'an abomination that doesn't deserve to live' and threatened to kick her out several times, but I always had the comeback that since he didn't have an heir yet I could easily leave with her and leave him without his precious heir. Andi, Bella and I raised Dora as best we could and when Andi got her own home we made sure she would never again be treated the way she was."

"I never realized how much you and Aunt Bella did for her, but if I had been in the position to do something for her back then, I would have without a second thought."

Narcissa smiled at him. "I'm sure you would have, and I know that you and Dora will love her the way she deserves to be loved. I just wanted you to know what happened in her past so you are prepared for when it gets to much for her to bear. My sister is a very strong woman, but with everything that has happened I find it a miracle she hasn't had a breakdown yet. So be prepared that it might happen in the next couple of days."

He nodded and gave her a big hug before they got up and made their way back to the Floo. "And you don't have to think of an excuse of why we are a bit later, I instructed Bella to distract your mates a little bit. She always has been quite adapt at distracting Andromeda, and since Dora is ninety percent like her mother, I'm sure Bella will have not troubles distracting her as well."

With that she again hooked her arm with his before they apparated to Diagon Alley.

When they reappeared, Fabian saw his two lovers and Aunt walking agonizingly slow to the new restaurant, neither of his two lovers noticing that they had appeared behind them. "What do you think Cissy, should the Ministry be reformed even more or would you think they should leave it as it is?" Bellatrix asked as though her sister and nephew had been there all along, and not had just appeared in the alley.

Narcissa smiled at her. "I think so minor changes wouldn't hurt, but I think they are done with the big reformations by now."

"Those were my thoughts exactly, but we have dawdled long enough, I'm sure you three are quite peckish after such an intense morning." Bellatrix said with a wink to her sister.

Andromeda, Nymphodora and Fabian blushed as they stepped into the restaurant, although Fabian had to hold back a gasp when he saw one of the girls that was serving.

"Don't tell me that even here we will find some of your earlier conquests, Fabian. I know that look." Andromeda said softly.

He smiled and gave her hand a squeeze. "Knowing my luck there will be three of them here, but we'll see what happens. Just know that what happened in the past will stay there. I have no desire to love anyone else besides you and Dora ever again."

Andromeda smiled as they took a seat. "Good afternoon, would you like something to drink?" A young blonde girl asked with a smile, which quickly turned into a full fledged blush when she saw Fabian. "Bonjour Fabian, fancy seeing you here." She said softly.

"Hello Gabrielle, how have you been?" He asked kindly.

"Quite well, thank you. I hope you have been doing the same." She said softly.

"I am, thank you for asking, Gabrielle. I hope your sister is doing well too?"

Gabrielle nodded at him. "She is, she actually runs this restaurant with her wife, who I believe you know as well."

"Let me guess, Yvette?" He asked with a smile.

"Of course, no one else but you has been able to make her happy besides her. If you want I could tell her you're here when I have taken your order." Gabrielle said with a kind smile.

He shared a look with his mother and Nymphodora, who just smiled at him. "I would like that, if only to make sure there is no bad blood between the four of us."

Gabrielle smiled before taking their orders, flashing him a friendly wink as she walked away.

"I can't believe it, I've bedded three French girls in my life, and of course they now have a restaurant in Diagon Alley, what are the bloody odds." He muttered softly.

Andromeda and Nymphodora smiled at him. "It's okay sweetie, chances are that you are going to see most of your conquests at some point, it is inevitable with what your generation went through, but I do have to ask, how old was that girl when you shared a bed with her, because she looks awfully young."

"I never had actual sex with her, since she was only fifteen, but she did give me a blowjob behind the Beauxbatons carriage, but I must say in my defense that I did not instigate it with them. Gabrielle, her sister Fleur and Fleur's friend, now apparently wife, Yvette were all over my when they were at Hogwarts, Gabrielle especially wanted nothing more than let me be her first, and she did try every time I spent the night in Fleur's room in the carriage, and with both Fleur and Gabrielle being part Veela made it very hard to resist her. With Fleur I quickly knew I couldn't win, so I just went with it."

Both of his lovers smiled at that. "I'm glad you didn't go all the way with her. That could have landed you into a lot of trouble later on, even if they were the instigators of it all." Andromeda said with a smile.

He smiled as Gabrielle returned with their drinks, and to his surprise Fleur was with her as well. "I nearly zidn't believe it when Gabrielle said you where 'ere. It's good to see you again Fabian."

"It's good to see you again too Fleur, I never expected you to run a restaurant in England of all places, since I remember how cold you were during the Tournament." He said with a smile.

Fleur smiled at that. "It is all zanks to Yvette, she inherited a lot of money and we both wanted to start a restaurant 'ere, because contrary to popular belief we did love England, but Gabrielle said you wanted to know if everyzing was still bon between us, and as far as Yvette and I are concerned zey are. We both cared for you very much, but we 'ave found love wizt each ozer."

He smiled at that. "I'm glad for that. I have found love as well and I would hate for things to go wrong in the future because of our past together."

Fleur smiled at him. "Zon't worry, Mon Amie. I'm sure we will stay good friends, and you can rest assured that neither me, Gabby or Yvette will ever think otherwise for what happened all zose years ago. It was magic when it happened, I will admit, but Yvette completes my soul."

Fabian smiled and gave her a quick hug. "Thank you Fleur, that means a lot to me."

She only smiled and bid them a good day before she returned to the kitchen, Gabrielle also taking her leave soon after.

"I'm proud of you love. It takes a lot of balls to say that to a former bedpartner." Nymphodora said with a smile.

He smiled and kissed her softly. "I learned from the best, my love."

Andromeda watched the interaction between her son and daughter with a slight pout, although she had to smile when she felt his hand taking hers and giving it a loving squeeze. She understood she could not be intimate with them in public, and she knew they would return the affection they couldn't show her now once they were back home, but it still hurt a little.

As the food arrived they talked quietly to each other, mostly about who they thought was going to succeed Amelia as head of the DMLE.

After lunch Andromeda hugged her two sisters tightly before she took her son and daughter home, who once they arrived wasted little time in getting her naked and in bed again.

"You do have to tell me one thing Dora. When did you get these tattoo's?" Andromeda asked once they had cuddled into her.

She smiled at her. "I got the one in my neck just after the battle. I wanted something to remember those who gave their lives in protecting us, and the one on my hip I got before the battle, since I wanted something permanent of Fabian, just in case he wouldn't make it."

Andromeda looked a bit more closely at the one on her hip, seeing that it indeed was his name and birthday with a red rose above it. "I think it's sweet, but I can't understand why you didn't tell me."

"Honestly I forgot about them after the battle. We were so swept up in the post battle chaos that I didn't think about telling you about them." Nymphodora said with a soft smile.

Andromeda smiled and kissed her daughter deeply. "I don't mind you having a few tattoo's, especially if you took them for such sweet reasons."

Nymphodora blushed and wrapped her arms around her lover's neck, not even noticing that their mate had already fallen asleep, although they were not far behind.

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