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The Potter Chronicles
Aberforth D. & Harry P. & Hermione G. & Ron W. - Words: 9,678 - Rated: T - English - Adventure - Chapters: 8 - Reviews: 3 - Updated: 13-01-2018 - Published: 18-12-2017 - by saintsandheroes (FFN)

Present Day,

Prime Minister's office, The United Kingdom.

It was a long day for the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. After all, visits from the President of the USA were rare, so naturally, there had to be all sorts of meetings and conferences and banquets.

Finally, on the evening of the last official day of the meetings, the Prime Minister and the President sat down in the office of the former at 10, Downing Street.

The Prime Minister's office, one of the most dominating political offices of the UK, had its own elegant effect. The large bulletproof windows overlooked miles of downtown London. A large Victorian-era chandelier hung from the ceiling. The sides of the room were lined up with bookcases, holding hundreds of books. The books ranged from diverse topics like present-day politics to the latest Playboy issues, discreetly jammed-up between works of Tolstoy.

The desk of the Prime Minister was a "treat" as his visitors described it. Purchased during the Gladstone era, it was made from the rarest wood found at that time. It was polished regularly with exotic oils. Many world-changing political decisions were taken from right here.

But the present day was different. The leaders of two superpowers were discussing light topics like cultural exchanges between the two nations, over a tea.

Along with the Prime Minister of UK was his Principal Private Secretary and along with the President of USA, was his Advisor on Overseas Matters.

The Prime Minister finished his tea. He dabbed his lips with a napkin and said, "Shall we begin, Mr. President?"

The President gulped the rest of his tea.

"Okay." He said, nodding his head slightly.

The President looked at both the secretaries and gave them a slight nod. Both of them left, leaving him and the Prime Minister alone in the office.

The Prime Minister took out a sleek briefcase from his drawer. The letters 'TOP SECRET' were engraved on it. He put his thumb on the handle. The software analysed his fingerprint. A few seconds later, the briefcase hissed open.

The Prime Minister took out a file. It was labelled, 'Project Black Wand.'

The Prime Minister took a deep breath and said, "Alright. By now, you know that an entire colony of humans, who call themselves 'Wizards' live right next to us. They have always been among us, hiding in plain sight. They have colonies in almost all the developed countries. To be precise, they have their own world."

"As you know, our governments have known about their existence for a while and they have agreed to keep their existence a secret. Now, the problem is, their population is increasing, and they are expanding their colonies. So, what do you suggest, we do?" the Prime Minister asked.

"We should peacefully negotiate with them like we've always done." The President said.

"That's not how it should work anymore. It's almost as if we're afraid of them. Why should we comply with their demands? What do we get in return? Nothing!" the Prime Minister said.

"Look, that's how it's been going on for centuries. The wizard and the... The 'muggle' governments co-operate with each other." The President said.

The Prime Minister smiled. He needed to cite a better example.

"These wizards have superhuman abilities. What if, one day, they decided to break their International Statute of Secrecy? What if, one day, they planned to launch a full-frontal assault on us?" The Prime Minister asked.

The President was at a loss for words.

"If they decide to go rogue, the Al-Qaeda and ISIS guys would look like kids with a parking ticket" The Prime Minister said.

"Well, then, what do you suggest?" The President asked, getting restless.

The Prime Minister pushed the file to the President. The President frowned and opened the file.

'Project Black Wand...' he read silently. Within the file were new reformed and stern policies of dealing with the wizard community. The President scoffed.

"They'll never agree to this." He said.

"Then, we'll launch a systematic military attack on them" the Prime Minister said coldly.

"Then you are on your own on this one. If you initiate a war with them, you can't expect any help from the United States" the President said grimly.

"Then they'd better agree to this" the Prime Minister said pointing to the file.

"We need to have some leverage over them for that" the President said.

"I'm counting on it" the Prime Minister said with a sinister smile on his face.

"Let me show you something" he said and got up.

He walked towards a poster near the far right corner of the office. The President followed him with an inquisitive look.

It was the poster of a man in a silver red robe. He had a beard so long that it was tucked down under his belt. He wore half-moon spectacles and had an enigmatic charisma in his smile.

"With all due respect, I don't recognize him, who is he?" the President asked. Then suddenly, the strangest thing happened.

The man in the poster stirred and said, "I am Aberforth Dumbledore, Mr. President". The President withdrew back in amazement.

"Ah! The magical poster!" The President said smiling.

"How I can help you?" the man in the poster smiled cordially.

"It is time" the Prime Minister said to the poster.

"Yes, sir" the man in the poster said and walked out leaving nothing behind but an empty photo frame!

The Prime Minister and President walked back to their seats.

"What was that all about?" the President asked, still confused.

"Well, I've arranged a meeting with the Minister of Magic" the Prime Minister said, not looking the President in the eye.

"And you didn't even have the courtesy to inform me! In the USA, we have a standard protocol to go through before every meeting with the wizards!" The President said, flabbergasted.

"It was an end-of-the-moment decision" the Prime Minister simply said.

Then suddenly out of nowhere, a human form took shape near the poster. It walked towards them. The man wore a golden yellow robe, but the face was the same. Those blue eyes, those half-moon spectacles, that long beard... The President was too shocked to speak.

"I am Aberforth Dumbledore, the Minister of Magic of the wizard community of United Kingdom. It is an honour to meet you, Mr. President" Aberforth said in a deep authoritative voice.

"How did you come here?" the President managed to choke.

"Oh" Aberforth said. "Just a parlour trick" he winked.

"Mr. Prime Minister" he said and shook hands with the Prime Minister.

"Please have a seat" the Prime Minister said and Aberforth sat.

"Without any further ado, we should get to work" Aberforth said and waved his wand. A pile of files appeared on the desk. He took out the top one and studied it.

"As you see, Mr. President, the colonies of wizards in the UK as well as the USA are expanding. Consequently, our rooms and resources are depleting at an alarming rate." Aberforth said and paused for a while to let it settle down on the President.

Unknown to Aberforth, the Prime Minister pressed a button on his watch.

"So as a peaceful..." Aberforth voice cut in between with the sounds of opening doors and heavy footsteps approaching. Suddenly, the office door opened with a BANG. It was the British Special Forces.

"On your knees! Hands where we can see them!" they shouted, pointing their M4 automatics towards Aberforth.

There were moments of grim silence. The President was shell-shocked. What was going on!

The Prime Minister held his breath as he tried to judge the Minister of Magic's reaction. Was it shock? Trepidation?

But, Aberforth was calm. He looked at the Prime Minister with a smirk and said, "I had expected a better welcome."

With that, he got up. With lightning speed, he waved his wand and a wall of fire appeared between him and the Special Forces team.

Everything slowed down... Multiple red sparks shot out of his wand and the next moment the fire disappeared and all the 8 Special Forces' elites were lying on the ground, stupefied.

Aberforth turned towards the Prime Minister, his eyes bloodshot. The Prime Minister gulped.

"Explain" Aberforth growled menacingly. He got dangerously close to the Prime Minister.

Suddenly the Prime Minister took something out of his suit. With a swift movement, he connected it with Aberforth's chest. A ripple of pain shot through Aberforth and he slumped down, lifeless.

"The wizards are dangerous. That's the simple reason." The Prime Minister said, putting back the stun gun in his suit. He kicked off the wand from Aberforth's hands.

More Special Forces' men entered the office, their guns ready.

"You okay, sir?" they asked.

The President was in a state of shock.

"Yes" the Prime Minister answered for both of them.

They were escorted to the adjacent cabinet room. The British Special Forces handcuffed the unconscious Minister of Magic.

The President sat on the spongy sofa, clearly baffled by the turn of events. The Prime Minister poured a glass of water.

"We needed a leverage. Now we have one." The Prime Minister said, offering the glass to the President.

The setup had been perfect. The Prime Minister looked out of the door. The covered form of Aberforth was being taken out through the dungeons. He knew that one of the BIGGEST covert operations of the century had been successful...

Author's Note: So, friends! How was the first chapter of The Potter Chronicles? I hoped you liked it. Do leave back your suggestions. I love a feedback from my readers. Thank you! :)

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