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The Potter Chronicles
Aberforth D. & Harry P. & Hermione G. & Ron W. - Words: 9,678 - Rated: T - English - Adventure - Chapters: 8 - Reviews: 3 - Updated: 13-01-2018 - Published: 18-12-2017 - by saintsandheroes (FFN)

Author's Note: This is a recreation of Chapter 1: The Capture, from the wizard perspective.

Harry stood facing the mirror in a long golden yellow robe, admiring himself. The risk he was about to take was one of the biggest in his career as an Auror. He was going to meet the Prime Minister of the UK and the President of the USA! Harry was confident that the meeting would go smoothly. Harry knew the muggles. They were harmless creatures who would only retaliate when someone disturbed them.

Harry went out of the room into the hall. Aberforth and Dean were there in the midst of some important discussion. They were at the Annexe, the place where many top-secret meetings of the Ministry took place.

Aberforth looked up from the files at Harry.

"Take a seat, son" Aberforth said.

"Take a seat, son" Harry said, mimicking Aberforth's accent.

"Oh, good! You've done your homework" Aberforth said smiling.

Harry had spent the entire night studying the topics that were to be discussed with the Prime Minister and the President. Above all, mastered Aberforth's accent and mannerism. Harry sat on the couch.

"So are you ready?" Aberforth asked, giving one final look at the file he was reading.

"Yes, sir" Harry said.

"Good, let's get started" Aberforth said getting up. Both Harry and Dean got up and followed him into the kitchen.

The Polyjuice Potion was brewing in a pot. Aberforth plucked a long strand of hair from his head and released it into the pot. He then drained the potion out and handed the mug to Harry.

"There you go" Aberforth said.

Harry took the mug. The potion smelt really bad. Something like red hot rubber mixed with organic waste. Harry gulped down the potion. It tasted even worse. He could feel the hot potion coursing down his throat. He felt sick.

Harry ran towards the restroom. He felt like his stomach would turn upside down. He knew the effects that would follow the consumption of the polyjuice potion. But every time he drank it, he felt the same horrors that he'd first felt when he drunk this concoction in his second year at Hogwarts.

Harry bent to vomit in the faucet. He itched his face but it wasn't helping. He looked into the mirror. A white beard was sprouting on his cheeks! It was getting longer every moment. At the same time, the colour of his eyes were changing from green to blue and his eyebrows were getting bushier and whiter.

Aberforth and Dean waited anxiously for Harry to open the door. The door of the restroom opened and Aberforth's look-alike walked out of it, grinning. Aberforth and Dean smiled as they looked at the polyjuiced Harry.

"How do I look?" Harry asked.

Surprisingly, his voice had become a little deep and croaky. Aberforth came ahead and tapped his wand on Harry's glasses. Immediately the round glasses turned into half-moon spectacles.

"Perfect" Aberforth said smiling and they all went back to the hall.

"Now the potion that you took was not just polyjuice potion" Aberforth said.

"Then?" Harry asked.

"It was polyjuice maximus. It will keep you in my form for almost a day, in case something goes wrong..." Aberforth said.

"Okay" Harry said tucking his long beard in the belt.

Dean opened a white chart on the table and handed Harry a pill.

"Take this, Harry" Dean said.

"What's this?" Harry asked.

"You'll see" Dean said with a smile.

Harry gulped down the pill. A few seconds later the chart on the table came to life and showed:







A few seconds later the heart rate column started showing spiky lines. Harry smiled.

"These graphs show your current biological processes. Aberforth and I will listen to your voice and keep a constant tab on you through this" Dean said.

"Sleek" Harry said, impressed.

Aberforth went into the kitchen again and brought another glass of potion. He stirred it well and said "Take this. It will keep you from any side effects from the polyjuice."

Harry took the glass without giving it much notice. The potion was bitter. Really bitter. Finally all was set.

Harry stood before an empty photo frame on the wall. This photo frame and a similar photo frame in the office of the Prime Minister of the UK served as a communication bridge between the Minister of Magic and the Prime Minister. The man in the frame would take the messages to and fro. Suddenly out of nowhere, Aberforth came into the frame and said "The Prime Minister of the UK summons you" he said.

"Yes" Harry said.

Giving one last nod to Aberforth and Dean, he focused his mind to apparate at the Prime Minister of the UK's office at 10, Downing Street.

Harry looked at his surroundings. He was in an elegant office. The room had an aura of political dominance. His head was whirring. He hadn't taken drugs for days now. So why was he feeling dizzy?

"Maybe it is the side effect of the polyjuice" Harry thought as he walked towards the two men sitting at the desk in black suits. This was the first time he was seeing the President of the United States in person.

"I am Aberforth Dumbledore, the Minister of Magic of the Wizard community of the United Kingdom. It's an honour to meet you, Mr. President" Harry said in a deep authorative tone.

The President of the USA looked really shocked.

" did you come here?" the President managed to choke.

"Oh" Harry said. "Just a parlour trick" he winked.

"Mr Prime Minister" he said and shook his hands with the Prime Minister.

Harry's head was throbbing. "Control...control!" Harry said to himself. He was sure the meeting would go smoothly, but he needed his full focus over there.

"Please have a seat" the Prime Minister said and Harry sat.

"Without any further ado, we should get to work" Harry said and waved his wand.

A pile of files appeared on the desk. Harry took out the top one and studied it.

"As you see, Mr President, the colonies of wizards and witches in the UK as well as the USA are expanding. Consequently, our rooms and resources are depleting at an alarming rate" Harry said and paused for a while to let it settle down on the President.

Unknown to Harry, the Prime Minister pressed a button on his watch.

"So, as a peaceful..." Harry's voice was cut in between with the sounds of heavy footsteps approaching.

Suddenly the office door opened with a bang. It was the British Special Forces.

"On your knees! Hands where we can see them" they shouted pointing their M4 Automatics towards Harry.

Immediately Harry's combat instincts stirred. His first thought was to apparate back to safety. But then a thought of despair jabbed him. So, the muggles DID plan to kidnap the Minister of Magic. All his confidence, trust, even sympathy, for the muggles had dissolved. He wanted answers. Personally. So he resolved to face it.

Harry looked at the Prime Minister with a smirk and said "I expected a better welcome"

With that Harry got up. With lightning speed, he waved his wand and a wall of fire appeared between him and the Special Forces Team. Everything slowed down... Multiple red sparks shot out of his wand like bullets and the next moment, the fire disappeared. All the 8 Special Forces' elites were lying on the ground, stupefied.

Harry then turned towards the Prime Minister, his eyes bloodshot. The Prime Minister gulped. Harry's head was exploding with pain. His hands were getting numb. The polyjuice maximus was giving a drastic side effect, but Harry wanted his answers.

"Explain" he growled menacingly, getting dangerously close to the Prime Minister.

Suddenly the Prime Minister took something out of his suit. With a swift movement, he connected it with Harry's chest. A ripple of pain shot through Harry. His senses gave way to the numbing pain, and he slumped back, lifeless.

"The wizards are dangerous. That's the simple reason." The Prime Minister said, putting the stun gun back into his suit. He kicked the wand out of Harry's loose hands.

More Special Forces' men entered and handcuffed the lifeless Minister of Magic. The President and Prime Minister were escorted to safety.

Back at the Annexe, Aberforth and Dean were listening to Harry's voice. Everything was going well until suddenly they heard heavy footsteps. A few seconds later Harry said, "Explain". There was wrath in his voice. And then nothing. Just static.

Harry's heart rate graph suddenly started plummeting drastically and then, left a straight line and a constant "Bleeeeep" tone indicating the person was dead.

Dean's jaw dropped open in shock.

"Harr...Harry Potter just died" he stammered.

Dean couldn't believe what was happening.

"Harry Potter just died" he said again his eyes looking fixedly at the chart where Harry's heart rate, breathing rate, pulse rate, all showed a static zero.

"I'm calling for backup reinforcements" Dean said, getting up.

"Wait for my order" Aberforth said, his voice perfectly calm.

Dean looked at Aberforth with surprise.

"Orders? Harry Potter just died! What are you waiting for? We need backup NOW!" Dean said and started walking again.

"Expelliarmus!" Aberforth said and the wand flew away out of Dean's hands.

"What the hell?" Dean said, shocked. He turned back. The Minister of Magic had just disarmed him! What was going on?

"You see son, Harry had to die" Aberforth said.

"What?" Dean asked, stumped.

"The potion that I gave to Harry after he took the tablet, the bitter potion, it was not meant to prevent side effects. It was Basilisk saliva. Deadly poison" Aberforth said flashing an evil smile.

"Wh... Why?" Cadillio asked, slightly shivering from shock.

"Why? Because for centuries, wizards have lived in fear from the muggles. It is time to finish it once and for all. How will the magical community react when they find that The Boy Who Lived, their saviour, was brutally killed by the muggles? They will become bloodthirsty. I needed that momentum to stir the wizards. We will dominate the muggles once and for all" Aberforth said looking into oblivion, grinning a wicked smile.

Dean was shell-shocked. He had never seen such a side of Aberforth.

"And I am really sorry, but I can leave no witnesses of this event" Aberforth said looking at Dean.

"Hey wait, wh...?" Dean managed to say but Aberforth cut him in between.

"Avada Kedavra!" Aberforth shouted.

A green jet of sparks shot through his wand and hit Dean in the chest. Dean was thrown back. He slumped down dead. The shocked look still lingered on his face.

"You and Harry have made a valuable sacrifice. It will not be forgotten, son" Aberforth said closing Dean Thomas' eyes.

Aberforth took up the medi-chart which now showed:


Aberforth smiled. He tapped the chart with his wand and set it aflame to discard the remnants of any evidence. The key pawn was out of the game. The war was on...

Author's Note: So, friends! What did you think about the story until now? Should I continue it? Did you want it to go a different way? Please leave a feedback to let me know

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