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Through the Veil of Secrets
Dominique W. & Hermione G. & OC & Teddy L. - Words: 95,261 - Rated: T - English - Drama & Family - Chapters: 26 - Reviews: 23 - Updated: 25-01-2018 - Published: 25-12-2017 - Complete - by RubberDuckiez (FFN)

Here is the preview I promised. I'm still working on the next book. Hopefully I'll be able to start posting soon. But until then... Here is part of chapter one of The Calm Before the Storm.

A Dull Christmas

Remus and Alan stood in the family room of their parents' house, glum looks on their faces. While there was the usual excitement for the holidays, underneath the surface there was a slight current of apprehension and melancholy. It just wasn't the same without Daisy, Jamie and Iris there.

"Come on, you two. Don't look so morose. It is Christmas," Teddy said, walking up to them.

"I know," Remus said. "Just… missing Pixie and Mum."

"No regard for Jamie?" Teddy asked, a smile on his face.

"Well, yea. Him too. But seems Mum and Pix leave a bigger hole," Remus replied. Teddy was silent a bit before sighing.

"I can understand that. I feel it too," he said. "Though at least there's no lack of people here." He looked around, seeing Lila standing with her father Marcus as they talked with George and Angelina. Not far off from them Lucy stood with her boyfriend Ryan Kelly. "I'm surprised Wills isn't here."

"I wanted to invite him, all things considered. But this one thought that'd be too dangerous since Dad and the rest of the family don't know about the connection," Remus said. Alan scowled at him.

"We both know Wills can't keep his mouth shut. He would have slipped up and said something. At least if he slips up during practice, Dad'll be less likely to kill him in front of the team," Alan said. "And then Daisy would kill us for getting her new boyfriend killed and for her not being the one to tell Dad."

"New boyfriend? So things have progressed that much?" Teddy asked, his eyebrows raised.

"No, they have not," Dominique snapped as she walked up. "At least not from the letter I've gotten from her. She's still confused." The three men looked over at her.

"She's said the same in ours," Remus said. He started chuckling a bit. "You have to admit it's funny."

"I think I know what you lot are talking about," Lucy said as she and Kelly stepped up to them, her eyes dancing in mirth. "And I agree. It's hilarious."

"What's going on?" Kelly asked, looking around confused. Dominique glared at Lucy.

"Good going, Luce. Now we have to tell him too. Daisy didn't want the whole world to know before she got back and had a chance to sort things out," she retorted. Lucy shrugged.

"He was going to find out anyway. I doubt Daisy would have kept it a secret for long. Not with our family… or Wills at that matter. I'm surprised he hasn't gone shouting it from the rooftops," she said. Kelly looked down at his girlfriend and then up at the rest of the group, his eyes widening as he realized what was going on.

"That bastard," he said, his face immediately turning stormy. "He really was just waiting in the wings. Did he even wait until Kingfisher was out of the hospital? And seriously? Pixie? I thought at least she would have more decency."

"Kelly, you know as well as all of us that she's got little control with the connection," Remus said, starting to get upset. "It happens when it happens. She didn't just stand there and say, 'I choose Wills.' In a way, it sorta chose for her."

"Well then explain this to me. Because as far as I know, just a week or so ago she was madly in love with John Kingfisher," he retorted.

"Keep your voice down," Lucy whispered furiously as she looked around the crowded room. "Not everyone knows." Kelly frowned down at her, but one look at the deadly serious look in her eyes, and he gulped.

"Fine, so… what happened?" he asked, much more calmly this time.

"Well… after Daisy broke up with Kingfisher - stop scowling, Kelly. You know as well as all of us that she only did it because she felt he'd be safer in the U.S.," Alan said. The chaser tried to rearrange his face into a more neutral look. "Right, so she broke up with him and came home all out of sorts. Wills went and comforted her - as he usually does - and she said that it just happened then while they were talking."

"But doesn't this mean she's always fancied him?" Kelly asked. Remus and Alan looked at each other. Truth be told, none of them really seemed to understand the whole connection thing, even though the professor had tried to explain it to Daisy, Jamie and Iris. With Iris and Oliver and then Jamie and Lila, it made perfect sense. They had all been together when it happened. But with Daisy and Wills, it was a bit more confusing. They hadn't been dating. While Wills had admitted he had been developing feelings for Daisy since the summer, Daisy still hadn't really mentioned what exactly she felt about him. Not to mention the fact that she had been with John and was for all intents and purposes still somewhat in love with him.

"We're not really sure what it means," Alan said truthfully as he looked over at the chaser. "Daisy hasn't really said much along those lines. Though she admitted she had had a crush on him before."

"When was this?" Teddy asked, grinning. He found the whole situation rather entertaining.

"In school. When we first started Hogwarts, she was still convinced she was going to marry him and even begged him to take her to the New Year's Ball a few times. But that faded out about our second year when she made the house team," Lucy said. "But… she did have another crush on him again our seventh year."

"Yea, she never mentioned that to us," Remus said. "What was that about?" Lucy laughed softly.

"Oh, it was rather hilarious," she said, her eyes twinkling. "But don't ask me specifics. She'll kill me as it is with me saying that much." Kelly looked down at his girlfriend.

"You couldn't possibly think this is a good thing," he said. "I thought you liked Kingfisher."

"Oh, I do. And I really feel bad for him. This whole situation is all shades of messed up with him getting the worst of it. But really, we've all been placing bets on Wills and Daisy ending up together since she was little. Uncle George'll be happy. I think he had something like 100 Galleons on it," she said. At that moment, a loud laugh came from the other side of the room and they all looked over, seeing the man in question laughing over something while his wife glared at him.

"George! You can't encourage him!" she shouted, causing everyone to deduct it had something to do with whatever shenanigans Freddie was getting into. He had taken to working with George and Iris on developing products for the shop since he left Hogwarts. Kelly shook his head slowly.

"I don't think I'll ever understand your family," he said, a dazed look coming over his face.

"Better get used to it if you want to be a part of it," Teddy said grinning. Lucy immediately smiled brightly as she looked up at Kelly, whose face started turning pink.

Before anyone could say anything more, Oliver cleared his throat and started talking loudly.

"I've just been informed that lunch is ready!" he shouted.

"Best get to our seats," Teddy said. "Before these two eat everything." Alan and Remus glared at him.

"We are professional quidditch players," Alan said.

"I know," Teddy replied, as he stepped away.

And there it is. I'll try to get more written so it's not too long between this one and the next. ^^

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