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Through the Veil of Secrets
Dominique W. & Hermione G. & OC & Teddy L. - Words: 95,261 - Rated: T - English - Drama & Family - Chapters: 26 - Reviews: 23 - Updated: 25-01-2018 - Published: 25-12-2017 - Complete - by RubberDuckiez (FFN)

Updates of Sorts

Dominique huffed as she walked down the hallway towards her aunt's office. She wasn't sure why they had to hand deliver regular updates to her aunt when they had found absolutely nothing. But she seemed to be outnumbered in that regard. Molly was all about putting them together and Teddy seemed keen to keep both Harry and Hermione in the loop regardless. And somehow, Dominique got saddled with taking it this time.

She stopped in front of the double doors that led into the antechamber for the Minister's office and then pushed it open. Her scowl quickly vanished as she walked in and saw a young, handsome man with light brown hair sitting behind a desk. He looked up as she stopped.

"Is there something I can help you with?" he asked formally, though a warm smile was on his face.

"Ehm, yes, I'm here to deliver a report to the Minister," she said, stepping fully into the room and quickly rearranging her face into a less severe expression. She could feel her cheeks started to heat up.

"Oh, well then, I can take it in to her," he said, stepping from behind the desk and walking over to Dominique.

"I'm supposed to give it to her directly," Dom said.

"I assure you, I will make sure that she gets it," the man said.

"It's of a confidential nature," Dominique replied, starting to get a bit annoyed.

"She's asked not to be disturbed for the next hour, so if it must be done in person, perhaps I can arrange a time for you to return-"

"Blimey, I'm her bloody niece. She'll not mind if you let me in," Dominique said, not particularly relishing that she had to bring up her family connection to get passed her aunt's latest guard dog. The man's eyebrows rose in surprise.

"Ah, well, Ms…."

"Weasley. Dominique Weasley," she huffed.

"She had explicitly said no interruptions, so if you can wait a moment, I can try and squeeze you in later this afternoon," he said, walking back to his desk. Dominique took the opportunity to walk over to the door leading to her aunt's office.

"She's expecting me, trust me," she said before turning the knob.

"Ms. Weasley!" the man shouted, starting to come after her. Dominique pushed the door open and stepped into her aunt's office. Hermione looked up from her desk, seemingly not expecting someone to come barging in.

"It's fine!" Dominique yelled before shutting the door behind her. She looked over at her aunt and smiled apologetically. "Sorry about that Aunt Hermione." The older woman relaxed and smiled, sitting back in her chair.

"It's alright. Magnus does get a bit carried away in his duties. I'll mention to him that family is allowed in whenever they show up and we can avoid a kerfuffle next time," she said. She noticed the file in Dominique's hand. "Is that the latest update on your investigation?"

Dominique nodded and walked over, holding it out to her.

"'Fraid it's not much. We haven't had much luck yet," she said. Hermione nodded as she opened it and skimmed over the contents.

"As to be expected. It's still early and the archives are massive," she said with a sigh. "I do wish time was not of the essence."

"Same here. But we've got Toby helping now too, so hopefully with the five of us looking into it, we'll find something soon," Dominique said. Hermione looked up.

"Toby? He's been informed?" she asked, concerned.

"It really couldn't be avoided. We need all the help we can get and he would have found out sooner or later. He is still Daisy's best friend," Dominique reasoned. Hermione nodded, accepting the logic.

"I just don't want word to start spreading that some war or danger or something could be coming before we know more about what to expect," she said wearily. "Wouldn't do if panic broke loose among the wizarding war. Too many still remember last time." Dominique nodded and moved to sit in the chair across from her aunt's desk. "Care for some tea?"

"Sure," Dominique said. Hermione waved her wand and a tea service came to life on a cart next to her desk. After it made itself, a cup drifted over to Dominique while another came to rest on Hermione's desk.

"Between this and the forum, I'm about at my wit's end," Hermione admitted as she reached for her cup. "Harry's caught up in the logistics of providing security for all of the world's wizarding leaders and I'm trying to convince as many to come as possible, while narrowing down the topics we should discuss as well as figuring out a way to warn them about something that may or may not be coming."

Dominique stared at her aunt, not used to seeing her so frazzled. She had always been so calm and collected. And reasonable.

"What if… instead of warning them about something we don't know anything about… you work to setup an international security network? Lay the groundwork for a way to make it easier and faster for various regions of the world to stay informed and work together in the event of a major disaster or security threat," Dominique suggested. "That way, you don't have to worry about telling them about some vague, possible attack. And honestly, it should have been done after the last war anyway."

Hermione froze for a moment, watching her niece. She then suddenly smiled and laughed.

"That is a very good idea. I'm not sure why I didn't think of it," she said, shaking her head slightly.

"You would have eventually. Just… at the moment you have a bit much on your plate," Dominique said.

"Have you been to see them lately?" Hermione asked, changing the subject.

"See who? Daisy and Jamie?" Dominique asked.

"Yes. I'm afraid I haven't had much time since the accident… and I feel horrible about it," she said. Dominique frowned.

"It's been a few weeks," she said. She hadn't spent much time at her cousins' since she broke up with Cunningham, afraid she'd run into him there. Daisy's team was always popping by randomly.

"Perhaps you and Molly should go over and speak with them. It might lead to some sort of idea about what to look for," she suggested. Dominique nodded.

"Might be more beneficial to speak with Aunt Iris, to be honest," Dominique said. "She knows more about all of this than anyone." Hermione nodded.

"Probably should have had you lot sit down with her from the start," she said with a sigh. Dominique studied her aunt a moment, thinking back to the memory she saw.

"Aunt Hermione, you knew Aunt Iris back then… during the second war and such," Dominique said. Hermione looked at her and nodded.

"I did. I was staying at Grimmauld Place when she appeared," she said.

"What did you make of her?" Dominique asked. Hermione looked confused at the line of questioning.

"She was… scared. Extremely skittish. And afraid to be around others," she said. "Took a while before she would even come downstairs to eat meals with us all. Why do you ask?" Dominique shrugged.

"Just trying to understand her a bit more, I suppose," she said.

"Teddy showed you the memory, didn't he?" Hermione asked softly. Dominique looked up at her and nodded. "It's a bit disturbing… seeing her like that. And there's still so much that she hasn't shared - even with us. Took years before she told Harry most of it and he's her nephew. I suspect it took awhile for her to open up to Oliver as well."

"I can see why she's so private. I never really understood why she didn't want much mentioned about her. It frustrated me in history of magic when they didn't even mention her in the book," Dominique said. "Mum and Dad had told all of us growing up about how she helped in that last battle." Hermione chuckled.

"Yes, it took a fair bit of work to keep her out of the press and such back then. She spent most of her life up to that point being invisible and has always been uncomfortable with perfect strangers knowing about her and her abilities," Hermione said. "Back then… before the last battle… she couldn't control her magic and thought she was more a danger than an asset. And was constantly worried that Voldemort and his Death Eaters would search her out if they ever knew she existed." Dominique frowned.

"Did they ever find out? Before the battle, that is?" she asked. Hermione nodded.

"They did. There was an altercation at Hogwarts with Harry and Draco Malfoy. Iris exposed herself to Malfoy and Severus Snape was forced to tell Voldemort about her. She went into hiding again. And then Oliver got into a spot of trouble and she exposed herself to Bellatrix LeStrange and another Death Eater," Hermione said. Dominique nodded as she took in the information.

"I'll go talk to Daisy and Jamie this afternoon and see about speaking with Aunt Iris tomorrow," she said. "I think it might help." Hermione smiled and nodded.

"Let me know if there's anything I or your Uncle Harry can do to help," she said. Dominique stood and placed her cup on the cart.

"I will. Try not to work yourself into an early grave," she said as she walked towards the door. She heard her aunt chuckle.

"Easier said than done some days," she replied. Dominique stepped out and shut the door behind her. Immediately, Magnus looked up at her.

"Take it your chat went well?" he asked, smiling slightly. Dominique nodded.

"Sorry for getting a bit brusque with you earlier. Just… under a bit of a time crunch with a project Au- the Minister as assigned me," she said. Magnus smiled warmly.

"Don't worry about it," he said. "I take it I'll probably be seeing more of you?" Dominique flushed slightly, noticing for the first time that he had lovely light blue eyes. "Since you're working on a special assignment for the Minister?"

"Uh, yes, I think so," she said. "We have to deliver regular reports and all." He nodded.

"Good," he said. "I mean… ah…" He appeared a bit flustered and embarrassed. Dominique smiled.

"I guess I should be going then. Lot's of work to do," she said, stepping towards the main door.

"Yes, lots of work for me as well," he said. "Until next time, Ms. Weasley." Dominique nodded.

"Yes, until next time." She stepped out and began walking quickly towards the lifts, finding she couldn't control her smile. Maybe she wouldn't mind delivering reports to her aunt after all.

"Take it you've met Magnus," Molly said, glancing up at Dominique's flushed face as she sat next to her in the study room of the archives cavern.

"What on earth makes you say that?" Dominique asked, flustered.

"You're blushing," she replied, laughing. "He is quite handsome."

"Who's Magnus?" Chris asked, frowning from where he sat across from Molly.

"Ah, see you've decided to join us in the trenches today," Dominique said, smirking at him.

"He's Aunt Hermione's new assistant," Molly said. "Very handsome. And efficient. I like him."

"Like I care," Chris said, returning to the parchments he was looking through.

"I was thinking about going to speak with Daisy and Jamie this afternoon," Dominique said. The other three looked up at her, confused.

"Why?" Chris asked. "We've already talked to them and there's not much they can give us." Dominique shrugged.

"I haven't talked to them. Thought maybe it might give me some sort of hint or… something. I'm going to go speak with Aunt Iris as well. I definitely think there is more she can tell us that might help," she said.

"I'll go with you," Chris said, looking back down at the parchments. Dominique frowned.

"That wasn't an open invitation," she said.

"You forget that I'm the only trained investigator in this bunch. You'll need my help," he said without looking up. Dominique rolled her eyes.

"I did have to do some investigation with my work, you know," she said.

"She's right. She's actually quite good at it," Toby chimed in. Dominique beamed at him while Chris cast a sideways glare.

"Still… I'd feel better if I went along," Chris said, glancing over at her. "In case you miss something." Dominique sighed.

"If you think you must," she said. Chris nodded and returning to his work. "We'll go after lunch. It's the summer break in the season so they should both be there. Neither the Arrows nor Puddlemere are practicing at the moment."

"Keep track of the quiddtich schedule, do you?" Chris asked. Dominique glared at him.

"I keep track of many things, Abbott," she said tersely.

"Play nicely, children," Molly said, not looking up from her book. Dominique glared at her and Toby tried to stifle his laughter.

"Please Molly," Dominique said, huffing slightly as she pulled a book over and opened it.

"You're sure they'll be there?" Chris asked as he and Dominique waited in line to use the Ministry floos. Dominique rolled her eyes.

"I sent an owl before lunch. They'll be there," she said as she stepped up to the large fireplace and grabbed a handful of floo powder. "See you there!"

She shouted the Woods' address and threw the powder, then suddenly stepped out into the living room of the flat, quickly moving aside so that Abbott didn't run into her. Daisy was standing in the kitchen pouring out some lemonade while Jamie was sitting on the couch, watching something on the television mounted above the fireplace.

"You're on time," he said, seeming a bit surprised as he turned it off with a remote.

"Of course I am," Dominique said with a huff as she walked over and sat in an armchair. Daisy walked over, the glasses following behind her and sat next to Jamie as Chris appeared and sat opposite Dominique.

"So… why do you want to talk to us?" Daisy asked as the glasses dispersed themselves.

"Just hoping it might spark something," Dominique said before taking a sip. "We're pretty much looking for a needle in a haystack in the archives as it is."

"Really, you should be talking to Mum," Jamie said.

"I intend to. Owled her earlier and I'm going over tomorrow morning," she said. She locked eyes with Chris. "Alone." He immediately frowned.

"I told you I wanted to go with you in case you miss something," he said, sitting up.

"This is a sensitive topic for Aunt Iris. She only feels comfortable talking about it with family. Don't worry, I'll write up a report and if I miss something, I can go back," she said. Jamie and Daisy smirked at each other, noting the tension between the two. Jamie cleared his throat, getting both Chris and Dominique's attention.

"So… you wanted to ask us some questions?" he started.

"Yes," Dominique said, sitting up and putting her glass down on the table. She reached into her purse and pulled out a notebook and quick quotes quill. "When and how exactly did your extended abilities start showing?"

Daisy looked at Jamie and motioned for him to start.

"Well… for me, it was a month or so before the Falcons' match. Right before Christmas. I felt Lila for a bit. Her emotions, that is," he said. "Then a few days before the match, I could feel Daisy's anger and heard her from another room - which I hadn't been able to do before."

"For me, it all started the day of the match. I could feel Jamie's uneasiness. And then I saw him get hit just before he did. Then, as you remember, I orbed to the field and stopped his fall without my wand," she said.

"And since then?" Chris asked. Dominique glared at him for interrupting her questioning.

"Well… it was kind of like the floodgates opened, so to speak," Jamie said. "For both of us, it was pretty overwhelming. The connections with our brothers, each other and our parents was solidified - as was mine with Lila."

"And the hand magic came in pretty quickly after a few bumps at first," Daisy added. "Mum's been working with us on that. And the shields."

"How has that been going?" Dominique asked, her brow furrowed.

"It comes and goes," Jamie said. "We've managed to get up two or three at a time, but not much more. Daisy here is a bit… erratic…" Daisy scowled at him.

"Doing better than you are," she said, her eyes flashing red as the air around her started cackling with electricity. Jamie sighed.

"As you can see… our magic is a bit more tied to our emotions. Sometimes it flares up when we're a bit… charged," he said.

"It's like back before we went to Hogwarts all over again," Daisy said. "Back to not being able to control everything."

"How so?" Dominique asked. Both siblings stared at her. "I mean… I think if I can get a better understanding of what it's like, I might be able to better pinpoint exactly what we should be looking for in terms of our search for information."

"The way Mum explained it is… it's rather powerful magic. So, until we learn to control it, it'll flare up on its own without warning," Jamie said. "Moreso when we're emotionally charged."

"Luckily it's only been small things here and there. Sparks during a fight and such. A broken dish or glass," Daisy said, glancing at Jamie. "Nothing too big."

"Could it get big?" Dominique asked, starting to get worried.

"We don't know," Daisy said. "Mum said it could - it got big a few times with her - but she thinks because we're older and had a handle on magic in general before all this showed up, we might be able to get better control of it sooner and avoid any disasters."

"What happened?" Dominique asked.

"Best if Mum explains that herself when you talk to her tomorrow," Jamie said quickly. "We might miss something or tell it wrong."

"She'll be able to show you as well," Daisy added. Dominique nodded.

"Well… I think that's all we have to ask," Chris said, starting to get up.

"What's it feel like? The connections?" Dominique asked suddenly.

Daisy took a deep breath and looked down at her hands, slowly letting it out.

"It a way, it's like this string or something connecting you to someone," she said, looking up. "Constantly pulsing with… whatever that person is feeling."

"Daisy's still learning to turn it off," Jamie explained, softly. "Having a rather rough go of it." He looked down at his sister, his concern obvious.

"Get a lot of worry from this one. And Remus and Alan as well. Though, I prefer being around Alan the most. He's at least cheerful most of the time," she said.

"It's a bit different for me, since I can hear thoughts," he said. "I know where everyone is at all times when we're in the same building."

"I can't hear their thoughts… but I can sense when they're nearby. Usually because I can feel them," Daisy added.

"I can switch back and forth. Turn both on and off," Jamie said. "It's the same as when I use my Legilimens." Dominique nodded. "Mum says I should be able to project thoughts at a distance, as well. At least, she did it once. Sent a message to Harry." Dominique thought a moment and then nodded.

"Well then, I think that's all I have for now. I may pop by again if I think of something else or if I come across something useful," she said. "May start looking into past research on Legilimens and hand magic. See if it pops up anything interesting."

"If you find something that could help us in our training, do you mind passing it on?" Jamie asked.

"Of course," Dominique replied. "Best be off." She stood and Chris followed suit. They both grabbed handfuls of floo powder and were off.

"That was helpful," she said as they started walking towards the lifts to go back to the archives.

"How exactly?" Chris asked. She frowned at him.

"I know a bit more of what I should be looking for," she said. "If we start looking into their specific abilities, maybe we'll come across something helpful." Chris nodded.

"Alright then, lead the way."

Been trying to post this since yesterday but the site wouldn't let me... I've gotten up through chapter 13 mostly finished, with some after that half written. Getting into some of the good stuff that I can't wait to post...

twilightlover427: Thanks! I'm glad that you like it so far! It's a bit slow in the beginning but starts picking up as it goes on.

As always, thanks for reading, following and reviewing!

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