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Nargles Don't Wear Capes
Ginny W. & Hermione G. & Luna L. & Ron W. - Words: 7,801 - Rated: T - English - Adventure & Friendship - Chapters: 5 - Reviews: 4 - Updated: 03-02-2018 - Published: 27-12-2017 - by RainyDayReading (FFN)

Here's Chapter 2! I hope you enjoy! Reviews are greatly appreciated :)

Chapter 2

The moment Ginny stepped inside her warm, cozy flat, Hermione bounced up to her and started bombarding her with questions.

"Who walked you home? What took you so long to get here? Was that the superhero? The actual superhero? Are you- are you wearing a cape?!"

"Hermione," Ginny groaned, entering their living room and flopping down onto the couch. "Give me a second, I just got here."

She took a moment to admire the flat- it always had this comforting, homey feel that she adored, despite it being very small. The main entrance connected to a medium-sized parlor with one couch and a very small telly. To the left of the room was an entranceway to a kitchen that included a tiny stove, a round table, and also a washing machine. There were two doorways on the far side of the kitchen, side-by-side; one for each girl's bedroom.

Ginny glanced up at Hermione, who was standing over her, brown eyes alight with excitement. Her hair was bushy and untamed, as usual, and she was wearing her typical dark jeans and plain shirt.

"Well?" Hermione asked expectantly, taking a seat beside Ginny on the couch. "What's going on?"

"Can I just… start from the beginning? Of everything?" Ginny asked, feeling exhausted already. "Before I get to the whole superhero thing, I have to talk to you about work."

"Go ahead," Hermione said kindly.

"Okay," Ginny exhaled. "A new customer came to the coffee shop today. This woman named Luna. She's an aspiring novelist, and she's really nice, and she likes pumpkin spice lattes, and she's going to be coming back tomorrow, and I don't know what to do."

Interest sparked in Hermione's eyes. "You like her?" she asked playfully, nudging Ginny in the ribs.

Ginny smiled nonchalantly, despite the blush creeping up her neck. "Maybe."

"Just be yourself," Hermione advised. "After all, that's what I did when it came to your brother, and we ended up just fine."

Ginny rolled her eyes. "First of all, you and Ron had plenty of drama before you stopped the mutual pining and just confessed your feelings to one another. And please don't compare my love life to my brother's, that's just weird."

Hermione stifled a laugh. "Okay, Gin."

"Anyway," Ginny continued, "after I closed up the shop and started walking back home, I was attacked."

Hermione gasped, her expression flooding with concern. "What do you mean, you were attacked? Are you okay? By whom? Did they hurt you?"

"Calm down," Ginny soothed her. "I'm fine. These three guys came out of an alleyway and shoved me against a building, demanding money. They were going to take my purse when this person showed up behind them."

"The superhero," Hermione realized, understanding dawning in her face.

Ginny nodded. "Her name is Wrackspurt. She punched all three of them and knocked them out more quickly than I thought was humanly possible, 'Mione. And then we talked, and she walked me home, and gave me her cape because I was cold."

Hermione's brow was still creased in concern. "You aren't hurt? Not at all?"

"I'm perfectly fine," Ginny assured her.

Hermione hummed thoughtfully. "The superhero- Wrackspurt, you said? What is she doing, exactly?"

Ginny shrugged. "All Wrackspurt said was that she put on a costume and started stopping petty robberies, stuff like that."

"Hm," Hermione mused. "A regular, average, everyday London citizen put on spandex and a cape and suddenly became a hero. How is that even possible?"

"Wrackspurt is not a 'regular, average, everyday' person," Ginny retorted, somewhat defensively. "She must've studied martial arts of some sort, because she fights incredibly. You should've seen how fast she knocked out those men, it was brilliant."

"So you've said," Hermione commented. Just then, there was an incessant beeping sound from the kitchen.

Hermione's eyes widened in horror. "I forgot to take the pizza out of the toaster oven!" she exclaimed, and with that, she had leapt off the couch and disappeared into the kitchen.

Ginny smiled fondly after her. She couldn't have asked for a better friend, even if Hermione occasionally made them eat burnt pizza for dinner.

Standing up, Ginny unbuckled Wrackspurt's cape and let it fall from her shoulders, landing in a heap on the couch cushions. She kicked off her shoes and followed Hermione into the kitchen, her stomach rumbling.

She set the table, pulling out two plates and two glasses of water, as Hermione dished out the slightly charred pizza. While they ate, Hermione filled her in on all the gossip from her work- she worked as an intern for a law firm- and Ginny tried to keep her thoughts away from both Luna and Wrackspurt.

She failed miserably.


The next morning, Ginny woke to the sunlight streaming through her window. She sat up in bed, yawning and stretching lazily, before realizing with a jolt that it was Friday.

She fumbled through her sheets until she found her cell phone. Switching it on, she looked at the time: 10:42.

Panic gripped her and she leapt out of bed with a shriek.

Dressing in a flurry of rumpled jeans and dark hoodies, Ginny grabbed the first clothes she could find- which happened to be the ones lying on her floor- and yanked them on, storming out of her bedroom. The kitchen was empty, all the dishes washed and neatly stacked on the counter.

Ginny sighed. Hermione had, for some reason, scheduled her classes for six-thirty in the morning; she was long gone and, consequently, had not woken Ginny up.

Rushing out of the small flat, Ginny was immediately immersed in the hustle and bustle of the crowded London streets. At this time of day, the sidewalks were jam-packed with people, and it made getting to the University that much harder.

Pushing her way through the mobs of people, Ginny edged her way down the sidewalk. Hogwarts University was six blocks away, and her classes were starting in less than five minutes; at this point, there was no way she'd make it on time.

She was so preoccupied with stressing out about how late she was going to be that she wasn't watching where she was going- Ginny crashed into somebody, who let out a startled "Oomph!"

"I'm so sorry!" Ginny gasped, immediately glancing over to see who she had accidentally walked into.

Large blue eyes met her gaze, and lips twitched into a smile. "Ginny?"

Ginny blinked, taking in the blonde hair and the pale features. The long, dark coat was gone today, replaced by a dark green sweater and plain black jeans. However, the woman was still clutching her briefcase, which Ginny knew contained her treasured laptop. "Luna?"

Luna beamed at her. "You remember me!"

"Of course," Ginny replied immediately, as if the idea of forgetting was absolutely ridiculous. "The Gryffindor is your regular coffee shop now, remember? Because every writer needs a coffee shop. I'm working the afternoon shift again today. So I'll see you there. If you come by."

Was she rambling? She was pretty sure she was rambling, but Luna didn't seem to mind; in fact, her smile only widened.

"I'll see you then," Luna said. "Where are you headed in such a hurry, anyway? If you don't mind me asking."

"School," Ginny groaned. "I'm so late."

"Hogwarts University?"

"Yeah," Ginny answered, pleasantly surprised. "Do you go there, too?"

Luna shook her head. "Not anymore. I graduated last year. But I still remember where it is… and I know a shortcut."

"A shortcut?" Ginny's eyes brightened. "Where?"

Luna grinned. "Follow me."


As Luna led Ginny down a narrow- and, Ginny admitted, rather shady-looking alleyway, Ginny couldn't help but think of what Hermione would say. Probably something along the lines of, Ginny, really! Late for school and following some girl you just met into an alleyway?

But if Luna did turn out to be a serial killer- which Ginny highly doubted- then Wrackspurt would probably show up out of nowhere to save her.

The thought brought a smirk to Ginny's face.

"What're you laughing about?" Luna said, glancing at Ginny over her shoulder, her voice teasing.

Ginny just shrugged, the smile still playing across her face.

"Here we are!" Luna announced suddenly.

The alleyway had opened up into the wide parking lot in back of Hogwarts University.

"Thank you!" Ginny gushed, throwing her arms around Luna's shoulders without thinking it through.

To her surprise, Luna hugged her back.

"I'll see you this afternoon," Luna grinned, pulling away.

Ginny nodded enthusiastically before turning away and jogging towards the main campus building, a towering brick structure surrounded by vast green lawns.

She was late, but not that late, and for once, she couldn't wait to go to work.

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