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Hermione G. & Severus S. - Words: 3,512 - Rated: M - English - Angst & Romance - Chapters: 4 - Reviews: 7 - Updated: 13-01-2018 - Published: 30-12-2017 - by LoveMusicRain (FFN)

(1 term later)

Being a witch was almost everything I wanted… the only issue was… I wanted everything. Finally, after I'd memorized each of the shiny textbooks my family had bought me in Diagon Alley, I went to Professor McGonagall with my frustrations. She in turn went to the Headmaster. They stood, quietly discussing it, while I sat across from his desk, trying not to feel like a spoiled child. I deserved this education. People probably skipped certain classes at Hogwarts all the time.

Professor McGonagall and Headmaster Dumbledore spoke quietly with eachother, before finally returning to their seats.

"Miss Granger, we believe we have found a solution that would satisfy both your needs and our need to discipline a particular student." Professor McGonagall said, formal as always.

Headmaster Dumbledore explained, "Our Mr. Snape, from Slytherin, wishes to be free from detention, and he is quite intelligent enough to answer any questions you may have about the second-year curriculum. And you have both the intelligence and… the patience to learn well from him, we do believe."

I did some research among my housemates, on my new teacher, but nothing anyone gave me was exceptionally helpful. Lavender told me he'd be "okay looking, if he washed his hair more". James Potter, a third year, simply told me he was "a greasy git". Parvati Patil simply told me he was an arse. Remus Lupin refused to say anything about him to me, and everyone else simply refused to say anything at all to me.

It was arranged that we would meet during the next Hogsmeade visit, as it was apparently assumed neither of us would go, and we would be likely to have the library to ourselves. As predicted, he was the only one in the library when I arrived. He was lanky-looking, with dark shoulder-length hair. I recognized that I'd seen him in the Great Hall before, but I didn't know him besides his name and House. He was sitting at a table, slouched over an Ancient Runes textbook. My heart almost skipped a beat at his study material- I couldn't wait for next year- and then he opened his mouth.

"Nobody said you were a bloody Gryffindor," he sneered as he finally turned and saw me. I frowned. I knew there was a lot of House competition between Slytherin and Gryffindor, but really, I hadn't even spoken to him yet.

"Perhaps because it has absolutely nothing to do with what we're here to do," I said politely, trying to manage a straight face although on the inside I wasn't sure if I wanted to be angry or laugh.

"Right. You need tutoring," he spat out, like the word disgusted him.

"I need acceleration," I corrected. "I'm attempting to opt out of several semesters I deem unnecessary."

His face grew even more sour somehow and he took a book from the top of the stack next to him and handed it to me.

"We'll start with Charms, then. These books are mine and they will be returned to me in perfect condition before the end of the year."

"Of course," I said agreeably.

"Where did you leave off in the curriculum?"

"I'll need to start at the beginning, my goal is to be able to take the test in December with the second-years."

I opened the book and began skimming it over.

"Thought you could slack off for an entire term without any consequences, I suppose?"

"You suppose incorrectly," I said, annoyed with his density. "I'm not even enrolled in this class yet."

I saw the surprise on his face for a moment before he composed it again, although looking marginally less irritated than before.

"So you're a first year, then," he stated.

"Yes." Finally.

"Hmm. I see that my task was incorrectly explained to me." He admitted no mistake, made no apology. He was just as Parvati had described to me: a total arse. I knew I wouldn't mind however, as long as he was as smart of an arse as everyone said he was. I now understood what the Headmaster had said about patience.

"Look over chapter one, then, and then we can go through the material. After today, you'll have to read three chapters at a time in between these meetings to avoid wasting my time. Get started."

I'd never met a more no-nonsense student, and as rude as he was, I appreciated it. Headmaster Dumbledore had obviously chosen this grouchy boy for a reason.

The first chapter was very straightforward, not unlike the Charms book I had in my current class, and it was a simple matter of memorizing the spells.

"Erm… Severus, that is your name right?" I asked, even though I knew that it was. It seemed polite to ask.

"Yes," he said, clearly annoyed with the idea of spending any of his forced time with me on introductions.

"Well, I won't have any trouble remembering these, but if you could watch me to be sure I can do the hand motions correctly, well, that'd be most important."

"Very well," he said. "Next week, come with all your reading done and meet me outside the Great Hall. I'll get permission to practice your Charms on the grounds."

"Thank you, Severus. Next is Advanced Potions." Professor Slughorn had already covered the entire regular curriculum with me. I put the Charms book in my bag, and took the Advanced Potions book he was already handing to me.

"What's all this writing?" I asked, flabbergasted when I saw there was hardly any white left on the pages.

"Personal notes," he said, glaring at me. "Ignore them if you wish, but some parts of the textbook are incorrect. The spells written are my personal property and I won't take kindly to having them used without my permission, especially by a first year."

I narrowed my eyes in contemplation. What kind of spells had he invented... and exactly what made him think he was smarter than whoever wrote the potions book?

"I'd like to try them both ways, if you don't mind." I was nothing, if not open-minded.

"And if I do?" he sneered.

"Then that's too bad. Headmaster Dumbledore asked you to teach me, and supposedly you're getting out of detentions for this. Nothing has changed about your task."

He now openly glared at me, and I grinned despite myself. Something about this entire situation was amusing to me, and I'd gotten his old textbooks, which were all I really needed to begin with. His lip curled even further and, not wanting to push my luck, I thanked him quickly for the textbooks and hurried back to the common room to read to my heart's content.

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